The Leader tricks the Thunderbolts into attacking the Avengers.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth Pregnancy Transformation
Previous Chapter Miss Marvel wakes up next to Thor feeling ravenous and horny, unaware she's pregnant too.

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The lab was filled with the sounds of grunts and growls as Wasp had Ant Man pinned against the computer's control consul, her cloths discarded on the floor while she was on her knees sucking off her husband like she were starving. Her swollen womb forcing her legs apart as she used her breasts to keep her husband pinned. The occasional buzzing of her wings drowned out his grunts of restraint as she sucked and drained him again and again.

"J-Janet, you've got to control yourself, your in heat, we ALL are but if we d-do this then..."

Unable to finish his sentence Hank moaned as he came again into his wife's mouth, pumping more of his seed down her throat as she hummed in satisfaction. Making a final lick she pulled away to look at her husband in the eyes while she continued to pump his shaft and craddle his large balls.

"I know Hank but it feels so GOOD, and your cum is delicious." Closing her eyes she hummed as her hand strayed to her belly, rubbing a sensitive spot while her unborn children stirred inside her. "Besides I'm already pregnant, now I'm just hungry..."

Ant Man lolled his head back with a sigh as Janet went back to his prick to feed off of, both abominations didn't hear Black Widow sprint over beside the two, gasping as she stopped in mid stride.

"Hmm sorry but..." She stared lustfully at Ant Man's erect hardness as Janet released him briefly to respond to the assassin turned 8 foot tall abomination. "What is it Natasha? Can't you see we're busy?" Her attention shot straight to Wasp's stomach as it looked as big as a beach ball on her, even her breasts and hips had grown the last time she saw her, shaking her head she remembered why she ran down here in the first place.

"This is important, you've got to see the news upstairs, I think we're in trouble." Breathing hard and trying to hold herself back, Black Widow turned and left to let the two get dressed and follow her.

Huffing in dissapointment Wasp took her cloths and stood up, holding her back to steady her new center of gravity. "This better be important! I almost had my fill when she came in."


Entering the living room was a flustered Black Widow followed by an exhausted Ant Man and a heavily pregnant Wasp, the rest of the Abominated Avengers sat around the television as the three took their seats on the floor. Looking over to the end of the room Wasp noticed Miss Marvel was almost half as large as she was, her belly standing out prominently as she craddled it in her clawed hands. Smirking at the tall muscular monster woman Wasp made a mental note to speak with her later after finding out whats going on.

"We caught this on the news earlier after we woke up, I think we're in serious trouble!"

Turning up the volume of the television set Black Panther pointed out to the channel as the news cast was being reshown.

~I repeat the group of government sponsored heroes known as the Avengers have been turned into gamma powered monstrosities and have attacked the state capital without warning or mercy.~

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Roared Carol Danvers as she stood up in shock, her large breasts jiggling over her womb as she listened on. Recorded pictures and film of their fight in Washington was broadcasted yet instead of there being alien war machines in the pictures, the images were of the gamma poisoned heroes attacking the state military.

~As you can see from the footage they are now incredibly powerful and extremely dangerous, I've been told that the city is now in ruins thanks to the unprecedended attack by what the viewers are now calling the Abominable Avengers.~

"Someone doctored the tapes, none of that ever happened!" Growled Steve as he clenched his sharp claws into fists, the fringe of spikes on his back flexed as his anger grew. "But who would do that? What do they gain by making us the country's most wanted?"

~Coming to you now is Mr Norman Osborn head of Osborn Industries and Leader of the NEW Avenger team, thank you and welcome to our station.~

~And thank you, people of the U.S. I have warned you of the threats and dangers of the vigilantes that plague our fair nation, but now we must contend with these new monsters, these... Abominations mean to destroy our country one city at a time, I for one will not stand by and have this come to pass.~

"Son of a bitch! Osborn?! I knew he was low but this is outright bullshit, I should tear him apart the next time I see him!" Snarled Tigra as her tail whipped back and forth angrily, the green fur over her backe arching as she nearly hissed.

~ With aid from both the sentinel project and MY team the Thunder Bolts we plan to deal with this threat once and for all.~

Punching out the screen and destroying the television in the process Hawkman roared in anger before rearing back and panting. "That fucker is dead! DEAD!"

Resting a claw on the archer's shoulder Panther pulled him back to ease his rising anger. "He has similar ideas about us Clinton, our real plan is to find a way to deal with this threat."

"So what do we do?"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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