by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Harley Quinn Supergirl
Category Mind Control Female Dom F/F Corruption Rape DC sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Change of clothes Masturbation Bondage
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Batgirl enters the Joker's hideout as stealthily as she can, eyes on the lookout for traps or lookouts. The Joker had supposedly skipped town after his latest escape, but the heroine knew that his old hideout was likely to contain information on future plans.

Spotting a computer in the corner, Batgirl heads for it immediately. Soon, she is busily searching the computer for files, totally oblivious to everything else.

As Batgirl is typing, however, a silhouette slowly and quietly emerges behind her. It's Harley Quinn, who is slowly pouring the contents of a bottle of chloroform into a rag. A wicked grin is on her lips.

For unbeknownst to even Batman, Harley has recently broken things off with the Joker and tried to strike out as a supervillainess on her own. And she knows exactly where to start...

Chloroform rag in hand, Harley tiptoes toward the oblivious Batgirl, her sock-like booties muffling any noise that her footsteps make. Just for fun, she even stops for a few seconds, turns, and puts a forefinger to her mouth in a "shhh" gesture before continuing on.

"Aha!" Batgirl soon whispers to herself, a pleased look coming across her face. "The diary of Harley Quinn... this oughta give some clues as to what her demented beau is up to!"

The redheaded heroine scrolls down, reading the most recent entry.

"Hmm... plans to become Gotham's top villainess... and she's going to do it with a "hypno-video"...? Wait, what's this? She's set a trap for someone called "BG"... and she's going to "fuck and humiliate her till she's my little bitch through and through"?!"

Batgirl draws back from the computer screen, one gloved hand pressed to her mouth in shock.

"I've got to find this "BG" person and warn her!"

Naturally, the heroine is unaware that Harley - only a few inches behind her by now - is practically ready to explode from suppressed laughter. However, the mad villainess manages to hold it back, and silently lunges toward her blissfully unaware prey.

Before Batgirl can react, Harley pins her arm behind her back and chloroforms the surprised heroine.


Eyes wide as the rag firmly clamps over her mouth, Batgirl thrashes and attempts to resist. But she is far too surprised to put up much of a fight; the redhead eventually passes out, cross-eyed and whimpering.

Half an hour later, Batgirl has been tied up in bondage by Harley. The unconscious heroine is alone in another part of the hideout, lying face-down over an ottoman with a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth. A blank television screen sits directly before Batgirl's head.

Soon, Harley enters the room, strapping on an enormous dildo around her hips as she approaches Batgirl. Giggling, the demented villainess takes off the ball-gag and thrusts the rubber cock into Batgirl's mouth, rudely waking the heroine with a face-fucking. Batgirl wakes up immediately, but can only struggle uselessly as Harley has her way with her mouth for thirty more seconds.

Afterward, Harley walks around to Batgirl's backside and proceeds to cut a hole in the crotch of Batgirl's costume. Weakened and humiliated, Batgirl can only squirm some more and shout useless protests as Harley begins to fuck her over the ottoman doggy-style. Harley's thrusts are merciless, and soon have Batgirl quivering and moaning.

"Agh! Ugh! Oooohhhh..."

"Wow!" Harley laughs. "Who would've thought EXPLORING THE BATCAVE was this fun?!"

As Harley is fucking Batgirl, she puts the television screen to good use and forces Batgirl to watch a hypnotizing video. The video repeats "OBEY" in a loud, booming voice over and over, in time with Harley's thrusts. Batgirl closes her eyes, but can't drown out the voice; soon, she is mindlessly repeating:

"Obey. Obey. Obey."

Harley puts the ball-gag back into Batgirl's mouth, to "shut the slut up". Eventually, Batgirl orgasms with a mighty scream, totally falling victim to the hypnotizing video.

With a wet squish, Harley pulls out of Batgirl and un-straps the dildo. Batgirl is lying motionless, eyes wide and crossed. Harley laughs as she holds Batgirl up by her red hair, like a trophy. She unties Batgirl's bonds and removes the ball-gag once more, noting with amusement that Batgirl's mouth is staying in a perfect "O". Grabbing Batgirl by her hair, Harley pulls the heroine onto her hands and knees and forces her to crawl like a dog. Pulling Batgirl by her hair, Harley taunts the vanquished vigilante as she leads her out of the room, calling her "a good little bitch" and laughing as she walks her new bitch.

After the hypnotizing video, Harley gloats that Batgirl's conquest will be her first step to becoming Gotham's top villainess. But she's still unsure that the video has completely taken hold of Batgirl's mind. Thus, Harley begins the humiliation tests to make sure that Batgirl is totally under her power, a mindless obedient slave. And she plans to capture every minute of it on film!

First, Harley leads Batgirl around like a dog, forcing her to wear a leash and dog collar engraved with the word "BITCH". Batgirl is forced to bark, pant, and whine, just like a real dog. A video camera on a tripod nearby captures the whole scene, as per Harley's plans.

Then, wanting to debase the Batgirl symbol, Harley pies Batgirl in the face as Batgirl is forced to stand in "heroine form" (with hands on hips, chest thrust out, and feet apart). Harley taunts Batgirl, who now has pie stuck to her face, and tells her to wipe her face clean. Batgirl obeys, only to have Harley pie her in the face over and over again, taunting her the entire time and laughing at her new mindless toy. After a large portion of Batgirl's face and costume is covered in white pie material, Harley orders Batgirl to get on her knees, and keep her hands on her hips. Batgirl obeys, and is rewarded with another volley of pies.

Pleased, Harley walks around Batgirl and takes in the heroine's disgraced form. She is displeased, however, once she gets behind Batgirl, and sees that there's not a single speck on the heroine's backside.

"Well, we'll just have to fix that!" the mad villainess laughs.

Harley orders Batgirl to get on all fours, with her rear end sticking out as much as possible. Batgirl obeys, and Harley goes off and gets a new cartload of pies. This time, with all sorts of new fruity flavors mixed in!

Taking a pie off of the cart's lower tier, Harley steps back and take careful aim at the enticing target that Batgirl's rump presents. She winds her arm back like a star pitcher, and lets the pie fly. With a SPLAT, the pie lands a perfect bull's-eye on Batgirl's ass, coating Batgirl's purple costume in key lime green. Over the next few minutes, Harley keeps this up, until Batgirl's ass, and most of her legs, are coated in a a fruity rainbow of pie goo: key lime, raspberry, lemon meringue, blueberry, banana cream, and more!

Harley loudly scolds Batgirl about how she's gotten her uniform even dirtier. She commands Batgirl to pull down her costume and expose that "tight little ass". Batgirl obeys, pulling down her tights until they're around her knees and re-assuming her all-fours position. Her bare, perfect ass is exposed to the air - and Harley's devious plans!

Grinning evilly, Harley begins removing pies from the upper tier of her cart and hurling them straight at Batgirl's naked rear. Once again, SPLAT after SPLAT fills the room, with Batgirl mindlessly looking forward as pie after pie hits her flesh. In a matter of minutes, Batgirl's ass is as colorful as the seat of her costume.

Harley then takes one last pie into her hand, walks up close to Batgirl, and mashes the pie - plate and all - into Batgirl's ass. While the plate is still sticking to Batgirl's skin, Harley pulls Batgirl's tights back up, "sealing" in the pie tin... and its contents!

Laughing, Harley begins to play a little "drum solo", rapping on the pie tin through Batgirl's costume. She plays a few songs on Batgirl's ass, making sure that the camera's getting every second.

Next, Harley forces Batgirl to take off all of her costume except for her cape and cowl. Batgirl strips as commanded, and when she's finished, blankly stares as Harley sets up a camera on a tripod. Harley forces the mostly-nude Batgirl to put on a French maid costume, then has the heroine put her Batgirl top back on over the French maid top. Afterward, Harley unmasks Batgirl, exposing her identity as Barbara Gordon.

"Holy guacamole!" Harley exclaims. "Babs Gordon?! Now that, I wasn't expecting!"

After taunting "Babs" some more, Harley puts Batgirl's hair in pigtails and puts the heroine's head back under her mask, fishing out the pigtails through the cowl's bat-ears. Subsequently, Harley forces Batgirl to put on suntan control top pantyhose, then light white thigh-high stockings. Batgirl is then made to put on white satin panties over her hose, before pulling her Batgirl boots back on. As a final touch, Harley makes Batgirl put on a French maid bonnet over her cowl, and French maid cuffs over her gloves.

Harley laughs hysterically at the hypnotized heroine's ridiculous new "costume", and taunts the mindless Batgirl.

"Told ya the whole "vigilante" gig didn't make much dough!" Harley laughs as she hangs an arm around Batgirl's shoulder. "Being a super villain's French maid/sex slave pays WAY better!"

"Of course," Batgirl says monotonously, nodding like a robot.

"And if nothin' else, at least you've got a decent pair 'a' panties now! Did ya always just go commando under that Bat-Suit?!"

"I did, mistress. I loved how the tight material of my costume rubbed up against my groin..."

"Sheesh!" Harley mutters, rolling her eyes. "And everyone calls ME crazy!"

Wanting to "mark her property" next, Harley takes a black Magic Marker, pulls down Batgirl's pantyhose/panties around her knees (Batgirl's knees are together, while her feet are apart), and writes "PROPERTY OF HARLEE QUINN" on Batgirl's bare ass. Harley next pulls up Batgirl's pantyhose/panties, and has the heroine pose on all fours. As the humbled heroine stays in the pose, Harley writes "HERE SUCKS BAT BITCH" on Batgirl's panties.

After giving Batgirl her makeover, Harley moves on to the next step of Batgirl's training. She trains the heroine to call her "mistress"; once Batgirl has performed to her satisfaction, she rewards Batgirl by putting a baby bib on her and taunting her some more.

Next, Harley "teaches" Batgirl how to suck cock, placing a dildo (with a suction cup at its base) in Batgirl's mouth. Harley flashes a joy buzzer in her hand; Batgirl is trained so that any time the ringer is buzzed, she immediately drops to her knees, sticks the dildo's base to a hard surface, wraps her lips around it, and bounces her head up and down like a mindless robot until the buzzer rings again. Harley has Batgirl repeat this process 2-3 times, laughing and taunting Batgirl the entire time:

"I knew you'd be a natural at this, kid! Lips like yours were made for giving BJs!"

The cross-eyed Batgirl giggles as she pulls off of the dildo. "Well, BJ is only one letter away from BG, mistress..."

Harley laughs, "Just for that, you've earned yourself another autograph from moi!"

Batgirl squeals in delight as Harley pulls out the magic marker again, and pulls both of Batgirl's tops over her tits. Grinning, Harley begins to write "PROPERTY OF HARLEY QUINN" on Batgirl's tits, but stops. Frowning, she orders Batgirl to get on all fours, and inspects the heroine's white satin panties.

"Wait a minute... I've ALREADY written that!"

Growling, Harley wipes the marker off of Batgirl's tits, and writes the words "HQ'S BITCH" instead. She allows the ink a moment to dry before pulling Batgirl's costume back down.

Subsequently, Harley begins to rummage through Batgirl's utility belt, fishing a Batarang out of one of the pouches. The evil villainess orders Batgirl to get on all fours again, and decides to have her play "fetch" with the Batarang. Naturally, the Batarang returns to Harley's hand every time it's thrown, so Batgirl - no matter how fast she crawls - can NEVER catch it.

Batgirl is soon rendered panting and near-exhausted, much to Harley's amusement. The villainess laughs as she watches Batgirl helplessly whimper at her constant failures, taunting the vigilante for being "slow".

Harley then takes personal control of the camera, narrating as she tells Batgirl what to do to further humiliate herself for her pleasure. Batgirl is posed, then made to do the "super heroine pose", followed by the "super heroine pose with tits thrust out" (the words "HQ'S BITCH" on Batgirl's bare tits are proudly displayed). Harley then takes pictures of Batgirl posed with her cape draped over her head, Batgirl posed on all fours, Batgirl posed on all fours kissing Harley's booted feet, and Batgirl posed on all fours kissing Harley's ass.

For the next scene, Batgirl, cross-eyed, stays on all fours with a pie put in front of her face. In the next shot, Harley's booted foot comes down on the back of Batgirl's head, forcing the heroine's face into the pie. A shot of Harley laughing hysterically follows; she's holding a leash connected to a collar around Batgirl's neck, as Batgirl stays face-down with her ass in the air, lying motionless. The shoot is concluded with a shot of Harley pulling Batgirl up by her hair and drawing a cartoon-y smile on Batgirl's face.

Harley leads the heroine-turned-maid to the bathroom next. Camcorder in hand, she forces Batgirl to clean the whole bathroom with a toothbrush while she tapes and taunts the redhead:

"Looks like you've finally found your true calling in life, Bat-bitch!"

"Yes, mistress!" Batgirl coos. "This is SO much more fun than fighting crime!"

After Batgirl finishes cleaning the toilet, Harley comes up from behind and forces Batgirl's face into the toilet with her booted foot. Harley then flushes the toilet, laughing and taunting Batgirl as she gives the heroine a swirlie.

"Round and round the Bat-bitch goes, where she stops, nobody knows!" Harley giggles as the toilet water spins and churns around Batgirl's head.

Batgirl struggles and splutters, but remains on her knees. Laughing cruelly, Harley holds up Batgirl's skirt from behind, grabs her panties, and gives her a painful wedgie to go with the swirlie. Harley has one foot on Batgirl's back, keeping the heroine's face in the toilet as she laughs and calls Batgirl "a good little girl" over and over.

After the swirlie, Harley has Batgirl towel off and leads her to the kitchen to make her new bitch some food. Soon, Batgirl is on her hands and knees, eating dog food out of a dog dish. Harley taunts and laughs at Batgirl as she watches the vigilante hungrily devour the dog food and slurp from the water dish wide-eyed, like she hasn't eaten in days.

"Nothin' but the best for my Bat-Bitch!" Harley says proudly as Batgirl hungrily licks the bottom of the dog dish, nearby cameras capturing every second. Brown flecks of dog food are now sticking to the corners of Batgirl's mouth - a neat eater, she is not.

Harley then walks over to the fridge, and takes out a Popsicle. She unwraps the frozen treat as she walks back over to Batgirl, waving the bright red ice pop in the air.

"Time for dessert! Hope ya like cherry!"

With that, Harley squats down and thrusts the Popsicle into Batgirl's open mouth. The crimefighter recoils from the coldness of the frozen treat, her eyes widening even more.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Harley chides her bitch. "Eat it like a slutty bitch should!"

Batgirl obeys, grabbing the stick end of the Popsicle. She proceeds to aggressively pump the icy treat in and out of her mouth, making loud sucking sounds and moaning as loudly and lustily as possible.

With the "meal" over, Harley leads Batgirl into a remote corner of the hideout. After having Batgirl heel, Harley unrolls a large poster of Batman and places it on the floor, before commanding Batgirl to do her "business". Soon, Batgirl is directly on top of the poster, on all fours; at Harley's command, the redhead lifts one leg into the air, before letting out a long, yellow stream of piss. Much to Harley's delight, Batgirl's urine splashes all over the poster of Batman.

"Well! Would you look at that!" Harley giggles as she films Batgirl. "Didn't even need me to housebreak her!"

Subsequently, Harley has Batgirl enter a room in the hideout furnished to look like a psychiatrist's office. She makes Batgirl lie down on the couch, and proceeds to don a white doctor's coat over her jester's costume. She then puts on a pair of glasses, and grabs a pencil and notepad. Her veneer of "respectability" now established, Harley sits down in a chair across from the couch.

The evil villainess can hardly contain her excitement; who knows what secrets Batgirl, an upstanding member of the super heroine community, has on her? Batman's secret identity? Superman's? Pass-codes to their headquarters?

"Alright, Bat-Bitch! Time to separate you from yer secrets!"

To Harley's great dismay, however, her first couple of questions don't get her anywhere. Though Batgirl has worked alongside many other heroes and heroines, she doesn't know ANY of their secret identities. And although she's been in the Batcave many times, she doesn't even know its location.

Harley is very displeased, but continues to "pump" Batgirl for information. Eventually, she does come up with a few interesting tidbits about Batgirl's fellow crimefighters, which she files away for future consideration. The mad villainess then decides to take the little interrogation in a more personal direction.

Wanting to start with a classic, Harley asks if Batgirl has ever "gotten any" before, winking at and nudging the heroine while she's at it.

"Yes, mistress," Batgirl says. "Barbara Gordon was rather popular in college. First there was..."

Wide-eyed, Harley quickly presses the helplessly hypnotized heroine for every single last sordid detail. With every word Batgirl speaks, she slowly defiles her image as a pure-as-snow super heroine, and Harley LOVES it!

When Batgirl finishes fifteen minutes later, Harley inserts another question. "So... you've NEVER done it with Batman?"

"No, mistress," Batgirl shakes her head. "I never had sex while in costume. It was unprofessional for a super-"

Harley interrupts the hypnotized heroine, grabbing the back of her cowled head and pulling her into a rough kiss. The silenced heroine stands still as her mistress explores the contours with her mouth with her skillful tongue, and moans wantonly.

"Unprofessional, schmunprofessional!" Harley sneers as she breaks the kiss. "Since I fucked your sorry ass seven ways to Sunday while you were IN COSTUME, I guess you're not a super heroine anymore, ARE YOU?"

"... no, mistress," Batgirl says after a moment of careful consideration.

"Attagirl!" Harley says proudly.

Harley then leads Batgirl to the living room, sets up the video camera once more, and forces Batgirl into a "coffee table" pose (on all fours, with back perfectly level). Harley then tells Batgirl that they're going to "explore the Batcave" some more, and takes out a dildo and stuffs it into Batgirl's pussy, eliciting a moan from the former heroine. Grinning, Harley fetches an "HQ Sorority Paddle" and proceeds to put it to good use, paddling the dildo into Batgirl.

For extra fun, Harley has also set up the suction-cup dildo right in front of Batgirl's mouth, and forces Batgirl to wrap her lips around the shaft. With every paddle to the crimefighter's butt cheeks, Batgirl's head bounces up and down on the fake cock.

"Remember, Bat-bitch, this hurts you a lot more than it hurts me!" Harley says, panting slightly with every swing.

The crack of the paddle gets louder and louder as the seconds tick by, just as Batgirl's bare rump gets redder and redder. Batgirl pants heavily, clearly enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure and on the brink of climax.

As Batgirl succumbs to a forced orgasm with a loud, mind-shattering scream, Harley pulls out her boxing glove gun and gives Batgirl a "super donkey punch". The blow to the back of Batgirl's neck sends the heroine flying; she lands a good distance away, passed-out with ass in the air, face on the floor, with eyes wide and crossed.

Harley laughs and poses for the camera, one booted foot on Batgirl's ass.

"Hah! Flawless victory!"

Some time later, Batgirl, still in her French maid costume, is seen locked in a dog kennel. The redhead is on all fours, with collar and leash around her neck; a dildo has been strapped into her mouth, and her hands are cuffed behind her back. The leash is pulled so tight that Batgirl's head is lower than her ass. Last, but not least, the heroine's cape has been draped over her head, partially obscuring the fact that her face is now covered in pie and a giant cartoon-y smile.

After a long day committing crimes to restore her funds (and bragging to every criminal she can find), Harley returns to the hideout and comes into the room, filming while narrating in her best parody of a documentary voice:

"And here, we see the North American "super heroine", more commonly known as the "slutty costumed bimbo that needs to be taught her place". Notice the vacant look on her face - a face devoid of any thought but to please her mistress."

Harley is now dressed in a purple-and-green cheerleading costume, with suntan pantyhose, a green/purple skirt, purple top, green hose running down her arms, and purple gloves on her hands. Her pigtailed hair is now exposed, but her face is still covered in white makeup and her trademark domino mask. She skips as she enters the room, filming the humiliation of Batgirl and posing for the camera herself by showing her "bloomers" like a Golden Era model. The words "BOSS OF GOTHAM" can be seen written on her white satin panties.

Batgirl is let out of the kennel, and soon find herself posing mindlessly for the camera. Harley begins to "cheer" for Batgirl, showing her ass to the camera and congratulating the heroine for "loosening up" and "seeing the light".

Taking out a Hitachi "magic wand" and plugging it into a wall socket nearby, Harley next orders Batgirl to "play with herself". Batgirl obeys, taking the device, clicking it on, and immediately applying the vibrating head to her groin. The heroine moans like a total slut as she humps the vibrator, sitting on the floor and spreading her legs (and even raising her legs into the air) so that the camera can get the best shots of her masturbating.

Harley then taunts Batgirl, lifting the heroine's cape and talking down to the heroine, asking if "anybody's home" and rapping Batgirl's skull with a fist while calling her a "rank amateur heroine". Harley proceeds to lead Batgirl around the hideout, concluding the "tour" at the armchair and television set. Harley promptly forces Batgirl to be her coffee table, and clicks on the TV to watch some football. Harley rests a bottle of beer on Batgirl's masked head, and puts her feet on the redhead's back.

"Ahhh... home, sweet home..."

Soon, Harley moans in disappointment as her favorite team loses. Clicking off the TV, she grabs Batgirl by her pigtails, pulls down her panties, and forces the heroine's face into her bared pussy. Batgirl sucks on Harley's clitoris cross-eyed, moaning as she slurps. Harley notes, amused, that Batgirl's slurping is louder and sluttier than anything she's ever given to the Joker.

Harley is on the brink of orgasm when she pushes Batgirl away, and scolds her, telling her that she can only make her mistress cum when the mistress orders it. As punishment, Harley straps a dildo around her waist and makes Batgirl suck it for a good minute, before pulling out and slapping Batgirl across the face with it over and over.

Batgirl giggles and begs for more, looking up at Harley with eyes in full-on "slut" mode. "I'm your bitch, I'm your property, I'm your whore!" she moans.

Grinning, Harley resumes forcing Batgirl to blow her, using Batgirl's pigtails as handlebars. Batgirl's eyes are wide and crossed as she moans; her head bounces harder and harder, while her hands are stuck at her hips, frozen in place like a statue.

Harley laughs hysterically, taunting Batman as she faces the camera, "How do you like that, FATMAN?! Your little sidekick plays for MY team now!"

Batgirl soon faces the camera as well, smiling. The vanquished vigilante tells the world that from this day on, she is no longer Batgirl, but "Bat-Bitch, Harley Quinn's personal pussy-licking, dildo-sucking toy!". In that instant, the fake nutsack attached to the base of Harley's dildo contracts, then starts to spray Batgirl's face down with cum.

The camera gets many good shots of Batgirl's masked face covered in the thick white goo, before Harley unmasks Batgirl and takes some more pictures of Barbara Gordon on her knees in her new "whore" uniform. The redhead's face is covered in pie, cum, and a giant painted smile. Still kneeling, Batgirl soon turns around and holds up her own skirt, so the camera can catch her panties and the "HERE SUCKS BAT BITCH" label.

Batgirl faces up to her mistress, covered in cum and smiling as her eyes go wide and cross. She begins to giggle as she rubs the white goo into her own face and hair. As Batgirl straddles Harley's leg, Harley laughs and holds Batgirl's leash; she then bends over and uses Batgirl's discarded cowl to wipe the heroine's mouth and face, before stuffing the cum-soaked mask into Batgirl's mouth.

Harley then turns and grabs her computer, tying up a brand-new diary entry:

"Dear diary: successfully turned BG into my little bitch today. Easier than I thought it would be - not much of a SUPER heroine, is she?"

As the camera fades to black, Batgirl looks at her mistress cross-eyed, moaning, and laughing uncontrollably while Harley drapes her cape over her head...

Hours later, Batgirl is seen back inside her dog kennel, hands cuffed behind her back once more. She seems to have "wakened up" from her hypnotized state. Facing a camera, she directly begs Supergirl, and ONLY Supergirl, to come and save her. As she begs, Batgirl adds that Harley and Joker have some evil secret plans that she's only heard parts of.

Harley suddenly comes up from behind, prompting Batgirl to squeal and beg even more desperately for help. Batgirl tries to get away from Harley, but to no avail; Harley grabs the camera and films Batgirl in the kennel up-close, taunting her.

Smirking evilly, Harley grabs Batgirl by her collar and pulls her up up to the edge of the kennel. She tells Batgirl of the joy buzzer in her panties, telling her that since she was such a "good bitch", she deserves a "treat".

Before Batgirl can react, Harley joy-buzzes her, while stuffing a dog treat into Batgirl's mouth. Batgirl is forced to hold the dog treat in her mouth and chew it, all while being joy-buzzed. The redhead is soon forced to swallow, while Harley films, laughing. Harley continues to laugh as she joy-buzzes Batgirl at random intervals. Batgirl spasms on the floor of her kennel, moaning in pain and pleasure. The fallen heroine curls into a ball, crying, sobbing, and begging for mercy.

As the camera fades to black, Harley stands over Batgirl, laughing...

With the camera off, Harley yells "Cut!", and Batgirl immediately stops crying and begging. The heroine goes back to her hands and knees, smiling like a mindless slave and hoping that her mistress noticed the hard work that she put into convincing Supergirl that she wasn't a super villain's mindless slave.

Harley pats her loyal slave on the head, and Batgirl purrs like a kitten, not wanting to wait for Harley to give her more degrading orders. Harley leaves her pet's side, prompting her to whimper, wanting more humiliation.

Laughing as she leaves, Harley turns the camera back on one last time, turns, and lifts her skirt, showing her panties to the camera, and by extension its recipient, Supergirl. She then turns around once more and flips Supergirl off, before turning off the lights, bouncing out of the room, and shutting the door. Batgirl is left alone in the dark, locked securely in her kennel.

Some time later, miles and miles away, after watching a mysterious tape anonymously sent to her address, a young blond woman clicks off her TV and goes to get her Supergirl costume...

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