The Normandy sets out, Alamandan avatars making needed adjustments to everyone...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Normandy Gone Wild
Characters Alamandans Commander Shepard Liara T'Soni Miranda Lawson Subject Zero/Jack The Normandy Crew
Category Mass Effect M/F Body Modification Romance Science Fiction
Previous Chapter Shepard asks for a sign of good faith before they agree: he asks for the cure to Joker's condition...

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    Preparations were made, crew members were hired (unknowingly provided by Cerberus), and supplies were gathered for the trip.  Everyone went to their quarters, the crew preparing to set out.  

    Tali'Zorah, in her room, looked herself over in the mirror.  She ran her hands over her curvacious body.  She had never really thought of herself as sexy before.  For Quarians, physical attraction wasn't that important, as they had to live their whole lives inside of protective suits.  Intimate encounters had to be planned out several weeks in advance, and most of the time they had to rely on stimulation programs in their suits to get any kind of sexual satisfaction.  

    But now... She could have sex freely.  She could bare her body to the world, let everyone see how she truly looked.  She could smell flowers, could touch, could feel...

    She hoped that she would be considered beautiful...

    "Let's find out, shall we?" said the Alamandan avatar as it appeared behind her in the form of a suited Quarian female, smiling warmly.  

    Tali'Zorah shivered, and nodded.  "I'm ready when you are," she said.  

    "Then let's begin..." the avatar said.  


    Thane Krios, in his quarters, prayed for guidance.  For so long he had been ready to accept death, that he'd leave the mortal coil because of this disease that plagued his people.  

    "Perhaps your gods are telling you to live on?" said the Alamandan avatar that appeared in his room, shaped like a female drell.  

    "...I am frightened," he admitted.  "For so long, I have lived in death...  My Keprai's Syndrome..."

    "And now you are being given a chance at life," the avatar said.  "At true redemption."  

    Thane sighed softly.  "Why have you done this?"

    "We are creatures of pleasure," the avatar said.  "We cannot stand to see pain, so we will do our best to alleviate it.  And bring pleasure."  

    Thane closed his eyes.  "To have the will to live again..." he said softly.    "I am ready..."  


    In Miranda's quarters, Miranda was idly rubbing her stomach, trying to imagine it filled with life, to imagine her belly swelling as a new person grew inside of it, staring at herself in a mirror...

    Jack sauntered in, frowning.  "...You okay, cheerleader?"  

    Miranda sighed.  "I'm fine, I'm fine, it's just... This is all coming so fast..."

    Jack came over to her bed and sat down on it.  "...You really can't have kids?"  

    Miranda shook her head.  "My dear sweet daddy...  He wanted me to be unique.  I've been with several guys before now...  Turns out I have a benign neoplasm inside me that's rendered me sterile."  She shook her head.  "I'd given up hope of being able to be a mother... Tried to lose myself in my duty..."  She chuckled wearily, the sound almost like a sob.  "Hell, I even tried to use my sister as a surrogate..."  

    Jack smiled.  "But you're doing the right thing, now.  Helping Shepard smack around Cerberus and the Reapers.  And you got your sister a good life away from the jackass that designed you."  She turned Miranda's head towards her and added, "Note the lack of the word father in that statement, since that flatulating asshole Henry Lawson has done nothing to deserve the title."  

    Miranda laughed, she couldn't help it.  

    Jack grinned.  She still didn't entirely trust Miranda, but she did feel sympathetic towards her.  After becoming a teacher, she had grown to value her students as her own children.  "See?  Gotta be positive about things.  And now with these Alamadan things, you're actually gonna be able to have kids!"  Jack smirked, and added.  "But I bet my kids could kick your kids' asses.  Before they're even out of my WOMB."  

    Miranda snorted.  "Oh please.  My kids would be just as perfect as their mother, and kick the asses of your brats just as perfectly."  

    The two women laughed.  

    An Alamandan avatar, looking like a fusion between Jack and Miranda walked in, smirking.  "So I take it you're ready to be able to be a mother now?" she said.

    Miranda nodded.  "Yes.  But could you take a form that doesn't look like Jack and I had a love child?  Neither of us like each other that much so it's somewhat disturbing."  

    The avatar nodded, laughing.  


    Mordin Solus busily worked in his lab, putting vials in cushioned packs, muttering to himself the whole time.  

    Urdnot Wrex lumbered in, staring uneasily at the Salarian.  He knew that Mordin was partially responsible for the genophage, but his time with the Salarian (plus Shepard vouching for him) had caused him to trust the scientist.  Still, this was a very big thing...

    "So... hey," Wrex said, cursing his uneasiness.  

    "Ah, greetings Wrex," he said in his rapid fire manner.  "Can't really talk.  Very busy.  Have to finish some minor detail work.  Lots to do before movie is made."  He took a deep breath and added, "Rather... interesting situation we're in, yes?"  

    "Yeah..." Wrex said.  "For one thing, you get to live past your fortieth birthday."  

    "Quite a surprise, quite a surprise," Mordin admitted, smiling.  "A chance to live on, to undo past mistakes.  Pay the debt on old sins.  Actually live for the future!  Cultural change will take time, but Salarians will adapt.  No way we'll turn this down." He took a deep breath, and added.  "It's quite exciting, to be honest."  

    Wrex nodded.  "Speaking of exciting..." he started.

    "'Can I finish genophage cure?'" Mordin guessed.  Wrex nodded, and Mordin laughed.  "Cure already finished.  Was going to ask Shepard to help me distribute it before this came up.  Was planning on asking for detour to Tuchanka before we go to the planet."  

    Wrex went wide-eyed.  "You... the cure... it's real?  It's finished?"  

    Mordin grinned widely.  "All debts will be repayed.  Krogan will be cured.  Just need to be sure that Alamandans won't mind a detour."  

    An Alamandan avatar, in the form of a female Salarian, appeared with a grin on her face.  "We have nothing but time," it said.  "We can make as many detours as you need on the way to our planet.  We're already sending the lifespan extending procedure to the Salarian homeworld, so that's already taken care of."  

    Mordin and Wrex traded happy grins, and went to talk to Shepard.


    Samara knelt in her quarters, tears streaming down her face.  Any attempt to meditate had failed miserably, so badly shaken was she by the revelation that her daughters could be cured.  

    The curse of the Ardat-Yakshi... rendered nothing more than a boogeyman legend.  

    "It is an impossible thing," Liara said, coming into Samara's room and startling her.  "But the Alamandan have shown themselves capable of doing miracles."  

    Samara smiled weakly, cursing herself for letting Liara sneak up on her.  "I had given up everything to become a Justicar, to ensure the safety of my two remaining daughters...  I almost hate these creatures for not coming forward sooner..."

    Liara sighed.  "I'm honestly inclined to agree... But they had no reason to before now..."

    Samara nodded.  "Which makes this even more frustrating...  I pray to the goddess for guidance, to give me the strength a Justicar needs to continue, to seek comfort in the Code..."  

    Liara sat down next to her.  "But your heart wants something different..." she said softly.  

    Samara shivered.  

    Liara hugged her.  "What is it you want, Samara?"  

    Samara hesitated.  She cursed her weakness, trying to find the words to voice her desire.  "I want... I want to hug my daughters again..."  

    An Alamandan avatar, taking the appearance of an Asari, appeared before the two of them, smiling.  "You will.  We're prepared to go to them now, and cure their condition, and afterwards make it available to the Asari population at large.  All we need from you is where they are," it said.

    Samara stared up at the avatar, wanting to believe, wanting hope.  And she gave the coordinates.  


    Legion sat in his cell.  It technically wasn't a cell for him anymore, but he had come to think of it as his 'room,' so to speak.  He found himself torn, his programs having a distinct mix of opinions over the matter.  

    "Having doubts?" said a geth-shaped Alamandan avatar that appeared near him.  

    "...The concept of physical reproductive activity is a new one," Legion admitted.  "This platform's programs are divided on what to think."  

    The Alamandan shrugged.  "Why not focus on the good, then?  Your people will be able to become true individuals.  Each platform and their programs distinct and unique," it said.  

    Legion gave his equivalent of a frown.  "Indeed.  But to distribute that, we would have to sacrifice ourselves."

    The Alamandan's face light brightened in anger.  "No.  No more senseless sacrifices.  We've already found a way to distribute your upgrades without you sacrificing yourself."  

    Legion gave its equivalent of a sigh.  "Before your people intervened, Shepard was able to make a hesitant peace between our people and the Quarians.  We are helping to rebuild Rannoch.  We are not sure if it will last, though."  

    "An honest worry," the Alamandan admitted.  "But while we are active, the more militant Quarians will make no move against the geth.  In addition, our procedure for helping the Quarians not need their suits anymore is basically an accelerated version of an idea that you came up with.  We just sped up the process."  

    "Peace under the scope of a gun isn't truly peace," Legion said.  "If we could just talk to the Admirality board..."  

    "If we need to," the avatar said, "We can make a detour to Rannoch.  If what the avatar with Tali is sensing is true, she is thinking about the same thing."  

    Legion nodded.  "Then we will ask Commander Shepard if we can make a detour first," he said.

    The avatar nodded.  "Now.  Are you ready for your upgrades?"

    Legion nodded.  "We are.  We presume you shall be making us male?"  

    The Alamandan nodded.  "Most of the crew uses male pronouns for you since they've come to like you, so yeah, we'll go with that.  We'll be adding extendable stimulus tentacles that will function as your male genetalia.  They'll come with a completely non-toxic synthetic 'sperm' as well, which can fertilize organic life with the proper upgrades.  Geth platforms that want to be female we have other upgrades for."  

    Legion shook his head.  "Physical reproduction will take time to get used to... and will probably give the Creators another reason to be mad at us..."  

    "You let us worry about that," the Alamandan said.  "With these tentacles, you're gonna become VERY popular among the female crewmembers."  


    Joker set about making a preliminary systems check on the ship as everyone prepared to leave.  As he did, though, EDI came in, looking surprisingly sheepish.  

    "You okay?" Joker asked, noticing that her torso looked different.  

    "I am, Jeff, don't worry," EDI said.  "I've just already gotten my upgrades, making me fuckable while still keeping my robot form's endurance, and am still getting used to them.  They made me a leotard that matched my torso so I wouldn't be naked before the filming, and it's rubbing against my newly plush breasts and my recently added vagina..."  She shivered softly.  "I guess I'm just not used to having sensation in those areas."  

    Joker grinned.  "Well, c'mere, lemme see," he said.  "You can sit on my lap if you want."  

    EDI grinned.  "Getting rather forward, aren't you?"  

    Joker chuckled.  "I can finally have sex without risking my spine being snapped.  I fully intend to enjoy this," he said.  

    EDI laughed and sat down on Joker's lap.  The weight of her robotic body was there, but the pressure wasn't causing him pain anymore.  (Well, not counting the growing bulge in his pants, but that's another story.)  

    Joker blushed, gently running his fingers over EDI's modified body.  Her skin was still metallic, but it now had the softness of real skin.  EDI shivered softly, unused to the new pleasurable sensations she was now experiencing and wanting to feel more of them.  

    "Oh my..." EDI said softly as Joker playfully squeezed her ass.  "I may become quite the slut for you if this keeps up..."

    Joker grinned widely at the comment, his fingers gently tracing her curves.  The body that had once belonged to the robotic Eva Core was a beautiful one, but Joker thought that having EDI in control of it improved its looks greatly.  His hands slipped in between her legs, going underneath the leotard she now wore and slipping into her sex.  EDI let out a low moan of pleasure, almost whimpering as Joker withdrew his hands and moved up her body to her breasts, squeezing them gently through the leotard.  

    "Amazing..." Joker said softly.  

    "Sensations... so overwhelming..." EDI groaned.  "I am officially looking forward to this movie."  

    The Alamandan avatar that had been watching the two of them, satisfied at the success of its work, vanished.


    "Looking good," Jacob said as Garrus strode out, his injuries completely restored.  

    "It's nice to be the most attractive male on the ship again," Garrus teased.  He then noticed Zaeed, Kaiden, Grunt, Ashley, Kasumi, and James crowded around something.  "What are we looking at?"  

    "Shepard's new boobs," Jacob said, blushing.  "The Alamandan just finished giving him the ability to switch genders."  

    Garrus grinned.  "Is she hot?"  

    Jacob grinned.  "Take a look."  

    Garrus cackled and went over to the group.  The cackle died in his throat when he saw Shepard looking over her female body, her ample bosom covered only by a hastily provided tank top.  

    Shepard was GORGEOUS as a female.  

    "Not bad, for a human," Grunt admitted.

    "If ever there was a justification for lesbianism..." Kasumi said, whistling.  

    "Knock it off," Shepard muttered, trying to resist the urge to fondle herself as she looked herself over in the mirror.  

    Zaeed couldn't stop giggling.  "Well, I just got me one helluva bonus," he said.  "Getting to tap an ass that gorgeous is a reward worth working for."

    Shepard blushed.  "Did you have to make my rack so big?" she muttered.  "I swear, they're as big as my head."  

    "For purposes of the film, all male crewmembers shall have their... ah... members increased in size.  All female crewmembers will be given larger breasts.  All natural growth stimulus, no implants and all that," the Alamandan avatar said.  

    Ashley scowled.  "My armor's uncomfortable enough, thanks..."

    The avatar looked sheepish.  "Ah... We've already released the pheremone that will stimulate growth of mammary and penile tissue.  Everyone's already getting the enhancements."  

    Garrus blinked, recovering his wits and said, "Now that's potentially dangerous.  I mean, I'm already so big I probably couldn't fit in most non-turian beauties."

    Zaeed snorted.  "Do you ever get tired of aggrandizing yourself?"  

    "No," Garrus teased.  "Do you?"

    Zaeed laughed.  

    The avatar grinned, as Shepard just shook her head.  

    At that point, Tali, Legion, Wrex, and Mordin came in.  Tali got to Shepard first.  

    "Shepard, I... keelah, what tits," Tali said, stunned.

    Shepard blushed, folding her arms underneath her chest, unknowingly drawing emphasis to her immense bosom.  "Did you want something, Tali?"  

    "Ah..." Tali eventually forced her gaze up to Shepard's eyes.  "Yes.  All of us did, actually.  I want to go to Rannoch and distribute the procedure to help free my people of their suits.  Legion wants to talk to the Admirality board and try to ensure the peace between the Quarians and the Geth.  And Mordin and Wrex want to head to Tuchanka to distrubute the genophage cure."  

    Grunt went wide-eyed.  "Then it's ready?!"  

    Mordin nodded.  "And waiting."  

    Shepard turned to the avatar.  "You mind if we make a couple detours?"  

    The avatar shook its head.  "We have nothing but time.  Do whatever you need to first."  

    Shepard nodded.  "Then we're going.  Joker?" she said, calling up front.  

    A loud, feminine squeal of pleasure came over the comm.   Everyone chuckled, realizing what it was.  "JOKER!  Quit molesting EDI and report!" Shepard called out, shifting back to his male form (to Zaeed and Garrus's protests).  

    The sound of a frantic scrambling came over the comm briefly.  "Ah... yessir, Commander Shepard," Joker stammered.  

    "We're making a couple detours, first.  Tuchanka and Rannoch.  Take us to wherever's closest first," Shepard said.  

    Joker nodded.  "Yessir," he said.  "Setting course now."

    "So the bot's a screamer, eh?" Zaeed teased.  Joker growled at him and closed the commlink.  Zaeed cackled.  

    Shepard nodded.  "Make ready," he said.  "We're moving out."  

    "Thank you Shepard," Tali said.  

    Shepard stared at her a long moment, and gently removed her facemask.  Tali reflexively tried to stop him, but pulled her hands away, letting him see her real face as she withdrew her helmet.  She blushed brightly, wringing her hands nervously.  

    Shepard looked her face over.  She wsa mostly humanoid, with purple, lightly indigo-spotted skin and glowing, slightly insectile eyes.  Her hair was lavender, pulled back in tight braids.  He smiled at Tali, and kissed her on the forehead, giving her back her mask.  "Just as lovely as I imagined," he said simply, heading out to talk to Joker.  

    Tali blushed brightly, grinning widely as she put her facemask back on.  She was SO looking forward to this video now. 

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