by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Huntress
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom Mind Control Rape Change of clothes DC sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Bondage
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Just as Robin was pulling Harley's ice cream truck - with an unconscious Black Canary still lying down spread-eagle, tied to its hood - up, the Huntress was finishing up her rounds across the city, all the way on the other side of Gotham.

Earlier in the night, Huntress' security monitor had triggered an alarm at her residence, and she was ready for an ambush from Harley Quinn. Little did she know that Harley was miles away, anxiously waiting for her to return home.

The heroine was also unaware that her home was now being watched by three monitors, filming from cameras that had been placed throughout her living room. It had been Batgirl who had slipped in and out of the apartment, taking less than five minutes to place the cameras in strategic locations, along with a special surprise.

Last, but not least, the heroine had no idea what had just recently happened to her coworkers, Zatanna and Black Canary. From the JLA's reaction, she had previously thought that she wasn't a person of interest in Harley's perverted game at all.

"But it looks like I am..." she mutters to herself. "You want me so bad, Quinn? Come get me."

Huntress makes sure to check out the rooftops surrounding her apartment, but the only thing out of the ordinary that she notices is that NO ONE was out and about. EVERYONE is at home, watching television. Huntress has no clue WHAT on the idiot box was so important, but the police scanners, she notices, are quiet as well.

After watching over her place for over an hour, and seeing no one even come close to it, Huntress slowly and carefully inches her way into her apartment via the fire escape. She enters through the window, her lithe form - as well as the crossbow in her hand - silhouetted in darkness.

Huntress meticulously scans her apartment for any indications that her privacy has been violated. She checks every room, but nothing seems out of place. Finally relaxing, she goes back to her living room, opens a bottle of wine, begins to enjoy what is left of the night.

"Might as well call it a night..."

The heroine turns on the TV, stripping out of her costume and slipping into something more comfortable as she did so. She reaches up to take off her mask, intending to listen to the news... until the horrifically perverted screams and moans begin coming from the TV. And from EVERY CHANNEL.

"What in the name of...?!"

Unbeknownst to Huntress, Harley had pirated all of the local channels; from midnight till 4:00 PM, they would all replay infomercials for her perverted pornos.

Huntress stops dead in her tracks, staring at the television and shaking her head "No" as she unwittingly watches teaser videos of the fallen super heroines debasing themselves for Harley. "Before" and "After" shots of Robin, Supergirl, and Batgirl are shown as all three heroines prance around in front of the camera, laughing hysterically at their "Before" shots.

The most humiliating moments from every video are teased:

Batgirl: Batgirl being walked by Harley and being called a "good little bitch"; Batgirl on her knees, posing like a super heroine as Harley pies her in the face over and over; Batgirl stripping and putting on her new "French Maid Batgirl" costume; Harley unmasking/taunting Batgirl, who is on her knees and posing with her cape draped over her head; Harley joy-buzzing Batgirl, who drops to her knees, cross-eyed, and begins sucking a dildo suctioned to the floor; Harley autographing Batgirl's tits "PROPERTY OF HQ"; Harley playing "fetch" with Batgirl; Harley laughing as she steps a cross-eyed Batgirl's face into a pie; Batgirl cleaning Harley's bathroom while Harley approves of her "change" in careers; Harley giving Batgirl a swirlie/wedgie combo; Batgirl, on her hands and knees, being forced to eat dog food; Batgirl energetically sucking on a cherry Popsicle as if it were a cock; Batgirl pissing like a common bitch; Harley making Batgirl reveal every detail of Barbara Gordon's vigorous sex life; repeated shots of Batgirl getting knocked cross-eyed by a "super donkey punch" from Harley's boxing-glove gun; Batgirl being used as a coffee table; Batgirl furiously masturbating with a Hitachi magic wand; final shot of a blubbering Batgirl begging for Supergirl to come and save her.

Supergirl: Supergirl finding the Kryptonite dildo in Batgirl's mouth; "Boxing Bitch" Harley pummeling Supergirl; Harley rubbing Supergirl's face into her crotch as she taunts the Kryptonian; Supergirl getting knocked silly by Harley's boxing-glove gun; the knocked out Supergirl over the couch, ass in the air; Harley autographing Supergirl's ass "Super Slut"; Supergirl getting a super-duper wedgie that stretches all the way over her head; Supergirl getting walked like a dog while she's stuck in the super wedgie; repeated shots of Supergirl getting pied in the face, then falling disgracefully to her knees and face-first into a bowl of dog food; Harley posing the knocked-out Supergirl, whose face is now covered in pie and dog food; Supergirl getting "schooled" by Harley, and getting joy-buzzed, spanked, and fucked simultaneously; Supergirl and Batgirl being made to smoke exploding cigars; Supergirl and Batgirl trying to out-suck each other as Harley teaches them how to give blowjobs to rubber dildos; Supergirl and Batgirl scissoring each other; Supergirl being tormented with an ice cube; Supergirl getting fucked doggy-style by Batgirl as Harley taunts her; Supergirl squealing like a pig as she gets railed by Batgirl; a cross-eyed Supergirl getting "facialed" as she screams, "THANK YOU! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I OBEY! HARLEY'S BITCH OBEYS!"; final shot of Supergirl covered in pie and cum, and being used as a coffee table by Harley, who drapes Supergirl's cape over her head.

Robin: Robin's eyes going cross as she screams "NOOOO!" while Harley gives her a super wedgie; Robin's eyes disappearing under her bloomers as her super wedgie stretches over her head; Harley riding her super-wedgied dog, fishing Robin's hair through her bloomers; Robin, with her bloomers still on her head, being forced to suck on a strap-on; Harley posing as Robin continues to suck on the strap-on; Robin, on her knees, being forced to pose like a heroine while getting her mouth fucked, with her bloomers still stretched over her head; Robin, bloomers still over her head, passing out, on her knees, as Harley taunts her and smacks her face with the strap-on; Harley autographing Robin's tits with "PROPERTY OF HQ"; repeated shots of Harley releasing Robin's hair as Robin falls face-first into a pie; Harley posing on Robin's defeated ass; Robin bent over and locked in wooden stocks, getting pied in the face; Robin being force-fed chloroform pie with a strap-on by Harley; Harley cheerleading as she fucks Robin doggy-style, both getting nailed with pies; Robin being forced to watch a hypnotizing video as Harley rails her doggy-style; Robin going cross-eyed in the stocks as she gets fucked; Harley forcing Robin's face into her ass, and farting in Robin's face; Robin being forced to wear her green bloomers - with the words "HQ's TOY" written on them - on her head; Harley barking, "WHO'S MY BITCH?! WHO'S MY BITCH, ROBIN?!" as Robin mindlessly responds, over and over, "I'M HARLEY QUINN'S BITCH! I'M HARLEY QUINN'S BITCH!"; Robin and Supergirl being "Eiffel Towered" by Harley and Batgirl; Harley spitting in Robin's face, and Robin smiling widely, cross-eyed, as the spit runs down her face; Robin posing on her knees, with her bloomers on her head, taking off her mask and laying it at Harley's feet while Harley laughs uncontrollably; Robin getting ridden like a dog by Harley; Robin unveiling her new outfit - a "Harley's Hooters" version of her costume; Robin on her knees, face painted and wearing her bloomers as a mask as she tells the world that she is now Harley's bitch; final shot of Robin getting facialed by a goo gun, bouncing on her knees, giggling and screaming, "I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M A HARLEY PORNO WHORE!!! I LOVE BEING A DILDO-SUCKING SLUT!!! I'M YOUR BITCH! TAKE MY IDENTITY!!!"

The final shot of the much-repeated ten-minute infomercial flashed, showing Zatanna, Black Canary, and the Huntress as "COMING, COMING, AND COMING... SOON!"

In less than two minutes, Huntress witnesses ALL of these horrible atrocities that were forced upon her super heroine friends. The rush of wine she has just drank combines with her reaction to the revolting events unfolding in front of her, worsened by her upbringing as a "good little Catholic girl", and she couldn't hold it in any longer. Her stomach, wanting to rid itself of everything inside, forces her to rush to the bathroom without even thinking.

But in her rush to the bathroom, Huntress has overlooked the fact that her toilet seat has been laid with the lid down. And now that minor mistake was going to cost her her identity and her dignity.

As Huntress lifts the toilet lid to upchuck everything in her stomach, an explosive flash blinds her. A nanosecond later, a spring-loaded boxing glove springs up from within the toilet bowl, nailing Huntress directly between the eyes. Knocked silly, the cross-eyed Huntress staggers backward.


Without even realizing it, Huntress trips backward, straight into a giant rubber smiley-face wall ornament that a certain someone has attached to her bathroom wall. As she springs forward and falls to her knees, the shock on her face is captured, especially in her bulging, crossed eyes.

As Huntress falls face-first into her own toilet bowl, her hand accidentally clips the flush handle. Her legs twitch and spasm as the toilet flushes, and her face gets "cleaned" by the now-purple toilet water - also the work of a certain someone. Soon, the heroine is lying unconscious in her own toilet, her face and hair soaking up the purple dye in the water. Her face is just barely out of the water.

The toilet flushing would be Batgirl's cue, as the former heroine (hiding on the fire escape) quietly sneaks into Huntress' apartment through the window. Still wearing her "French Maid Batgirl" costume, the redhead starts tip-toeing, then skipping toward the unconscious heroine's bathroom.

Batgirl walks up to the Huntress, and pulls her head out of the toilet. She grabs a video camera and taunts Huntress, getting multiple shots of her forcing Huntress' face into the toilet over and over.

As the redhead gives Huntress repeated swirlies, she laughs uncontrollably. She tells Huntress, "SUM-BODY HAS A DIRTY-DIRTY SLUT FACE, THAT NEEDS BAT-BITCH'S PERSONAL ATTENTION!!!"

Batgirl drops Huntress' face back into the toilet, and begins to rummage through Huntress' bathroom. Her face lights up as she finds some talcum powder.

Huntress' face is lifted out of the toilet as Batgirl begins pouring the entire package of talcum powder - along with some flour she'd fetched from the kitchen earlier - into the toilet. Batgirl taunts Huntress as the cameras roll, slowly lowering the heroine's face into the gooey white mess in the toilet.

Batgirl laughs hysterically, holding Huntress' face firmly in the toilet as she pulls the flush handle. As she performs the swirlie, she climbs up onto, and sits comfortably on Huntress' back, laughing and riding the unconscious heroine like a "bucking horse".

After the swirlie is done, Batgirl lifts the Huntress' face out of the toilet; the camera gets a perfect shot of Huntress' face and hair, completely covered in the white paste. Huntress' mask has fallen off along the way, and remains in her toilet; the heroine's identity is now covered only by the goo on her face. Batgirl then taunts the still-unconscious heroine some more.

"You always WERE a FASHION DISASTER! But don't worry, I'm HERE TO HELP!"

As she says this, Batgirl strips Huntress of her costume completely, noting that the white paste covering the heroine's face and hair is beginning to harden. That done, the redhead positions the cameras to film Huntress' "transformation" from every angle possible.

First thing, Batgirl removes Huntress' cross necklace, telling the religiously-devout heroine that "YOU HAVE A NEW GODDESS NOW!". She throws the religious symbol into the toilet bowl, and unceremoniously flushes it down.

Batgirl proceeds to unpack the Huntress' "special" new costume, which SHE had personally picked out back in Mistress Harley's lair. Soon, Batgirl is seen fishing suntan control top pantyhose onto Huntress, followed by a green-and-purple cheerleading skirt and a purple-and-green halter top. Batgirl then takes out a permanent marker and unrolls Huntress' new pantyhose a bit, autographing the heroine's ass with the words, "GIRL BLUNDER'S BITCH".

Then, Batgirl fixes Huntress' hose and puts a pair of extra-large white satin bloomers on the Huntress' ass, autographing the fabric "HUNTED AND OWNED!!!". She tells Huntress how "cute" the heroine will look as her bitch, as she fashions Huntress' hair into two pigtails. Batgirl then puts a pair of green-and-purple booties (with jingle bells attached) on Huntress' feet, and autographs Huntress' bare breasts with the words, "GRADE B FUCK-MEAT". As Huntress begins to stir, Batgirl rolls a pair of green-and-purple satin gloves with jingle bells attached onto the heroine's hands.

As one final humiliating touch, Batgirl ties a small, feminine-looking green-and-purple cape around Huntress' neck. She then proceeds to position Huntress (who is still on her knees) in front of the camera. As Huntress - goo still covering her face - begins to wake, Batgirl stuffs a joy-buzzer down the front of the heroine's pantyhose, making sure that the electrical shock will give Huntress the most pain - along with the most pleasure - possible.

Huntress spits up purple toilet water all over herself, as snot bubbles begin to form around her nostrils. She begins to moan in pain, still on her knees.

Batgirl tells Huntress, "The pain has JUST begun! I KNOW a widdle birdy thought THIS was REALLY painful, but MISTRESS HARLEY just LOVES seeing us humiliated, and debased in the most COMICAL WAYS! ENJOY!"

The redhead rummages around in the clothing that she had just stripped off of Huntress, eventually finding the heroine's ORIGINAL panties. Grinning lecherously, Batgirl gives the panties a delicate sniff.

"Ooooh! Victoria's Secret! ME LIKEY!"

Batgirl then unmasks herself, throwing her bat-eared cowl to the floor. Taking care to face one of the cameras, the redhead places Huntress' panties over her head, fishing her pigtails out through the leg holes. The former heroine then smiles at the camera; her new "mask" covers the top half of her face nicely, while still letting her see out of the leg holes.

"Isn't trading panties FUN?" Batgirl laughs as she prances around. "THESE look as great on ME as THOSE look on YOU!"

With that, Batgirl reaches down and stretches Huntress' new bloomers straight up, giving the goo-faced heroine a massive wedgie that completely wakes her from her slumber. Huntress screams; her eyes jetting open only causes some of the goo to fall off her mouth and her two bulging, now-crossed eyes.

Batgirl laughs hysterically, pulling Huntress' bloomers higher and higher. Huntress' arms flail; the heroine is totally unable to protect herself, not knowing which way to go or who to call.

Huntress' humiliating whimpers only encourage Batgirl to taunt her some more, as the redhead stretches the bloomers even higher while telling Huntress that "I've seen third-graders that lasted longer than you!". Batgirl's eyes get wide as Huntress' bloomers reach the heroine's forehead; the former heroine's smile cannot contain her joy. Huntress gasps, whimpering, pleading, begging, and even convulsing. Her eyes are crossed, her mouth wide open, as Batgirl pulls the bloomers all the way over to her face.

Batgirl taunts Huntress as the latter weakly struggles to remove her new wedgie mask. Huntress is squirming on her knees, her body rigid; unable to remove her humiliating mask, she moans in pain and greater humiliation.

Then, Batgirl's eyes bulge with glee as she sees Huntress on her knees, mouth wide open, hands full, and totally unable to get free. Laughing, Batgirl bends over, knees locked, and positions herself in front of the Huntress. Her ass is just inches away from a blinded Huntress' face.

Batgirl, getting off on hearing Huntress' pathetic cries and sobs, counts down on her fingers toward one of the cameras: 3, 2, 1.

The redhead's face then gets super-smiley as she grabs Huntress' head, forcing the heroine's open mouth right into the ass of Batgirl's own bloomers. Laughing and posing for the camera, Batgirl holds a squirming, squealing Huntress - whose face is full of Batgirl ass - on her knees.

Her arms unable to free her head from her new wedgie mask, and now also unable to free her face from Batgirl's ass, Huntress begins smacking and clawing the back of Batgirl's pantyhose-covered knees. Batgirl becomes annoyed; as punishment, the redhead squats down, pressing Huntress even further down onto her own knees.


Huntress' pain only makes Batgirl want to "exercise" with her new toy some more. Squatting over and over, Batgirl laughs at Huntress' wails of pain and shame. Soon, Huntress' arms quit scratching and instead grab onto the back of Batgirl's knees instead, the heroine hoping that this would stop the squats.



With this degrading command, Huntress immediately removes her hands from Batgirl's knees, to which Batgirl responds by continuing to squat her ass into Huntress' face, holding the heroine by her hair.

Huntress' eyes bulge as Batgirl bends over again, legs locked once more. As the cameras catch Batgirl holding Huntress by the hair, Huntress' eyes look around, the heroine not understanding why she is being held in this manner... until her eyes catch Camera 2, positioned 5 feet in front of her face. The heroine's eyes begin to water, as tears roll down her face; her whimpers and please, however, are muted by Batgirl's ass.

The heroine shakes her head "No" as the rigid, bent-over Batgirl smiles evilly at Camera 1. The redhead stands up on her tip-toes as her eyes roll back in their sockets. Batgirl then bends back down, forcing her ass directly into Huntress' mouth. Loudly, she farts directly into Huntress' mouth.

Huntress' eyes bulge and cross under her new wedgie mask, as a low, humiliate moan comes from her mouth.


Huntress begins screaming, mouth still full of Batgirl ass. Her hands weakly smack and pathetically run their way up and down Batgirl's pantyhose-covered legs. She KNEW that her utter shock at her complete domination and humiliation - and in her own home, no less - was being broadcast live to the perverts of Gotham for a small charge of $59.95.


Huntress, still squirming under Batgirl's grasp, tries to avoid the humiliating question by looking away.


Batgirl grabs Huntress firmly, holding her head in place. The heroine tries, in vain, to think of ANY way out; her eyes look around as her hands pathetically push against Batgirl's knees.


With that, the Huntress' will is broken. The heroine's eyes glaze over; as she notices all three cameras filming her from different positions, her head pathetically shakes "No".

"Does my pathetic little bitch want free from ass-kissing duty?! Is my widdle bitch going to speak, wike a GOOD LITTLE GIRL?!!"

Huntress' head slowly nods "Yes", and Batgirl lets out an extended laugh. The redhead lowers Huntress' face back out of her ass, dropping her mouth free. Huntress gasps, moaning, sobbing, and trying to avoid being told to speak.


Huntress tries again to squirm free, but Batgirl has a firm hold on her. The redhead pushes Huntress' mouth back into her ass, and poses for the cameras as she farts in Huntress' mouth again. Batgirl then looks down at the Huntress, a sadistic and grossed-out look on her face.

As the panty-masked Batgirl smiles widely, Huntress flails, her eyes bulging and her moans and screams covered. The goo covering her face is slowly being rubbed free as Batgirl continues to rub her bloomers in the heroine's face.

"My... my... my... i... id... ident... identity!"

"BE A GOOD WIDDLE GIRL for me, and I'll ALLOW you to leave here with your mask still on your stupid slut face! NOW, THANK ME for making you my personal BITCH! You BETTER fucking say it, slut-bag, or I will have all of MISTRESS HARLEY'S henchmen come and whore you out for $5 a pop! REMEMBER... I have your identity, AND I have you in a PRETTY-WIDDLE-OUTFIT FOR MISTRESS!"

At this, Huntress notices for the first time what Batgirl has put on her. Her eyes look at her hands and the satin gloves with the little jingle bells on them, as the white goo comes off of her face faster than ever.

With Huntress preoccupied at seeing her "slut uniform", Batgirl pulls her ass out of the heroine's face. As she hears the completely defeated Huntress sob and blubber while taking in her new uniform, Batgirl smiles at the camera. Then, she delivers a devastating mule kick to Huntress' midsection.


Huntress flies backward from the force of the kick; she lands hard on her back, cross-eyed and gasping. Crying out in pain, the heroine curls up into a ball as best as she can while still wearing her wedgie mask.

On the floor and blubbering at Batgirl's booted feet, Huntress squeals in shame and pain. As she convulses, blubbering and squirming, she finally frees her head from the wedgie mask. However, upon realizing that the cameras are still filming, she inadvertently grabs her new cape and pulls it over her head in complete shame. The heroine openly balls herself up, trying to cover herself from the cameras by curling.

Batgirl then takes out a remote control and begins randomly joy-buzzing Huntress. As time goes on, the pain and pleasure coursing through Huntress' weakened crotch begin to slowly pick up speed, as well as randomness.

Huntress writhes in pain as she gets shocked over and over. Screaming out in pain and pleasure, the heroine tries to get up, only to be shocked again and fall back down to the floor. Batgirl laughs, taunting Huntress.

"WORTHLESS BITCHES should know their PLACE! Someone should have taught YOU that a LONG TIME AGO!"

Batgirl then grabs Huntress by her new pigtails, and leads the heroine - who is still wearing her new cape as a mask - over to the living room. The pair approach an over-sized ottoman, which Batgirl forces the Huntress to lie over, face-down. Huntress' only concern during the whole scene is to keep her face covered with the small cape - a task in and of itself, especially as Batgirl begins to spank the heroine's prone ass.

Next, Batgirl grabs a strap-on from her perverted utility belt; as she puts on the dildo, she continues to randomly shock Huntress into submission with her free hand, keeping the heroine in place on the ottoman.

The redhead then pulls Huntress' bloomers down to the heroine's knees, and then rips a hole in Huntress' pantyhose. That done, she enters Huntress' now-wet pussy.


Huntress is driven permanently cross-eyed by this invasion, her mouth now in a perfect "O"; her face looks retarded as Batgirl pumps her. The redhead teases the camera by lifting Huntress' new cape for only split-seconds at a time, so the cameras can see tiny glimpses of Huntress' completely defeated, debased, and helpless cross-eyed face.

Batgirl laughs hysterically as she begins to randomly joy-buzz Huntress some more, making the heroine buck into the strap-on. Soon, a pattern forms: Batgirl would force the dildo deep into Huntress, only to repeat the "shock and awe" campaign so the process could start all over again.

Within one minute, Huntress is completely subservient, staring straight ahead. Batgirl continues to fuck her doggy-style, holding her down tight over the ottoman; Huntress' bloomers are now around her ankles, and her body bounces as Batgirl impales her.

Batgirl smacks the back of Huntress' head over and over, laughing and taunting her new toy. Then, sensing a huge orgasm coming, the redhead whispers loud enough for the cameras to hear:

"Mistress would LOVE to ALLOW her BITCH to come, but you've been a BAD WIDDLE GIRL! Are you going to be GOOD WIDDLE GIRL?!"

Staring straight ahead, Huntress responds:


As Huntress hears herself giving in to her deep-rooted, perverted wishes, which she has tried for the longest time to repress with her religious devotion, her body convulses and bucks rigid. Huntress' hands shoot back to her ankles, trying to grab them and force them apart, but her bloomers keep her struggling as the orgasm rockets through her body.

Right as Huntress is in the thralls of an orgasm, Batgirl winds her arm back and delivers a rock-hard punch to the back of the heroine's head. The "donkey punch" brings about an involuntary reaction that forces Huntress' head into the ottoman, hard, as her ass spasms upward. The mindless heroine goes completely rigid as Batgirl finishes penetrating her.

Huntress' eyes, still wide and crossed, roll into the back of her head as Batgirl holds her up for the cameras. She knows that she's completely defeated, and now a mindless toy.

Batgirl teases Huntress' exposed and autographed tits, playing with them for the camera and knowing that thousands of men were at home, watching Huntress get humiliated like never before. She then lets Huntress' body limply fall to the ottoman; the cross-eyed heroine's knees are close to each other, while her ankles are apart, and cape now only covers her forehead.

The redhead walks over to Huntress' sofa, where the bottle of wine that Huntress had opened earlier is still sitting on the floor, discarded. Smiling, she picks up the bottle, finishes the leftover wine, and returns to her new slave.


Huntress, completely obedient, scrambles to her hands and knees, still groggy from getting beaten and fucked silly.


Without hesitation, Huntress responds, and repeats as Batgirl points and laughs at her:


Batgirl laughs sadistically, posing with one booted foot on her repeating toy. The panty-masked heroine then pulls out of her perverted utility belt a dog collar and chain leash, whipping Huntress back and forth with the latter.

"Put on your BITCH NECKLACE!"

Huntress struggles to find the leash with her cape still over her head; her ass is still higher in the air than her head is. Batgirl taunts Huntress, bouncing the collar and leash just out of her reach. Huntress whimpers pathetically, before finally grabbing the collar and leash and putting them on.

"GOOOOOOOOD BITCH! GOOD BITCH!" Batgirl purrs, sounding more like a Bat-Bitch than ever.

Batgirl then orders Huntress to kiss her booted feet on camera, which Huntress does. Next, Batgirl orders Huntress get on her knees and lick the redhead's pantyhose clean. After that, the panty-masked heroine orders Huntress to lick the back of her pantyhose-covered knees. Finally, she orders Huntress to put her own face in Batgirl's ass and beg to eat her farts.

"PWWWEEEEASE, MISTRESS! PWEEEAASE MISTRESS, LET ME EAT YOUR FARTS! I'M YOUR BITCH, MAKE ME EAT YOUR FARTS! I'LL EAT THEM ALL DAY LONG FOR YOU, MISTRESS! I'M YOUR FART-EATING BITCH!!!" Huntress begs, rubbing her face all over Batgirl's bloomers as her hands rub up and down Batgirl's legs.

"WHERE do those stupid slut hands BELONG?!!"

Her face still in Batgirl's ass, Huntress coos as she places her hands directly on her hips. Batgirl stands on her tippy-toes, looking at Camera 1 with a smile, before her face goes to one of the pleasure of releasing gas.

Huntress' crossed eyes bulge, and her perverted moans become audible, as her mouth comes free of Batgirl's bloomers.


"YES, dumb bitch, you ARE A DIRTY-DIRTY LITTLE SKANK! We'll see if I made you the DIRTIEST! And that's all that matters to MISTRESS HARLEY! Time to clean that stupid slut face of yours, and get your silly mask back on your dumb bitch head."

Batgirl begins leading Huntress back to the bathroom; Huntress' cape is still draped over the broken heroine's head, her cheerleading skirt is flipped up, and her bloomers are still around her ankles.

Leading Huntress to the toilet, Batgirl orders her toy to "Bob for masky-wasky!"

Huntress immediately shoves her face into the toilet, not even thinking about using her hands. She bites for her mask, which is now at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Batgirl laughs hysterically, holding Huntress by her new chain-leash; the broken heroine's body goes rigid as her hands hold the toilet bowl tightly.

Batgirl then orders Huntress to hold herself still with one hand, while grabbing her bloomers and giving herself a wedgie with the other. Huntress complies, and Batgirl is soon taking pictures of the mindless heroine flopping in her own toilet face first as she gives herself a wedgie.

Finally, Huntress' face comes out of the water; her mouth is mouth is full of old mask, and most of the goo has come off her face. Crossed eyes wide, she looks up at Batgirl, whimpering with her old mask still in her mouth. Batgirl orders her to put it back on, then leads the mindless heroine - who is still on all fours - back to the living room.

Batgirl orders Huntress to get on her knees, and pose with her hands on her hips. As Huntress complies, Batgirl lines up 5 regular pies on the floor in front of her. Batgirl hands Huntress each pie, one-by-one, forcing Huntress to say "I'm your BITCH!" before sticking her face into each pie and laughing uncontrollably. The process leaves Huntress' face and hair a disgusting mess.

After the self-pieing is finished, Batgirl begins to mold Huntress' hair in the gooey, sticky filth. Slowly, she molds four prongs jetting off of Huntress' head, looking similar to a "jester cap". Batgirl then takes a can of green-and-purple hair spray paint, and paints every other prong a different color. To finish off her masterpiece, she attaches little bells to the ends of Huntress' hair-gelled "jester cap".

Laughing at her completely defeated, humiliated, and mindless toy, Batgirl admires just how far she took Huntress. The broken heroine is on all fours, wearing a perverted jester outfit, autographed tits out in her hands, nipples hard, hair gelled and garishly decorated.

Her cheerleading skirt doing nothing to hide her autographed ass, Huntress holds still, keeping the last pie tin directly stuck to her face.

Batgirl, looking proud, takes a cell phone out of her perverted utility belt. Quickly, she texts her Mistress Harley: "THE HUNTRESS HAS BE-CUM THE HUNTED!"

Looking at the camera, the panty-masked Batgirl blows a kiss to the lens before collecting everything and prancing out of Huntress' apartment. She walks her new bitch in public, knowing that Huntress, on all fours, is now completely blinded by pie goo and mindlessly obedient to her new mistress, Bat-Bitch.

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C.King - 5/16/2018 5:15 PM
Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
gothamalleyviper - 5/16/2018 5:04 PM
Posted another chapter, please leave feedback.
Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:44 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:40 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
gothamalleyviper - 5/13/2018 2:44 PM
To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.

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