by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Harley Quinn Supergirl Wonder Woman
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Robin couldn't stand watching the pirated videos showcasing the humiliation of Batgirl and Supergirl. Their willingness to accept their fates at the hands of Harley Quinn stirred Robin's fury to the point of blatantly disobeying Batman's orders to stay put until HE found Harley's new hideout and freed the heroines. Robin's connection to Batgirl was particularly deep, as they were the only two young super heroines in Gotham. Any humiliation to Batgirl was humiliation to Robin.

While on patrol, Robin sees Batgirl's trace beacon flashing on her motorcycle's roving radar. Instead of calling Batman, Robin follows the signal immediately; she wanted to save the heroines and defeat the evil super villainess all by herself, WITHOUT a MAN's help.

Robin's best guess landed her in the warehouse district; all the metal would explain the periodic interference with Batgirl's tracking beacon. Fortunately, Robin saw only one warehouse lit up in the night sky. The young super heroine made her way there, creeping along the shadows.

"You're going to wish you stayed behind bars, Quinn!" Robin whispers to herself. "Wonder Woman might have gone on that top-secret JLA mission, but nothing's going to save you from ME!"

What Robin didn't know, however, was that with Harley's recent (and successful) crossing over into the world of porn, some of her ill-gotten gains were now paying for top-of-the-line security. The young heroine, despite all the stealth training she had done with Batman, was picked up by heat sensors and night-vision cameras ten minutes before she entered the warehouse - more than enough time for Harley to prepare.

Robin makes her way along the warehouse's roof, until she found an opening. Immediately, she drops inside; as soon as her booted feet hit the ground, however, she was blinded by a spotlight focusing straight on her. Harley's voice booms from a loudspeaker, goading the Girl Wonder:


Before Robin could even respond, the light's focus switched from her to two dog kennels ten feet away. Batgirl and Supergirl were locked inside the kennels, still wearing their "super whore" uniforms; their faces were painted completely in white makeup, ball-gags muffling their uncontrollable laughter. Behind the kennels, Robin can make out several small, red lights, which she realizes are rolling camcorders.

Robin caught a flash out of the corner of her eye, spotting Harley coming out of the darkness. Ducking Harley's punch, Robin had no clue that a needle prick would follow. Harley smiles, showing Robin a needle in the palm of her hand. The toxins on the needle, she explains calmly, will slow Robin down enough to handicap the heroine.

The Girl Wonder's body immediately flushes, her nerves becoming weak as the needle's toxins make their way through her body. Robin staggers, holding her gloved hands out in front of her as her vision slowly spins out of control. Harley, never letting a good moment go by, taunts Robin, draping the Girl Wonder's cape over her head and spinning her helpless body around and around as she berates Robin for being "a useless little bitch who can't do anything without BatMAN!".

Robin flails uncontrollably as Harley laughs at the weakened bird; Harley then grabs Robin's all-important utility belt, spinning Robin right out of said belt. As Harley throws the belt aside, Robin continues to fight to remain composed, reaching up to get the cape off of her head and her hair out of her face.

Unfortunately, Robin has only allowed Harley enough time to sneak up behind her. Grinning, Harley grabs Robin's green bloomers and yanks them straight upward, giving Robin a super wedgie. Robin's eyes bulge and go cross as she screams, "NOOOOOOO!"

Harley continues to hold Robin by the waistband of her bloomers, lifting the heroine up on her tippy-toes as Robin flails, attempting to swing at Harley as the latter holds her in place. She is, like a trophy, held up to the light of the cameras recording her humiliation. Robin is frozen; the humiliation of being taken so easily was only a side thought, as the pleasure that her present predicament was forcing her to have only made her "transformation" that much easier for the vile villainess. Harley, as a former psychiatrist, KNOWS that Robin must lead a sheltered life behind the mask - probably home-schooled - and thus must have ZERO previous experience with humiliations like these, rendering her easy prey!

With one free hand, Harley slides a miniature vibrator down the front of Robin's pulled-up bloomers. Soon, Robin found herself fighting a struggle to stay focused against the mind-numbing effects of the tranquilizer, the pain of her bloomers being wedged up her ass, and the vibrations against her groin. She didn't even notice that she was being forced to her knees as Harley kept tugging, pulling Robin's bloomers further and further up her back.

On her knees, Robin finds the pain shooting up from her crotch too intense for her to not scream. As her arms hang desperately at her sides, her head arches back and she screams out in pain. Her scream of defeat is matched by Harley's scream of triumph, as the villainess muscles Robin's bloomers up with all her might, stretching them just enough to clip the top of the Girl Blunder's head.

Robin snaps into focus, repeating "No! No! No!" just as Harley manages to stretch her bloomers over her forehead, turning the super wedgie into an ATOMIC wedgie. Robin's mouth becomes a perfect "O" as Harley finishes the task, pulling Robin's bloomers right past her bulging eyes.

Far from finished, Harley then fishes enough of Robin's hair through her bloomers' stretched leg holes to use as firm handles. Robin's body arches in pain, as she struggles to maintain balance. Laughing, Harley fishes Robin's cape around her super wedgie, pulling the Girl Blunder hard and forcing her to stiffly crawl on all fours. Robin is led forward, gasping incoherently, blinded by her own bloomers.

Harley then grabs and dons a strap-on dildo, and proceeds to lead Robin straight into her crotch, forcing the rubber shaft down Robin's throat with little resistance. Harley puts one hand on Robin's head, forcing the heroine to stay on her knees and keep her face in Harley's crotch; Harley's other arm flexes her muscle for the cameras.

As Robin's arms flail helplessly, Harley begins fucking her mouth. Robin's arms get weaker and weaker, and her whimpers get quieter and quieter. Harley orders the cameras to get good shots of Robin's cross-eyed gaze as she humps the Girl Blunder's mouth over and over, talking down to Robin the entire time. Barely conscious, Robin can offer no comeback as she undergoes this humiliating predicament.


Mind fleeting, Robin can only hold on to the thought of keeping her identity secret by any means necessary. Her last memories were of moving her hands to her hips, and holding them there in a super heroine pose as Harley laughed hysterically, pistoning Robin's head harder and faster up and down off of the dildo. Before Robin knew it, darkness had taken over, and she passes out before Harley in the middle of a humiliating forced blowjob. Still forced on her knees and stuck in the painful wedgie, Robin can't even fall to the ground to free herself from her humiliation.

Harley keeps taunting her fallen opponent once Robin's body has gone limp, smacking the passed-out heroine in the face over and over again with the dildo. Harley then shoves the dildo down Robin's throat, and plugs the heroine's nostrils with her fingers, holding Robin without air for long amounts of time. Harley then pulls Robin's tits out of her costume, and grabs a permanent marker; she brands her new bitch with the words, "PROPERTY OF HQ". Next, Harley hawks up spit, and lands a loogie directly on Robin, letting it slowly drip down Robin's face and tits.

For the grand finale, Harley positions one of her chloroform pies on the floor in front of Robin, before releasing the passed-out heroine from her super wedgie. Robin springs forward, landing face-first in the pie. Harley gives the unmoving Robin one last tug, positioning the unconscious heroine on her knees, ankles far apart. Robin's cape now floats over her passed-out head.

Harley poses with one booted foot on the fallen heroine's ass, laughing sadistically.

"Looks like THIS birdie's gone BYE-BYE!"

Robin slowly wakes up some time later, only to find herself bent over and locked in a set of wooden stocks from which she is unable to free herself. Worse, directly in front of her face is a 45-inch TV screen displaying the word "OBEY". Robin tries to look away, only to notice that no matter how far she looks to the side, she can't get the screen out of her line of sight.


Just past the TV, Robin can make out out the forms of Batgirl and Supergirl. The former heroines are standing rigidly, still wearing the whore uniforms that Harley put them in. Robin could just barely make out that each of them was holding a pie, along with the fact that each of their faces had a creepy painted smile.

A buzzer suddenly sounds, and the TV screen comes to life, flashing pornographic images of Batgirl and Supergirl along with subliminal messages. The moaning and screaming of a woman floods the speakers.

Before Robin can even react, a pie smashes into her face, followed by another, then another. A chorus of three women laughing uncontrollably then begins to overwhelm Robin's senses. The chloroform ingredients in the pies slowly work their magic, as Robin's struggles get weaker and weaker with every pie to the face.

Harley, in her cheerleader uniform, grabs her strap-on (with the fake nutsack) and dons it as she walks up to the captive Robin. She gestures for Batgirl and Supergirl to stop as she walks up to Robin's pie-covered face. Robin's tongue slowly rolls a mouthful of the pie out of her mouth, as she moans in disgust.

"Where are you going with that?" Harley asks Robin, stopping the mouthful of pie from falling to the floor by catching it on the tip of her dildo.

Scowling, Harley forces the mouthful of pie back into Robin's mouth, along with the dildo carrying it. Robin's eyes bulge and go cross under the layer of white pie material covering her face. The Girl Wonder hears Harley tell her:

"Eat it! Eat it, BITCH! Do as you are TOLD! That's right, eat the pie! Eat it, num-num-num!"

As Robin helplessly obeys, Harley uses her hands to wipe Robin's face clean of the pie, only to shove it all into the heroine's mouth. Harley then proceeds to bounce Robin's head up and down off of the strap-on. In seconds, Robin's face is left glazed over and paralyzed. Her mouth is wide open, dripping drool and pie onto the floor. Her eyes are not only glazed over, but also crossed.

"Robin, since you're SUCH a good little bitch, I want you to kiss my ass... for turning you out like this!"

Robin's brain was completely disoriented by now, and she couldn't understand why she was being pulled forward by her hair until the only thing she could see was the words "BOSS OF GOTHAM". Right afterward, her face was shoved into something warm and soft.

Harley gives a commanding look as Batgirl and Supergirl, standing off to the side. "Laugh, bitches!"

Supergirl and Batgirl begin to point and laugh at Robin's humiliating ordeal as Robin spasms in her stocks, just realizing that she is now locked face-first into Harley's ass. Harley is now bent over at the waist, her legs locked straight. As she holds Robin's face directly into her ass, Harley looks at the camera and poses with a wide-eyed "OMG" face, before laughing at Robin's pathetic attempts to get free in her state. Another camera zooms in on Robin from behind, focusing on how the heroine's suntan pantyhose-clad legs are stomping and flailing in an attempt to get free while her knees remain together.

Harley gives the camera an evil look, before getting up on her tippy-toes. The camera then catches Supergirl and Batgirl reacting appropriately, covering their noses in disgust as Harley farts directly into Robin's face.

Next, Harley proudly walks around to Robin's backside, slapping the dazed heroine's ass and asking if she's ready to "be turned into my personal toy?". Robin can't even respond, as the humiliation has drugged her senses; overwhelmed, she can't help from getting wet over how easily she has been dominated.

With little resistance from the heroine, Harley removes Robin's green bloomers. She puts them upside-down on the heroine's back, and begins to brand them with a permanent marker. Next, Harley rips a hole in Robin's control-top pantyhose and thrusts the strap-on around her hips into Robin's wet core. Robin arches in pain and surprise, eyes wild and mouth wide open. Grinning, Harley fashions Robin's bloomers on the Girl Blunder's head; the words "HQ'S TOY" now read across Robin's face as Harley holds it up for the cameras to see.

Harley then fishes part of Robin's hair through the bloomers' leg holes, grabbing hold with both hands. Robin gasps within her stocks, still spitting up pie and drool as Harley continues to pump her doggy-style.


"Ready with those pies, girls?!" Harley asks as she fucks the life out of Robin.

"YES MISTRESS!" both Supergirl and Batgirl respond.

Harley poses one last time, assuming the "Captain Morgan" pose as Robin's body now arches in whatever way she pulls in. "FIRE!"

Pie after pie hits Robin's face, covering it in a hail of white. Harley cheerleads loudly as she takes Robin.


The villainess pumps harder and harder as both she and Robin are hit over and over again with the pies. Harley laughs hysterically, while Robin's resistance slowly turns into full acceptance. Harley holds up Robin's head, readying it for pie after pie, as well as forcing her to face the TV and its subliminal messages. Slowly, Robin's moans of humiliation turn into those of ecstasy.


Robin mindlessly stares at the TV as the pies continue to rain down on her face. Harley, Batgirl, and Supergirl all laugh as Robin's attempts to resist completely subside.


With each thrust, Harley continues to berate Robin, asking and telling her to tell the world that she is now Harley's bitch. Harley then stops the video, and orders Batgirl and Supergirl to move the TV out of the way, get in front of Robin, and eat each other out. Whoever comes first can have the other as her sex toy for the day.

Supergirl and Batgirl immediately move the TV aside, get down on the ground, and begin licking each other, attempting to strip each other of their costumes while doing so. Harley stops them, and tells them that they both have to have their super whore uniforms completely on, AND cum, in order to win the other.

Both Batgirl and Supergirl obey, continuing to pleasure each other as Harley pumps Robin. Supergirl manhandles Batgirl into her crotch with her Kryptonian strength, not allowing Batgirl to receive any pleasure. Batgirl whimpers pathetically as Supergirl grinds her face into her crotch. Supergirl stares at the mindless Robin as she dominates Batgirl, imagining what she would do with the disgraced Girl Wonder if she had control of HER.

Batgirl is completely helpless as Supergirl forces her into a submissive position, keeping her on her knees. In a fit of ecstasy, Supergirl removes Batgirl's cowl, continuing to keep the redhead's face in her crotch. Batgirl thrashes and puts up a fight, but is still no match for the Kryptonian heroine's grip.

A triumphant Supergirl exclaims, "I HAVE HER BODY! I HAVE HER IDENTITY! I HAVE THE BAT-BITCH!!!" as she comes, holding Batgirl in position until she is done with the heroine.

Finished, Supergirl drapes Batgirl's cape over Batgirl's head, and poses for Harley, holding Batgirl on her knees. One of Supergirl's hands is holding Batgirl's cape; the other holds Batgirl's cowl. Batgirl is heard crying pathetically under her cape; she knows that the mindless Supergirl now has her identity. AND she got to come without her getting anything in return.

Being forced to watch Batgirl's domination was too much for Robin; with the rhythm of the thrusts and the mind-numbing commands coming from Harley, Robin finds herself saying without thinking, "I'm Harley's bitch."

Robin couldn't even hear Harley's barks, demanding her to repeat it louder and louder. All she could hear was herself saying over and over again:


Harley's thrusts continue until Robin's screams subside, and her wave of orgasms pass. With one final thrust, the fake nutsack at the base of Harley's dildo contracts, spraying a big "payload" of goo straight into the deepest depths of Robin's womanhood, utterly coating Robin's pussy. Harley pulls out of Robin and walks over to Supergirl, who is still holding Batgirl by the cape. Snarling, Harley takes out a remote and dials the radiation level on Supergirl's Kryptonite collar way up, negating Supergirl's powers, then slaps Supergirl so hard that the blond heroine drops to her knees. A look of complete shock overtakes the Kryptonian's face.

"You CHEATED!" Harley says matter-of-factly to a surprised Supergirl. "NOW, Batgirl gets to cheat!"

Harley grabs Batgirl's cowl and places it back on the redhead's head, without removing the cape draped over Batgirl. Harley tells Batgirl to get another strap-on; it's time that she teaches Batgirl how to fuck another girl's face.

The cameras capture Supergirl's surprise as she tries to crawl away, only for Batgirl - now wearing a strap-on like Harley - to grab her by the hair and lead her back. Batgirl forces Supergirl onto her knees, as the Kryptonian begs and pleads for Harley to reconsider.

Ignoring Supergirl, Harley walks back up to Robin, who is still cross-eyed and drooling on the ground. She smacks Robin in the face with the strap-on, demanding for Robin to "clean it". Robin tries to slowly take in the dildo, but before she can start, Harley starts pumping her head up and down on the shaft.

Batgirl follows suit, as Supergirl tries to resist. Annoyed, Batgirl takes Supergirl's cape and drapes it over her head, still ruthlessly pistoning Supergirl's head up and down.

Harley looks over at her pets, and shows Batgirl how to stick the dildo in deeper, even taking a moment to high-five Batgirl as they fuck Robin and Supergirl's faces. After a filmed "Eiffel Tower" moment, Harley tells Batgirl how to "finish" like a "man". Harley then tells Robin how to "purr like a cock-sucking kitten". Robin follows her mistress' orders, as her eyes begin to bulge and cross, and muffled moans begin to come out of her mouth while her drool goes all over the floor.

Grabbing a handheld camera, Harley manages to get great shots of the heroines performing their new daily duty. Both heroines are whimpering and moaning, eyes bulging as they take in the massive dildos.

Harley starts to hawk up a loogie, and orders Batgirl to follow suit. Both Harley and Batgirl lift up their victims' capes from over their heads, remove their strap-ons, and force Robin and Supergirl to look up as the camera films close-up shots. Both spit massive loogies into the heroines' faces. Frozen, Robin and Supergirl can only stare forward mindlessly as the spit runs down their faces. Batgirl and Harley laugh and taunt their cock-sucking toys.

"Looks like we can add "super-dumb" to your list of powers, Super-slut!"

"I'd call you a birdbrain, Robin, but that's an insult to birds everywhere!"

Batgirl positions her dildo sideways into Supergirl's mouth, telling her to moan like a whore. Supergirl obeys, her crossed eyes bulging. Harley makes sure to take pictures of Supergirl in her fallen and humiliating state.

Harley orders Batgirl to "break" Supergirl, and make her Batgirl's bitch for the day. Batgirl thanks Harley over and over, even dropping to her knees and kissing Harley's feet for such a reward. Harley turns her attention back to Robin, who still has her bloomers on her head. Harley unleashes Robin from her stocks, attaches a dog collar and leash to Robin's neck, and forces her to crawl on all fours. Harley then forces Robin onto her knees, and tells her to drape her cape where it belongs.

Robin follows Harley's orders; Harley next orders Robin to pose like a super WHORE. Robin, still on her knees, follows this order as well. Harley taunts and laughs at Robin as the cameras keep rolling, telling Robin to take off that silly mask lay it at her feet. Without hesitation, Robin reaches up under her cape and bloomers to remove her domino mask, which she lays at Harley's feet.

Harley laughs uncontrollably as she mounts Robin, telling her to "Giddy-up, BITCH!" as she rides her like a dog. Robin crawls on all fours, Harley laughing and riding on her back. While she rides, Harley has Robin stop by her computer, where she composes her latest diary entry: "Robin's gotten hers, even easier than BG and SG. Can't believe Girl Blunder's lasted THIS long as Batman's sidekick!"

Meanwhile, Batgirl is forcing Supergirl onto her back, and strapping Supergirl to an elevated bed. As Supergirl begs for mercy, Batgirl ties her spread-eagle. After Supergirl is secure, Batgirl removes her own branded bloomers and forces them onto Supergirl's head. That done, she mounts the prone Supergirl's face and begins humping it.

Lewdly moaning and grinding, Batgirl grabs Supergirl's pigtails and forces Supergirl's face deep into her crotch. Supergirl's high-pitched squeals are drowned out by Batgirl's dirty talk, calling Supergirl a "lesbo skank" and ordering her over and over to "Eat me! Eat me, BITCH!"

Batgirl's body spasms with orgasm after orgasm as Supergirl is forced to drink Batgirl's cum over and over with each orgasm. After Batgirl has gotten her fill, she, not wanting to make her mistress mad, unties Supergirl. Leading Supergirl (still wearing the cum-soaked bloomers on her head) on all fours, Batgirl walks over to the dog kennels. Batgirl forces Supergirl into her kennel, latches it, then proceeds to lock herself in her own kennel, waiting patiently for her next orders.

In the meantime, Harley leads Robin into a costume room, filled with slutty woman's costumes. Harley strips Robin of her costume, except for her cape, pantyhose, bloomers, and green gloves. Harley picks out a new costume for Robin, and proceeds to paint Robin's face white - complete with a painted smile.

Some time later, Harley, with a brand-new strap-on around her hips, comes back into the filming room with Robin crawling behind her. Grinning toward the cameras, Harley announces to Batman, and the world, that Robin has something important to tell everyone. Harley stands aside, holding Robin by her cape, then removing said cape like a grand opening.

Robin is now wearing green-and-purple spandex short-shorts, suntan pantyhose, green and purple socks, and a white T-shirt similar to a "Hooters" shirt, only reading "HARLEY'S BITCH" instead. Robin's tits still read "PROPERTY OF HQ" under her too-small shirt. In addition, Robin is still wearing her bloomers - the only thing still holding her secret identity - on her head. Robin's hair is now in perfect pigtails, running through the bloomers' leg holes. A bright green dog collar encircles her neck. Finally, Robin's face is totally painted white, and her face is stretched into a too-big smile.

The Girl Blunder postures upright on her knees, making sure that her hands are firmly planted on her hips. She begins:

"I am now Harley's personal bitch! I obey her EVERY COMMAND! I cannot and WILL NOT disobey the most powerful WOMAN in GOTHAM, my MISTRESS, Harley Quinn! Batman, do NOT come and save me, as I want to serve, and serve, and serve her. Let her have her way with me HOWEVER she sees fit. I was, and AM nothing without her control, her humiliation, and her OWNERSHIP of my cum-guzzling ass!"

Robin lunges toward Harley's strap-on, and begins moaning wildly as she pistons her own head up and down. Harley poses for the cameras, holding Robin on her knees as the heroine serves her. Robin's eyes bulge as she shoves the dildo as far in as she can take it, before Harley pulls her off.


On her knees, smiling uncontrollably and posing like a super heroine, Robin responds, "When my mistress, Harley Quinn, decides to show off my SLUT identity, YOU WILL get to see it ONLY ON HPF (Harley Porn Films)!!!"

From off-camera, Harley prepares a super-soaker filled with a milky white fluid.

"Bounce, BITCH!"

The Girl Blunder begins bouncing on her knees, laughing uncontrollably as Harley blasts her face and shirt with the milky white fluid. Robin can't control herself as she screams, "I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M A HARLEY PORNO WHORE!!! I LOVE BEING A DILDO-SUCKING SLUT!!! I'M YOUR BITCH, TAKE MY IDENTITY!!!"

Robin is now covered in the milky white goo from head to toe. She coos like a child, going cross-eyed, completely at Harley's mercy. Her tight white T-shirt is totally soaked, and the outlines of her nipples can be seen jutting against the fabric.

Harley continues to bark orders from off-camera, ordering Robin to get on all fours and crawl around like "the bitch she is". Robin immediately obeys this command, doing several laps around the room before Harley has her stop and get back up.

Soon after, Harley thinks up another idea to demean Robin even further. She demands that Robin pull her short-shorts down, until they are around the Girl Blunder's ankles. Once the tight purple-and-green garments are pooled around Robin's feet, Harley orders her newest slave to start "flying".

Robin instantly understands what her mistress wants, since they "rehearsed" this sequence several times before. The mindless young heroine lifts her arms high into the air and starts "flapping" them wildly, like wings, while simultaneously attempting to run. Of course, she doesn't get far before the short-shorts around her feet trip her up, causing her fall flat on her face.

From off-screen, Harley can be heard laughing at Robin's bungling.

"Well, if penguins are the SECOND dumbest birds on the planet... I THINK I'VE JUST FOUND THE FIRST! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Harley comes back on camera, still holding the super-soaker. She forces Robin to all fours and sits back in an armchair and rests her feet on Robin, her personal footstool. Harley then reaches forward, draping Robin's cape over her head, before sitting back and relaxing.

"All in a day's work..."

Meanwhile, in a living room far, far away... Wonder Woman is clicking off her TV, not knowing what to do or say. She is mortified to see her star-spangled briefs wet from watching the entire video of Robin's complete humiliation on live TV. Hitting the STOP button, Wonder Woman removes a recorded copy of the live pirated event, and places it in her secret porn stash. The Amazon knows that she now faces the inevitable battle for Batgirl, Supergirl, and now Robin - and more importantly, her own dignity.

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