Rough Beginnings

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F F/F Transformation
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It had been trying times indeed.

The Red Hulk, formally General Thaddeus Ross had gone on a murderous rampage of every person who was either a rival to his power or one of his many listed enemies whether they had been real or not, even powerful beings like the Wendigo and Emil Blonsky the Abomination had been defeated and killed and only with the combined efforts of Thor and the Incredible Hulk had they finally brought Ross down. Sealed and imprisoned he was no longer a threat to anyone, but the damage he caused was severe.

The SHIELD helicarrier was still in dry-dock recieving massive repairs after it was brought down like a rock over the costal beach by 'Thunderbolt' Ross and San Fransisco was still rebuilding after the quake that sent it's inhabitants to their knees both figuratively and literally from the raging red skinned monster. The Wendigo creature had shrivelled down and reverted to a human corpse after its death leaving nothing for SHIELD scientists to work with, while the Abomination laid on a reinforced gurney to hold his heavy cadaver while the Avengers looked down at the former villain from a viewpoint in the medical wing he was in.

A decision was made by SHIELD with the Avengers to study Emil's body to determine more about gamma related biology and its effects on humanity. So few studies could be made since most of the gamma induced creations were either so unstable they desintigrated upon death or were practically indestructable.

Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Miss Marvel, Tigra, Hawkeye and the others looked over the green scaled brute as his lifeless body sat on the table while Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne went over the innitial autopsy.

Even while dead he looked menacing, well over 10 feet tall and solidly built he was a true rival to the hulk, but being green was where the two seperated in being similar. Emil was covered in a layer of scales that looked like reptilian hide, spikey growths jutted out from his arms and back that matched his clawed hands and digigrated feet, his ears were pointed and ridges of scales covered his scalp like hair would, a true Abomination.

"Why isn't Bruce here? I'd have thought that he'd want to know what it took to take the bastard down." Wondered Greer as she whispered to Carol sitting nearby above the medical room looking over.

"He may have forgiven him a long time ago Tigra but you know him and the Abomination... to many bad memories."


As the heroes commented to each other above, Ant Man went over every detail of the Abomination's anatomy. Bone structure, musculature, and several other tissues were being disected and studied while Hank recorded all his findings on tape. It was when he started going over Emil's organs did he find something perculiar.

"Odd... It would seem that he has an unusual growth her just above his heart and lungs, it appears to be a gland of some sort." Pointed Hank and he prodded the strange organ with a scalpel and tongs while the rest of the Avengers looked down curious.

"Janet pass me that diamond scalpel will you? I'd like to remove it for study."

Taking the blade in hand he cut it's connections from Emil's body and placed it in a dish to be checked on more closely, a camera showed a zoomed up version of the strange organ for the others to observe.

"Doesn't appear to be a vital organ it wasn't connected to anything important, although from the connections it DID have I would guess it was created and then left dormant for... some reason. I'm going to open it to see it's contents."

As an incision was made to the small gland or organ, it suddenly sprayed a noxious green mist that rapidly filled the room causing the Avengers to choke and gag at the green fog, it was so thick it prevented them from speaking as they coughed and hacked before one by one they all passed out and the mist dissipated.


Several hours later.

"UGH....." Groaned Janet as she awoke with a massive headache, clutching her brow as the others came to. "Hank in the future if you don't know what it does BURN IT!"

"Agreed..." Moaned Black Panther as he shook his head to clear his vision and regretted it, clutching his head to steady himself.

"Well, I got most of the data I needed, Fury should be happy with the findings... God my head hurts."

"Well that's it for me (cough)... I'm heading to the gym to train, maybe that'll clear my head a bit." Stated Cap as he left, the others following suit as they exited the medical lab while Hank cleaned up his findings and prepared a report to SHIELD.

After an hour of work and having the data sent to the SHILED data base Ant Man called out to Wasp to leave, placing a blanket over Emil's body. Just as he was about to leave with Janet he looked over to his wife for a second and looked puzzled. "Jan when did you have green eyes?"

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