by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Harley Quinn Batgirl Supergirl Mary Marvel
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom DC Rape Mind Control Change of clothes Bondage Harem sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion)
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With all of the recent super heroine abductions, the JLA has gone on high alert, keeping all of its remaining heroines protected, and even partnered with heroes to limit any more attempts at abducting them. Mary Marvel was no exception; her powers and reputation as the "World's Mightiest Mortal Maiden" made her a prime target, after Wonder Woman. Mary knew that the JLA had put Wonder Woman under protected surveillance; the Amazon's location was kept from even most of the JLA's members.

Having finished her nightly rounds, Mary flies straight up to her apartment, fifteen stories above the street. A second later, her chaperone, Green Lantern follows.

"Do you want me to... check your apartment?" Green Lantern asks in a sincere tone.

"No, thanks," Mary replies.

For a second, Mary feels a rush as she thinks about the humiliating pornos that the other heroines had starred in once they had been brainwashed and owned by Harley. And for a second, she almost WISHES that Harley wants HER. Over the last couple of nights, a part of her has hoped that Harley is already IN her apartment, waiting for her. But this time around, SHE would not only defeat Harley, but would also have her way with the villainess before contacting the authorities, and deal back EVERY degradation that she inflicted onto the other heroines tenfold. Humiliating the villainess, in fact, has become the focus of her nightly desires.

"Are you SURE? Harley and her... the "other heroines"... KNOW our schedules, KNOW where you live, and they've DONE THIS BEFORE."

"Hal, don't worry..." Mary smirks as she scans her windows, before continuing. "Do YOU really think Harley can take ME?! In my OWN HOUSE?!"

Without waiting for a reply, Mary flies toward her unlocked apartment window. Slipping in under the cover of night, she flies gracefully into her apartment. She then turns around, waves to a worried-looking Green Lantern, and closes the window and the blinds.

"Hal's so sweet," the young heroine says to herself. "But I am a defender of truth and justice, and I'm just not interested. I hope he can figure that out someday."

The young heroine then falls silent, her back turned to any potential intruder, waiting for ANY noise. But none comes. The heroine's nerves relax as she slowly and carefully checks every room in her apartment; when the search turns up nothing, she finds herself almost disappointed that Harley hadn't dared show her face.

Mary returns to her living room and bends down, starting to unlace her boots. Sure, she could instantly change back by shouting "SHAZAM!", but there was just something about manually changing out of her costume that she preferred. Besides, it probably wasn't the best idea to summon a thunderbolt indoors.

Suddenly, the brunette's senses cause her to realize that something is not right. Her eyes follow her instincts, and immediately see a little note taped to her DVD player a few feet away. She approaches the DVD player, and sees that the note says, "Turn Me On". A panicked Mary immediately rechecks her apartment, looking for any hidden devices or booby traps, but still finds nothing.

Reluctantly returning to her living room a second time, Mary hesitantly turns on her TV and DVD player, still looking around for any surprises.

The TV screen clears to show a close-up image of Harley's face, looking directly at the camera she was filming with. "Hello, Mary! Don't think I've forgotten about YOU!"

"Holy moly!" Mary gasps, one hand clapped to her mouth.

A small green light flashes at the bottom of the TV screen as Harley speaks. Unbeknownst to Mary, this light is slowly hypnotizing her, making her mind more and more malleable the longer she watches. As Harley continues to taunt the heroine, Mary gets angry, but doesn't look away from the screen.

Harley walks backward, the camera slowly following her as it zooms out to show her entire body. The camera also slowly pans over to the forms of Batgirl and Supergirl, who are both on their hands and knees and blankly looking straight ahead.

Soon, all three women are positioned in the center of the TV screen, wearing their new outfits:

Harley is wearing a "ring master" outfit: a tiny top hat, tilted to the side, sits atop her regular jester's headpiece, while her face is caked in the usual clown makeup and disguised with a black domino mask. On her body, she wears a red-and-black corset, along with elbow-length gloves - one red, one black; both Batgirl's and Robin's real utility belts are around Harley's waist. A poofed-out dress skirt covers the lower half of Harley's body, along with red tights under black knee-high stockings with suntan pantyhose; black ankle boots round out the costume.

Batgirl and Supergirl, meanwhile, are in their standard "slut" uniforms - complete with pigtails and white makeup over their faces. They look as ridiculous as ever, and look proud of it.

All three prance around for a little while, giggling. Then, in unison, they turn their backs to the camera, bend over, and flip their skirts up, revealing three identical pairs of white satin bloomers underneath. All three pairs of bloomers are autographed; Harley's ass simply reads "Boss", while Supergirl's reads "Cum-Sucking Slut" and Batgirl's reads "Cum Guzzler".

Then, all three turn back around to face the camera again, with Harley in the middle, Supergirl on her left, and Batgirl on her left. Sticking her arms out, Harley grabs Supergirl's and Batgirl's tops and yanks straight up. Both of the heroines' bouncing tits are exposed; Supergirl's rack is signed "HQ's Property", while Batgirl's are signed "Harley's Slut".

"You remember my bitches, right?" Harley asks as she pulls the heroines' tops back down. Say "hi", bitches!"

Supergirl's and Batgirl's faces go wild, with wide eyes and big smiles, as they mindlessly wave to the camera and say "Hi!".

Harley then has her bitches resume the hands-and-knees position. That done, she promptly sits on Supergirl's back and puts her booted feet on Batgirl's back. Laughing, she continues, "Well! THEY are coming to get you, and they are going to bring you to me, and you WILL OBEY me, like a GOOD WIDDLE GIRL! HAHAHAHA!"

The Clown Princess of Crime then takes her booted foot and kicks Batgirl's cape over the heroine's head. Batgirl doesn't move as the cloth drapes over her face; the words "Gordon = Owned", written at the base of the cape, are now exactly where her face should be.

"Now, IF you want to come GET ME before they get you, well, you better just sit RIGHT THERE, because I MAY just give you a clue as to where I'm at..."

As she speaks, Harley proceeds to flick Supergirl's cape over the Kryptonian's head. Supergirl, like Batgirl, doesn't move a muscle as the cape drapes over her head; the word "Owned", signed at the base of the cape, is now exactly where Supergirl's face should have been.

"Isn't that WIGHT, my WIDDLE GIRLS?"

Both Batgirl and Supergirl mindlessly say, "Yes mistress."

Mary continues to watch the video, crossing her arms in defiance and vowing to not fall to Harley as her fellow super heroines have. She still hasn't noticed green light flashing at the bottom of her TV screen.

Soon, Harley gets up and off of Supergirl and Batgirl; grinning evilly, she begins to randomly buzz the remote-control joy-buzzers attached to Supergirl's and Batgirl's crotches. Both Batgirl and Supergirl convulse, whimpering as they try to stay in position while their groins are being electrocuted/vibrated.

As she keeps pressing the buzzer, Harley continues. "Are you STILL watching, my little M&M...? Well, GOOD! Because if you ARE, then you should go get a pen and paper and write this down... I'll wait..."

This is a trap, Mary thinks to herself, but she knows that she needed to somehow prepare to get all the details down before Harley divulges any useful information. Strangely, though, when her thoughts command herself to move, her body doesn't budge. Even her head won't look away from the TV screen.

Only Mary's eyes demonstrate the terror she is feeling right now, as she realizes that her body won't respond to her own commands. Mary continues to struggle, trying hard to move her body, even as her eyes never look away from the TV screen. The young heroine's eyes get wide as a whimper escapes from her closed mouth.

"OH...! You CAN'T get them?! I wonder WHY that is...?! Oh YEAH, now I remember... see that little green flashing light at the bottom of the screen...? Well, that little gem has taken control of your so-called mind, and by THIS point, you have NO CONTROL over your OWN BODY...! Let me show you... Mary, I want you to stand at attention, like a good widdle girl!"

Mary's eyes bulge as the heroine feels her own arms uncrossing against her will, her fists clenching and moving to her hips. Mary whimpers some more under her closed mouth, knowing that she has fallen into Harley's trap. Now, under Harley's spell, she can't even control her own body!

"NOW... I want my WIDDLE HEROINE to take her silly widdle top, and pull it off, and then go to her window, and dance! SLOWLY! For your perverted neighbors! They need to see what a mindless dancing super heroine looks like!"

Mary finds herself slowly taking her top off, and moving toward her apartment's windows. She opens one of the windows, before slowly beginning to dance, to no music, like a mindless toy.

"AH! AH! AH!" Harley's voice comes from the TV. "I want my WIDDLE GIRL to take off her overstuffed bra, too! ALSO... I want my toy to dance like a STRIPPER!"

Mary, still dancing, un-clips and takes off her bra and throws it to the floor. She begins dancing harder, her eyes never leaving the TV screen.

"FASTER! SLUTTIER! STRIP! STRIP! STRIP!" Harley laughs from the TV.

Mary begins dancing harder and faster, pressing her naked tits against her window and grinding on the radiator next to the windows. By now, a furious blush has come over her face; she's a wholesome, All-American Girl and a super heroine to boot! She can't be doing this for the whole WORLD to see!

"NOW, show your neighbors what my little M&M wears UNDER that skirt! Bend over, and just let your neighbors look up that slut skirt, until I say otherwise!"

Mary mindlessly bends over at the waist and lifts her red skirt, exposing her white bloomers and the control-top nude pantyhose they cover.

"NOW, take your silly little cape, and put it where it belongs... OVER YOUR HEAD! Lift your skirt, and put your hands back on your hips! Now move back and forth! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

The World's Mightiest Mortal Maiden whimpers in utter humiliation in her own home, not knowing WHO might be watching, or worse yet, HOW she was going to get free from her own body. Her body is still fighting Harley's commands slightly, but it is buckling with every passing second, giving in a little more to Harley's commands.

"GOOD GIRL! IF you're STILL watching this by NOW, you will have NO willpower left to be able to say "no" to me! You might as well kiss your super heroine days GOOD BYE!"

Whimpering and moaning comes from under Mary's flipped-up cape, as the heroine continues to sway back and forth in front of her window. At Harley's next command, she turns around and faces the TV again, almost afraid to see what's happening on the screen.

On the TV, Harley fills two dog bowls with Kibbles and Bits, laughing as she continues, "See what "din-din" looks like, my little M&M? Umm.... num-num, THESE girls get to eat ONLY THE BEST!"

Mary is barely able to peek out from under her cape, only to see both Batgirl and Supergirl continue to squirm, heads still under their respective capes. Whimpering comes from their closed mouths.


Harley, in front of the two mindless heroines, kicks each of the two dog bowls. Both bowls slide across the floor, stopping directly in front of Supergirl and Batgirl.

"Eat up, bitches!" Harley smirks as she stands back, arms crossed.

Both Supergirl and Batgirl lunge forward; they eat mindlessly, their capes still draped over their respective heads and bowls. Harley continues to joy-buzz their crotches as they eat, increasing and decreasing the intensity of the joy-buzzers at random.

"Whoever finishes her din-din first gets to HAVE M&M here!"

Supergirl and Batgirl fight the increasing urge to climax as they eat faster and faster, whimpering and moaning all the while.

Harley then walks over and stands in-between Batgirl and Supergirl. Bending over, she lifts both heroines' capes, allowing each heroine to see her opponent's place and how much food the other heroine had left in her bowl. Both Supergirl's and Batgirl's eyes bulge as they race to finish eating.

The cameras zoom in to get the best shots of the disgraced heroines eating faster and faster, all while trying to fight their coming orgasms. As both get close to finishing, Harley increases the buzzing; naturally, both heroines find it becoming harder and harder to finish their "meals".

Mary's eyes tell the whole story of her mind, as she can't help but get a little wet at seeing Supergirl and Batgirl disgrace themselves so much JUST to have control OVER HER. She has never thought that her fellow crimefighters, even brainwashed, could have such perverted feelings toward HER. Feeling her mind get weak, the young heroine continues dancing like a stripper for Harley, never taking her eyes off of her TV.

The young heroine's eyes then bulge in terror, as Supergirl and Batgirl finish their "meals" at the exact same time, both panting like dogs and looking plenty horny.

Grinning, Harley presses the remote control several more times and buzzes both heroines over the edge. Both Supergirl and Batgirl convulse as huge, overwhelming orgasms rip through them. The mindless heroines' hands are planted firmly on the floor, their asses raised in the air; as the orgasms take over completely, their knees go together and their skirts flip over, revealing both heroines' autographed asses.

Cameras zoom in, delivering multiple, simultaneous shots of the disgraced heroines from behind. Every inch of their well-filled panties are filmed; Supergirl's ass is autographed, "Cum-Sucking Slut", while Batgirl's ass is autographed, "Cum Guzzler".

As both heroines orgasm, Harley announces, "IT'S A TIE! THEY BOTH GET TO COME GET YOU! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Harley attaches dog leashes to the chokers around both Supergirl's and Batgirl's necks, before getting on Supergirl's back once more and draping the Kryptonian's cape over her head again. She rides the blinded Supergirl out of the room, with Batgirl following behind closely.

As the trio leaves the room, Harley announces, "Go to your front door, my little M&M! Unlock all your locks, and let team "Cheer Service" in!"

Mary immediately stops dancing and, like a mindless robot, slowly walks over to her front door. She unlocks each latch, and slowly opens the door.

Supergirl comes bouncing in, cheerleading with a pom-pom in each hand. She sets up three live-feed cameras around the room as she cheers to no one in particular, "WE'RE BAD AND WE KNOW IT, AND WE'VE GOT THE LOOKS TO SHOW IT...!"

Batgirl follows Supergirl into the apartment, armed with a maid's service cart. She stops at the frozen Mary, and begins to make out with the mindless heroine, before caressing Mary's naked upper body. At her command, Mary shuts the front door and turns around, now facing all three cameras and the now-mindless, evil toys of Harley Quinn.

Supergirl goes to turn off the TV, before returning to Mary. She drops her pom-poms and begins to taunt the helpless heroine.

"Wow, no wonder Mistress Harley said she had better things to do! I can't believe we're reduced to dealing with B-Listers like this slut!"

"Now, now!" Batgirl "scolds" her partner in crime. "We're here to teach Mary her REAL station in life: serving her betters on her hands and knees! And that's a lesson that EVERY heroine deserves to get, no matter HOW pathetic!"

"Right you are, Bat-Bitch!" Supergirl giggles, unwrapping another of her nicotine lollipops. "But still! Remember back when she FINALLY learned that Santa wasn't real?"

"It was last year!" Batgirl chortles. "Guess NO ONE told her that the JLA deals with every letter to Santa in their spare time!"

"Must have sent her whole world into a SPIN!" laughs Supergirl.

Putting one finger on Mary's head, Supergirl proceeds to spin the young heroine around on her heel, like a ballerina. As Supergirl spins Mary faster and faster, Mary's eyes bulge wider and wider with each spin. Finally, Supergirl stops spinning Mary; Mary's eyes are left wide and crossed as the young heroine fights to stand straight upright.

Supergirl forces Mary to put her hands back on her hips. That done, the Kryptonian pulls up her own top, exposing her large tits; she begins "motor-boating" the cross-eyed heroine, mashing Mary's face in-between her huge tits. The entire time, Batgirl films Supergirl taunting Mary and playing with Mary's smaller tits.

"Hmph! Looks like YOUR tits are just a second-rate imitation of mine!" Supergirl sneers as she flicks Mary's rapidly-stiffening nipple. "Why am I not surprised?"

As she motor-boats Mary, Supergirl reaches around, grabs the waistband of Mary's bloomers, and wedgies the young heroine. Mary's hands are still on her hips as Batgirl prances around the duo, filming; the redhead then takes Mary's cape and drapes it over the young heroine's head once more.

Batgirl then pulls a battery-operated vibrator out of her perverted utility belt, and hands it to Supergirl. Grinning, Supergirl takes the vibrator and sticks it against Mary's crotch, vibrating the young heroine's most sensitive area.

Then, after a couple of seconds, Supergirl winds up her free arm and delivers a punch to Mary's unprotected stomach.


Thanks to Supergirl's Kryptonian strength, Mary flies a good fifteen feet through the air and lands in her own kitchen sink, her cape still draped over her head. To add insult to injury, the faucet is turned on by the impact, spraying cold water all over Mary.

Supergirl walks up to the sink, vibrator in hand, and turns the cold water on to a full blast. She then jams the vibrator directly into Mary's crotch, up against her bloomers, and flips the nefarious device to maximum strength!

Mary moans uncontrollably under her cape, not even fighting back. Supergirl continues to hold the vibrator to Mary's groin, holding the young heroine in place. Next, Supergirl takes the faucet sprayer and extends it, then points it directly at Mary's cape-covered head, completely soaking the young heroine with cold water.

The rush of cold water snaps Mary out of her hypnotized state, but Supergirl quickly realizes this. She drops the sprayer and grabs Mary by the throat, holding her down even harder. Mary, still getting vibrated, futilely squirms as she pulls against Supergirl's hold; but it's no use, as Supergirl's Kryptonian strength is more than a match for Mary's own mystically-fueled powers. The whole time, Batgirl is laughing at and taunting Mary while filming the scene.

Under her cape, all Mary can see now is red. She gasps; less and less breath is getting into her lungs. Meanwhile, her crotch is exploding with pleasure, and vibrating like a tuning fork as she begins to get a hold of her body again.

Supergirl stops vibrating Mary all of a sudden, lifts Mary out of the sink, and tosses the still-soaked young heroine backwards. Mary flies across her kitchen a second time, landing stomach-first across the kitchen counter.


The young heroine's legs dangle in the air as she tries to regain herself; her tippy-toes are barely touching the kitchen floor. She shivers from the cold water drenching her body.

Supergirl walks up behind Mary, and begins to pull hard on the heroine's soaked white bloomers. As she pulls the fabric up, the Kryptonian begins to ruthlessly spank Mary.

Mary is lifted off of her toes as Supergirl yanks her from her backside; each spank to the young heroine's ass cheeks, however, pushes her back down. Still soaking wet, Mary is now totally unable to get any control over her awkward new position.

Supergirl slaps Mary's ass harder and harder, now gasping in-between each spank. She wants nothing less than to totally break Mary's will, becoming determined to get the young heroine to submit with the very next spank. Every smack sends Mary's body a-quivering, making water droplets splash onto the kitchen floor.

"H-HOLY...! M-MOLY...! STOP...! OW...! STOP...! OW...! PLEASE...! OW...! PLEASE...! OW...! OW...!! OW...!"

Batgirl zooms in close on Mary's dripping face, filming the young heroine's pained expression turning to one of complete humiliation as she finally makes eye contact with the camera in Batgirl's gloved hand. Batgirl waves at Mary with her free hand, smiling.

Tears begin to well up in Mary's eyes; soon, the heroine begins sobbing, her tears mixing with the water droplets falling from her face. Her eyes then begin to glaze over and go slightly cross, as she realizes that SHE has been caught, and that now, against her will, SHE will become ANOTHER super heroine pet for Harley.

Mary's crotch, already on fire from the constant wedgie, begins to get wet at her predicament. Like a child, the young heroine pulls her own cape over her head, and hides beneath it, trying to will everything to go away. Batgirl films the whole humiliating sequence, while Supergirl continues to wedgie and spank.

Batgirl suddenly leans forward while filming, and whispers something into Supergirl's ear.

Supergirl perks up at the redhead's suggestion, and stops the spankings. With her free hand, she runs her nails up and down Mary's pantyhose, ripping snags and creating runs up and down Mary's legs. Meanwhile, Batgirl runs over to the kitchen sink, and picks up the vibrator that Supergirl had earlier discarded.

Batgirl soon returns to the two, and takes the reins on holding Mary's wedgie in place. Meanwhile, Supergirl grabs the vibrator and continues to vibrate Mary's groin, against the heroine's will. To make matters worse, Supergirl begins to help hold Mary down with her free hand. Disgusting grunts and moans soon start coming from under Mary's cape, as she desperately fights to get free, only to be held in place even tighter.

An annoyingly pleasant sensation soon blooms between Mary's legs, and steadily grows from a trickle into a stream into a torrent. The heroine writhes as she valiantly attempts to deny the feelings in her "sweet spot".

Bucking wildly, Mary fights the oncoming orgasm as Batgirl and Supergirl mercilessly taunt her, and repeat, "One of us. One of us. One of us."


Mary's body convulses and spasms as the orgasm takes hold. After the orgasm passes, her body flops to the counter, completely weakened and drained of energy. She can feel a cool, wet feeling in her bloomers, and knows - to her shame - that her squirting has totally disgraced her uniform.

Batgirl, as if reading Mary's mind, loudly scolds Mary for ruining her uniform. Disapprovingly, she tells the young heroine that she's "setting an example" for young women across the country.

As Mary gasps and moans incoherently, Supergirl snaps the young heroine's soiled bloomers upward, fishing Mary's hands through the leg holes. Mary lays motionless, even with her hands stretched through the darkened underwear.

Batgirl then lifts up Mary's cape, and films Mary's cross-eyed face as the heroine's eyes flutter, rolling back in their sockets; drool now hangs from Mary's mouth. Batgirl hauls Mary into the living room and lays her on the couch, taunting her some more as she waits for the soaked heroine's body to dry.

"Mistress Harley's got BIG PLANS for you once we get your ass back to your new home, bitch! I hear SUCK GIRL personally asked for a 15-inch strap-on to fill your little cherry hole with!"

Meanwhile, Supergirl films herself walking through Mary's apartment, and talking down to Mary as if the young heroine was still listening. While doing so, Supergirl comes across Mary's Halloween costume from last year: a "cigarette girl" outfit. The discovery makes Supergirl squeal in delight.

Supergirl comes back into Mary's living room, showing Batgirl and the cameras Mary's Halloween costume and taunting the downed super heroine.

"WOW! I always KNEW you were a total SKANK deep down, you GOODY-TWO-SHOES! You'll FIT IN PERFECTLY with MISTRESS HARLEY'S PETS!"

Supergirl scoffs. "That's small potatoes! I found NOTHING but silk baby-doll outfits in her dresser! "Innocent All-American Girl", my ass!"

Mary moans and comes to, not fully comprehending her situation. The World's Mightiest Mortal Maiden gets up and attempts to flee, not even stopping to free her hands. She runs toward her front door, wild-eyed, hands still fished through her own bloomers.

Unfortunately, Batgirl happens to be standing between Mary and the front door. Shaking her head, Batgirl pulls a tiny gun out of her perverted utility belt and points it directly at the wild-eyed and confused Mary.

"Freeze, BITCH!"

When Mary doesn't stop, Batgirl pulls the trigger. A giant boxing glove on a spring promptly comes shooting out of the gun, landing directly in Mary's gut.


Mary bends over, eyes wide and crossed. Supergirl, meanwhile, comes running up to the unaware heroine from behind and punt-kicks Mary directly in the crotch.


Mary goes even more cross-eyed, her knees drawing close together. Grinning, Supergirl then walks around to Mary's front.

Weakly, Mary looks up at Supergirl. The heroine's eyes are still crossed, and she's holding her brutalized crotch, bent over in front of the Kryptonian and completely at her mercy.

Suddenly, Supergirl grabs her pom-poms and begins cheerleading loudly in front of Mary.


A confused Mary watches in terror, not knowing what Supergirl has in store for her.

With her cheers, Supergirl completely assumes the cheerleader role. Soon, she begins punching with her cheers, landing three repeated punches to Mary's face.

"Ack! Oof! Ugh!"

Mary gets weaker with each punch, her eyes staying crossed but going glazed over as well; drool now hangs from her mouth.

Supergirl finishes her cheer with a high kick, landing it directly under Mary's chin. Both are launched high into the air by the force of the kick, as Supergirl tosses her pom-poms into the air as well.

While Batgirl records every moment, Supergirl lands gracefully, catching her pom-poms and sticking to her cheer landing, as the knocked-silly Mary flops onto Batgirl's maid cart. The degraded heroine is lying on her back, unmoving; her mouth gasps dryly. Supergirl, looking proud of herself, unwraps and begins to suck on a fresh lollipop.

"Dumb bitch!" Batgirl laughs. "You will be ONE OF US whether you like it or not! Mistress Harley's wish is our command!"

Supergirl next faces the camera, with a giant smile on her face, as Batgirl hands her a dry-erase marker. Taking the marker, Supergirl proceeds to write "Marvel Muncher" on Mary's forehead, and draws a mustache on Mary's upper lip. The Kryptonian then draws a target board-like series of circles extending over Mary's face, with the heroine's nose serving as the bull's-eye.

Batgirl films the "work of art", laughing hysterically as Supergirl begins to sign Mary's exposed tits "Motor-Boated". Supergirl then takes the camera from Batgirl, as Batgirl begins to push the maid's cart (with Mary still on it) towards Mary's bathroom, dancing as she does so.

After Batgirl pushes the cart into Mary's bathroom, she grabs Mary by the hair and pulls the young heroine off of the cart. Mary lands on her knees hard, and squeals in pain from the impact; her hands are still locked in the leg holes of her bloomers. Batgirl then takes Mary's cape, and drapes it over the young heroine's head.

Batgirl, seeing a cup on Mary's bathroom sink, hams it up for the camera:


Batgirl takes the cup, scoops a glassful of water out of Mary's toilet, and shows it to the camera. In the background, Mary's head is weakly weaving under her cape, her hands not even moving.


Batgirl shoves the glass over Mary's mouth; holding the heroine's head back under her cape, the redhead forces Mary to drink her own toilet water. Thirsty from all the humiliations, Mary eagerly drinks the entire glass; as she finishes the glass, she almost wants more.

Supergirl and Batgirl both begin laughing hysterically as Batgirl shows Mary what water she was drinking. Mary's eyes fill with tears as she spits up some water that dribbles down her chin. She shakes her head "no" as her bottom lip quivers, openly showing the expression of a humiliated heroine.

Getting off on this latest humiliation, Batgirl returns to the toilet several times, each time taking a glass full of toilet water back to Mary. Mary bravely tries to resist, but her tormentors prove too much for her, and trying to defy them only brings Mary pain in the form of punches and kicks to the stomach and crotch.

Sadistically, Supergirl bends down and whispers to Mary that the only way to get this torture to stop is for her to WILLINGLY beg for another drink. Mary's stomach turns at the thought, but she knows she has no other choice!

When Batgirl comes back with the sixth glass of toilet water, Mary desperately hurls herself at Batgirl's feet and pleads loudly, "PLEASE, MISTRESS! PLEASE LET THIS PATHETIC, WORTHLESS LITTLE SLAVE HAVE MORE OF THAT TASTY, TASTY NECTAR! PLEEEEEEASE! I'M SOOOOOOO THIRSTY!!!"

Batgirl exchanges a wry glance with Supergirl, pleased that they've dragged Mary's dignity even lower. The evil redhead "graciously" gives Mary the cup, and watches closely as Mary - with tears in her eyes - drains all of it.

Only when Mary is done does Batgirl bend down, take the cup away, and pat the young heroine on the head. Then, the former heroine high-fives Supergirl.

"Now, if you don't want a swirlie on camera," Batgirl sneers, "You will KISS OUR FEET, and say "I'M YOUR BITCH" as you do. So... KISS-MY-FEET... BITCH!"

Mary stares mindlessly at the camera, before looking up at Batgirl's cruel face, and then down at Batgirl's booted feet, and then back at the camera.

Batgirl begins to get impatient. "DO IT NOW, BITCH!"

Mary realizes that she cannot win, and without thinking, she bows down, moaning "I'm your bitch" before kissing Batgirl's right boot.

Batgirl looks toward the camera with a smile. "AGAIN!"

Mary obeys, kissing Batgirl's left boot. "I'm your bitch."

While she's kissing Batgirl's boot, Mary frees her hands from her bloomers, only to be scolded by Supergirl. The Kryptonian forces the young heroine to put her hands back into her bloomers' leg holes, and threatens to give her "the ass-kicking of a lifetime" if she tries it again.

Supergirl then forces Mary to rest her entire weight on her knees and her chin, while continuing to kiss Batgirl's booted feet over and over while repeating "I'm your bitch" again and again. Batgirl begins forcing her boot into Mary's mouth, making sure to get as many shots on film of Mary getting completely owned, and sucking on her boots, as possible.

Batgirl throws her head back and laughs as Mary's eyes bulge in humiliation. Tears proceed to run down Mary's face as Supergirl films, and Batgirl points at the young heroine, laughing.

"I always KNEW you were SECOND-RATE, but I didn't know you were such a CRYBABY!"

"Just like these magic-using types!" Supergirl growls in disgust. "Some wizard or whatever shows up out of the blue and hands them powers, and they think the entire world is theirs! This one's well overdue for a REALITY CHECK!"

Batgirl then bends down, and unzips her left boot, making sure to keep it in Mary's mouth. The redhead then climbs onto Mary's back, mounting the heroine. Batgirl makes sure that Supergirl gets good shots of her riding Mary like a dog, with her purple boot still in Mary's mouth.

"RIDE 'EM, COWGIRL!" Supergirl laughs.

Batgirl dismounts after a while, and pulls Mary up by the hair, holding the heroine for the camera like a trophy.

"Your turn!"

Supergirl hands the camera to Batgirl once more, and looks at Batgirl thoughtfully as she tries to think of another way to disgrace Mary. Soon, she comes up with an idea, and grabs Mary by the hair. Then, the Kryptonian takes her free hand and fishes it under Mary's pantyhose.

Mary struggles weakly, but doesn't comprehend what's happening until it's too late. Her eyes soon bulge wildly, and cross, as Supergirl rams her thumb directly up Mary's asshole.

Batgirl begins giggling wildly as she sees Mary's face, with her mouth in a perfect "O", on camera. The young heroine is totally paralyzed for a few moments, from the shock of having her anal virginity taken.

Supergirl commands, firmly, "Say "I'm your bitch, Suck Girl"!"

Mary replies, wildly and desperately, "I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M YOUR BITCH!"

Supergirl removes her thumb from Mary's asshole, only to ram it into Mary's mouth. Mary's eyes bulge and go cross; a disgusted look soon covers her face.

Mary struggles to free herself, but Supergirl holds her in place by her hair. The Kryptonian makes sure that her thumb stays nice and deep in Mary's mouth.


Supergirl then delivers a hard kick to Mary's gut, forcing her to inadvertently suck on Supergirl's thumb. Mary moans in disgust, her eyes still crossed, as Batgirl laughs and zooms in on the young heroine's face. To make things even worse, Supergirl begins to cheer toward the camera as Mary continues to suck on her thumb.


Mary blinks dimly; she has just enough time to piece the cheer together in her head to adopt a look of terror.

Immediately afterward, Supergirl forces Mary's face into her own toilet and presses the flush handle. She repeatedly gives the young heroine several brutal swirlies, firmly holding Mary's head in place in the toilet.

As Mary gasps and gurgles for air, Supergirl continues to hold her in the toilet head-first, going so far as to raise one leg and put her boot on Mary's head to keep it down. Mary visibly gets weaker and weaker, until she finally stops moving.

Supergirl pulls Mary out of the toilet, and throws the unconscious Mary to the bathroom floor. Supergirl then stomps down hard on Mary's stomach, rudely waking the young heroine up and forcing her to spit up water and begin breathing again.

Batgirl takes a box of talcum powder, and begins to pour its contents all over the soaked Mary. Soon, Mary's face become a pasty mess of white goo, similar to the ghostly face paint that Supergirl and Batgirl are wearing.

Supergirl then picks Mary up, and places the young heroine on the maid cart, face-down. Supergirl proceeds to tie Mary's legs, which are dangling far over the cart's edge, to the "legs" of the cart. Mary's arms, still fished through her bloomers, are finally freed and tied to the "legs" on the cart's opposite side. Mary begins to stir, unable to move much.

Next, Supergirl pulls Mary's bloomers down to the heroine's knees, exposing the heroine's ass. She then autographs Mary's ass with the words "OWNED MARVEL".

Batgirl applauds the autograph. "Truer words have NEVER been spoken! Or written on a wannabe heroine's ass. Same difference!"

Tied to the cart face-down with her backside now completely exposed, Mary cannot move. As the young heroine struggles in vain, Batgirl takes her feather duster (laced with chloroform) out of her perverted utility belt, and begins dusting Mary's face. As one final touch, Supergirl places a pie on the cart, directly beneath the slowly-fading Mary's face.

As Mary passes out completely and her head falls, her face lands with a splat in the custard pie.

Both Supergirl and Batgirl both laugh at the ridiculous scene. They film the utterly disgraced and humiliated Mary, her body tied to the maid's cart, her face down in pie, her ass exposed and autographed, her bloomers around her knees, and her pantyhose shredded.

Batgirl walks down the halls of Mary's apartment building, pulling the cart (with Mary attached to it) behind her. Supergirl brings up the rear, filming while knocking on every door as they go by. Confused neighbors come out of their apartments, only to see Mary, with her ass autographed, being led away by a cheerleader and a French maid.

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