An Alamandan avatar, on the way there, talks to Dr. Chakwas, Liara, and Mordin about fetishes, having gotten curious about the concept...

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Normandy Gone Wild
Characters Liara T'Soni Alamandans The Normandy Crew
Category Mass Effect
Previous Chapter The Normandy sets out, Alamandan avatars making needed adjustments to everyone...

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    "So we're headed to Tuchanka first?" Dr. Chakwas said, she, Liara, and Mordin pouring themselves a drink.  

    "Indeed.  Shorter distance to Tuchanka rather than Rannoch.  Get to cure genophage first," Mordin said, taking a breath and adding, "Will actually be able to sleep nights now."  

    Liara gently squeezed Mordin's shoulder.  "You did what you felt you had to do.  It turned out to be the wrong thing, yes, but you're getting a chance to mitigate it."  

    Mordin grinned.  "Chance for redemption.  Most exciting!  Will be able to go into video with clear conscience," he said.  

    Dr. Chakwas shook her head.  "This damn video," she said, adjusting her shirt.  She and the rest of the crew, shortly after setting out, had found out about the 'enhancements' they were getting.  "Although I can't really complain," she said, taking a drink.  "The lower back problems I'll have later from my boobs getting ballooned is worth it, considering the reward we're getting for doing it."  

    Liara chuckled, tugging at her own shirt to try and loosen it.

    Mordin shook his head.  "You have it easy," he teased.  "Men will need looser pants after this.  And that's not taking armor into account.  Quite uncomfortable," he said, taking a breath and adding.  "Looking forward to getting relief in video."  
    The three doctors chuckled.

    "Hey Mordin?" Joker said over the comm.  "There's a message here for you from Dalatrass Linron."  

    Mordin blinked, confused.  "Put it through," he said.  Joker sent the message to Mordin's omnitool.  To Liara and Chakwas's surprise, an expression of pure rage crossed Mordin's face.  He quickly typed out a response, and told Joker to send it back.  

    "What was the message, Mordin?" Liara asked.  

    "Thought Shadow Broker knew everything," Mordin teased, smirking.

    Liara rolled her eyes.  "Only on the crew.  What was the message?"

    "Dalatrass recommending sabotaging cure.  Says Krogan 'not ready.'  Says there is 'galactic danger,'" he said, shaking his head.  "Better to help Krogan.  Under Wrex, Krogan are united.  Would have helped us during the war if cure given.  Also not about to sacrifice best chance at redemption because crazy woman is scared."  He took in a breath, and added, "Told her precisely where to stick her concerns."  

    Chakwas snickered.  "You're going to get in trouble for that one," she said.  

    "Bah," Mordin said.  "Already feel more at home on Normandy.  Not worried."  

    Liara smiled warmly.  "And we're glad to have you, Mordin," she said.  

    Chakwas nodded.  "It's nice to have someone around who's interested in some of the same things.  Especially a very model of a scientist Salarian such as yourself," she teased.

    Mordin laughed.  

    At that point, an Alamandan appeared to them all, taking the forum of a Geth.  "Can I ask you all something?" it said.  "Get it from a professional opinion, as it were."  

    "We'll answer as best we can," Dr. Chakwas said.  

    "What do you know about sexual fetishes?" the Alamandan asked, looking honestly curious.  "We've transcended physical bodies so sex is more of an abstract to us.  The porno vid is mainly our way of relearning old physical urges that we used to have... I think."  

    Dr. Chakwas facepalmed, as Liara blushed.  Mordin chuckled.  "Topic may take a while.  Many, many things can qualify as a fetish," he said.

    The Alamandan blinked.  "Seriously?"  

    Mordin snickered.  It was so strange to hear such emotiveness coming out of a Geth.  

    "Oh yes!  Almost anything can be a fetish.  Certain types of clothing, certain body parts, certain species... even certain physical conditions," Mordin explained.

    The Alamandan gave him a confused look.  "...Certain physical conditions?"  

    Mordin nodded, taking a sip of his drink.  "Oh indeed.  Extreme musculature, extreme amounts of adipose tissue, pregnancy..."

    The Alamandan looked startled.  "...Wait.  Pregnancy is sacred to the my people.  The Light-Bringing, we call it, as it involves bringing a new light into the universe.  And you say... people are aroused by it?!"

    Mordin nodded, not sure how to read the expression on the Geth-shaped Alamandan's face.  Panels on its head were spread out and its face light was brighter, but he didn't know what that meant.  He'd have to talk to Legion later.   "Some do, not all.  But yes."  

    The Alamandan chuckled.  "Incredible...  Most wonderful indeed..."  

    It vanished, leaving the three doctors staring at the place it vanished.  

    "Well that was odd," Dr. Chakwas said.

    "We got a bit of insight into Alamandan culture, so that's something," Liara said.  

    Mordin stroked his chin thoughtfully.  "...Might have to make sure we have a goodly amount of prenatal vitamins," he said.

    The two women gave Mordin an alarmed look.  "Oh dear," Dr. Chakwas said.  "You think we may have given them an idea for their next video?"  

    "Possibly," Mordin admitted.  "Alamandan seemed delighted by prospect.  Will probably have to talk to others on ship about it.  Miranda might relish opportunity, others not so much."  

    Liara frowned, a thought occurring to her.  "You might want to tell Commander Shepard and Wrex about the message from Dalatress.  We might have to watch for sabotage."  

    Mordin went wide-eyed.  "Yes...  Excellent plan," he said, "Will do that now."  

    "Landing on Tuchanka," Joker called out over the comm.  

    "Mordin, Wrex, and Grunt, get ready," Commander Shepard said.  "Jack, Tali, you're part of the away team with us."  

    Dr. Chakwas sighed.  "Godspeed, Mordin," she said.  

    "Will probably need it," Mordin said, chuckling as he got the well-armored case that contained the cure in it.

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