by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Black Canary Robin
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom Mind Control Rape Female Counterpart Change of clothes sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) DC Bondage
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After three solid nights of searching for Harley Quinn's new lair, Black Canary was getting frustrated, KNOWING that Batman and all those other MALES were determined to find Harley before HER, or Wonder Woman. Their chances to capture and punish Harley in a "fitting" manner for her vile and degrading acts to the other powerful women that kept the streets safe were slipping away. After all, Batgirl's, Supergirl's and now Robin's humiliation was as much hers as it was the other JLA women members'.

The heroine noted that last night, she had stumbled upon an obvious message meant for her and her only. She had found a blackbird, wearing a red sash and painted with a giant green-and-purple smiley face, on the roof of her apartment building. Only a handful of JLA members ACTUALLY knew where she lived her private life. It had to be one of the recently brainwashed heroines.

But which one?

The heroine returns home later than usual tonight, having scanned all the nearby rooftops within a one-mile radius for any suspicious activity. She has seen nothing, but crawls through her apartment's window as stealthily as possible nonetheless. Better safe than sorry, she thinks to herself.

As Black Canary closes the window and takes off her jacket, she finally feels safe, until she turns around. Her stomach turns as she sees the giant jack-in-the-box sitting on her kitchen table.

"What the..."

Frantically, Black Canary checks her apartment for any signs of intruders still hanging around. After realizing that her apartment was empty of any other human beings, the blonde returns to the jack-in-the-box. Terrified but curious, she looks it over. Each of the four sides of the jack-in-the-box has been painted a ghostly white color, with each side bearing one of the four playing card suits - Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. The top and bottom of the jack-in-the-box are painted purple and green, respectively.

Noting that the jack-in-the-box is just wide enough to hold a chloroform pie, Black Canary stands back and begins to slowly turn the crank. As she turns it, a laughing sound emerges from a speaker under the jack-in-the-box. As Black Canary turns the crank a little faster, she hears the laughter speed up.

Her heart hammering as the jack-in-the-box laughs faster and faster, Black Canary begins expecting it to pop open, but nothing happens. Faster and faster, she cranks the jack-in-the-box, and the laughter gets faster still. Like a woman possessed, she can't stop herself from turning the crank, even as a feeling of dread builds in the pit of her stomach. Her booted feet are rooted to the spot, her eyes growing wider and wider as her sense of morbid curiosity makes her wonder what could possibly be in store.

A click is heard, and the tinny laughter suddenly stops. Black Canary looks around, confused and expecting a horrible surprise. She couldn't have been more right.

Unexpectedly, the recorded laughter comes back on twice as loud as before. As Black Canary is startled by the hysteric laughing, the front of the jack-in-the-box explodes open, and a spring-loaded boxing glove shoots out and lands directly in Black Canary's unsuspecting stomach.


Reeling from the blow, Black Canary's eyes bulge and go cross as her hands shoot to her stomach; her mouth is wide open, gasping for air.

Before the blonde can realize how bad a mistake she really made, a double-layered chloroform pie comes springing out of the top of the jack-in-the-box and lands directly in her unprotected face. As the pie explodes all over Black Canary's face, white pie goo is splattered all over the heroine's apartment.

As she sucks her wind in, Black Canary unintentionally swallows a mouthful of pie; her screams are now muffled not only by her not having enough air, but by the mouthful of pie as well. Black Canary staggers around her apartment; she knows she's in bad shape, and tries to wipe the pie material away from her face while spitting up as much of it as she can.

Out of wind and blinded, Black Canary suddenly stumbles over an ottoman that has been strategically planted behind her, and awkwardly falls backward - right toward a mahogany coffee table. The heroine's head whiplashes back as it lands; her head is knocked hard as it bounces off of the sturdy wooden table.

Black Canary moans in pain, still reeling from both blows: one to her stomach, and now one to her head. She tries to clean her white-caked face again, getting more and more desperate. The heroine's black latex suit gets messier and messier as she frantically tries to get all the pie off of her face; the blonde doesn't even notice how messy her uniform is getting.

"C-can't... pass... out..."

But the chloroform ingredients have already taken their toll. Black Canary's moans begin resembling those of a deaf woman's, as her tongue starts to lose all feeling. The blonde staggers up, her legs completely weakened and numb.

"Water... need water..."

Black Canary tries to walk to her kitchen sink, her steps looking handicapped (which certainly isn't helped by the stiletto heels on her boots). Her feet are not working with her, and the heroine stumbles forward. She lands on her kitchen table, bent over and face-down. Now her entire body seems to not be working with her.

The blonde gasps in complete shock, not knowing what to do or who to call.

And with her back to her window (and the fire escape outside), Black Canary naturally doesn't notice said window slowly going up, as a green booty slowly steps into her home, followed by a purple one.

The booties tip-toe, as a pair of suntan pantyhose-covered legs above them creep across the floor. Black Canary, meanwhile, swoons as she tries to keep consciousness. Her head swaying, the heroine is barely keeping herself awake.

"Awww... did the widdle birdy get my present?" Robin asks from behind the heroine.

Black Canary spins around in slow motion, the drugs still affecting her judgment and timing. Moving fast, Robin dashes past Black Canary, going to Black Canary's blind side. She sits down at Black Canary's kitchen table, right across from the blonde. The former heroine silently places another pie on the table.

By this time, Black Canary has managed to completely turn around, but sees nothing. She turns back toward her kitchen table.

Time stops as the blonde meets eyes with Robin. Or, at least, what is LEFT of Robin. Her "super whore" uniform now has two holes cut out, directly over Robin's bra-less nipples (which have been painted green and purple). A smug, mischievous smile is planted on Robin's face.

"Holy bad table manners! THAT'S NOT how you're SUPPOSED to eat a pie that MISTRESS HARLEY spent time MAKING ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!"

The still-confused Black Canary shakes her head "no", unwilling to accept that Robin has SURPRISED and DEFEATED her, and in her own home to boot!

"Don't worry, I brought my widdle piggy SECONDS!"

Moving faster than the blonde, Robin grabs the back of Black Canary's head with both gloved hands. She shoves the heroine fast and hard into the second pie, face-first.

Robin's grip is surprisingly strong for a heroine her age, and Black Canary, in her drugged state, is in no position to resist. It also helps, of course, that the evil Girl Wonder is fueled by her resentment at the older heroine, who had, on multiple occasions, put Robin down for being "inexperienced" and "only a young heroine". Robin had begged her Mistress Harley for days for the chance to "get" Black Canary, and now, she FINALLY gets to pay the uppity bitch back!

Black Canary struggles weakly as Robin laughs. As the latter laughs louder and louder, the former's movements become weaker and weaker. The whimpers coming from the pie plate get higher- and higher-pitched; finally, Black Canary's movements stop completely.

Laughing, Robin holds Black Canary's face in the pie pan for a couple of extra seconds, taunting her now-sleeping opponent and asking her "Is it your nap time already, grandma?". Robin then holds the blonde's face up, allowing the pie pan to fall to the table with a clang. Clumps of pie fall from the heroine's unconscious face as Robin presents the goo-covered blonde to a hidden camera recording from Black Canary's fireplace.

Robin speaks directly to the camera, having a private conversation with Harley Quinn.

"That's right, MISTRESS, widdle-canary-piggy-wiggy ATE TWO WHOLE PIES! Don't worry, by the time I'm done with her, she'll KNOW she's a disgusting little piggy-wiggy! Won't you, piggy?"

Robin taunts her fallen prey, holding her by her blond hair. Robin loosens her grip and allows Black Canary to slump to her knees; Black Canary lands on the pie tin, making a clanging noise and smearing even more pie across her kitchen's tiled floor.

The former Girl Wonder throws her head back, laughing. Her eyes bulge, and her face goes into a salesman's smile. Her body then goes perfectly rigid as she poses with one hand on her hip.


As she keeps Black Canary on her knees, Robin forces the heroine's face down to floor level. Robin makes sure that the camera has a clear shot, as she KNOWS that Mistress Harley would DEMAND evidence of every humiliating experience that Black Canary had been forced to face. The former heroine then looks back with a huge smile, and begins forcing Black Canary's face across the blonde's pie-covered kitchen floor. Smearing the heroine's face all over the tiles, Robin makes sure to get as much of the pie goo as possible, wiping much of it into Black Canary's hair.

"Eat it! EAT IT, BITCH! That's right, not so tough NOW, are YOU?"

Black Canary's limp hands drag across the floor, following her head and body; Robin makes sure to keep the heroine's luscious ass sticking up in the air. Robin then begins mixing the pie goo into Black Canary's hair as if the goo was hair gel, almost forming a jester's hat out of the heroine's hardened, goo-covered hair. Soon, there are several giant "points" sticking out of Black Canary's blond mane.

"NUM-NUM-NUM! I can't believe that you can just put away those empty calories and still look THAT good in your puny widdle costume! I mean, holy stuck-in-the-1980s, the fishnets have GOT TO GO! But don't worry, I'll make sure you GET TO WEAR something properly degrading for a widdle piggy like yourself!"

Grinning, Robin grabs a pig nose from one of the compartments on her perverted utility belt. She fastens it on Black Canary's face, adjusting it so that it can fit properly on Black Canary's nose. Then, laughing, Robin takes out a pig-eared tiara and clips it into Black Canary's hair, around the blonde's head.

After this, Robin reaches into her perverted utility belt one last time, and produces a leather dog collar. She firmly fixes the collar around Black Canary's neck, so there's no question as to the once-proud heroine's current status.

Robin pulls Black Canary up by the hair, pulling the blond heroine by her new "jester handles", and promptly throws the face-down blonde across her open counter space. The former Girl Wonder then starts giggling, producing a dildo from her perverted utility belt. She shows the sex toy off for the camera, drawing special attention to the coiled-up pig's tail fastened to dildo's end.

The former heroine talks down to Black Canary as she cuts a hole in the crotch of the blonde's leotard. "Widdle piggy, you're about to get PORKED!"

Wanting to make Black Canary's "transformation" as painful and uncomfortable as possible, Robin rips only a small number of webs in the blonde's fishnets, before moving Black Canary's white satin panties to the side. Now the heroine's orifices are totally vulnerable to any violations Robin might have in mind.

Smirking, Robin holds up the dildo for the camera one last time, before shoving it up Black Canary's unprotected ass.

An unconscious scream comes from Black Canary, the heroine's pie-covered face distorting. In fact, Black Canary's pain at the evil Robin's hands is so much that the blond heroine promptly falls back into a state of sleep, totally unconscious once more.

Seeing her chance, Robin leans in close to the KO'ed Black Canary and begins whispering all sorts of "sweet nothings" into the blond heroine's ear.

"You know... I've always wanted to fuck that oversized ass of yours the second I joined the JLA. Strutting around in that getup... holy cocktease, I've seen hookers dress more conservatively than that!"

Robin leans in even closer, allowing her hot breath to tickle Black Canary's ear.

"Don't pretend you don't want it... that low-cut leotard showing off half your boobs... those fishnets... those five-inch stilettos... you're BEGGING for someone to give you a nice fucking and PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE!"

The evil heroine reaches over, and pats her prey's firm ass.

"But not to worry... thanks to MISTRESS HARLEY, I've seen the light, and soon, YOU WILL TOO! As soon as I get your big butt back to our little hidey-hole, I've got a nice big twelve-inch strap-on to introduce your tight little cornhole to! Won't that be FUN?!"

The blond heroine stirs a bit; even unconscious, she's writhing at hearing the obscenities that Robin's whispering into her ear. Unbeknownst to the evil Girl Wonder, her dirty talk is having an effect on Black Canary's subconscious. The mind of the sleeping heroine drifts back into the dark, dark memories of when she had been captured by a slaver earlier on in her career, and sold to a Mexican whorehouse, where she had been trapped for 5 years before Batman had rescued her.

Black Canary's tormentor catches her prey's movements, and smiles to see that the lines she's rehearsed in Mistress Harley's hideout are having some sort of effect. Now, that she has steered Black Canary into the "proper" state of mind, it's time for the next step of their little "session"...

Robin runs off for a moment, searching for and eventually finding a giant serving dish in Black Canary's kitchen. She returns a minute later, and places it on the kitchen table. The former heroine dances for the camera for a few moments.

Then, Robin finds Black Canary's cooking apron, and fashions it onto herself as she poses saucily for the camera. In the background, Black Canary stirs a bit, groaning.

Next, Robin rolls the unconscious Black Canary onto the kitchen table, face-down. She runs over to the fireplace and grabs the camera, getting as many shots of her prey as possible.

The now-defamed "Black Piggy", as Robin calls her, is still asleep; her face is totally covered with white pie goo, and a pig nose is practically the only recognizable part. The camera catches the piggy ears sitting atop Black Canary's head, behind four giant hardened strands of gooed hair positioned to look like a jester's cap. Robin then zooms in with the camera, to get the "super tail" now protruding from "Black Piggy's" ass.

Robin reverse-hogties Black Canary, placing the heroine on her stomach while arching Black Canary's arms and legs behind her back before tying them. Black Canary, still asleep, is now left in an even more painful and helpless position.

The evil Robin films several great shots of "Black Piggy" as she rolls down Black Canary's fishnet pantyhose. While the fishnets are left around the blonde's thighs, Robin takes out a magic marker, and autographs Black Canary's bare ass with the words "HQ'S PIGGY".

"And now," Robin grins. "For the final course..."

Robin fills the table with plates, cups, and dining utensils, even lighting a few candles for the sake of atmosphere. Then, for her final piece of humiliation, she takes a smaller dildo out of her perverted utility belt and inserts it into Black Canary's open mouth.

The former heroine slaps Black Canary's ass, as she plays to the camera like a Golden Era housewife who had just prepared a Thanksgiving dinner. She begins:

"OH! I'M SOOO GLAD you could JOIN US for Harley Quinn's THANKSGIVING TRANSFORMATION! That's right! NOT ONE! NOT TWO!! BUT THREE SUPER WHORES WILL BE TURNED FOR YOUR PLEASURE!!! BUT DON'T THANK ME, THANK MY MISTRESS, HARLEY QUINN! Because without HER vision of our humiliating final defeats, YOU wouldn't have the greatest-grossing pornos of all time! You ALL should go out and buy our videos! I MEAN, in what OTHER video could you get the world's MOST POWERFUL women getting put in their place?!"

The bound Black Canary starts to stir, her head moving back and forth. Pie bubbles form at the openings of her nostrils as she breathes pie goo out of her nose. Black Canary moans slowly, in pain. She struggles weakly to free herself, with no gain.

Robin continues to look at the camera as she walks over to Black Canary's face. She grabs one of the gelled spikes of Black Canary's hair, holding the blonde up to the camera. Black Canary's eyes, trying to see, flutter under the goo as the heroine squeals in pain from being held in such a painful position.

"As you can SEE, I'm about to cook this bird. It's just that we have to serve her properly, first!"

Robin's smile widens as she presents a large jar of honey and two big bags of feathers to the camera. In the meantime, Black Canary's eyes have blinked off enough pie goo for her to see her surroundings. The heroine's eyes bulge in horror as she sees what Robin has done to her.

Gasping under the dildo in her mouth, Black Canary's eyes make contact with the camera sitting five feet in front of her face. A muffled "Mo-mo-mo!!!" comes from her mouth as she helplessly squirms.

"Awwww... WAKEY WAKEY! I can't take you to Mistress Harley in THAT! It's going to be COLD on the hood of Mistress's truck; you're going to need some insulation! But don't worry, widdle piglet, I have JUST the right ingredients! OH, and IF you're hungry, I have a special third pie for you! Num-num!!!"

Black Canary furiously shakes her head "No" as Robin places a third pie directly beneath the blonde's face, just inches away. Black Canary's eyes bulge as her head arches back, keeping her face away from the pie. Robin takes her time, laughing. She knows that it's just a matter of time before Black Canary gets too tired to keep her head up, and will land face-down in yet ANOTHER pie.

Robin slowly walks around Black Canary, until she is standing at the heroine's backside. She begins spanking Black Canary over and over, telling the blonde to "Give up" and "Shove your pig face in the pie".

Still, Black Canary struggles, keeping her face away from the pie; at times, her back spasms, almost dropping her face-first into the pie. Then, a particularly hard spank makes Black Canary pitch forward, and dip her nose into the pie. The heroine's head jets back, showing the camera her white goo-covered nose.

Black Canary's eyes bulge and cross as she looks at the sleeping goo on her face. Her screams covered, she begins jerking in her bonds, trying anything to free herself.

Robin looks at her prey with amusement, and walks back around so she is in front of Black Canary's face once more. With a knowing smile, the young heroine reaches into her perverted utility belt and takes out a cell phone. Flipping the cell phone open, Robin shows Black Canary her wallpaper: a picture of Black Canary in her original, embarrassing costume, with headband, black-and-blue loose-sleeved jumpsuit, black gloves, and white "buccaneer" boots!

The blond heroine is shocked - and dismayed - to see the image. After all, she's sure that once she "outgrew" the phase of thinking that costume was a good idea, she burned every copy of it and destroyed every picture!

As if reading her victim's mind, Robin chortles and tells Black Canary that she destroyed every picture EXCEPT ONE.

"You see, Batman likes to keep backup records of EVERYTHING in the Batcomputer!" the evil Girl Wonder laughs. "And guess who found this little gem, and is going to send it across the Internet RIGHT NOW?"

A muffled "MNNnnnnnoooooo...!" comes from Black Canary's gagged mouth. The blonde desperately communicates, with her eyes, that she'll do ANYTHING to keep that shameful piece of her past from resurfacing.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Robin smirks. "If you DON'T want me to send your most embarrassing secret to millions of people around the world, just say so in a very coherent and understandable manner!"

"Mno! Mno! MNOOOOOO!!!"

"No? Okey-dokey, then!"

With that, Robin's gloved finger hits the SEND button, forwarding the picture to countless addresses around the globe. Black Canary stares blankly at the phone, flabbergasted that the tough, fearsome reputation she's taken YEARS to built has been shattered in seconds by Robin, of all people!

Smirking, Robin puts the phone away and climbs up onto the table, and stands directly over the reverse-hogtied Black Canary. She begins taunting the blonde as she unscrews the lid on the jar of honey and slowly pours the cold, sticky contents of the full jar all over the bound heroine.


"Holy whining! Just suck it up, you big wimp!" Robin smirks at the blonde. "Us birds of a feather have to STICK TOGETHER!"

As Black Canary squirms at Robin's booted feet, Robin grabs one of the bags of feathers. The former heroine throws her head back and genuinely laughs evilly for the first time as she lets the feathers slowly fall all over Black Canary's body. Now she truly understands why Mistress Harley, and the Joker, and all those other super villains do it.

Black Canary squirms even more frantically, but her squirms only help to quicken the tar-and-feathering. The bound blonde's eyes bulge as she stares at the camera, her screams all but silenced by the rubber cock in her mouth.

Robin, meanwhile, has emptied the first bag of feathers, and begins with the second. As she pours the feathers all over Black Canary, the honey naturally causes the feathers to stick all over the blonde's body. The heroine's leotard is now almost solid white, thanks to the feathers; her fishnets are now even shinier with all the honey poured over them. Robin also makes sure to get enough of the honey and feathers all over Black Canary's back, hair, and face.

The tar-and-feathering finished, Robin gets down from the table and stands right next to Black Canary. Grabbing the bound blonde's hair, Robin pulls Black Canary back as far as she can go. Pain etches itself on Black Canary's face as the blonde's head is pulled backwards.

"You know what they SAY, no pain, no gain!"

Robin then takes a knife out of her perverted utility belt, and slices Black Canary's leotard across the chest, exposing the white cotton bra underneath. Grinning lecherously, Robin cuts Black Canary's bra to shreds, letting the blonde's tits fall out for the camera to catch.

Black Canary, exposed and helpless, looks right at the camera. Her shame is captured as she begins to convulse with sobs.

Robin's evil smile widens as the former heroine begins to fondle Black Canary, who is still stretched backward beyond her normal limits. The blonde is now covered from head to toe in feathers and honey, except for her untouched tits, which hang naked for the camera's lens and for Robin's perverted advances. Meanwhile, Robin's other hand is still holding Black Canary's head up by the hair.

"Holy Batgirl-was-right, these ARE real!" Robin gasps as she squeezes the blonde's left boob. "Guess I just lost twenty bucks!"

As Robin's free hand massages her tits and pinches her pink nipples, Black Canary sobs, shaking her head "No" toward the camera. Robin makes a mock pouty face at Black Canary, and takes out two small straws from her perverted utility belt. She sticks the straws up the blonde's nostrils, never letting go of the blonde's hair.

Not quite done dominating Black Canary, Robin erotically licks a mouthful of pie goo from Black Canary's whimpering face. She then puts her lips over the straws in the blonde's nostrils.

Black Canary shakes her head in confusion as Robin blows a mouthful of pie goo up her nose and down her throat. The blonde's eyes bulge, rolling in their sockets; by now, she can't even tell which way is up. Robin poses for the camera, opening her mouth to show that it is completely clean of pie goo - unlike Black Canary's nose, which is still coated in white goo.

Robin giggles for the camera, playing excited before releasing her grip on Black Canary's hair. Black Canary springs forward, landing face-first in the overstuffed pie plate under her face. The blond heroine had forgotten about it several minutes ago, and now she is going to pay the price!


The plop sound, and the subsequent explosion of white goo, makes Robin laugh hysterically. She points at and taunts Black Canary as the latter begins to peacefully sleep in her pie. She then checks the straws, to make sure that Black Canary can still get air even while the pie plate stays on her face.

Black Canary twitches, but begins to rest in her mess again without a fight. The darkness takes over once more, as the blonde's body begins to surrender itself. Fewer and fewer of her whimpers come from under the pie plate, until a snoring sound begins to vibrate from beneath the tin.

Smirking, Robin dabs a bit of pie goo from the mess beneath the unconscious Black Canary's face, and sticks the finger into her mouth.

"DEE-lish!" the evil Girl Wonder notes to herself, licking her lips. "But it's missing a little something..."

Robin makes a show of pondering the answer to her own question, before suddenly raising a finger into the air and acting like a (metaphorical) lightbulb has just been switched on above her head. Eagerly, the mindless heroine reaches into her perverted utility belt, and produces several eggs from one of the pouches.

"Jingle bells, Batman smells..." the former heroine sings loudly.

While she sings, Robin slowly slides each of the eggs straight into the waistband of her short-shorts. Once she has squeezed them all into her shorts, she dances on the table, wiggling her body all over while standing directly over the unconscious Black Canary.


The evil Girl Wonder gives one particularly hard shake of her caboose, and one of the eggs falls out of the bottom of her shorts, landing directly on Black Canary and immediately cracking open from the impact. Egg white and yolk quickly cover the already-disgraced heroine.


With another hard shake, a second egg falls out. It, too, scores a direct hit on its target, drenching Black Canary in even more yolk.


One after another, the remaining eggs in Robin's shorts fall out and hit Black Canary's unconscious form. Once the barrage is over, the heroine is left covered from head to foot in egg yolk and whites,

Robin proudly dusts her gloved hands, pleased with having thought up such a clever act. She can only hope that Mistress Harley will think the same...

As Robin turns around, she sees Black Canary's black leather jacket slung over the kitchen chair. The former heroine's eyes light up in sinister delight.

"OOH! I've always wanted one of these!"

Like an eight-year-old on Christmas morning, Robin snatches the jacket off of the chair and slips it over her "Hooters" shirt. The jacket, of course, is a rather oversized fit on the Girl Wonder's smaller frame, but she doesn't mind.

Slipping her cell phone out of her perverted utility belt once more, Robin checks the time and realizes that she needs to get a move-on. Quickly, she delivers a text to Mistress Harley: "TOOK DOWN BC, MISTRESS HARLEY! THX 4 GIVING ME THE CHANCE!".

Soon, Robin's eyes turn back on the sleeping Black Canary, and a wicked grin spreads over her face once more. The Girl Wonder slowly hauls the blonde off of the kitchen table, and drags her toward the front door of the apartment, straining quite a bit from the effort.

"Holy heaviness...!" the former heroine pants. "We're gonna have to put you on a DIET, little piggy!"

The evil Girl Wonder manages to get the door open, and drags Black Canary out of her apartment, where a little red wagon is waiting. Robin leaves Black Canary sprawled on the floor for a second, while she runs over and removes the camera from the blonde's fireplace. The former heroine returns to her victim, holding the camera in one hand.

Robin films herself putting her piggy in the little red wagon. Subsequently, she slowly walks down Black Canary's apartment hallway, rolling the conquered blonde along. As she films, Robin taunts the sleeping heroine in her own home.

"Hush, little piggy, don't say a word... Robin's going to buy you a mockingbird..."

Black Canary's unaware neighbors open their doors, coming out into the hallway to see Robin filming and taunting a reverse-hogtied, pie-covered mess. Robin walks out of the building and wheels Black Canary, in public, over to an unassuming-looking ice cream truck. She places the camera on a tripod, to film the process of mounting Black Canary on the front hood of the truck.

Robin unties Black Canary and binds her to the hood spread-eagle, making sure to put the blonde ass-first toward oncoming traffic so that every passerby could see the great Black Canary defeated, humiliated, and now branded "HQ'S PIGGY". The hype would drive all the perverts in Gotham wild with anticipation of the Black Piggy porno's release.

Once finished, Robin gets behind the wheel and heads downtown. She drives slowly once she reaches downtown, to make sure that all the local drunks getting out after last call could see Harley's new marketing tool.

As she turns on the ice cream truck music, Robin makes sure to put on an ice cream server's hat as well. With "Pop Goes the Weasel" playing, Robin hangs one of her pantyhose-covered legs out of the trucks window. She laughs hysterically, yelling advertisements for the upcoming "Black Piggy" release.


Thousands of downtown onlookers see the ice cream truck driving by and hear its music, not to mention Robin's advertising. All of them see Black Canary tied to the hood spread-eagle and face-down. A pie plate is stuck to the blonde's sleeping face, and her entire body is covered in egg yolk and white feathers.

Men hoot and scream as Robin blows kisses to the masses. The last thing that most of them notice is Black Canary's new pig tail flopping in the wind as white feathers slowly float to the ground behind the ice cream truck, leaving a trail all the way back to Harley's lair.

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