by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Black Canary Harley Quinn Catwoman Huntress Mary Marvel Poison Ivy Zatanna Supergirl Robin
Category F/F DC Female Dom Mind Control Rape Corruption Harem Bondage Female Counterpart Change of clothes
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Batgirl and Supergirl enter Harley's new hideout, with the still-unconscious Mary Marvel (still face-down in the pie plate, her face a gooey mass) on Batgirl's maid cart. They wheel Mary over to a waiting Harley Quinn, who is sitting on a sofa along with two surprise guests: Catwoman and Poison Ivy!

All three of the villainesses laugh, and point at their new victim. A pleased Harley rewards Batgirl and Supergirl by allowing them to be the entertainment for her guests. The clown princess hands the two of them strap-on dildos - red for Batgirl, black for Supergirl - and orders them to continue filming Mary's ultimate humiliation.

"Yes, mistress!" the brainwashed duo reply, rubbing their hands wickedly.

Meanwhile, all the other heroines are lined up against a wall in the background, hands on their hips. All of them have their capes draped over their heads, and are wearing their "official" slut uniforms. Harley calls to them, and tells them to take the capes off their heads, so they can see the newest addition to the "family".

All four former heroines laugh loudly at the helpless Mary, and Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman join in. Supergirl and Batgirl, in the meantime, have finally gotten their strap-ons on properly. Evil smiles spread across their faces.

Supergirl proceeds to rudely "wake" Mary by forcing herself into the sleeping heroine; with a wet squish, her strap-on easily slides into Mary's still-moist pussy. Mary stirs and moans under her gooey "mask", as Supergirl mindlessly stares off to the side, at her mistress, while pistoning herself on and off of Mary.

As Supergirl rails Mary, Batgirl lifts Mary's face out of the pie plate and goo. The redhead taunts Mary:

"WAKEY WAKEY! Mistress has some FRIENDS over, and you're being POSITIVELY RUDE! Coming in here ASLEEP, with all that STUFF on your face!"

Supergirl reaches over and grabs Mary by the hair, lifting and holding the heroine's face up so that Batgirl can clean the goo off of it. Batgirl, true to her newly-acquired identity as a French maid, quickly and happily obeys, spraying Mary's face down with water and roughly wiping it as Supergirl continues to fuck Mary.

Once finished, Batgirl shows Harley the Cigarette Girl costume that she and Supergirl had found in Mary's apartment. Harley squeals in joy.

"WOW! Never thought my little M&M would have a READY-MADE slut uniform!" Harley laughs. "This makes things SOOOO much easier!"

Supergirl continues to "have" Mary doggy-style over the maid cart, as Batgirl begins to cover Mary's face in white clown face-paint. Once she finishes, Batgirl takes out a permanent marker and autographs Mary's forehead again, this time with the words "Smoke Bitch".

Batgirl and Supergirl then release Mary, untying her from the maid cart, only to tag-team the young heroine. Batgirl begins to fuck Mary's mouth with her strap-on dildo, while putting Mary's hair into pigtails. Supergirl merely holds Mary down from behind and continues to "have" her doggy-style over the maid cart.

Soon, Mary is seen with her eyes wide open and bulging cross, as she moans in humiliation and struggles, in vain, to get free.

Harley then calls Robin over, telling her to take Huntress's serving tray. She then orders the Girl Blunder to take her, Catwoman's, and Ivy's drink orders.

"What would you like to drink, mistresses?" the brainwashed heroine asks, smiling sweetly.

"Some champagne," Ivy smiles. "REAL champagne. NONE of that junk from New Zealand!"

"Coffee," Catwoman purrs. "With EXTRA milk."

"Get me an ice-cold Zesti in a glass, and DON'T forget the paper umbrella!" Harley commands.

Robin obeys, and goes to get the drinks. As the villainesses wait for her return, Ivy pulls Harley aside and tells her that it's always been her fantasy to have Batgirl AND Robin, unmasked on TV and mindlessly eating her pussy.

Harley giggles at the idea, and orders the other heroines to get the set ready, and to get the cameras rolling.

"YES, MISTRESS!" Zatanna, Black Canary, and Huntress all say mindlessly.

Some time later, Robin comes back into the room only for Harley to grab her by the hair. The clown princess doles out the drinks on the tray, before ordering Robin to get on her knees and take Ivy to the set on her back.

Mindlessly, Robin obeys; as Ivy finishes her drink, she gets off of the sofa and climbs onto the Girl Blunder's back. Clumsily, Robin piggyback-carries Ivy the rest of the way to the set. Ivy laughs the entire way.

In the meantime, Batgirl is seen slapping Mary in the face with her strap-on. As the redhead is doing this, Harley suddenly walks up and grabs Batgirl by the hair. Smiling, Harley tells Batgirl to crawl, on her hands and knees, over to Robin and Ivy. Batgirl obeys, and Black Canary soon comes to take the camera from her, to continue filming Mary. Mary, naturally, is still screaming and moaning in humiliation.

As Batgirl crawls toward the set as well, Catwoman hungrily eyes Zatanna. The cat burglar orders Zatanna to come to her, on all fours. Once Zatanna has crawled over to the sofa, Catwoman orders the magician to worship her feet, and kiss her ass.

"MMRRRROOOWWW..." Catwoman moans as Zatanna puts her recent slave training to work.

Zatanna performs beyond Catwoman's expectations, loyally kissing and licking the cat burglar's boots and planting soft kisses on the cat burglar's ass. To reward her pet, Catwoman wraps her whip around Zatanna's neck, creating a "leash".

Harley suddenly comes over to the pair, grinning deviously. She is holding a deck of playing cards, and is shuffling them carefully.

"Wanna see a card trick? We've worked on it for DAYS!"

Catwoman nods, and watches curiously as Harley squats down directly behind Zatanna. With a look of concentration, the mad villainess slides out the top card in the deck... and shoves it straight into Zatanna's ass!

Zatanna makes a sharp squeak at the intrusion, much to Catwoman's amusement. Harley, meanwhile, is steadily working the playing card deeper and deeper into the magician's ass crack, pushing it against the fabric of Zatanna's unitard bottom.

"You know what to do!" Harley barks. Zatanna obeys immediately, clenching her shapely ass cheeks and holding the card tightly in place.

Harley then goes over to Catwoman, and whispers something into her ear. A devious smile breaks across Catwoman's face, as she tugs on the "leash" and commands Zatanna to rise to her feet.

The magician awkwardly stands up, with Catwoman's whip still around her neck and the playing card still lodged in her ass. Licking her lips, Catwoman tells Zatanna that it's time for her "walk", and tugs on the whip, leading the young magician from the front. Zatanna, her body bent over, tries her best to keep up with Catwoman while still holding the card in her ass.

As Zatanna is being led around the room, Harley follows the magician from behind, cards still in hand. Every so often, she shoves another one up Zatanna's ass, telling the magician that she'll get the "ass-kicking" of her life if she drops even one card. Zatanna gulps nervously, as she KNOWS what her mistress is capable of.

"Five... six..." Harley giggles to herself, counting each card as she shoves it into Zatanna's rear. "Seven..."

Zatanna's eyes begin to cross, as she knows that she can't hold on for much longer, and she's already straining from the effort. And the fact that Catwoman seems to be walking faster only makes things worse!


Catwoman suddenly stops, bringing Zatanna (and Harley) to a halt as well. The raven-haired villainess turns around, and cups Zatanna's chin, staring deep into the heroine's eyes. Slowly, Catwoman leans in, as if to kiss the heroine, before suddenly bringing her knee straight up into Zatanna's crotch.

Zatanna groans in pain and doubles up, hands shooting to the brutalized area between her legs. Her ass cheeks inadvertently loosen, and the cards between them scatter to the floor.

As the magician gulps in horror, realizing too late what just happened, Catwoman crosses her arms and smiles in anticipation. Zatanna tries to shrink away from Harley, only for Catwoman to hold her in place.

Harley remains silent for a long moment, before suddenly and cheerfully shouting, "Eight! That's a new record!"

The mad villainess holds her jubilant grin for several seconds, as Zatanna and Catwoman look on in surprise. Only as Zatanna begins to relax, and Catwoman starts to look disappointed, does the happy look disappear from Harley's face.


Zatanna recoils in horror, while Catwoman smirks. Zatanna falls to her knees and prostrates herself before her malevolent mistress, begging for mercy, but Harley will have none of it. Growling, the mad villainess goes behind Zatanna and forces her over to a bizarre contraption that looks like a set of stocks connected to an exercise bicycle. Between the two is a windmill-like device, with four boots mounted on sticks instead of blades.

Harley locks Zatanna's head and hands into the stocks, making sure that the heroine is now bent over with her ass high in the air and her legs straight. As one final touch, she drapes Zatanna's cape over the heroine's head.

"Ready for your punishment?" Harley smiles evilly as she gestures Catwoman to come over and join them. Catwoman eagerly approaches the strange machine, while Zatanna whimpers pathetically under her cape.

As Harley waves goodbye and scampers off, Catwoman slides into the seat of the bike to pedal rapidly... and soon, Zatanna begins to yelp as the "windmill" spins, its four boots taking turns kicking her vulnerable posterior again... and again... and again...

Over at the set, Ivy orders both Batgirl and Robin onto their knees, as Huntress stands to the side, filming. Ivy talks directly toward the camera, addressing Batman and taunting and trash-talking about how she has his sidekicks, how she will soon have their identities, and how THEY will have "a mouthful of Poison Ivy!"

Ivy orders both Batgirl and Robin to eat her out as she stands over the kneeling heroines, holding both by the hair. She has them "take turns", ramming their heads into her crotch one at a time as she continues to trash-talk Batman.

"How'd the old saying go, BATMAN? Leaves of three, leave them be? Just like YOU'D better leave US be!"

Suddenly, the villainess places a gloved hand on each of the heroines' foreheads, and shoves them backward. Batgirl and Robin both land on their backs, eyes crossed. The two mindless heroines begin to climb back to their feet, only to find themselves overcome by a sudden, overpowering itchiness!

Ivy laughs at the two hapless heroines, stroking the leaves on her costume. Smiling sadistically, she tells the two former protectors of Gotham that the leaves on her costume are real poison ivy leaves. And not just any poison ivy leaves - specially engineered poison ivy leaves that produce an oil capable of seeping through any costume, AND induce itchiness three times as intense as ordinary poison ivy oil!

"Unless, of course, you have natural immunity to all plant-based chemicals. OR unless you've been given my special antidote, like Harley and Catwoman," Ivy smirks. "I'm guessing you two don't have either."

Batgirl and Robin make no response; they are too busy whimpering pathetically, scratching themselves all over.

"H-h-holy skin rash, Batgirl!" Robin finally manages a minute or two later. "This is w-w-worse than the time I had the chicken pox!"

"Sh-shut up, Robin!" Batgirl snaps. She has already whipped off her gloves, so she can scratch herself more effectively. A few seconds later, Robin has followed suit.

Ivy throws back her head and laughs as, over the next couple of minutes, Batgirl and Robin strip their own costumes away piece by piece. Evidently, the heroines are either hoping to distance themselves from the poison ivy oil-soaked garments, or simply make their skin easier to scratch. Their efforts, though admirable, are in vain - the poison ivy oil has already coated their skin, and every scratch only intensifies its effect!

Soon, the heroines are left wearing only their masks. Now completely at their wits' end, the itching heroines throw away their last shred of pride and desperately beg Ivy for the antidote.

Ivy smirks, and tells the detained duo, in a superior tone, that they will have to lick her boots and render them completely clean in thirty seconds or less if they ever want to be rid of the infernal itchiness.

Without hesitation, the two tormented heroines lunge toward Ivy's booted feet and feverishly begin licking. Not a single square inch of boot is spared as their talented tongues swish back and forth, removing every trace of dirt and dust. Once the thirty-second mark has passed, Ivy kicks her two spit-shiners away and inspects her boots.

"Hmm... good enough, I suppose."

With that, the villainess reaches into her cleavage and takes out a small tube containing the antidote. She carelessly throws it at Batgirl and Robin, who immediately grab onto it and begin viciously fighting with one another over who gets it first.

A good ten minutes later, Batgirl and Robin are lying on their backs, panting and trying to recover from the attack of poison ivy oil. To Ivy, however, there is "no rest for the wicked" - and in a matter of seconds, she is forcing the two heroines to eat her out once more.

While the green-clad villainess is having her way with the two former protectors of Gotham, Harley comes onto the set. The mad villainess watches the scene before her for a few minutes, a big smile on her face.

Harley locks eyes with Ivy, and makes a "shhh" gesture as she tiptoes forward. Ivy smiles at her longtime friend and partner in crime as the latter sneaks up on the unaware Batgirl and Robin.

As she approaches Ivy and the mindless heroines, Harley takes out 2 sets of nipple clamps, and smiles maliciously. Soon, she is directly behind Batgirl and Robin, who remain ignorant of her presence.

"Thaaaaat's it, Girl Blunder!" Ivy sneers as Robin pleasures her and Batgirl watches, enthralled. "About time you did something USEFUL with that mouth of yours!"

While Ivy is busy cramming Robin's head into her pussy, Harley grabs Batgirl from behind. The redheaded heroine gasps in surprise as Harley begins to hike up her purple top. Annoyed, Harley grabs Batgirl's cape and drapes it over the heroine's head; instantly, Batgirl's "training" kicks in, and the heroine submissively lowers her head, staying as quiet and as still as possible.

Satisfied, Harley pulls Batgirl's top all the way past the heroine's round, perky tits. Once Batgirl's tits have been exposed, Harley takes one of the sets of nipple clamps and closes them on the heroine's nipples. Batgirl is heard whimpering in pain beneath her cape, but continues to stay still.

Precisely at that moment, Ivy pushes Robin away from her pussy and declares that it's Batgirl's "turn" again. Harley joyfully pushes Batgirl toward Ivy, and the redheaded heroine is soon busily lapping away at Ivy's cunt.

"Oh! Mmmmmm..." Ivy moans, throwing her head back. "For a third-rate heroine, Bat-Bitch, you sure are a first-rate carpet muncher!"

Robin watches her longtime friend and crime-fighting partner please Ivy, looking jealous. That look soon becomes one of surprise, however, as she feels Harley begin to hike HER top up from behind, just like with Batgirl. And just like before, Harley drapes Robin's cape over the Girl Blunder's head, before applying the second set of clamps to the young heroine's nipples.

With both of the young heroines' nipples now firmly clamped, Harley rubs her hands together evilly and takes out two thin gold chains. With the chains, she carefully connects the separate clamps on Batgirl's and Robin's nipples. Soon, both Batgirl and Robin are left with nice lengths of chains dangling between their boobs.

Content, Harley puts a hand on each of the chains and tugs them gently. She is rewarded with the sounds of Batgirl and Robin moaning in pleasure, not to mention a smile of approval from Ivy.

"Well, it looks like my work here is done!" Harley says cheerily, before saluting Ivy and skipping off. Suddenly, her stomach growls. "Oops! Time for a little midnight snack!"

A little while later, Harley is sitting at a table at another area in her hideout. Before her is spread a smorgasbord of food - mostly items from a local Mexican restaurant, especially those that feature lots of beans. Several large-liter bottles of soda are also present.

Grinning, Harley quickly devours her lunch, making sure to drink much of the soda as well. That done, she stretches for a bit, and returns to check up on her "little helpers" some more.

Over at the maid cart, Mary is still getting fucked six ways to Sunday by Supergirl. Black Canary and Huntress are nearby, operating the cameras while pointing and laughing at the helpless heroine.

"Hah! Look at the "World's Mightiest Maiden" go!"

"Yeah, even you put up more of a fight than that!"

"Hahaha! Yeah... HEY!"

Amused at her minions' behavior, Harley walks up to the helpless Mary. As a certain feeling makes its way up Harley's esophagus, the mad jester kneels down so that she can lock lips with Mary. For her part, the "World's Mightiest Maiden" is so discombobulated that she scarcely registers the soft, warm feeling on her mouth. Mere seconds after she has put herself mouth-to-mouth with Mary, however, Harley lets out a fantastic burp!

Mary's eyes widen even more as Harley's belch travels straight into her mouth, and the young heroine moans in disgust. Noticing this, Harley smiles slyly, gets up, and turns around.

"Don't like what's in the attic, my little M&M? Then maybe you'll like what's in the BASEMENT better!"

With that, Harley firmly jams her ass against Mary's face. Mary, feeling the warm, soft texture against her nose and mouth, immediately realizes her mistake. But she can do nothing to escape her predicament, save for futilely begging into Harley's bottom.

Grinning, Harley musters up all of her strength. Seconds later, she rips a massive fart directly into Mary's face - loud enough to be heard all throughout the hideout. Everywhere, heroines and villainesses alike pinch their noses in disgust.

Harley grins at the sounds of Mary's wails, and begins wiggling her ass as much as she can. Soon, she feels another "big one" coming up - maybe even bigger than the last one.

"Buckle up, M&M, 'cause this one's gonna be a real GAS!"

Seconds later, an even louder fart echoes through Harley's hideout. Mary, eyes watering, gags at the taste, but she has no choice but to stay still and let Harley have her way while Supergirl continues to nail her from behind.

After a few more minutes, Harley finally seems to be satisfied with her newest plaything, and promptly skips away. Mary has no opportunity to sigh in relief, however, as Supergirl is still keeping up her relentless assault.

Then, the young heroine hears something that dismays her even further: Harley Quinn's voice, traveling back to her and growing closer and closer!

"Oh, you didn't think I was DONE with you, did you, my little M&M?"

Harley wheels a TV on a roller cart in front of Mary. In a few moments, the TV is soon playing the same hypnotizing video that had claimed the other heroines' minds. Mary realizes this, and is seized by panic, trying to look away and block out the commands for her to "Obey".

Black Canary holds Mary's face still and forces her to watch the mind-numbing video, as Supergirl continues to fuck the young heroine from behind. The constant thrusts into Mary's most vulnerable spot, naturally, make her attempts at resistance hopelessly futile.

Several minutes later, Mary is close to defeat. Her eyes are now almost totally crossed; drool hangs from the heroine's mouth. As the video takes complete hold of her mind, Mary's face, including her perfect "O" mouth, are filmed.

"And WHO says that TV rots your brain?!" Supergirl snickers.

Over at the sofa, Catwoman has gotten bored with (literally) kicking Zatanna's ass, and has pulled Zatanna out of the machine, so they can engage in some more direct "quality time". The villainess has taken her skintight latex pants off, and is forcing Zatanna to use her "Pinocchio" nose as a dildo. Harley laughs and films the scene: Zatanna's hands are helplessly splayed out, and Catwoman has taken full control by grabbing Zatanna's hair so that she can force the magician's head up and down faster and faster.

Catwoman is laughing, and talking down to Zatanna, as Zatanna's eyes bulge and cross; the magician's face is getting wetter and wetter from smacking Catwoman's crotch with her own chin so many times.

Finally, over at the set, Ivy, now coming close to orgasm, taunts Batman one more time before removing both Batgirl and Robin's masks as both heroines cram their faces into her crotch simultaneously. Ivy is laughing, holding both masks out in her hands. Looking directly at the camera, she comes all over Batgirl and Robin's faces.


In the same instant, Catwoman climaxes; as she does so, she removes the Pinocchio nose from Zatanna's face and crams the magician's head directly into her own crotch. Catwoman comes all over Zatanna's face, as Zatanna rests her hands on her hips with her face still in Cawoman's crotch.


Last, but not least, Supergirl brings Mary to orgasm at the same time as the other two. Mary bucks wildly, moaning like a wild animal; she comes while still staring at the TV screen and video, cross-eyed and drooling on the maid cart.


Black Canary takes a dildo, and slowly shoves it into Mary's willing mouth, gradually silencing the young, tamed heroine.

Poison Ivy then drapes Batgirl and Robin's capes over their heads, and orders them back in their place. As Ivy plays with her new trophies, both heroines pout at being forced to go back without their masks.

Nevertheless, Batgirl and Robin go back to the far wall as ordered, and resume standing like statues, hands on their hips and capes over their heads. After a while, Ivy returns to the sofa, the masks still in her hands.

Catwoman, meanwhile, takes the Pinocchio nose in her gloved hand, hawks up a loogie, and spits into the hollow cone-shaped object. She then fastens it back on Zatanna's face, and orders Zatanna back to the wall as well.

Zatanna crawls toward the far wall like a dog, before rising to her two feet and joining Batgirl and Robin's stances. Catwoman lazily climbs back onto the sofa, purring and stretching.

From their stances at the wall, the three former heroines hear something that makes them incredibly jealous: Supergirl is being rewarded for being such a "good girl", bringing Mary to orgasm, that the villainesses order the Kryptonian to be their footstool for the big unveiling.

As Batgirl, Robin, and Zatanna scowl under their capes, Harley orders Huntress and Black Canary to go dress the now-mindless Mary in her new slut costume.

"YES, MISTRESS!" the two heroines salute, each one taking Mary by an arm before dragging the young heroine out of the room.

Harley then rejoins Ivy and Catwoman on the sofa as Supergirl crawls before it, staying on all fours. The three villainesses all rest their feet on Supergirl's back as Supergirl blankly stares straight ahead.

While they wait, the three villainesses begin laughing and chatting with one another, while smoking cigarettes and cigars. When they're done, Catwoman and Ivy reach over, pull down Supergirl's panties, and stub the hot ends of their cigarettes against Supergirl's bare ass. Harley goes even further, dropping her cigar into Supergirl's panties, and then pulling them back up!

Supergirl winces at the rush of heat in her lower regions being held in place by her panties, but keeps on grinning as best as she can.

About twenty minutes later, Huntress comes back into the room, laughing, skipping, getting the cameras ready, and even introducing the new Mary Marvel:


Mary, a dog leash around her neck, is led out by Black Canary. The rest of the young heroine has been put into her "Cigarette Girl" Halloween costume, with a few perverted adjustments, courtesy of her captors.

On Mary's head sits a tiny pink/black top hat, beneath which her pigtailed hair protrudes. The heroine's face is still caked in clown face-paint, with the "Smoke Bitch" autograph on her forehead as clear as ever. The bull's-eye board has been reapplied over the face-paint, starting at her nose and extending over her entire face; a red clown nose has been placed over Mary's real nose, to complete the bull's-eye imagery. As one final touch, the marker mustache has also been reapplied to Mary's upper lip.

The rest of Mary's costume consists of a tiny pink corset dress (with Mary's signature lightning-bolt insignia running across), matching pink gloves, her white Mary Marvel cape draped over her shoulders, and the red skirt from her original costume. A cigarette tray hangs around her neck, containing dozens of different cigarette boxes. To add insult to injury, harnesses keep Mary's arms attached to the harnesses on her legs, keeping the young heroine awkwardly bent over. Pink thigh-high stockings, over suntan control-top pantyhose, cover Mary's legs; the leg harness attached to Mary's arm harnesses keep the young heroine's knees locked as she walks. Mary's original gold-colored boots top off the uniform.

Mary is led over to Harley, who is laughing hysterically at her newest pet. Harley gets off of the sofa and carefully inspects Mary, pulling the neckline of her pink dress down to see her tits (still autographed "Motor-Boated") and then walking behind Mary and flipping up the heroine's skirt. The clown princess smiles at the "Owned Marvel" autograph on Mary's white bloomers.

Harley then walks back around and stands in front of Mary, asking the bent-over heroine if she has has any "last words?".

The mindless Mary responds, "I am alive to serve my mistress, Harley Quinn. How may I serve you, mistress?"

Harley laughs, and undoes the crotch of her jester-suit in response. Grabbing Mary by her new pigtails, she forces the bent-over heroine's face into her pussy, telling her to "EAT IT, BITCH!"

The still-rolling cameras get shots of Mary being force-fed Harley's pussy, her autographed ass sticking up in the air and her eyes bulging as Harley sits back on the floor, spreading her legs into the air as she enjoys her new toy.

Ivy and Catwoman, still on the sofa, laugh at Mary. All of the other heroines are lined up against the wall in the background, hands on hips and capes over their heads, standing like mindless statues as Mary squeals and moans into Harley's crotch.

Under Harley's crotch, Mary is heard moaning, "I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch" over and over; only bits and pieces are heard as Harley continues to have her way with Mary. Eventually, Harley orgasms, and forces her crotch all over Mary's face and hair as she does so, coating the young heroine's face and hair in cum.

Mary continues repeating, "I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'M YOUR BITCH!"

Catwoman then gets off of the couch and grabs one of the cameras, filming the cross-eyed Mary's cum-covered face and hair close up. Harley, meanwhile, is wiping herself clean with Mary's pigtails.

Harley then finishes up the sordid scene; hamming it up for the camera, the clown princess clears her mouth of saliva till it is dry, and grabs Mary by her pigtails.

As Harley yanks her head back, Mary's mouth opens like a hinged trash can. Harley positions her face directly above Mary, letting her spit slowly dangle above the young heroine's face. Slowly, the spit falls and lands directly on Mary's face, near the "bull's-eye" of her nose.

Harley screams, "BULL'S-EYE!"

All three of the villainesses soon line up, to take their shots at Mary's face. Ivy goes next, landing a spit wad on Mary's forehead. Catwoman goes last, finally landing a shot directly in Mary's open mouth. All three villainesses laugh, closing Mary's mouth like a trash can lid.

The camera gets a final shot of Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley standing over the cross-eyed, spit-and-cum-covered Mary. Harley then takes Mary's cape and drapes it over the young, mindless heroine's head, as all three continue to laugh at their waste bucket.

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