by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Zatanna Supergirl
Category F/F Female Dom Rape DC Change of clothes sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Corruption Bondage
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Zatanna couldn't believe the sheer amount of footage of heroine humiliation that had been released in the last 48 hours. Footage featuring some of her best coworkers, to boot! Most of the other female JLA members had been pissed off beyond belief, and wanted to find and throttle Harley as soon as possible. Strangely enough, though, Wonder Woman seemed a lot less gung-ho about it than most of the other heroines did, even volunteering to go on a mission in some remote part of outer space instead of staying on Earth.

Determined not to get involved in the whole mess, the magician had stayed back, performing in far-off locations. She knew that she would be way off of Harley's perverted radar. But little did she know that Harley indeed had a plan for her, and for the other super heroines as well...

After performing at the main event of a traveling circus in South America, Zatanna heads back to her trailer for some well-earned rest. The magician opens the door, only to be caught by total surprise as she enters her private space.

Standing right before the young magician is a sick and twisted-looking version of Supergirl, dressed like a schoolgirl cheerleader and posed in a sultry position. A wicked smile is on the blond heroine's face.

"That's a NICE hat!"

Before Zatanna can even think up, much less cast a spell to stop Supergirl, the Kryptonian rushes forward and lands a devastating blow to Zatanna's stomach. The combination of super strength and super speed makes Zatanna bend over, dropping to her knees. The magician coughs, no more air in her lungs.

Supergirl, still wearing her "super whore" uniform, tells Zatanna to "Shhhhhh" as she slowly pushes the magician's head to the floor. Zatanna is still gasping for air, and holding her stomach.

With one boot on Zatanna's head, Supergirl forces Zatanna's open mouth to kiss her other boot. Zatanna tries to close her lips before she tastes Supergirl's boot, but she is a fraction of a second too late. The magician's wet lips taste the dirt and bodily fluids that Supergirl's red leather boots have soaked up recently. And to her shame, she realizes that she LIKES the taste.

Supergirl reaches down, grabs Zatanna's top hat, and places it on her own head. She smiles down at Zatanna, privately thanking her Mistress Harley for giving her a collar that lets her control the amount of Kryptonite radiation she receives, so she can use her powers AND not have to worry about accidentally breaking her "playmates".

"This is going to be SO much fun!" the Kryptonian heroine coos.

Zatanna's eyes bulge, her mouth now closed on Supergirl's boot. All the magician can do is moan in humiliation, with the knowledge that her caped friends had very recently been stuck in the exact same position. And no matter how hard she had tried to stay away, here she was, forced into the same predicament.

Supergirl's power over Zatanna is absolute, never letting the magician get enough air to cast a spell. The blond Kryptonian is positively ecstatic; FINALLY, she gets to revel in having power over someone else! Her previous days of being shamed at Batgirl's hands had struck her very hard, indeed...

Reaching into the perverted utility belt around her waist, Supergirl fishes out a lollipop and sticks it into her mouth. Dominating Zatanna is really giving her cravings for a cigarette, but Mistress Harley won't give her any smokes until "the job is done". In the meantime, though, Mistress Harley allows her to suck on these nicotine lollipops - all the fun of cigarettes and lollipops put into one!

The former heroine suddenly takes a step back, releasing Zatanna's head for a second. Then, just as suddenly, Supergirl takes a step forward again, this time stomping with just enough force to bounce Zatanna's head off of the floor. Zatanna is knocked silly by the blow.

"Mistress will only be happy if you're given to her wearing something degrading," Supergirl laughs. "Don't worry, Zee! I picked up JUST the right outfit for someone... of YOUR abilities!"

Zatanna, still groggy, looks around her trailer room in complete confusion, temporarily forgetting her situation and how bad she was looking right now. Supergirl walks around behind Zatanna, gleefully noting that the latter still has her ass in the air. The blond Kryptonian winds back her leg and delivers a devastating kick to Zatanna's crotch. The force of the strike lifts Zatanna's ass so high into the air that for a moment, her head is the only thing touching the floor.


The magician's eyes bulge in pain; as her body crashes back down, her hands immediately shoot to her crotch. Zatanna's body convulses up and down, as she gasps out in pain.

Still wearing the magician's top hat, Supergirl grabs Zatanna by her black bloomers, lifting her off of the ground from behind. The effect, naturally, causes Zatanna to have a massive wedgie. Supergirl then drapes Zatanna over her lap and begins to talk down to her, telling Zatanna that she was "a BAD little girl for avoiding Mistress Harley like a scared little bitch. You're so pathetic, you can't even call yourself a super heroine! You were too SCARED to come and save us!"

The Kryptonian's eyes narrow, as she grabs Zatanna's hair and pulls hard, painfully lifting up the heroine's head.

"Not that I'd EXPECT ANY DIFFERENT from one of you hocus-pocus-loving magic users. ALWAYS strutting around, crowing about how us Kryptonians can't do a THING against your magic? Well, GUESS WHAT, BITCH? You're NOTHING without your little magical toys!"

The gasping Zatanna tries to speak, but no words come out of her mouth. Sneering, Supergirl pulls down Zatanna's black bloomers, exposing Zatanna's fishnet pantyhose-covered ass. Zatanna weakly struggles to try and get off of Supergirl's lap, but to no avail; with ease, Supergirl forcibly keeps her in place.

"Say, "I've been a bad little girl, Suck Girl"!" Supergirl speaks to the back of Zatanna's head.

"WHA...? THA... S... NO... T... YOUR...!"

Before Zatanna can get any real words out, Supergirl raises her hands and begins spanking and paddling her ass without stopping. Her body bucking up and down uncontrollably, Zatanna can do nothing but scream out in pain and take her punishment.

As she paddles Zatanna, Supergirl grabs the magician by her long, black hair, holding her in place for her punishment. After a few more minutes of spanking, Supergirl suddenly stops to look at the rolling camera on the other side of the room - a camera that she had set up, and that Zatanna is still unaware of. Supergirl holds Zatanna up like a trophy, wearing not only her "super whore" uniform and Zatanna's top hat, but a giant smile as well.

While the young magician's head is still swimming from the pain that all the spanks have made her feel, Supergirl suddenly takes out an index card with a message that she had prepared in advance. Holding the card in front of Zatanna's face, Supergirl whispers into the young heroine's ear, "Read it, or mama spank even harder!"

In her confused state - as she is very inexperienced with physical pain - Zatanna can only think of saving herself from more spanks. Without consideration, the young heroine reads the message on the card.

"Lrigrepus ot srewop lacigam lla refsnart...?"

The young magician gasps, as she realizes at the last second what the message means. However, it's already too late - the spell she has inadvertently set off envelops her in a dazzling glow, and is transferring every bit of her magical abilities into Supergirl!

"NOOOOOO!!!" Zatanna gasps, as she realizes that she's just lost her only chance at escape.

"YES!" Supergirl pumps a victorious fist into the air as she drinks in the magical energy surging into her body.

Naturally, the Kryptonian wants to try out her new, ill-gotten abilities as soon as possible. But first, she knows that, aside from Zatanna's hat, she must have Zatanna's OTHER most important magical tool to make full use of her powers.

Closing her eyes, Supergirl concentrates mightily on what she wants, and whispers, "Zatanna's magic wand". She then takes Zatanna's hat into her hand, reaches inside, and produces... a magic wand. A Hitachi magic wand, that is!

Supergirl looks at the shiny white vibrator in her hand with some surprise, before turning to Zatanna with a saucy look.

"From your private collection, I presume?" the mindless heroine asks, winking naughtily. Experimentally, she flips the vibrator on, and enjoys its low hum.

Zatanna shakes her head desperately, even as a full red blush comes over her cheeks.

"We'll see about that," Supergirl says menacingly. The Kryptonian reaches into Zatanna's hat again, but this time whispers, "Zatanna's private toy box... her REALLY private, PERSONAL toy box!"

Soon, Supergirl is dragging a massive padlocked trunk out of Zatanna's hat. With her Kryptonian strength, of course, she is easily able to lift it and place it on the floor with one hand.

Humming, Supergirl inspects the massive container, her gaze quickly zeroing in on the nameplate on the lid. Loudly, she reads:


The Kryptonian turns back to her helpless prisoner, who has now squeezed her eyes shut. Grinning salaciously, Supergirl says, in a stage whisper:

"Gee! It's too bad that that label says 'DO NOT OPEN'!"

Supergirl then lets out a burst of heat vision, reducing the "NOT" on the label to an unreadable smudge.

"Whoops! My bad! I guess it says 'DO OPEN'!"

Horrified, Zatanna can only look on in silence as Supergirl breaks the lock of the trunk with her bare hands. Flipping the lid open, Supergirl lets out a low whistle at the sight of the "toys" inside: anal beads, butt plugs, vibrators, riding crops, handcuffs, ball-gags, ring gags, and more! There's an entire row of dildos - both handheld and strap-on - to boot, in every size and every color of the rainbow!

"Great Scott!" Supergirl laughs. "I'm pretty sure some of these "toys" are illegal under local laws! Since I'm such a GOOD WIDDLE GIRL, I think I'll send these over to the PROPER AUTHORITIES!"

Before Zatanna can shout a word of protest, Supergirl reaches into her hat once more and takes out her REAL magic wand: a simple, unpolished stick, black in the middle and white on both ends. The Kryptonian takes the wand and taps the trunk once, making it vanish in a puff of smoke.

Zatanna gives an incomprehensible wail of despair, as she KNOWS that even if she DOES get out of his predicament, her days as a law-abiding entertainer - never mind super heroine - are over. She'll have to go into hiding!

Supergirl then starts to enjoy Zatanna's pantyhose-covered backside, running her hands up and down the magician's ass. Zatanna feels Supergirl's perverted advances, and squirms under the Kryptonian's tight grasp, repeating "No! NO! NO!!!"

Frowning, Supergirl goes back to repeatedly spanking Zatanna. "Slave-girls only speak when spoken to!"

As the Kryptonian spanks the magician harder and harder, the latter presses her eyes shut. The young heroine can only move a couple of inches with each spank, and the pain shooting through her body is now coupled with a rush of endorphins coursing through her bloodstream.

With each spank comes more and more pain, short-circuiting Zatanna's brain and making her weaker and weaker. As her brain is no longer able to function properly, Zatanna is in a sorry state; her eyes roll in their sockets, and her mouth opens and closes like that of a starved fish.

But Supergirl, still starved for control, wants more from the young heroine. She lets go of Zatanna's hair, and runs the freed hand down Zatanna's crotch, rubbing and teasing the knocked-silly super heroine. Supergirl begins to finger Zatanna as she spanks the magician, taunting and talking down to Zatanna the entire time.

"Wow! When was the last time you got laid, Zee? It's tight as a Chinese finger trap in here!"

With each spank, Supergirl feels Zatanna's crotch getting wetter and wetter. The magician knows it, too; she had just been onstage for several hours, holding her bladder for after the show. This humiliating performance was only prolonging her painful buildup of bodily fluids. Zatanna could feel her control slipping away with each spank, especially after having her black bloomers completely removed by Supergirl.

Zatanna finds herself telling, and then BEGGING Supergirl to stop. Supergirl laughs out loud, and continues spanking Zatanna, swaying and almost dancing with the soon-to-be-broken heroine on her lap.

Finally, Zatanna can no longer hold it in. With one exceptionally hard spank, she feels herself go, peeing all over her panties and fishnet pantyhose. A puddle of piss soon forms under Zatanna, and she begins sobbing.

Supergirl coos and tells Zatanna, "I KNEW it! You're not OLD ENOUGH to wear these tights! You can't even stop yourself from peeing all over this slut suit!"

Gasping in complete desperation, Zatanna flails under Supergirl's firm control, her head spinning as she tries to regain her senses. And that's when her eyes stop and fall on a blinking red light coming from her bookshelf on the other side of the room. Her body freezes as she realizes that her humiliating performance is being filmed!

Zatanna's eyes bulge as she redoubles her struggles to get free. Supergirl merely laughs, holding her almost-broken heroine for the camera like a trophy catch.

Supergirl then reaches into her perverted utility belt, and removes a massive dildo from one of the pouches. Supergirl spits directly on the tip of the dildo, lubing it up for Zatanna. Zatanna, still staring at the blinking red light like a deer in headlights, doesn't even notice her fishnets being ripped at the crotch. Supergirl then pulls the magician's panties down, to expose Zatanna's bare, and now red, ass.

Zatanna whispers a barely audible "No" to the camera as Supergirl smiles to it, holding up the dildo. Then, slowly, she shoves the rubber phallus into Zatanna's ass.

The magician's eyes bulge in shock and pain; as her mouth forms a perfect "O", she wails, "NOOOOOO!!!"

Supergirl grins cruelly as she shoves the entire dildo into Zatanna's ass. Zatanna's bulging eyes begin to cross, as the magician's back arches in pain. Zatanna is frozen, gasping for words. Her eyes are still locked on the camera, still filming the entire ordeal.

"AWWW... Baby had a acci-dent! Don't worry, Zee, I'm here to make sure you get to Mistress Harley... nice and broken!"

Zatanna is still in complete shock and uncontrollable pain. She can only stare at the camera's light, trying to form words with her lips. She then feels herself being moved around on Supergirl's lap, but staying put all the while.

The former heroine moves quickly to put Zatanna in an adult diaper while the latter still lies across her lap. Zatanna regains some level of focus as she feels something bulky around her waist; for a second, she almost feels better now that she's wearing something to cover her private parts. Only when Zatanna's head swivel back to look at Supergirl does the heroine notice the bulky white diaper she is now wearing. Complete disbelief rushes over Zatanna's face, as her mind won't allow her to realize her true situation.

Supergirl suddenly stands up, allowing Zatanna to tumble to her trailer's floor. Immediately, Supergirl grabs Zatanna by the hair, and forces another dildo - this one with what looks like a baby binker at the end - into the magician's mouth. A long, colorful ribbon is attached the the pacifier's loop.

Zatanna's eyes bulge even more; her screams are now totally muffled. Supergirl then reaches around Zatanna's head, firmly securing the dildo into her mouth.

The young magician is now on her knees, frozen by the pain coming from her ass. Her breathing is somewhat blocked by the large dildo that has been shoved into her mouth. She can only scream in pain and humiliation as Supergirl laughs, holding her by her hair for the camera to see.

Supergirl then forces Zatanna's head under her skirt, pressing the young magician's face against her crotch and grinding her wet bloomers in Zatanna's face. Zatanna struggles, but is overcome by fatigue and momentarily gives up, settling for grabbing the back of Supergirl's knees. Unfortunately, this just gives Supergirl more traction to grind on.

As Zatanna's moans come out from beneath Supergirl's cheerleading skirt, the former heroine plays for the camera while holding Zatanna in place.

"Wooks wike baby got into the MAKE-UP, and made a mess of herself!"

Supergirl removes Zatanna from beneath her skirt, smirking as the heroine remains on her knees. Zatanna's eyes are bulging, and the young magician shakes her head "no" as the long ribbon attached to the giant binker smacks both sides of her face.

A muffled "MMMOOOO!!!" is heard as Supergirl leads Zatanna - still on her hands and knees - to the makeup counter on the other side of the room. Once there, Supergirl places her hands beneath Zatanna's armpits, picks the magician up, and plops her down hard on the counter.

The impact shoves the dildo lodged in Zatanna's ass up even further. The heroine's crossed eyes bulge, flutter, and finally begin to roll back into her head.

Another "Mmmmmmmmooooooo!" from the abused heroine is drowned out as Supergirl talks down to Zatanna:

"You've got a real pair of lungs on you, baby! Shame your brain isn't nearly as big!"

Supergirl proceeds to draw all over Zatanna's face with the magician's own makeup equipment. Zatanna's eyes roll around wildly, the sheer pain taking her mind to a different place and allowing Supergirl to completely have her way with her.

When Supergirl decides she's finished drawing on Zatanna's face, she scoops the magician up and carries her in her arms like a baby, talking down to the knocked-silly heroine.

"There, NOW baby's SO much pwettier!"

Supergirl then looks up and spots a ceiling fan above her, and suddenly gets an even more evil idea. The mindless heroine lifts Zatanna up as high as she can, and begins to float into the air once her arms are fully outstretched. Once Supergirl is in range of the ceiling fan, she carefully reaches over and hooks the edge of Zatanna's adult diaper on the end of one of the fan's blades.

With a big grin, Supergirl lets go of Zatanna. The magician's body immediately drops downward, due to her weight, but the ceiling fan is strong enough to keep her suspended in midair. Zatanna gasps as her eyes grow wide and crossed; her diaper is being stretched between her and the fan, giving her the mother of all wedgies!

Her grin now truly turning sinister, Supergirl floats off and searches the trailer for the controls to the ceiling fan. She eventually finds it, and switches it to LOW.

"You spin me right 'round, baby..." the mindless heroine sings to herself loudly.

Soon after, the fan begins to spin at a steady speed, taking Zatanna with it. Zatanna slowly realizes what is happening, and tries to cry out through her dildo gag.

Supergirl rolls her eyes, and ignores her captive's desperate, muffled pleas; a few minutes later, she switches the control to the MEDIUM setting.

As Zatanna feels the rate of her spinning increase, she tries to beg even more loudly. Like before, her pleadings are ignored - and the longer she spins, the magician realizes, she sicker she feels. Her face slowly turns a delicate shade of green, as she remembers that she has never had a high tolerance for those spinning amusement park rides. And now, she's going to pay for it!

Noticing that Zatanna has stopped her pleadings, Supergirl zooms in on Zatanna with her super-vision. Upon seeing Zatanna's pathetic state, Supergirl begins to point and laugh at the heroine. Then, the Kryptonian switches the fan control over to HIGH.

Faster the faster the ceiling fan spins, making Zatanna grow sicker and sicker. The young magician is now little more than a blur whirling around and around her trailer.

Just as Zatanna is sure that she is about to throw up, Supergirl suddenly switches the ceiling fan off. With the momentum gained from all of the previous spins, this causes Zatanna's diaper to slip right off of the fan blade, sending the young heroine flying straight in a random direction at a super-high velocity.

"I believe I can fly...!" Supergirl mockingly sings as she watches Zatanna's "flight".

With a loud CRASH, Zatanna lands headfirst in a large, ornate vase on the other side of the room. The top half of the young heroine vanishes into the mouth of the vase completely, so that only her diapered bottom and fishnet-clad legs are visible. Zatanna's feet are flailing widely, as the magician struggles to escape her humiliating predicament. Miraculously, her high-heeled shoes have stayed on the whole time.

Somehow, Zatanna manages to get to her feet. The vase, however, remains firmly on her head, so the dazed heroine is now stumbling around her own trailer while on high heels, totally unable to see anything.

Amused by the young magician's latest antics, Supergirl goes and fetches herself a juice box, sits back, and enjoys the show. For the next several minutes, Zatanna continues to trip and bump into almost everything in her trailer.

Finally, the Kryptonian gets bored, and tosses her half-finished juice box aside. Marching up to Zatanna, Supergirl authoritatively grabs the top of the vase with one hand, instantly holding the young heroine still. With her other hand, Supergirl gives several hard raps on the surface of the vase.


The vibrations travel through the vase, ringing Zatanna's "bell" and making the heroine stand completely still (save for her entire body trembling in time with the vibrations). Suddenly, Supergirl reaches out and cracks the vase into several hundred pieces with one punch.

Zatanna is seem teetering on her high heels, eyes spinning. Finally, with a confused moan, the young heroine slowly sinks to the floor.

Supergirl carries Zatanna across the room, all the way over to the sofa. Positioning her captive carefully, Supergirl drops Zatanna down on the arm of the sofa, driving the dildo even further into Zatanna's ass. Zatanna's eyes flutter, and her body twitches, but she somehow manages to stay upright.

Beside the sofa, Supergirl stands tall, moving like Zatanna did whenever she performed her magic tricks. Zatanna stirs in the background, barely conscious.

"AND NOW for my NEXT trick, ladies and gentlemen, I will produce a highchair for my HUNG-WY baby!"

Supergirl takes Zatanna's top hat off of her head, reaches inside, and slowly pulls out an over-sized highchair large enough for an adult to sit in. Smiling widely, Supergirl sets up her new chair. Then, the former heroine begins hamming it up for the camera, dancing like a magician in front of the dazed and defeated Zatanna.

The Kryptonian dances over to Zatanna, and scoops up the fallen heroine in her arms. Zatanna's eyes bulge as she shakes her head "No" repeatedly, while Supergirl ignores her and carries her over to her new feeding chair. Supergirl drops Zatanna into the chair hard, as the latter's arms flail, trying to stop Supergirl.

Supergirl easily muscles Zatanna's arms down, pinning them to the female magician's sides as the Kryptonian latches the chair's feeding table into place. Zatanna struggles, but cannot free herself; she is now stuck in the highchair.

Next, Supergirl dances some more in front of Zatanna, making sure that the camera gets every second of the scene. In the background, Zatanna shakes her head "No" furiously.

Giggling, Supergirl suddenly whips out a rolled-up poster from behind her back. She slowly unrolls it to reveal that it's a poster from Zatanna's early days in show business, back when she was billed as "Zatanna the Teenage Witch".

"Remember THIS, ladies and gentlemen? From those days back when Zee was all young and immature? Thank HEAVENS those days are over, right?" Supergirl says with a knowing grin.

The mindless Kryptonian's eyes then glance over at Zatanna, who's shaking her head harder than ever. No, not that picture, the young magician pleads silently. Anything but that picture!

"Don't worry, Zee," Supergirl smiles. "I've run off 100,000 copies for your ADORING FANS' viewing pleasure! I'll make SURE to drop 'em off on our way back to Mistress Harley's!"

Supergirl stops Zatanna's shaking head by holding up one finger and gently pressing it against the magician's skull. While she holds Zatanna still with her Kryptonian strength, Supergirl whispers "chloroform pie" as she reaches into Zatanna's top hat with her free hand. Zatanna's eyes bulge as disgust overtakes her; she now knows how bad her predicament truly is.

A smiling Supergirl slowly pulls a giant whipped-cream pie from the hat. She places it on the feeding table, directly in front of Zatanna's face. Zatanna continues to struggle, in vain, to free herself; her fishnet-clad legs kick so hard that her high heel flies right off of her left foot.

"Aww... baby's cwanky!" Supergirl coos. "Maybe it's got something to do with this...?"

Supegirl unstraps the dildo in Zatanna's mouth, not bothering to take it out herself. Zatanna slowly works the rubber phallus out of her mouth with her tongue and lips, coughing and finally spitting the sex toy to the floor. Zatanna then looks up at Supergirl, who is posing and holding one hand over the young magician's head.

Turning to make sure that both of them are facing the camera, Supergirl places one finger on the back of Zatanna's head. Zatanna's eyes shoot up, looking at her forehead, then at Supergirl.

The young magician gasps "No" as Supergirl pushes her face in the direction of the chloroform pie. She tries to struggle, KNOWING that she just CAN'T get hit with that pie.

Supergirl holds Zatanna's face still just an inch away from the pie, making sure that the camera is getting the shot of the magician's bulging eyes right before the grand finale begins. Zatanna is given a few seconds' reprieve before getting her face covered in goo with a loud splat.

Zatanna's body quickly spasms as the young magician tries to get free, but her arms are still firmly secured. Only Zatanna's legs flail, kicking the air uselessly as they remain suspended off the floor. Zatanna's face gets firmly squished into the double-layered pie, her hair becoming a black, stringy mess in the goo. Her muffled cries are silenced as Supergirl's finger, still directly holding her down, moves her head all over the pie plate.

Slowly, Zatanna's reactions move from spasms to something more like jerks, and then from jerks to something more like sways. Finally, the sways stop, and the magician's legs fall limp; both of her high heels are now missing.

Supergirl laughs hysterically, holding Zatanna's sleeping, pie-covered face up like a trophy for the camera to get a good shot of. Pie goo slowly drips out of Zatanna's mouth as she exhales, unconscious. Supergirl laughs and talks down to Zatanna, since the latter's face and hair is now a complete mess from the pieing.

The Kryptonian then looks toward the camera. Posing like a magician's assistant, she announces, "ONE MORE TIME!" with a giant smile on her face. Supergirl then promptly produces another pie from Zatanna's hat, which she places in front of Zatanna's face.

Supergirl holds Zatanna up by the hair, then releases her grip, allowing Zatanna's face to fall hard into the pie. Predictably, Zatanna plops face-first into the whipped-cream pie, unmoving. Supergirl laughs at how pathetic Zatanna looks.

"Awww... poooor ba-by! SOMEONE needs a burping!"

Supergirl places the pie tin back on Zatanna's head, and undoes the restraints on the table and highchair. She picks up Zatanna, throws the magician over her shoulder, and begins burping the knocked-out, pie-covered Zatanna. As she slams her hand into Zatanna's back, Supergirl makes sure to wear Zatanna's top hat just the right way, posing for the camera as the helpless Zatanna burps over the Kryptonian's shoulder.

The blonde then sets Zatanna down on the floor, making sure to leave as much pie goo on Zatanna's face as possible. That done, Supergirl puts the contents of her perverted utility belt to good use, attaching a baby bonnet to Zatanna's head and putting pink booties on the magician's feet. Supergirl then sets Zatanna face-down across a table, whips out a magic marker, and autographs the backside of Zatanna's diaper with the words "PROPERTY OF HQ".

Supergirl places the dildo with the binker back into Zatanna's mouth and secures it to keep Zatanna silent. She then takes a pair of handcuffs out of her utility belt and cuffs Zatanna's hands behind her back. The action forces Zatanna's tits to thrust forward, which Supergirl notices.

Grinning lecherously, Supergirl faces the camera and announces, "Magic trick! You will get to see LITTLE GIRL TITS TURN INTO BIG GIRL TITS!!!"

Supergirl undoes Zatanna's halter top, letting the magician's smaller tits fall out as the Kryptonian stands her upright; the pie tin continues to stick to Zatanna's sleeping face. Supergirl begins to squeeze, grope, and juggle Zatanna's small tits in her hands, laughing and performing for the camera.

After a while, Supergirl lets Zatanna disgracefully fall to the floor, and begins to spin away from the camera like a ballerina. Once she is a good distance away, Supergirl undoes her top and spins back toward the camera, proudly displaying her bigger tits. The Kryptonian poses like a super heroine, wearing Zatanna's top hat and proudly displaying the words "HQ'S FUN BAGS" on her tits.

"One last thing!" Supergirl suddenly says, bending down and reaching into her perverted utility belt. She produces a collar, which she buckles around Zatanna's neck. "Can't have her forgetting her PLACE, now can we?"

Supergirl looks down at the defeated and dominated, and now collared Zatanna, who is face-down and asleep with her ass in the air. The pie tin, along with the pie goo, are still magically sticking to the young magician's face. Supergirl poses on Zatanna, placing one booted foot on Zatanna's ass. Smiling wildly, Supergirl places her hands on her hips.

Posing for the camera, Supergirl announces, "One by one, every JLA girl will be whored out by Harley Quinn. Mistress Harley WILL have each and every super whore, and add them all to her collection!"

Looking down at Zatanna, Supergirl adjusts her new top hat and continues:

"C'mon, little girl. It's time to get you whored out, starting with me flying low enough so that every man from here to Gotham will see YOU in your PRETTY WITTLE DIAPER... oh, and of course HARLEY'S FUN BAGS! I WONDER how BLACK CANARY AND THE HUNTRESS ARE DOING TONIGHT...? GUESS WE'LL SEE, WON'T WE?"

Supergirl gives her tits a final shove into the air, before throwing the sleeping Zatanna over her shoulder. Smiling at Zatanna's pie-covered face, Supergirl prances over to the camera to shut it off, ready to head back to Gotham with her new toy.

Before she does so, though, Supergirl quickly reaches into her perverted utility belt and takes out a cell phone. She sends a quick little text to Mistress Harley, detailing her success tonight: "KICKED Z'S ASS, MADE HR UR LIL BITCH, MISTRESS HARLEY!"

That done, the corrupted Kryptonian takes off into the night sky.

And as soon as she hit the air, Supergirl couldn't stop thinking about WHAT exactly she was going to make Zatanna wear for their mistress...

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Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:40 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
gothamalleyviper - 5/13/2018 2:44 PM
To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.
Gorel - 5/13/2018 11:54 AM
Happy Mother's Day!
gothamalleyviper - 5/12/2018 6:00 PM
Still not sure which path to take for Harem App, if anyone has a vote let me know.
JimmyKasche - 5/11/2018 10:44 AM
I need to get back to writing but the site being down for as long as it did kinda sapped my motivation... I still have the last Boomerang PC chapter open in a tab... staring at me..
C.King - 5/9/2018 9:38 PM
Do what you feel safe doing.
gothamalleyviper - 5/9/2018 9:32 PM
I copied it to the alt. Still debating backing up Dicks Harem App.

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