The Avengers hide under the city to avoid Norman Osborn's attack.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Pregnancy Transformation
Previous Chapter Wasp's hunger returns and she drags off Miss Marvel to join her.

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A fleet of sentinels flew down into the New York area, landing around the epicenter of a cratter where the Avengers Mansion once stood. Scanning the area the only life forms present were Thor and Iron Man styanding over the edge of the wide hole in the ground, debree scattered everywhere from the explosion caused by the Asgardians hammer.

Arriving hours later with his team of 'heroes' Normon Osborn frowned as he approached the metal clad billionare and the demi-god prince, the three glaring back at each other until one of them spoke. "Thor and I made a judgement call, with our team's dangerous behaviour we decided to strike first."

"Aye, Moljnir had conjured a fierce storm to smite our former friends... They are no more."

Looking over to one of the sentinels making a scan of the debree, he saw it pick up a dead abomination from the wreckage. Its green scaly body slowly shrivelling up before desintigrating between the machine's metal fingers.

"Sorry to dissapoint Osborn, look at the bright side you won't have alot of paper work to fill out."

Keeping a stolid face at the two Avengers, Norman looked over to his Thunderbolts and called out his pet tracker; Venom. "Smell anything off MacGargan? Are they telling the truth?"

Slithering his tongue over his fanged teeth the symbiote empowered scorpion sniffed the air before frowning, shaking his head in boredom. "They're not here... And if that thing couldn't survive than neither did they."

Darting back to Thor and Iron Man, Norman slowly smiled as he approached the two with an outstretched hand. "Well then, thank you both for dealing with what could have been an extremily-" "I'm done here... And I'm not in the mood for celebrating my friend's deaths." Charging up his thrusters Tony flew off out of sight, followed by Thor.

~Scan complete Mr. Osborn, decomposed genetic material of abomination-like matter scattered around epicenter of blast, no survivors.~


The plan worked.


Deep in the underground ruins of the subways and tunnels of New York, a small buzzing insect flew in circles inside an abandoned subway station before suddenly growing with a flash of light. There stood Wasp craddling her children around her arms as her friends returned to their monstrous heights, Miss Marvel lowering herself carefully as her round belly weighed her down.

Looking around the broken aged underground cavern Captain America nodded before setting his undersized shield over his back. "This will have to do, thanks to Tony and Thor we can keep a low profile until we can sort this all out."

Agreeing with Captain America the Abominated Avengers took stock of their new hiding place, until they could find a cure for their condition the nation had decided that they were a threat to society. "Tigra and I shall scout the tunnels to get a better look out of the area." Offered Black Panther as the two cat abominations prowled out of sight, Spider-Woman jumped up to cling to the roof of the station. "I'll go out to find some food... But from what Wasp told us I guess EVERYTHING's food now."

"Guess that means we make ourselves at home." Huffed Janet as her kids swarmed over her body, clinging onto her like baby possums while two of her kids nursed from her large green breasts. The rest of the team moved old subway cars around to make room, creating a base of operations for them all. Biting her lip as one of her children tugged hard at her nipples, Janet moaned softly from the sensation, rubbing her thighs together she held up her two nursing young to hug them gently as they were nearly full. Releasing a breath she didn't know she was holding she sighed as she set her kids down to feed the others waiting their turn.

'To think...' Mused Wasp as two more hungry mouths clasped over her fat nipples. "Yesterday I was a petit human woman who occasionally saved the world, now I'm a big hulking abomination with a dozen newborn kids fighting over my tits." Smirking at the image she moaned again. 'Damn I feel so horny!'

Looking over to her husband working with Captain America and Hawkeye to make a livable area for their team she kept her eyes glued on their broad scaly chests, their solid muscles, and the bowling pin sized bulges coming from their tattered loin cloths. She knew she had to resist but it was going to be difficult with so much testosterone filling the air.

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