Wasp's hunger returns and she drags off Miss Marvel to join her.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Pregnancy Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter The Leader tricks the Thunderbolts into attacking the Avengers.

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As the group of abominations argued over a plan of action, Wasp snuck over to Miss Marvel and pulled her over to the corner of the living room. The relatively shorter but larger abomination smirked up at her friend as she leaned against the wall to rub her belly. "So, I take it you had some fun last night too huh? Who was it? Had to have been a real stud to get you knocked up over night like this."

"I'm pregnant? But... I only had sex last night." Gasped the tall blonde as her mind fianlly put the pieces together but was still shocked at the bulge of her belly. "And me? Look at YOU! your three times bigger than me."

Humming in pleasure at the compliment Wasp rubbed her own womb lovingly, the jolts and kicks from within met her clawed hands as they rubbed the surface.

"Probably three times as pregnant too, Hank says I'm carrying twelve."

"Twelve?!" Gasped Carol loud enough to gain the attention of the others before turning back to the conversation. Feeling a claw grab her own, Marvel was pulled out of the room by Janet,a smirk on her lips the enitre time as she pulled the green scaled woman with her.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?" Wondered Carol as she followed the insect abomination up the stairs, their combined weight making each step creak ominously.

"I don't know about you but I'm still starving, and I know just the place to go eat."


Heading into Carol's room both pregnant abominations stopped as they were now alone and away from the others.

"What are we doing here Jan? I though you said we were gonna eat?" Asked the confused muscular woman as Janet smiled up at her friend, giggling as she moved over to the ruined bed in the middle of the room.

"Hank took a scan of me this morning after he found me eating half my wardrobe." That bit of info made the blonde powerhouse rear back in shock but she continued to listen. "I don't know if the Abomination ever knew this but it looks like we can all eat anything, so long as it is or was remotely organic."

Making her point she pulled off the blanket to carol's bed and started biting into them.

"Hey! Those are my sheets!"

Not even bothering to chew, Wasp ate the entire bundle of cloth and licked her lips as the mass was added to her swollen belly. "Mmm tastes like taphy, go ahead Carol its not like any of your old cloths are gonna fit now anyway are they?"

She shook her head at the insanity of it all, but then again she remembered her binge in the kitchen and how she ate just about everything inside, even the cartons and wrapping paper. Shrugging her shoulders and turning to her closet she pulled out a small scarf, one she didn't really need and had made plans to replace. Looking back behind her as Wasp started chewing on a small pillow Carol closed her eyes and crammed the small item into her mouth. As soon as she swallowed she felt her ravenous hunger return, even if the cloth had no flavour her mind registered it as something to eat, looking over to the rest of the cloths in her closet she began pulling them off the rack and eating them all one dress at a time.

Both female abomination began stripping down the room with gusto, cloths, pillows, shoes, nothing was safe as they devoured everything remotely edible. And as they ate their bodies grew with the added mass. Wasp was mildly distracted as she heard her loincloth snap off her burgeoning hips before taking the flimsy item into her mouth and gulping it down, followed swiftly by her top which struggled valiently to contain her massive leaking breasts before snapping off.

More and more the two ate until the room was stripped bare of almost everything in it, even the furniture was smashed down and gobbled up leaving only a metal trash bin and a lamp by the corner of the barren room.

"Ugh... So full." Groaned a much larger and now naked Carol Danvers, rubbing the sides of her now larger belly as she stood up. Her breasts had nearly doubled in size and were heavy with milk, small droplets stained the floor as she flicked her erect nipples with a shudder, her hips had widened to nearly three feet across and her womb looked like it housed a fully grown man.

But Wasp was even larger, being more pregnant her hunger was greater and as a result she was nearly half as much larger than Carol, standing up with her mighty strength she barely registered her larger bulk as she felt up her wide hips and belly, her breasts dripping milk with every breath as the sensation of being so large made her feel hot, already she was fantasizing her husband giving her the fuck of a lifetime in her current state.

Until she gasped in shock at the splash of fluid at her feet.


The entire band of Abominations ran up the stairs to the source of the scream that echoed out into the mansion, bursting through the wooden door to Carol's room they found Wasp on the floor on her back with Miss Marvel behind her holding her claw. The room looked like it was ransacked of everything of value and both women looked even larger and more pregnant looking than before.

With another pain filled cry from Wasp the heroes snapped out of their shock to comfort the insect woman as she buckled down and spread her legs.

"What the hell happened in here? And how are you both so big now?" Worried Steve as he tried to prop Wasp up against the wall for leverage as her belly rippled and shook from exhertion.

"That's not important now, just get some warm water or something."

Another hoarse groan of pain escaped Wasp's fanged lips as she pushed, and almost instantly a small form exited her birth canal, followed by another, and another. The Avengers looked on as Wasp gave birth, her increased strength made labour far easier but still a painful process as another child passed through her nethers, adding to the pile at her feet. Ant Man was already at her side holding her as she strained through the pain.

"Your almost there honey just a few more."

With a final cry she slumped back as she pushed out the last one, her regenerative powers slowly healing the inuries of her labour while her belly shrank back into tight abbs at her waist. Looking down with half lidded eyes Wasp looked at the bundle of children she gave birth to, twelve large scaley infants crying and flailing on the floor by her feet. Bringing one of them to her chest she began feeding one of her first children as the others were taken by the rest of the group and bundled up.

As she felt the 'snick snick' of her baby nursing from her she looked over to the rest of the Avengers and moaned in thought, she felt... Strong, Powerful, something had clicked in her mind after she had her first litter of children. She wanted more! She knew they were in deep trouble right now but that wasn't even registering in her mind as she stared at the twitching bulges on every male Avenger's groin in the room, licking her lips at the possibilities before her.

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