by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Harley Quinn Batgirl Supergirl
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom Mind Control Rape sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) DC Harem Change of clothes
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Supergirl comes into Harley's hideout, her Kryptonian strength allowing her to easily tear apart the walls with her bare hands. The blonde doesn't bother to hide her presence, confident that nothing Harley can throw at her can stand up to her super powers.

The blond Kryptonian quickly finds Batgirl still locked in her kennel, and still dressed as Bat-Bitch. Batgirl is lying face down while on her knees, her ass in the air. Her cape is draped over her head. Batgirl's gloved hands, Supergirl notices, are cuffed to the sides of the cage; most humiliating of all, a robotic dildo is fucking the heroine from behind as she lies lifeless.

"Harley, you monster!" Supergirl snarls, fists clenching even as she finds herself - to her shame - getting a tiny bit wet. "How dare you disgrace a super heroine like this!"

Supergirl begins to feel a bit woozy as she approaches Batgirl, but shrugs it off. She has a tougher time breaking the handcuffs than she imagined she would, but tells herself that freeing Batgirl is the most important thing. Supergirl leads the redheaded heroine out of the cage, and takes the cape off of her friend's head.

To her horror, Supergirl sees that Batgirl is cross-eyed, and her face is painted in white face-paint. Worst of all, a glowing green Kryptonite dildo is stuffed in Batgirl's mouth!


Now facing the full blast of the Kryptonite radiation, Supergirl feels weaker than ever. The blond heroine starts to almost faint when her super-hearing picks up someone coming into the room from behind. With difficulty, she turns around and sees Harley Quinn, dressed in a "Boxing Bitch" costume - boxing gloves, tank top with push-up bra, boxing shorts, shoes, and suntan pantyhose. Harley's hair, as always, is in pigtails.

Harley moves fast, diving in and beating the weakened Supergirl silly, laughing and taunting the blonde the entire time as video cameras placed around the room record the entire "fight". Batgirl stands to the side, staring blankly ahead like a good little mindless sex slave.

"Float like a zeppelin, sting like a flea!" Harley laughs as she delivers punch after punch to every inch of Supergirl's vulnerable body.

"Ugh! Oof! Oww!" Supergirl can only groan as she is flung left and right, like a ragdoll. The Kryptonite radiation has left her no stronger than a normal woman by now.

Harley keeps up the relentless assault, noting aloud that Supergirl's tits make for juicy targets. Indeed, the blond heroine's sizable breasts are almost like giant punching bags beneath Harley's cruel blows.

After Supergirl is left barely able to stand, Harley finishes her off with a punch to the groin. Supergirl bends over, cross-eyed, and drops to her knees. Harley grabs Supergirl by her hair and forces Supergirl's face into her crotch. Supergirl struggles as her face is pressed against Harley's boxing shorts, but cannot free herself. Harley taunts her captive, talking down to Supergirl and calling the blond heroine her bitch.

Harley then punches Supergirl again, hitting both sides of the heroine's face with her hands and crushing her head in-between. Supergirl is knocked cross-eyed by the "pincer blow".

The helpless Supergirl is then forced to kiss Harley's ass reluctantly, followed by the villainess' feet. Supergirl is left on her knees, crying and blubbering while begging for mercy.

"P-please... stop... I c-can't take..."

Harley grabs the weakly resisting Supergirl and forces the blond heroine's face into her tits, laughing as the weakened Kryptonian is unable to break free from her grip.

"Thought you'd come in and save the day, didn't you, Super-SLUT?" Harley sneers. "Play the big hero? Well, not this time! Your little friend Bat-bitch has already told me how Kryptonite makes you nice and weak, AND where to get it!"

"HMMmmph! MMmph!"

For the finish, Harley grabs her boxing-glove gun and lands an uppercut to Supergirl's chin; the blow is so hard that Supergirl is sent flying several feet into the air, and finally flops over the back of a nearby couch. Supergirl is left knocked out, ass in the air and skirt flopped up. Her cape is now draped over her unconscious head.

Grinning, Harley grabs a black Magic Marker and autographs Supergirl's ass with the words "Super slut" in bold letters. Harley further taunts Supergirl, lifting the heroine's KO'ed head and talking down to the knocked cross-eyed heroine.

"Aww... is it the widdle Super-slut's bedtime already? Well, too bad!"

To wake her toy up, Harley grabs the Kryptonite dildo out of Batgirl's mouth and sticks it into Supergirl's mouth. Supergirl squirms and moans, still cross-eyed; she is now unable to summon the strength to even move.

A satisfied Harley dusts off her hands, skipping away from the largely-immobile Supergirl and over to the almost equally-immobile Batgirl. Batgirl, still cross-eyed, now has a large, blank smile on her face.

"Nice work, Bat-Bitch!" Harley laughs as she begins to unscrew a bottle of chloroform and pour some of its contents into a rag. "Here's yer reward, as promised!"

Harley then presses the foul-smelling rag over Batgirl's nose and mouth. Batgirl doesn't even try to resist, instead grinning lazily as the narcotic fumes overtake her. In a matter of seconds, she passes out, eyes fluttering.

With a smirk, Harley watches the brainwashed Batgirl collapse in a heap, before skipping back over to the hapless Supergirl. Bending over, Harley promptly grabs the waistband of Supergirl's panties and gives her a "super wedgie", which stretches and goes all the way over the Kryptonian's head. The tough, nearly-indestructible material holds tight as it cuts into Supergirl's pussy and asshole, making the heroine yell out in pain.

"Ya know what they say, Super-slut!" Harley giggles. "Supergirls need super wedgies!"

Harley grabs fistfuls of Supergirl's blond hair and pulls them through the panties' leg holes, before taking the dildo out of Supergirl's mouth and tossing it aside. Her strength somewhat returned, Supergirl walks around, still stuck in the wedgie, as Harley taunts her; to make things worse, Supergirl's cape is also stuck in the wedgie, making it even more difficult for her to see.

Every step that Supergirl takes hurts, as it drives the tough material of her panties a bit deeper into the heroine's pussy and ass. Still, she presses on, holding her arms in front of her and waving them wildly.

"Actually, make that a super-duper wedgie!" Harley smirks, stepping out of Supergirl's way and sticking a foot in Supergirl's path. The blond heroine crashes to the ground headfirst, still not free from the stubborn wedgie.

Laughing, Harley forces Supergirl onto all fours and forces her to crawl, walking like a dog. The mortified Supergirl has no choice but to go wherever Harley leads her; her face is heating up like it's never heated up before!

Once she tires of the game, Harley grabs Supergirl by her cape, and spins around and around until she spins the wedgied heroine right out of her cape. The cape-less Supergirl crashes straight into a wall, going in head first. Though she is now free from her wedgie, the heroine's invulnerability has ensured that she is left with her head stuck in the wall, her ass in the air. Supergirl struggles to free herself as Harley taunts and humiliates her.

"Wow... I'd always heard you were thickheaded, but not THIS thick!"

After Supergirl finally frees herself, she finds Harley ready with chloroform pies. Supergirl is repeatedly hit in the face with the pies; she tries to wipe them away, but her face gets creamed over and over again. Slowly, she falls to her knees, the whole room beginning to spin before her eyes.

Harley slides a dog bowl full of dog food in front of Supergirl, saying, "Aww.... doggy is hung-wie!"

"Uggghhh..." Supergirl murmurs, her vision swimming. "M-must... not..."

The blond heroine passes out just as she wipes the last pie from her face, disgracefully falling face-first into the bowl of dog food. Her ass is once again left in the air.

Harley poses for the camera as Supergirl lies motionless, draping Supergirl's cape over her head. Harley then pulls the Kryptonian up by her hair, posing her newly-defeated trophy - now covered in pie and dog food - on her knees.

Supergirl wakes up hours later, only to find herself dressed in a Supergirl Schoolgirl costume: red/blue cheerleading skirt, Supergirl top and cape, white knee-high socks, suntan pantyhose, and white satin panties over the hose. Supergirl's ass still says "Super slut", and her face is caked in overly-done makeup, almost cartoon-y; her blond hair has been put into pigtails. And last, but not least, Supergirl realizes that she is now locked in a dog kennel, with a dog collar and leash around her neck.

The blond Kryptonian looks through the bars of her cage, and realizes that there are rolling cameras outside, recording her humiliation. Desperately, she attempts to break out with her Kryptonian strength, but the kennel refuses to budge. Her heat vision similarly fails to work. In horror, Supergirl realizes that there must still be Kryptonite radiation somewhere in the room, neutralizing her powers.

Harley comes into the room, wearing a purple/green schoolteacher costume: a full-torso blouse with only the bottom button in place (revealing as much of her bra as possible), an ass-hugging short skirt, strapless stockings with suntan pantyhose beneath, and high-heel shoes. Her blond hair is in a "formal" bun, but her face retains her usual white makeup; in place of her usual black domino mask is a pair of designer glasses.

The villainess unlocks Supergirl's kennel, and leads the heroine outside. As she does so, she explains that the collar around Supergirl's neck contains a small amount of Kryptonite, just enough to nullify Supergirl's powers.

"But," Harley adds. "I can also control how much of it you receive! I don't want you accidentally breaking your playmates with that strength of yours, but I do think it'll come in handy... when you play for my team!"

Supergirl tries to resist, but Harley hits a remote control, activating a joy buzzer attached to Supergirl's crotch. Anytime Supergirl resists, Harley hits the remote, activating the joy buzzer and making Supergirl weaker and weaker. Still, Supergirl continues to resist - in fact, she resists so much that Harley is forced to put the blonde over her knees, pull Supergirl's new panties down, and openly spank the heroine until Supergirl is crying pathetically and begging for mercy.

"Owie owie owie..." the heroine sniffs. "P-please... stop...!"

"Sheesh!" Harley mutters to herself. "What a super baby! Even Bat-bitch lasted longer!"

"B-Batgirl! Ow! Help m-me!"

While Supergirl is getting "schooled" at Harley's merciless hands, Batgirl is already outside of her kennel, sitting at a schoolchild's desk. The former heroine is still wearing her Bat-Bitch costume, and balancing a heavy book on her masked head. Batgirl stares forward mindlessly as Supergirl begs for her help, hands on hips and tits (now branded with the words "PROPERTY OF HQ") thrust out. The redhead has a huge smile on her face, her eyes wide and staring straight ahead. Occasionally, she giggles to herself.

As the minutes tick away, Harley ramps up the "treatment", spanking and joy-buzzing Supergirl simultaneously while also forcing the powerless Kryptonian to watch the same video that hypnotized Batgirl. Supergirl tries to close her eyes and drown out the video's constant chant of "Obey", but cannot do either with Harley's diabolical dual punishments.

Harley then takes measures to REALLY step up her game, reaching to the side and picking up a long, thick strap-on dildo. After strapping the sex toy around her waist, the evil villainess plunges the rubber shaft right into Supergirl's exposed, vulnerable pussy. Wide-eyed, Supergirl wails and arches her back, flinging her arms out.

After a few seconds of fucking Supergirl doggy-style, Harley soon gets into a sweet rhythm. Soon, she is happily pumping in and out of Supergirl's super-tight cunt, while simultaneously spanking Supergirl's bare bottom just as hard as before. Of course, the hypnotizing video is still playing at full strength the entire time, forcing its diabolical messages into Supergirl's mind.

The pain and pleasure soon prove too much for Supergirl, who is forced to come against her will. The treatment breaks Supergirl; after the orgasm, the video has completely taken over her mind. The blond heroine is left cross-eyed and obedient, mindlessly repeating:

"Obey. Obey. Obey."

Gleefully, Harley leads her now-mindless pet to her desk, right beside Batgirl's. Harley makes Supergirl sit and obey; Supergirl now calls Harley "mistress" as she stares mindlessly forward. As Harley balances a book on Supergirl's head, the Kryptonian heroine begins to smile widely.

Harley begins the "class", teaching her two "students" how to serve their mistress properly. She picks up a stick of chalk and writes several lines of instructions and expectations on the blackboard set up behind her, speaking as she does so.

Mindlessly staring forward, Batgirl and Supergirl are taught that that Harley Quinn, the "bestest, smartest, cutest, humblest criminal mastermind in the whole wide world", is their ABSOLUTE and PERMANENT mistress. "Silly costumed bimbos" like themselves have only one purpose in life: to serve "Mistress Harley" and her every perverted whim!

Harley then goes on to explain that most of her slaves' time will be occupied by either humiliation, sex, or some combination of the two. But more than that, they'll be her "bona-fide bad girls" - everything that their previous, heroic, "boring" selves weren't. Amongst other things, Harley states, being her "bad girls" entails wearing the humiliating, slutty uniforms that she picked out for them, helping her capture other super heroines and convert them to "the cause", and - to the heroines' visible shock - swearing and drug usage!

"Now, a couple-a goody-two-shoes like you sluts probably haven't touched a drop of booze in yer entire lives, so we'll start off easy..."

Harley hands each of the two heroines a pack of cigarettes, and commands them to take one out and put it into their mouths. Batgirl and Supergirl both obey; soon after, Harley hands them each a lighter and commands them to start smoking.

Within seconds, the mindless are puffing away on the cigarettes, coughing every now and then. In a matter of minutes, both have become expert smokers.

A pleased Harley claps her hands together, and tells her "students" how "proud" she is of them. The mad villainess then pulls out a pair of cigars, and orders Supergirl and Batgirl to smoke them next.

The heroines obediently insert the cigars into their mouths, but as soon as they try to light the cigars, a loud BOOM is heard, and smoke envelops their heads. When the smoke clears, a black layer of soot covers both heroines' faces - Harley has handed them "joke" exploding cigars!

Harley laughs hysterically, pointing at her mindless students.

After having them clean up, Harley informs her "students" that they'll work on the "hard stuff" later. For now, it's time to add a few "adjustments" to their vocabulary...

"What kind of adjustments, Mistress?" Supergirl asks innocently.

A look of utter fury soon comes over Harley's face. "DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK?!"

Batgirl and Supergirl both cringe, and try to dodge Harley's wrath as much as possible. Harley, however, is inconsolable. The mad villainess storms over to her "students'" desks, trembling in rage, and grabs Supergirl by the scruff of her neck.

"As my SLAVE, and my STUDENT," Harley growls. "YOU ONLY SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO! GOT IT?!"

"Y-yes, mistress!" Supergirl whimpers.

Harley, however, does not look one iota calmer. Instead, she rounds on Batgirl, growling, "AND YOU! YOU'RE MY TOP STUDENT, AND MUCH MORE EXPERIENCED THAN SUPER SLUT IS! WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP HER?!"

Batgirl shrinks back even further into her seat, looking like she's willing herself to disappear. The heroine's lack of words, however, only enrage Harley further. The mad villainess steps back and puts her hands on her hips, leveling a deadly glare at the two heroines.

"Well, there's only ONE CURE for bad little super heroines! Care to guess?"

Supergirl and Batgirl fearfully shake their heads, as Harley's face splits into a sadistic grin. The mad villainess goes over to her blackboard, and picks up the wooden yardstick lying beside it.


The two helpless heroines cringe, but can do nothing as Harley swoops down on them. Batgirl is the first to suffer the punishment, as Harley mercilessly flings her over her knee, hikes up the heroine's French maid skirt, pulls down her panties, and lays into her with the long wooden beam. Soon, a loud smack-smack-smack fills the room.

Within just one minute, Batgirl is reduced to tears, blubbering her apologies and pleading for her mistress to stop. Harley keeps going for another two minutes, "just to be on the safe side", before relinquishing the thoroughly-disciplined heroine.

"And NOW..." Harley growls, turning her attention to Supergirl, brandishing the yardstick threateningly.

Supergirl whimpers and begs for mercy, but her pleas do no more good than Batgirl's did. Harley turns up the power of her Kryptonite collar a few notches, to make sure that Supergirl is too weak to escape, hoists the blonde heroine over her knee, and lets the spanks fly freely.

To her shame, Supergirl "breaks" even faster than Batgirl does, and is soon reduced to bawling loudly while caressing her rosy-red hiney.

"NOW," Harley growls as she hands each heroine a stick of chalk. "You will BOTH write "I will not ask stupid questions, like a good little super slut" one hundred times on the blackboard, GOT IT?!"

Their asses smarting, Supergirl and Batgirl quickly nod and take the chalk into their hands. Harley gleefully films the two of them being forced to do lines on the blackboard like elementary school students in sullen silence, their rosy-red asses perfectly exposed to the camera.

Once the two heroines have written one hundred lines on the blackboard, Harley has them sit down, telling them that she won't go so easily on them the next time. Quickly, both heroines nod their understanding, and Harley, pleased, continues the lesson.

For the next half-hour, Batgirl and Supergirl are subjected to multiple presentations on swear words, and the usage thereof. Harley, as befitting her criminal background, knows how to swear like a sailor; and every time that Batgirl and Supergirl fail to use the "right" words, she joy-buzzes them until they "correct" themselves.

"What do we call that little region between yer legs, girls?" Harley asks.

"Pussy!" Batgirl automatically replies.

"Cunt!" Supergirl says in the same instant.

"Good!" Harley nods. "And what do you say ta announce yer displeasure?"



"Very good!" Harley laughs. "A gold star fer each of you!"

The mad villainess proceeds to apply glue to a pair of gold stars made out of paper, before sticking the stars into the centers of the heroines' foreheads. Batgirl and Supergirl smile proudly and mindlessly, looking even more ridiculous than ever.

"Now," says Harley, wiping the chalkboard clean. "It's time for da most important lesson of all... how ta please yer mistress like good little lesbo-sluts!"

Soon, Supergirl and Batgirl are given a lengthy lesson on many girl-on-girl positions, including such classics as the "69", "Eiffel Tower", and "Scissors". Harley also makes sure to give them an in-depth overview of various "toys", such as anal beads, Hitachi "Magic Wands", and many different types of dildos.

Harley then proceeds to show the two how to properly give blowjobs, making them blow dildos that are attached to a pair of coffee tables by suction cups. Both Batgirl and Supergirl bounce their heads up and down on the rubber shafts, moaning, whimpering, slurping, and slobbering all over the place.

As she watches her "students", Harley laughs, talking down to both of the heroines and calling the duo "good LITTLE girls".

For the next lesson, Harley leads Supergirl around by her leash, training and teaching her how to crawl like a dog. Supergirl performs beyond Harley's expectations; as a reward for being so good, Harley orders Supergirl and Batgirl to "scissor each other" until one comes; whoever comes first gets to eat lunch.

Both heroines immediately get on the ground and begin to hump each other, trying to beat the other to orgasm. Grinning lustily, Harley begins to massage and rub her own pussy as Supergirl and Batgirl mash their vaginas together.

"Give it up, Super-loser!" Batgirl growls through clenched teeth.

"Keep dreaming!" Supergirl sneers back. "I've got WAY more experience than you do, Bat-virgin!"

The two keep going at it like a pair of wildcats in heat. Eventually, Batgirl, having more experience as a sex slave, wins.


The two mindless heroines disentangle from one another, both looking sweaty and flushed. Only Batgirl, however, is leaking love juices, and Harley promptly congratulates her, patting her on the head.

Supergirl is left pouty and whimpering as Harley straps a ball-gag into her mouth and leads both her and Batgirl into the kitchen. "No fair..."

In the kitchen, Harley "rewards" Batgirl by feeding the redhead dog food and making her eat out of a dog dish while on her hands and knees. Supergirl whimpers in the corner, defeated. Her penalty for losing is to watch Batgirl smile and hungrily eat dog food right in front of her. To make things worse, the blond heroine's stomach begins to growl.

Harley tsk-tsks Supergirl, wagging a finger. "You lost fair and square, Super-slut! Better work harder next time! But 'til then... I've got a little consolation prize for ya!"

With that, a smirking Harley walks over to the fridge and takes out a tray. As Supergirl looks on in confusion, the mad villainess removes an ice cube from the tray, holding it delicately between her thumb and forefinger.

Supergirl begins to recoil from Harley, not sure what her mistress is up to exactly but afraid nonetheless. Her efforts are in vain, however, as Harley easily grabs her by the collar with her free hand, and pulls her close. Soon, the Kryptonian heroine is being tormented in an all-new manner, with Harley sticking the ice cube beneath her slut uniform and running it all over her body.

"MMMMPPPHH! HHHHMMMMPPHH!" is all that Supergirl can say as she feels the cold bite into every inch of her soft, vulnerable flesh.

Harley, naturally, is laughing like a hyena; soon, she is sticking the ice cube straight into Supergirl's new panties, rubbing it between the Kryptonian's legs and watching her shiver. In the background, meanwhile, Batgirl continues to lap at her dog food while watching Harley torment her helpless friend.

Finally, after what - to Supergirl - seems like hours, Harley pulls out the ice cube, which is now much smaller and dripping with Supergirl's love juices. Then, to Supergirl's surprise, Harley reaches over and unbuckles her ball-gag.

Before Supergirl can react, Harley tosses the ice cube into the heroine's open mouth. Supergirl's eyes widen at the sudden chill on her tongue, the heroine's entire body flinching.

"Eat it!" Harley commands imperiously, hands on hips. "It's all yer gonna get for today!"

Reluctantly, Supergirl begins to chew the ice cube, eyes pressed shut. As Batgirl and Harley watch with big, goofy smiles on their faces, she slowly swallows.

As soon as she finishes with her "meal", Supergirl looks up at Harley with big, pitiful eyes, whimpering disgracefully. Harley looks at her new pet for a few moments, before rolling her eyes and sighing exaggeratedly.

The mad villainess pulls out a bright red lollipop, and sticks it in Supergirl's mouth. "Here! Might as well work on yer technique..."

Supergirl now has an overjoyed look on her face as she greedily and loudly sucks on the lollipop. She shifts the candy every which way with her tongue and lips, making sure that her mistress can see it from every position. Of course, coupled with her "Supergirl Schoolgirl" outfit, the Girl of Steel looks more childish than ever, sucking on the sweet treat.

After Batgirl finishes her "meal", both she and Supergirl are led to Harley's study. Harley sits down at her desk, wanting to enjoy her pets some more. Wanting absolute proof that Supergirl is broken and now her toy, Harley turns on the multitude of cameras in the study and orders Batgirl to strap on a dildo. Batgirl obeys, and Harley then orders Supergirl to suck on the dildo until she is pleased.

Supergirl complies, slurping on the rubber sex toy hungrily; as time goes by, Batgirl begins to get off on the power she has over the blond Kryptonian and begins to talk down to Supergirl.

"That's right, Super-SLUT!" Batgirl sneers. "You think you're such hot stuff, with those little powers of yours? Always acting like the rest of us mortals weren't fit to lick your boots? Well, now you're NOTHING! Do you hear me?! NOTHING!"

A laughing Harley gleefully eggs Batgirl on, telling her to be more and more demeaning to Supergirl. Batgirl complies; soon, she is making Supergirl lick and kiss her purple boots, taunting and insulting the blond Kryptonian the entire time. Supergirl, for her part, stays totally silent, carefully exploring every contour of Batgirl's boots with her hot, wet tongue.

Five minutes later, Harley orders Batgirl to fuck Supergirl from behind with the well-lubricated dildo. Batgirl obeys; as she ruthlessly fucks Supergirl doggy-style, Harley enjoys the show, telling Supergirl to squeal like a piggy. Supergirl obeys and begins to squeal like a pig as Harley laughs even harder from her throne behind the desk. The mad villainess recalls how, in the old days, she would drop to HER knees whenever she saw the Joker enjoying porn, and proceed to try and get his attention by being the dirtiest cocksucker in the room, loudly moaning and whimpering as she pistoned her head up and down on his manhood. With each bounce, she would try to cheer "I'm your bitch" over and over. Now, Harley is amused by the heroines working so hard to please her, and knows that she has no use for MEN.

"That's right, Super-slut! You LIKE getting porked, don't you?" Batgirl snarls, thrusting her hips expertly.

"Oink! Oiiiiink!" Supergirl replies.

Harley continues to watch Batgirl fuck Supergirl as the redhead eventually brings the blonde to orgasm. As the orgasm is setting in, Harley grabs Supergirl by her new pigtails and forces the heroine to her knees before her mistress.

As Batgirl continues to fuck Supergirl, the blond Kryptonian goes cross-eyed and giggles, out of control and repeating "I'm your bitch, THANK YOU for putting me in my place, Mistress Harley!"

Pleased, Harley dons the strap-on with the fake nutsack and forces Supergirl to blow it. Soon, the cum-like goo begins to spurt into Supergirl's face; as her face gets covered in white, the Kryptonian laughs hysterically, thanking Harley for humiliating her.


Harley holds Supergirl by her pigtails as the heroine laughs uncontrollably, straddling her mistress' leg. Batgirl, meanwhile, continues to mindlessly stare forward as she fucks Supergirl.

Some time later, Batgirl is seen mindlessly cleaning Harley's hideout with a feather duster (she is a maid, after all) while Supergirl, once again covered in pie and cum, poses on all fours, mindlessly staring forward with a ball-gag in her mouth. Harley is using Supergirl as her coffee table, resting her feet on Supergirl's back and setting her beer on the Kryptonian's ass. An ash-tray, complete with lit cigarette, is balanced on Supergirl's head.

For no particular reason, Harley drapes Supergirl's cape over the heroine's head and goes back to watching football. This time, her favorite team wins, putting her in a good mood. Humming, Harley switches off the television and takes a long drag of her cigarette.

Harley then goes over to her computer, and pulls up her diary. Looking incredibly pleased with herself, she begins to compose her newest entry, narrating to herself the entire time.

"Successfully tamed SG today... Kryptonite that BG helped me get worked like a charm... once Super-Slut had no powers left, she folded even quicker than Bat-Bitch did... At this rate, I'll have Gotham in the palm of my hand by the end of the week!"

The phone suddenly rings, and Harley answers; when the call is finished, the vile villainess is positively ecstatic. She's just signed on to a deal with a few underground pornographers, she explains to Supergirl and Batgirl, who have agreed to mass-distribute the videos of their humiliation.

"We're gonna be stars, girls!" Harley laughs. "And I'M going to be one rich woman!"

Both Batgirl and Supergirl tell their mistress how happy they are for her. Smiling, Harley finishes her beer and tells her new minions to get the camera ready: it's time to lure Wonder Woman to the hideout next.

Supergirl and Batgirl both squeal in delight...

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