by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Supergirl Huntress Robin Zatanna Black Canary Harley Quinn
Category DC F/F Corruption Mind Control Female Dom Rape Female Counterpart sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Bondage Change of clothes Harem
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With Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress all defeated and on the way to her rigged studio, Harley Quinn has made sure that her finale will go off without a hitch. To this end, she has kidnapped some 100 innocent tourists, keeping them secured and waiting for what she promised would be, "The GREATEST NIGHT of your pathetic lives!"

Her henchmen held the crowd at bay with automatic machine guns, not to mention the constant threat of a biological attack - as they all wore gas masks - just in case any of the JLA members showed up early. Despite this, Harley made sure to feed her captives and keep them pleasant until her prizes arrived.

First, Robin shows up, still wearing a Harley's Hooters Girl costume and her own green bloomers as a mask, along with Black Canary's black leather jacket. She rolls a tar-and-feathered, pie-faced, sleeping Black Canary into the studio on a little red wagon. Black Canary's piggy ears are visible, along with the fact that her blond hair is still covered in pie goo and has been gelled to look like a jester's cap; a black dog collar can also be spotted around the heroine's neck. The heroine's black domino mask, and the pink pig nose that has been attached to her face, can just barely be made out through the layer of goo. Robin deposits Black Canary in a dog kennel located just off-stage, and wipes the blonde's face clean of the goo. Wanting to fully show off the curled "super tail" attached to the dildo in the heroine's ass, the evil heroine leaves the still-sleeping blonde on her knees, face-down and ass in the air.

Next, Supergirl - in her Supergirl Schoolgirl costume - flies in, carrying a sleeping Zatanna over her shoulder. Zatanna's top hat still sits atop the Kryptonian's head. Zatanna is still wearing a diaper with the words "PROPERTY OF HQ" on her ass, along with her humiliating baby bonnet; her face is still totally caked in makeup. The dildo with the baby binker attached to its end still protrudes from her sleeping mouth, and pie residue covers most of her face and hair. Two pink booties cover Zatanna's torn-fishnet-clad feet, and her hands are still cuffed behind her back. Supergirl drops Zatanna in a dog kennel next to Black Canary's, and produces a pink baby bib, which she fastens to the sleeping Zatanna's neck - the word "OWNED" is written across the bib in bright red marker. Supergirl then shoves Zatanna into the kennel, the magician's un-autographed tits hanging free as she sways back and forth.

Last to arrive is Batgirl - still wearing a giant smile under her flimsy panty mask - and her pet, Huntress. Batgirl comes skipping into the studio, still wearing her French Maid Batgirl costume. Her pet, Huntress, is led in on all fours; Huntress is still dressed in a halter top, along with a cheerleading skirt, satin gloves, booties, and tiny cape, all in the same purple-and-green color scheme. Her suntan pantyhose is torn at the knees from her crawling so long, and pie goo still covers her face and multicolored hair. She's the one heroine completely gone, and completely mindless. Batgirl walks her new bitch to her new kennel, right next to Zatanna's and Black Canary's, and orders Huntress to crawl in and wait while posing "like a good little bitch". Huntress gets on her knees, placing her small cape over her head and pie-covered face. Lastly, Huntress puts her hands at her hips, and waits with her autographed tits hanging free.

Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin all stand close to one another onstage, posing in their new whore uniforms and waiting for the arrival of their mistress, Harley Quinn.

Harley soon emerges, still wearing her green-and-purple cheerleading costume, and gets on the mic and begins hyping the crowd for applause. Her big debut only draws huge gasps from the crowd, as her criminal past and history with the Joker has only made the audience's nervousness audible.

Without any cue, Harley hits a hidden button, which releases an invisible laughing gas through the studio. She then begins:


Some in the crowd begin giggling as the gas's effects take hold. Other members of the audience look around, trying to figure out what is so funny.


Three henchmen wheel out the three dog kennels with the recently defeated heroines inside. Zatanna and Black Canary are still sleeping, while Huntress poses for the crowd, swaying her head back and forth as she is wheeled out. Some in the crowd begin to laugh even more.


Harley grins and gestures to each of her "little helpers".


Batgirl poses, then bows, to the crowd's applause and laughter.


Supergirl jumps up and down, giggling, then bows to the crowd as well.


Robin firmly places both gloved hands at her hips; smiling widely, she bows, and the crowd's laughter and applause pick up.

Three giant contraptions are then wheeled out next to each kennel, as more and more people in the crowd begin laughing harder and harder. Each evil heroine goes back to her respective catch, posing next to the cages like game show models.

Supergirl grabs the sleeping Zatanna, manipulating her like a life-sized puppet and making the magician "sleep-crawl" out of her kennel. She places Zatanna on one of the contraptions, undoing the magician's cuffs. Then, at super-speed, the Kryptonian ties Zatanna spread-eagle across the platform, before reaching into the magician's diaper and removing the dildo stuffed into the magician's ass. As last touch, the Kryptonian places a joy-buzzer inside the diaper.

Robin drags a sleeping Black Canary across the studio, finally muscling the blonde up onto the second platform. Black Canary is forced to kneel on a vibrated mounted pleasure device; subsequently, Robin inserts a joy-buzzer into the crotch of Black Canary's costume, then reaches up and roughly yanks on the heroine's "super tail", pulling out the dildo lodged in Black Canary's ass. A glass structure is then lowered from the ceiling onto the blonde, imprisoning her in a glass cage.

Batgirl, lastly, walks her toy like a dog, to the hoots and laughter of the crowd (who are now getting a full dose of laughing gas). Batgirl prances around, taunting Huntress and calling her a "third-rate heroine" who was promoted to a "second-rate piece of fuck meat", before placing the heroine on her knees before an assembly line. Huntress stays posed on her knees, hands at her hips. Batgirl then attaches the tight leash around Huntress' neck to a control mechanism.


With that, Harley hits a joy-buzzer remote control, simultaneously buzzing all three of three fallen heroines' prone crotches. All six writhe in pain as the crowd's laughter gets stronger and stronger; this laughter gets Harley to randomly joy-buzz ALL of the heroines.

Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin all try to stay posed, standing tall with hands on hips and super smiles on their faces. The pleasure coming from their crotches makes all three of them go cross-eyed as they try to keep themselves from grabbing their crotches. Meanwhile, Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress all moan in unison as the pain/pleasure jolts them awake.

Harley walks over to each of the caged heroines, taunting them and playing with their helpless bodies as they whimper in defeat, squealing and squirming as they try to free themselves. Black Canary tries to perform a sonic "Canary Cry" scream, only to be shocked when the glass jail she's imprisoned in doesn't even budge at her trademark attack. As she stares at all the cameras filming her, she weakly hits the glass walls with her fists.

Zatanna is stirred fully awake by the crowd's laughter. She looks around as best as she can, realizing that she's tied to a platform and completely helpless. Harley walks over, taunting Zatanna with an overlarge feather and talking down to the magician as if she's just "a cute widdle baby!"

The magician bucks wildly, her screams muffled by the dildo still in her mouth. She writhes as the feather's quills brush over every inch of her face, teasing her sensitive skin.

Harley hands the giant feather, along with a joy-buzzer remote control, over to Supergirl; she then takes one finger and places it on Supergirl's head. Pushing, she forces Supergirl's head down to her backside. As Supergirl's face is forced under Harley's skirt and into her bloomers, Harley tells her to "KISS MY ASS, SUCK GIRL!"

Supergirl, eyes wide and cross, blindly obeys and begins kissing Harley's ass over and over. The crowd's uncontrolled laughter echoes through the studio as Supergirl humiliates herself, moaning in ecstasy time and time again over her VERY PUBLIC debasement. Harley then pulls away and puts a pie in front of Supergirl, the latter still on her knees.

Harley next walks over to Black Canary's glass tomb, as Black Canary whimpers weakly, shaking her head "no". Harley hits a button, which activates a switch inside the glass box; slowly, the glass box collapses in on itself. Black Canary's cries are no longer heard as she slowly gets squashed into the front of the glass box; for comedic effect, her tits and face are prominently squashed into the glass.

Marker in hand, Harley walks up to the front of the box and draws on the outside glass. A mustache is soon seen on the glass where Black Canary's face is, and the words "SUPER PIGGY" are written across the part of the box where Black Canary's tits are. Black Canary's mouth is open, pressed up against the glass; her cheeks are puffed out with every breath, making the crowd chant, "HAR-LEY'S PIG! HAR-LEY'S PIG!"

Harley then walks up to Robin, and hands the fallen heroine a canister of itching powder and another joy-buzzer remote control. As Robin takes the canister and the remote, Harley lifts the Girl Blunder's bloomers/mask up over her nose and mouth - just a little, so she could seductively kiss Robin. Harley makes out with Robin for a few minutes, entwining her tongue with the young heroine's in an erotic dance, then suddenly stops and pulls away.

Pouting, Robin stretches forward for more Harley. Harley notices, and, annoyed, takes one finger and places it on Robin's head. She shoves the still-posing Robin to her knees, and forces Robin's face into her crotch. The crowd begins chanting "HAR-LEY'S TOY! HAR-LEY'S TOY!" as Robin rubs her face all over Harley's crotch, moaning in defeat and pleasure. Finally, Harley pulls away, and places a pie in front of Robin's face as well.

Harley then skips over to Huntress, who is still kneeling next to the assembly line. Harley fondles Huntress and her new costume, playing with the broken heroine's exposed tits. As the crowd begins going wild, Huntress arches, aching to be touched as much as possible. Harley then turns around, shooting a questioning look at one of the cameras. She bends over and looks back at Huntress, who is still blinded by the pie covering her face. Harley locks her knees, ass inches away from Huntress' face; with a look of concentration, Harley finally stands on her tippy-toes.

As Harley's eyes seductively look back at Huntress, she looks surprised, waiting for a reaction. As soon as Huntress smells it, she begins chomping at the air, trying to suck as much of Harley's fart into her mouth as possible. Pie goo begins falling from all around Huntress' face; her eyes bulge free from the goo as she tries to move around, mouth gulping as much gas as it can. Harley begins laughing hysterically as the members of the crowd begin falling out of their seats; roaring with laughter, they chant, "EAT THOSE FARTS! EAT THOSE FARTS!! EAT THOSE FARTS!!!"

Harley and Batgirl both laugh and point at Huntress, who is completely consumed with "eating farts for the masses". Harley then walks over to Batgirl, and hands the redhead a third remote control joy-buzzer. She then puts one finger on Batgirl's head, shoving the redhead down to her hands and knees. Harley orders Batgirl to kiss her feet, which she does. As Batgirl performs over and over, the crowd goes berserk, screaming "BAT-SLUT! BAT-SLUT!! BAT-SLUT!!!"

Grinning, Harley plops a pie down in front of a kneeling Batgirl. A second later, the pie's goo explodes, hitting Batgirl in the face and tits. Batgirl giggles, leaving the goo on her face and tits as she smiles widely.


Harley then walks back to center stage, and announces on the mic:


With the crowd at a fever pitch, Harley rings a buzzer, already envisioning ALL of the money and recognition she was going to get after tonight.

Harley then looks at directly at her mindless, kneeling toys, and tells them, "GET TO WORK!". Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin immediately jump to their feet, and begin using the items given to them by Harley.

Supergirl begins to tickle Zatanna all over the magician's body (making sure to take the baby-binker dildo out of her mouth first, of course). Zatanna's body convulses as she tries to free herself, alternatively giggling and begging for mercy. The feather's quills mercilessly glide over every inch of her spectacular body. For extra punishment, Supergirl starts hitting her remote control joy-buzzer at random intervals.

Robin unloads the canister of itching powder into the vent of Black Canary's glass box, simultaneously releasing the blonde from her cramped position. She then begins joy-buzzing Black Canary; the suction of air forces the itching powder throughout the glass box, completely covering Black Canary in the itchy mess. Black Canary begins to frantically scratch herself; screaming and clawing, she struggles and kicks to try and get free from her predicament.

Batgirl hits the "ON" button on the assembly line, and the assembly line begins pumping out pie after pie. The pies travel toward Huntress, and as each pie comes near Huntress' face, Batgirl hits her own remote control joy-buzzer. With each shock, Huntress' face directly shoots forward, slamming into each pie and making a gigantic mess.

Over and over, the crowd laughs hysterically as all 3 heroines debase themselves for the crowd's amusement. Harley, smiling, walks to the host's desk; as the crowd chants and laughs even more hysterically, she sits back, admiring the show.


Zatanna moans out from under the dildo in her mouth, eyes bulging. Crying and whimpering, she cannot control her laughter as Supergirl continues to tickle her, even with all the joy-buzzing. Her pantyhose-covered toes curl in her pathetic pink booties as she fights and fights, but to no avail; her wails invariably turn to screams of laughter. After a while, Supergirl climbs onto the platform and mounts Zatanna. Kneeling, the Kryptonian puts her ass inches away from Zatanna's face. As she continues the tickling, Supergirl teases Zatanna even further by sticking her ass directly into Zatanna's face.

Black Canary, meanwhile, begins to rip her costume off as she squirms over and over in her glass tomb. Soon, she is left wearing only her mask, her collar, and her white satin panties. As Black Canary fights harder, Robin turns up the vibrations/electric shocks; the pulsing in the heroine's crotch slow Black Canary down, making her eyes go cross. Squirming, the blonde's body convulses, writhing in pain and pleasure. Black Canary can't stop her body from itching, but she tries until her body is uncontrollably flopping like a fish out of water.

Huntress, lastly, uncontrollably bounces her face up and down, hitting each of the pies on the assembly line as they pass her by. She laughs hysterically with each shock that Batgirl gives her. By now, the once-proud heroine's face, head, tits, arms, and hands are totally covered in pie goo. She grabs each pie plate as it continues past her on the assembly line, smearing as much goo over her body as she can before the pies go out of her reach. Batgirl just smiles knowingly, confident that her pet will not let her mistress down.

As time ticks by, Harley orders more and more laughing gas to be pumped through the studio. The crowd's high-pitched laughter soon drives the evil heroines to finish their toys off.

Supergirl begins to tear parts of Zatanna's costume away, leaving more and more of Zatanna's skin exposed to her feather. She is no longer tickling Zatanna all over, but instead finding the magician's weak spots (such as the soles of her feet) and sticking to them as she keeps up the joy-buzzing. Zatanna is crying and laughing at the same time, her crossed eyes rolling up into their sockets.

Robin is now joy-buzzing Black Canary so much that the blonde has quit scratching herself, instead blubbering pathetically as she convulses with each shock. Black Canary's eyes roll as her head sways all over, barely staying upright; the blonde's hands are now dangling uselessly at her sides.

Batgirl is now laughing sadistically as she hits her own remote control; Huntress is now almost completely covered in white pie goo. Only the heroine's shoulders remain bare, as the goo is covering her all the way to her waist. Blinded, Huntress has no idea that she is "winning" the competition for Batgirl, and that all she has left to do is cover her shoulders.


Finally, Zatanna lets out a horrific wail, as her bulging eyes go permanently cross. Her body goes limp as a steady stream of piss rolls down her angled platform, collecting in a puddle on the studio floor. Supergirl lets out a high-pitched cheer, KNOWING that Zatanna is completely defeated.

Harley leaves her desk, and walks over to the victorious duo. She announces, "YOU KNOW THE RULES, SUCK-GIRL... IF YOUR TOY ISN'T BROKEN, YOU DON'T WIN! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

With that, Harley sets the mic in front of Supergirl and Zatanna. The almost-nude, cross-eyed magician now looks more pathetic than ever; her only articles of "clothing" now are her collar, baby bonnet, and diaper.

Looking back at the cross-eyed and helpless Zatanna, Supergirl says firmly, "TELL THE WORLD! TELL THE WORLD, THAT YOU ARE MY BITCH, ZATANNA! SAY, LIKE A BIG GIRL, "I'M SUCK-GIRL'S BITCH"!!!"

Mindlessly, the cross-eyed, almost totally naked Zatanna obeys. "I'M SUCK-GIRL'S BITCH! I'M SUCK-GIRL'S BITCH!"

The crowd explodes in laughter and applause, as Supergirl tells Zatanna, "KISS MY ASS THEN, BITCH!"

Again, Zatanna mindlessly obeys. Stretching her face forward, the cross-eyed magician puckers up. As she does so, Harley's camera crew zooms in to get multiple angles of Zatanna's complete debasement. The cameras film Zatanna kissing Supergirl's ass over and over, as both the magician and the Kryptonian begin to laugh uncontrollably. Supergirl then does a couple of victory poses, as Zatanna continues to kiss her ass.



Harley's cheerful expression suddenly melts off her face. "HEY! I'M the big mistress here!"

Completely fueled by jealousy, Harley grabs the unused pie that she left onstage earlier and marches over to the platform where Supergirl is still hovering on her knees over Zatanna. The mad villainess swats Supergirl's new hat off of her head, then grabs Supergirl by the hair and shoves her face into the pie, holding it there firmly. Supergirl stays posed, ass in the air and face in the pie. Meanwhile, Zatanna continues to kiss Supergirl's ass, since it is still in front of her face.

Harley drapes Supergirl's cape over the Kryptonian's head, telling her to "STAY!"

In the meantime, Robin stands with her head down, pouty-faced as Harley walks over to her. Harley roughly grabs the Girl Blunder, removes her new leather jacket (which she tosses aside), and forces her over her knee; that done, she begins spanking Robin over and over. Robin flails, crying pathetically as the crowd goes nuts.

Harley rocks Robin over her knee, balancing the Girl Blunder like a scale. She then positions the second unused pie in front of and beneath Robin's face, telling the Girl Blunder, "HANDS ON HIPS!"

Robin struggles to get into position while still over Harley's knee. As soon as she finally gets into the proper position, however, Harley rocks her face-first into the pie, laughing and holding the Girl Blunder in place. As Harley keeps Robin, who is face-down on the floor and ass-up, on her knees, she finally notices Black Canary.

The blond heroine is also on her knees, still on the vibrating device; she is still wearing only her collar, her now cum-soaked panties, and her mask on her now permanently cross-eyed face. The blonde moans inside her glass cage, mouth wide open; she has been broken only a second too late.

Batgirl is also seen pouting; as Harley walks over to her, the redhead drops to her knees, blubbering weakly and begging Harley for mercy. Harley looks down at Batgirl, laughing; she pats the redhead on the head, talking down to the former heroine.

Harley then smiles at the cameras; spinning on her heel, she turns her back on Batgirl. Next, she locks her legs straight and grabs Batgirl by her pigtails. Batgirl looks up just in time to see Harley's bloomers being shoved into her face. As her knees draw together, Harley firmly holds Batgirl in her ass, an evil smile crossing her face.

Batgirl's gloved hands run up and down Harley's pantyhose-covered legs, finally resting on Harley's knees, as the villainess barks, "WELL, IF YOU CAN DISH IT OUT... YOU CAN DEFINITELY EAT IT, TOO!"

A boom mic comes down from the ceiling, descending close to Batgirl's head. In that instant, Harley rips an enormous fart directly into Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl's eyes flutter and go cross, as the redhead moans in agony from the taste.

With this, the crowd goes into a frenzy, laughing harder than ever. Batgirl's gloved hands shoot under her French Maid skirt, as the former heroine rubs herself uncontrollably.


As Harley says this, she skips 5 feet ahead, only to have Batgirl, crawling forward on her hands and knees, follow her. As soon as the redhead reaches her mistress, she sticks her masked head directly into Harley's ass. Grinning, Harley skips another 10 feet ahead, and repeats:


Again, Batgirl crawls forward, sticking her face back into Harley's ass as if her life depends on the feeling of Harley's bloomers.

More and more members of the crowd fall out of their seats, laughing, crying, and coughing as Harley bends over and grabs her own ankles. The mad villainess motions for the boom mic to get in close as she gets into position. As Harley's face scrunches in concentration, another disgusting fart echoes through the microphone.

Batgirl is seen moaning, fighting to get her mouth directly over Harley's asshole so that she could eat as much of the gas as she could. The redhead's filthy moans echo over the studio's loudspeakers along with the sound of Harley's fart.


Three different cameras zoom in to catch Batgirl's face, struggling to keep itself on Harley's ass. Batgirl's eyes are bulging cross as the redhead's cheeks puff empty and full over and over, as if she were trying to directly suck the air out of Harley's asshole. Batgirl's gloved hands are holding up Harley's cheerleading skirt, so the cameras can catch clear shots of the former heroine's face.

A henchman walks over, handing Harley a pie. Grinning, Harley takes the pie and sets it on the floor. The mad jester then stands up on her tip-toes, and kisses the henchman on the cheek, giddy as Batgirl moans and shoves her face back into her ass.

The henchman swoons, blushes, and promptly faints.

Shrugging, Harley comes down from her tippy-toes stance, pushing Batgirl onto her knees even harder. As she keeps her brown-noser in her pace, Harley reaches around and back, grabbing Batgirl by her weak excuse for a mask. Without turning around, she tears the panty mask off of Batgirl's head, exposing Batgirl's bare, unmasked face. She then shoves Batgirl hard into the pie.

Batgirl goes rigid as Harley shoves her downward, face-first, into the white pie goo; the former heroine keeps her ass in the air as her arms fall, splayed wide across the studio floor.

Finally, Harley comes back to Huntress, who is almost completely caked in white goo. She orders Huntress to stand and pose; the broken heroine obeys, completely obedient and completely blinded by and covered in filth. While the heroine poses, Harley sidles up to her and slowly removes her goo-stained garments one by one, until Huntress is wearing only her collar, her bloomers, and her tiny cape.

As the almost-nude Huntress continues to pose for the cameras and the audience, Harley walks over to Black Canary and frees her from the glass container. That done, she goes over to Zatanna's platform and frees the magician as well. The mad villainess then orders the two cross-eyed heroines to join Huntress at the front of the stage.

Black Canary and Zatanna stare at each other blankly, and stay in place, as if unsure what to do. They helplessly look over to Robin and Supergirl, both of whom are still lying face-down in their respective pies with their asses up in the air.

A furious Harley realizes that she should have hypnotized the "new arrivals" from the very start, so that they would obey HER before anyone else. Sighing, the mad villainess calls another henchman over, and whispers a command into his ear.

While the henchman runs off to carry out her command, Harley walks over to the disgraced Supergirl and pulls the Kryptonian's head out of the pie. She then crosses the stage, dragging Supergirl behind her with one hand, until she reaches Robin; subsequently, the mad villainess pulls the Girl Blunder free as well.

Harley then wipes both heroines' faces clean, and throws an arm around each of them, pulling them close in a "huddle". With a terrifyingly tight smile on her face, she commands in a stage whisper:

"Tell your little SLUT-TOYS to obey my EVERY COMMAND ASAP, or ELSE!"

Supergirl and Robin both gulp in fear, not daring to cross their almighty MISTRESS. As soon as Harley loosens her grip, the duo split up and run over to their respective heroines, and grab them by the collars.

"How DARE you defy Mistress Harley, BITCH!" Supergirl spits into Zatanna's face, looking livid.

"Listen up! When Mistress Harley tells you to jump, YOU JUMP! GOT IT?!" Robin growls into Black Canary's face.

Zatanna and Black Canary immediately hop to attention, and rush over to where the goo-covered Huntress is standing. Soon, all three are posing mindlessly, Zatanna on Huntress' left and Black Canary on her right.

Just then, the henchman that Harley sent off returns to the stage, pushing a TV on a cart. He carefully wheels the cart in front of Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress, so that the screen is directly facing the three mindless heroines. That done, he quickly scuttles off the stage.

Grinning evilly, Harley starts up the TV, which begins playing the hypnotizing video. The familiar drones of "OBEY" soon wash over the three heroines; soon, all three are chanting "obey" as they pout and pose.

After a good couple of minutes, Harley stops the video and goes over to Batgirl, who is still obediently lying face-down in her pie. Harley pulls the redhead out of the pie, wipes her face clean, and slaps her on the ass. She then hands Batgirl her old cowl, has her put it on (making sure to pull the redhead's pigtails through the ears, like before) and has her join the other five heroines at the front of the stage.

Smiling evilly, Harley takes out her joy-buzzer remote control again. With the press of a button, all six heroines are treated to another round of vibrations/electric shocks. Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin immediately fall to their knees, while Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress simply writhe like fish out of water. All six are clutching at their groins, cross-eyed.

Giddily, Harley skips over to her fallen super slaves and bends down. Gingerly, the villainess begins to tug away Huntress' last articles of "clothing" - her oversized bloomers and her tiny cape. Once Huntress is fully nude, Harley skips over to Black Canary and repeats the process, relieving the blonde of her panties and mask. Finally, Harley skips over to Zatanna, and strips the young magician of her baby bonnet and diaper.

Amidst the roars of the crowd, all six of the humbled heroines begin shakily rising to their feet - Huntress, Zatanna, and Black Canary are all fully naked, but Batgirl, Robin, and Supergirl are still fully clothed in their "slut uniforms". Harley gives her joy-buzzer remote control ANOTHER press, causing Batgirl, Robin, and Supergirl to immediately keel over again from the shocks and vibrations. Zatanna, Huntress, and Black Canary, however, are spared, as they no longer have any pieces of clothing to hold in the infernal devices.

"WELL, I THINK OUR LOVELY LITTLE CONTESTANTS DESERVE A LITTLE... PAYBACK AFTER ALL THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH TONIGHT, DON'T YOU?" Harley smirks to the audience, before turning back to Zatanna, Huntress, and Black Canary. Pointing at the three heroines lying prone on the stage, she commands, "STRIP 'EM, GIRLS!"

Batgirl's, Supergirl's, and Robin's eyes widen in surprise, but before they can even think to react, they are tackled by Huntress, Zatanna, and Black Canary, respectively. As the six heroines wrestle with each other onstage, Harley joy-buzzes Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin a few more times, making sure that they are helpless to defend themselves.

Zatanna smiles widely as she gets Supergirl in a choke hold, and begins to remove the Kryptonian's cape. Seconds later, Supergirl's top is removed, exposing her big, milky tits and proudly jutting nipples. After that, her boots are unzipped and unceremoniously tossed aside, followed by her suntan pantyhose. Next to go are the squirming Supergirl's white bloomers, and, finally, her cheerleading skirt. The only piece of "clothing" Supergirl has left is her collar, which keeps her (thankfully) de-powered and no match for the young magician.

Black Canary, meanwhile, is all over Robin, using her larger frame to overpower the smaller heroine and rip her cape off. Robin cries disgracefully as the blonde forces her arms behind her back, and gleefully removes her green bloomers from her head. Now "unmasked", Robin cowers even more pitifully, offering little resistance as Black Canary begins to remove each of her booties and tears her pantyhose apart. Soon, Robin's purple-and-green short-shorts are being slid down her legs, her gloves are pulled down and off, and her "Hooters" shirt is carelessly torn from her young, luscious body. Soon, the young heroine - much like Supergirl - is wearing only her dog collar.

Huntress, lastly, tackles Batgirl and simultaneously drives her knee into the redhead's groin, making Batgirl's eyes cross in pain. As Batgirl doubles over, Huntress grabs her cowl and unmasks her, smiling viciously. Huntress then removes the redhead's cape, and gloves, before pushing Batgirl down and forcibly de-booting her. This done, she easily slides Batgirl's light white thigh-highs, then her suntan pantyhose, and finally her white satin panties, down her legs. And, for the grand finale, Huntress rips away, in one stroke, Batgirl's purple top and her French maid outfit. Batgirl stays absolutely still, wearing only her collar like her fellow heroines.

Cameras shoot each of the nude heroines, fallen and disgraced, as the crowd riots with laughter. Harley plays to the camera:


The crowd erupts in applause and hysterical laughter, as Harley walks around to each heroine and attaches a different dog leash in her hand to a collar around each heroine's neck. Each heroine mindlessly follows Harley as the villainess begins to walk the naked heroines around the stage, making sure that the cameras get each individual heroine and said heroine's humiliating position at her hands.

Harley then barks orders for the fallen heroines, ordering them to "STAY! KNEEL! HANDS AND KNEES! BEG!"

After about five more minutes of making her pets humiliate themselves, Harley orders them all to their feet. The mad villainess then has them all stand at attention in a perfectly straight line, directly facing the audience.

Just as Harley positions herself, a short bus backs its way into the studio, crashing backward through the glass walls with an enormous noise. The audience, meanwhile, continues to roar with laughter at the heroines blindly obeying their new mistress' commands.

The door to the bus opens with a hiss, and Harley makes her way to it. As she reaches the door, she looks back at her new bitches and smirks.


On this cue, all 6 heroines begin barking like dogs, to the crowd's roar of excitement. Every person falls out of his or her seat, laughing and pointing at the heroines. All of the heroines are on all fours, madly barking like wild animals. Cameramen walk in and out of the line of heroines, capturing each individual bark and and making sure to get the most humiliating footage of each heroine.

The crowd, Harley, and Harley's henchmen all laugh at the disgraced heroines. The heroines continue to blindly obey, some even pleasuring themselves as they bark.


"But Mistress," Robin raises a hand. "We've already got uniforms! And you designed them all-"

Annoyed, Harley whips out her boxing-glove gun and gives the young heroine a nice sock to the face, knocking her flat on her back before she can say any more. "Well, I've got some better ideas now, OKAY?!"

"Yes, mistress," Robin whimpers, lying still and not daring to get back up until her mistress orders it.

Supergirl snickers at Robin's misfortune - unfortunately, she has done so loudly enough for Harley to hear. The unbalanced villainess immediately rounds on Supergirl, who quickly realizes her mistake and tries to back away.

"Did I give you PERMISSION to laugh?" Harley demands, voice deadly serious.


"Wrong answer!" Harley sneers, and pulls the trigger on the boxing-glove gun a second time, aiming at Supergirl's chin.

Supergirl is launched 10 feet into the air, and lands with a loud crash. Like Robin, she decides to lie low until her mistress' "mood" passes.

"And just for that, yer NOT getting Wonder Woman!" Harley adds.

With that, Harley calmly turns away from Supergirl, and marches up to Batgirl. Batgirl begins to grow nervous, and feels the sweat beading on her forehead, under her cowl, as Harley leans in close enough for their noses to touch. One look at Harley's eyes, and Batgirl knows that she's being sized up, and mercilessly judged.

"Seems you've been mighty quiet all this time," Harley says after a period of silence. "Why's that?"

"Because I'm a good little girls who knows not to interrupt my Mistress Harley," Batgirl smiles, hoping to please her mistress.

Harley narrows her eyes, but backs away, looking slightly calmer. "Hmm. A brown-noser to the end, eh? I HATE BROWN-NOSERS!"

With that, the fire in her eyes comes back twice as strong, and an even madder look overtakes her face. Before Batgirl even has time to think of another defense, Harley suddenly fires the boxing-glove gun into the redhead's pussy. Almost immediately, Batgirl keels over with a pathetic wail.

Harley then raises a hand high into the air and snaps her fingers. A giant curtain suddenly descends from the ceiling, cutting off the view of the villainess, the disgraced heroines, and the short bus. At the same time, all the lights in the studio begin to dim. The audience members, still laughing, begin to look at each other in confusion.

Several minutes pass, and not a sound is to be heard from behind the curtain. Then, all of a sudden, a drumroll begins to play. As soon as it ends, a pair of spotlights converge on the center of the curtain. Soon, Harley emerges from behind the curtain, a massive grin on her face.

Microphone in hand, the mad villainess clears her throat and declares:


Harley steps to the side, keeping the microphone in her hand. The drumroll starts up again, as the curtain is seen shifting once more. When the drumroll reaches its climax, three heroines emerge and stand side-by-side on the stage: Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin. All three have wide, crossed eyes and massive grins (which are further accentuated by the giant smiles painted around their mouths and the white clown makeup caking their faces). Their collars, complete with leashes, are still around their necks.

At an unseen signal, all three mindless heroines move into the traditional "heroine form" (hands on hips, chest thrust out, head held high) and stay still, not speaking a word. The spotlights dance all over their bodies, giving the audience a clearer view of their respective appearances and "uniforms".


Batgirl is now wearing her old costume's purple cowl (with her new pigtails pulled through the ears), boots, gloves, cape, and purple top with the yellow Batgirl symbol over the chest. Beneath the top extends a purple French maid skirt, the visible half of an entire French maid outfit that Batgirl is wearing; to add to the "French maid" image, a French maid bonnet can be seen attached to the top of Batgirl's cowl, and French maid cuffs have been laid over Batgirl's gloves. Last, but not least, Batgirl's legs are clad in suntan control top pantyhose and light white thigh-highs.

Supergirl has retained the classic red cape and blue top (with red-and-gold "S" shield over the chest) from her old costume. Instead of her normal blue skirt, however, the blond Kryptonian is now wearing a very short red-and-blue cheerleading skirt below her top. Suntan pantyhose and white knee highs - along with Supergirl's classic red knee-high boots - round out the sexed-up outfit. In Supergirl's hands are two purple-and-green pom-poms, all the better to better contribute to her "cheerleader" look with.

Robin now has her old domino mask back on, as well as her old cape. Like before, her tits are barely contained in a tight white "Hooters"-themed T-shirt, though this one has the words "Fun Bags" written in cartoony purple on the front. Robin's green bloomers are now in their original place, which - ironically - only contributes to the young heroine's resemblance to a "Hooters" waitress. Continuing the parallels even further, the young heroine is wearing suntan pantyhose on her legs - as she has always done - and white socks bunched at the ankles, with a pair of white cheerleading shoes.


Hearing their cue, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Robin quickly move to one side of the stage. Pleased, Harley continues:


The curtain parts once again, and Zatanna steps through, a big smile on her face.

Zatanna is now wearing a slut uniform crafted to reflect a "Puppet" theme. A small top hat sits atop her head - a miniaturized version of her old trademark hat. Beneath the brim, her black hair - now in pigtails - peeks out. The young magician now wears a domino mask over her crossed eyes - more for fetish value than for true disguise. In addition to the standard white facepaint, her face is covered in "doll" makeup, with red dots on her cheeks, a drawn-on mouth, heavy eyeshadow, and big lashes; a cone-shaped "Pinocchio" nose has been put over her real nose. Her usual top-and-vest combo has been replaced with a skintight bustier that shows off much more of her cleavage, along with a "magician's top" - really just a short-sleeved jacket - paired with a long cape. The black unitard bottom from her original costume has remained. Suntan pantyhose runs up and down the length of her legs; over the hose, she is wearing her old fishnets. Finally, her high-heeled shoes remain unchanged.

The "new" Zatanna shows off for the cameras, twisting her body around so the spotlights can catch every inch of her humiliating outfit. Once she's done, the mindless heroine turns around and thrusts her sizable ass out, wiggling and shaking it for all to see. Several times over, she slaps her rear end with both hands, creating loud SMACK noises.


Hearing Harley's words, Zatanna joins the other 3 heroines, and lets Black Canary emerge from behind the curtain.

Black Canary is now wearing a new costume with a "Santa's Helper" theme. A red Santa hat - naturally, with white trim and white cotton ball at the tip - is on her head, while her blond hair is in pigtails. The cross-eyed heroine's old domino mask has been replaced with a new, green one, while ghostly white makeup covers her face; in addition, a red "Rudolph" nose (really just a red clown nose) has been placed over her real nose. The black leotard from her old costume remains, showing off the blonde's major cleavage, but the jacket has now been replaced by a short red "Santa's Helper" cape, with white trim. On her legs, Black Canary is wearing suntan pantyhose, over which she wears her trademark fishnet stockings. Last, but not least, the heroine's old black high-heeled boots round out the appearance of her "new" self.

The mindless Black Canary wastes no time in showing off for the cameras, doing a sexy little dance and strutting around. Then, to bring her whole act home, she takes two fingers and jams them into the crotch of her costume, stirring them around until she's moaning lustfully from the pleasure.


Black Canary goes off to the side, joining the rest of the mindless heroines, letting Huntress come out for her 15 minutes of fame.

Huntress is now wearing garments styled after a "Beer Wench" theme. Her raven hair has been put into pigtails. A simpler, black-colored domino mask has replaced her old, more elaborate purple one, while her face is caked in white facepaint like her fellow slaves'. A tight black vest is squeezing her chest quite nicely, with a velveteen "beer wench" dress (held up by suspenders) beneath it. The high hem of the dress, of course, still leaves much of Huntress' legs exposed, so the suntan pantyhose covering the heroine's legs is easily visible. The heroine has retained the purple cape from her old costume, as well as the purple gloves and boots. As a cruel twist, however, the heroine is being forced to carry a serving tray, and her hands and elbows have been harnessed together so they are always kept close. Her legs are similarly harnessed together, bound at the knees.

True to her name, the corrupted Huntress, after showing off for the audience, quickly begins to "air-hump" the space in front of her. Again and again, she lewdly thrusts her hips forward, as if riding an imaginary cock for all to see. The wanton, faraway look on her cross-eyed face, however, suggests that - in her mind at least - that cock (or dildo) isn't so imaginary.

Eventually, Huntress goes to join her fellow mindless heroines. Harley walks back into the center of the stage, and takes a deep bow, drinking in the flattering applause and laughter - however unwitting it may be - from the studio audience. At the same time, the curtain rises, exposing the short bus once more.


Harley then snaps her fingers again, and another henchman rushes onto the stage, a small box in his hands. The henchman hands the box to Harley, and quickly retreats offstage. Harley carelessly tosses the box's lid away, revealing the six colorful ball-gags inside the box.

"ALL FOURS!" the mad villainess snaps at the 6 mindless heroines before her.

Mindlessly, the 6 heroines immediately obey, getting on their hands and knees and staying absolutely still. Swiftly, Harley walks down the line of mind-controlled crimefighters, buckling one ball-gag into each heroine's mouth. Once she has securely gagged the last heroine, Harley drops the box and kicks it aside.

Harley then puts 2 fingers into her mouth, and whistles shrilly. Another henchman rushes onstage, with a slightly larger box in his hands. Harley takes this box as well, and opens it, revealing six perverted utility belts - of her own design, of course - inside. Each belt looks slightly different, with some mimicking their owners' old utility belts, but they all have one trait in common: the buckle of each belt bears the letters "XXX". On either side of the buckle is printed each heroine's new "slut name", divided into 2 parts.

"THERE! NOW YOU'RE PROPERLY ATTIRED LIKE THE LITTLE SUPER SLUTTY SLAVES YOU WERE BORN TO BE!" Harley laughs, and takes all of the leashes dangling from the heroines' necks into her hand. "LET'S GIVE EVERYONE ONE LAST LOOK AT YOUR SKANKY OUTFITS!"

All 6 heroines immediately respond to Harley's command, jumping back up and standing in "heroine form" once more. Hands on hips, chests thrust out, heads held high, feet apart, all of them grin like complete retards as the cameras, and the audience, get some choice looks at their ridiculous outfits - ESPECIALLY the new "slut names" emblazoned across their new perverted utility belts.

While her pets show off, Harley then tosses the microphone away, privately relieved to not have to shout at the top of her lungs anymore - at least for the time being. Quietly - though still loud enough for her mindless heroines to hear - she says, "Alright, you sluts, let's get going while the going's still good!"

With that, Harley begins walking all 6 heroines to the short bus, making them crawl on their hands and knees all the way inside. Each heroine is seen with her ass in the air as she crawls, being led into the bus. As each heroine enters the bus and weakly crawls by the driver's seat, Harley slaps each one of their asses.

Harley is the last to get into the bus. As the doors slam shut, she puts her knees together, bends over, lifts her cheerleading skirt, and presses her ass into the glass; the words, "WHERE IS WONDER WOMAN?" are now written on her bloomers. Harley then makes a mock surprised face at the camera, before waving bye-bye, getting in the driver's seat, and pulling out of the studio.

Each heroine is sitting in a different seat, staring straight ahead, completely quiet and obedient as Harley steps on the gas. Harley is heard laughing hysterically as she drives away, the short bus swerving all over the road.

The crowd roars with applause and uncontrollable laughter, the studio's cameras still rolling. A minute later, police sirens are heard, then seen, as the cameras go to black...

... and the henchmen, and film crew, promptly realize that Harley had taken none of them with her and left them to face the police alone.

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