by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Huntress Black Canary Harley Quinn Zatanna Supergirl Robin Flash Girl Aquagirl
Category Mind Control Rape F/F Female Dom Harem Bondage sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Female Counterpart Corruption DC
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Midnight finds two young heroines standing outside of Harley's new hideout: Flash Girl and Aquagirl! The speedster and the Atlantean were both close friends of the recently-captured Mary Marvel, and took her defeat very seriously indeed. So seriously, that they had both ditched the JLA "guardians" assigned to them, and teamed up to take down Harley themselves. After some investigation (done beneath the JLA heroes' notice), a snitch had told them about a building rented by one "H. Arlee Quinn" - a lead that the two young heroines were now checking out.

"Split up?" Aquagirl asks.

"Sounds good to me. We'll cover more ground that way," Flash Girl responds.

Without waiting for Aquagirl's reply, Flash Girl immediately dashes into the hideout at top speed.

However, as Flash Girl runs along the corridors of Harley's hideout, she realizes that no booby traps have been set off, and no henchmen are running out to fight her. There is neither hide nor hair of ANY of the brainwashed heroines...

Suddenly, the girl speedster's feet slide out from under her.


Too late, Flash Girl realizes that the floor she's running over IS the trap. She helplessly pitches forward, right toward a square, pink-colored patch on the floor.

With a squish sound, Flash Girl lands in the pink, sticky material face-first. The heroine looks quite disgraced, with her face down in the pink goo, her ass sticking up, her knees not bent, and her hands spread out to her sides, flat against the floor.

From a corner of the room, a mischievous-looking Zatanna smirks as she watches her quarry. The mindless heroine, still wearing her "Puppet" slut uniform, is giggling to herself as she holds a plastic yellow folding sign in her hands that reads, "CAUTION: WAXED FLOOR!".

"Oh, darn!" Zatanna laughs. "I KNEW I should've put this out, like Mistress said! Well, too late now!"

With that, Zatanna skips toward the struggling Flash Girl, and gets a horse saddle out as she does so. Once she reaches the struggling speedster, she places the saddle on Flash Girl's back, straps it tight, and begins to ride Flash Girl like a bucking horse.

"What the...?! WHO...?!" Flash Girl gasps as her body begins to buck harder than ever, trying to throw the new weight off.

Zatanna continues to laugh as she rides Flash Girl for another five minutes, before getting bored and dismounting. She then proceeds to give the girl speedster a small wedgie - just enough to make Flash Girl yelp - before she conjures up a length of puppet string and ties Flash Girl's knees together.

That done, Zatanna conjures up a marker, and autographs Flash Girl's yellow bloomers, "Flash-Banged." As one final insult, she de-boots the flailing heroine; Flash Girl is soon seen stomping up and down on her boots, still stuck to the floor.

As Flash Girl continues to try and get her face free from the goo, Zatanna warns her, "I wouldn't do that if I were you! Don't you CARE about your MASK?"

Flash Girl freezes in place, realizing that Zatanna is right: she'll unmask herself if she DOES get free!

Zatanna then conjures up a video camera, and proceeds to film and taunt the helpless heroine. She then uses her magic to make the camera float in midair and film by itself, before she grabs Flash Girl's bloomers and pulls them over the heroine's skirt, making it look like Flash Girl is wearing diapers.

"You KNOW," Zatanna "whispers" to the camera. "Those panties weren't yellow when she FIRST bought 'em!"

Upon hearing the insult, Flash Girl redoubles her efforts to fight to free herself. Zatanna taunts the speedster some more, before reaching down and giving the heroine a fierce wedgie, much worse than the first one.


Spurred by the pain, Flash Girl pulls with all her might, finally freeing herself from the sticky pink goo.

The heroine's mask, as Zatanna had predicted, sticks to the goo on the floor. But at the same time, the fact that Zatanna is still giving the wedgie means that Flash Girl's quick jerk has pulled her straight toward her own outstretched bloomers. The magician nimbly dodges as Flash Girl's face disappears into her own underwear - inadvertently, Flash Girl has just made a new mask out of her wedgied-bloomers.

A pleasantly surprised Zatanna gets back on the saddle on Flash Girl's back, and resumes "riding" the heroine. She laughs and taunts the now-paralyzed Flash Girl as she rides.

"Bet ya wish your panties weren't made outta such tough stuff NOW, don't ya?"

Flash Girl is now seen, through the stretched leg holes of her bloomers, wide-eyed. Her mouth is incoherently gasping for air, as her cheeks turn bright red.

As the camera continues to film, Flash Girl begs and pleads for Zatanna to stop humiliating her. The hapless heroine finally gets a bit of balance on the waxed floor, by resting on her hands and still-tied knees; she fights further slipping by holding still.

Zatanna climbs off of Flash Girl and walks up to the heroine's face, lifting her booted foot to the heroine's mouth; she commands Flash Girl to kiss it. The heroine, continuing to fight to keep herself from slipping, does not give in to kissing Zatanna's boot.

Annoyed, Zatanna pushes the high-heeled boot into Flash Girl's mouth, while the speedster struggles to stay balanced. The enchanted camera films Zatanna's boot entering the heroine's mouth, as well as Flash Girl's reaction; Flash Girl's eyes bulge, as moans of humiliation come out of her now-stuffed mouth.

"You'd BETTER get USED to the taste, bitch!" Zatanna laughs.

The evil magician then conjures up a dog collar, which she buckles around Flash Girl's neck. Instantly, Flash Girl's body goes rigid, before relaxing; Zatanna explains that the collar is specially designed to nullify Flash Girl's powers, taking away her super-speed and making her nice and weak.

That done, Zatanna grabs a super soaker, filled with a special white goo (of Harley's invention) that will counteract the sticky pink goo and make it slippery. She taunts Flash Girl some more, before spraying the heroine in the face. The white goo soon coats not just Flash Girl's face, but her upper body, hands, and feet as well.

Next, Zatanna sprays some more goo on the patch of pink goo on the floor, before shoving Flash Girl backward with her free hand.

Flash Girl has just enough time to gasp for some air, before she slips and falls on her face, the white goo acting immediately. Both Zatanna and her camera see the helpless heroine not being able to get up, get balanced, or even get on her knees. The speedster continues to fall on the floor in the most humiliating ways possible, much to her tormentor's amusement.

Just as Flash Girl finally manages to get her balance back, Zatanna coats her face in the white goo again. This process is repeated over and over, repeatedly throwing the speedster's balance off and making her look silly. Flash Girl continues slipping and falling even as she tries to flee, her bloomers still covering her head.

"Gotta get away..." the panicked, goo-covered heroine mutters to herself.

Zatanna grabs a gas-mask bong out of her perverted utility belt, and loads the bowl full of some of the highest-grade weed that Harley has. She sees Flash Girl crawling away on her hands and tied knees, slipping and sliding all over the floor and not getting very far.

Shaking her head, Zatanna slides a giant spring-mounted device across the floor. The contraption lands near Flash Girl, attracting the speedster's attention and making her pause briefly.

Zatanna then walks over to Flash Girl, sneering, "WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?!"

The magician grabs Flash Girl by the hair, and forces the prone speedster to kneel directly across from the spring-mounted device. As Zatanna begins to fasten the gas-mask bong to Flash Girl's head, she braces for the imminent upward force by covering the bowl and digging her weight into the heroine's goo-covered body.

Once the preparations are over with, Zatanna takes out a remote control and presses a button. Flash Girl, meanwhile, is seen wide-eyed under her wedgie-mask, unsure of what is happening.

An enormous boxing glove suddenly comes springing out of the device, landing directly in Flash Girl's unprotected stomach.


As Flash Girl gasps and coughs uncontrollably, Zatanna pushes the gas mask over her face, and lights the bowl.

Flash Girl is soon seen going cross-eyed under her gas mask, as she inadvertently inhales a huge "hit". Zatanna proceeds to resume "riding" Flash Girl as the latter coughs, shaking and bucking more uncontrollably than ever under the marijuana's effects.

When smoke begins to rise from under the gas mask, Zatanna removes the mask, reloads the bowl, and poses the cross-eyed and drooling Flash Girl on her knees, before wrapping her hand around the heroine's throat. Bloomers still stretched her head, the hapless heroine can only weakly protest with her hands as Zatanna begins choking her while posing her for the camera.

Sadly, the weakened Flash Girl can barely fight even one of Zatanna's hands using both of her own. She can only whimper, "No! No! No!" as the magician slowly chokes her. Soon, the heroine's face turns red, and her eyes bulge cross, as her hands get weaker and weaker.

Zatanna suddenly releases her grip on Flash Girl's throat, only to pull the gas-mask bong back over the heroine's face, and relight the bowl. Again, Flash Girl sucks in a huge amount of marijuana against her will.

After a minute or so, Zatanna pulls the gas-mask bong off of Flash Girl's head again. Flash Girl is seen cross-eyed, coughing, drooling, and swaying back and forth as the mindless heroine taunts her stoned opponent.

"Remember, kids, JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!" Zatanna winks at the camera.

Zatanna then takes a strap-on dildo out of her perverted utility belt, and a pill of ecstasy. With Flash Girl defeated and on her knees right next to her, the magician performs a public service announcement, telling the camera that Flash Girl is going to show the world just how slutty she can be while on ecstasy.

Flash Girl soon comes to her senses, but only has time to protest weakly before Zatanna grabs her by the hair, yanks her head back, and throws the pill down her throat.

Before Flash Girl has a chance to spit the pill out, Zatanna buckles the strap-on around her own hips and proceeds to mouth-fuck Flash Girl, intending to continue until the heroine swallows the pill. Multiple times, Zatanna pulls out of the Flash Girl's mouth, only to have the heroine spit out the pill. Finally, at her wit's end, Zatanna brutally rams the dildo in and out of Flash Girl's mouth, saying:

"PICK... IT... UP... PUT... IT... IN... YOUR... MOUTH...!!!"

Eventually, Flash Girl, against her will, picks the pill up. When Zatanna tells her to put it in her mouth, Flash Girl resists. In response, Zatanna begins to stretch the goo-covered heroine's mouth with the strap-on by positioning her thrusts sideways, taunting Flash Girl the entire time. Soon, Flash Girl is seen with her eyes wide, and her cheeks stretching as the strap-on enters and exits her mouth over and over.

Zatanna then begins deep-thrusting, telling Flash Girl to "pop it" whenever she pulls out to give the girl speedster air, or she'll do this all day. Eventually, Flash Girl breaks, and pathetically blubbers as she pops the pill.

"THAT'S A GOOD GIRL!" Zatanna coos.

Smiling, the mindless heroine continues the deep-thrusting motion, as Flash Girl continues to cry out, blubbering under the strap-on. The camera catches every inch of the disgraced Flash Girl, her eyes wide and her cries muffled as Zatanna taunts her and continues the face-fucking.

Eventually, Flash Girl gives in completely, and rests her hands on Zatanna's knees, fully allowing her own humiliation to continue.

A triumphant Zatanna cries out, "I'VE BROKEN HER! THAT'S RIGHT! SUCK MY DICK, BITCH!!!"

Flash Girl's cries can just barely be heard over her face-fucking, which continues for several more long minutes until Zatanna gets tired and begins deep-throating the heroine instead. Flash Girl is seen wide-eyed and cross-eyed as the magician holds her fingers to the heroine's nostrils, cutting off her only remaining air supply.

As Flash Girl weakly fights to get free, Zatanna continues to hold the strap-on in its place down the heroine's throat. Zatanna holds the hapless speedster tightly as the latter spasms for air, not allowing her to breathe one bit.

Finally, the speedster's hands fall limply to the floor, as Flash Girl passes out. Zatanna then conjures up some more puppet strings, which wrap around Flash Girl's arms and legs. The evil magician manipulates the strings, and poses the passed-out heroine for her enchanted camera; her strap-on is still stretching out the unconscious heroine's mouth.

The final shot that the camera gets is one that shows the goo-covered Flash Girl sleeping peacefully, the strap-on stretching her mouth out being the only thing holding her head up. Zatanna then takes a brown paper bag and puts it on and over the speedster's head, before holding up the final humiliation shot of Flash Girl. As a bit of drool drips from Flash Girl's mouth and onto the floor, Zatanna throws her head back and laughs.


The young magician gives the camera one last show, turning around, bending over, and sticking her ass out at the camera. In doing so, she shows off the autograph on her unitard bottom: "ZATANASS THE TEENAGE BITCH".

Meanwhile, Aquagirl is making her way through another part of Harley's hideout. The blond Atlantean has no idea what fate is befalling her friend right now, not to mention the fact that soon, she'll have her own problems to worry about.

The heroine looks left and right, trying to find any sign of Harley or the captured heroines. She grows more suspicious by the minute, due to the lack of booby traps, but tells herself that turning back is not an option.

Suddenly, a portion of the floor gives way under the heroine's booted feet as she walks over it.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Aquagirl screams as she plunges through the trapdoor, hands and feet helplessly flailing. In mere seconds, the heroine's demeanor has turned into one of utter panic; unlike many of her colleagues, she has no power in the air!

Her scream is suddenly cut short, as she falls headfirst into a large surface of water. A huge splash follows, as the blond heroine sinks right beneath. Aquagirl then looks up, just in time to see the circular opening above her close with a loud slam.

Aquagirl snorts to herself. "This is your idea of a trap, Quinn? You couldn't have picked a worse one for a daughter of the sea."

The cocky heroine soon realizes, however, that something is amiss. Several pieces of laundry - socks, underwear, etc. - are floating in the water as well. And everything smells like... laundry detergent!

Aquagirl then spots a circular window in the distance, on one of the walls of her aquatic "prison". Her blood runs cold as she finally realizes the truth: she's in a giant washing machine!

As if on cue, a face caked in white clown makeup suddenly appears on the other side of the window. Aquagirl's eyes widen even further as she sees Robin (in her Hooters Girl uniform) waving to her with one hand while holding a camcorder in the other.

Laughing as she surveys her prey from outside the giant washing machine, Robin mashes her face against the glass window and makes several silly faces. On the other side, Aquagirl swims over to the window and desperately slams her fist against the glass, but fails to even shake it.

Eagerly taking in Aquagirl's discomfort, Robin turns around and jams her ass against the window. Aquagirl's eyes widen as she reads the autograph on the seat of Robin's green shorts: "BIRD BITCH".

"So, you SEE," Robin narrates for the camera. "Laundry day at Mistress Harley's isn't like your TYPICAL laundry day. Observe."

The heroine then presses a button on the washing machine. In mere seconds, the machine lets out a mighty roar, vibrating violently. The water inside the machine spins and churns at high speeds, far higher than any household washing machine.

Robin laughs as she films Aquagirl helplessly spinning and going through the cycles. The blond Atlantean's cross-eyed face is repeatedly seen whirling by the glass window, along with the miscellaneous pieces of laundry in the machine.

The cycle repeats for several more minutes, before Robin decides that her prey has been "softened" enough. The evil Girl Wonder presses another button on the enormous washing machine; seconds later, the front door of the machine pops open, and a torrent of sweet-smelling water comes pouring out, carrying with it a very dizzy Aquagirl.

Aquagirl staggers around, cross-eyed and apparently unable to stand right. As she sways back and forth, a grinning Robin runs in, punches her in the belly, kicks her in the crotch, and finally uppercuts her. The final blow knocks Aquagirl even more cross-eyed, the blonde's mouth popping wide open as well.

As Aquagirl reels from the force of Robin's merciless blows, Robin runs off to the side of the room and pulls a lever attached to the floor. A steady stream of white goo immediately falls from the ceiling, coating Aquagirl's head and upper body. A second later, a bucket (holding the rest of the goo) falls as well, landing directly on Aquagirl's head and covering it down to Aquagirl's upper lip.

The evil Girl Wonder then rushes in again, grabbing the chin strap attached to the bucket. She secures the strap, making sure that the bucket stays tightly on Aquagirl's head. That done, Robin slips a special dog collar out of her perverted utility belt, and firmly buckles it around Aquagirl's neck.

"MISTRESS HARLEY made this ESPECIALLY for you, you know!" Robin laughs.

"Ugh!" Aquagirl groans as the collar's special properties take effect. "All... strength... leaving... feel... like... a... fish out of water..."

The helpless Aquagirl is soon staggering around blindly, looking like a total moron with the bucket strapped firmly to her head. Robin films the whole, hilarious scene, and taunts her some more:

"Holy fashion statement, that's a REALLY good look for you! I mean, it's ABOUT TIME you got a mask! Don't you CARE about your IDENTITY?"

Robin sets the camera on a tripod, so Aquagirl's humiliation can be filmed without her. That done, she runs up to the staggering Aquagirl from behind, grabs the heroine's briefs, and gives her a nice, hard wedgie. Aquagirl screams as she feels the fabric being wedged into her pussy and ass, the sheer shock, pain, and humiliation temporarily paralyzing her.

Next, Robin slips a pair of boxing gloves onto Aquagirl's flailing hands, so that the Atlantean can't free herself from the bucket even if she DOES get her bearings back. That done, Robin puts a pair of boxing gloves on her own hands, and stands before the blinded Aquagirl in a standard boxing stance.

"C'mon, Fish Girl! Let's go: Mano a mano!"

With that, Robin begins "boxing" with Aquagirl. She lands repeated blows to Aquagirl's essentially-unprotected head, knocking the heroine silly within her own "bucket mask". The repeated blows ring Aquagirl's head like a bell, further discombobulating the already-outmatched heroine. And every so often, Robin will blatantly "cheat" by landing a punch - or a kick - to Aquagirl's vulnerable crotch.

Getting bored with simply battering Aquagirl around, Robin discards her own boxing gloves and grabs a magic marker. That done, she draws a face - cross-eyed, tongue sticking out - on the bucket on the barely-moving Aquagirl's head.

For the finale, Robin steps back, then rushes in and delivers a powerful kick to Aquagirl's head. The force of the kick travels through the bucket on Aquagirl's head, leaving it unharmed, but the same cannot be said for blond Atlantean. The blow completely knocks out Aquagirl; as the heroine falls backward, Robin positions a pillow on the floor behind her.

Robin's calculations are perfect; as the KO'ed Aquagirl falls to her back, her bucket-covered head hits the pillow dead-on, and her head is soon resting peacefully on the pillow. Robin laughs and poses for the camera as Aquagirl sleeps, body spread-eagle.

"Consider yourself SERVED!" Robin giggles. "With a side of fries!"

The evil Girl Wonder stands still for a few more seconds, with a giant smile glued to her face. Then, she suddenly frowns.

"What, no tip?"

Robin crouches down, and begins rummaging through Aquagirl's costumed body. After a few minutes, she finally finds what she's looking for: Aquagirl's wallet.

Triumphantly holding the wallet high, Robin makes a show of leafing through it and taking all the money she can find. She tucks the bills into her perverted utility belt.

"Holy generosity! THANKS for the donation!"

Some time later, Robin is seen positioning the unconscious, goo-smeared Aquagirl on a narrow platform over a pit filled with green goo. Aquagirl is no longer wearing boxing gloves; her arms are now bound behind her back, her knees are tied together, and her mouth has been gagged with a ball-gag. Last, but not least, she is still wearing the plastic bucket, complete with drawn-on goofy face, on her head.

After securing Aquagirl's bonds, Robin climbs down from the platform and proceeds to ham it up for the cameras, showcasing the fallen heroine.


As the camera broadcasts over the splash pit, Robin claps her gloved hands. A nearby door opens, and the rest of the mindless heroines enter the room, followed by the boss herself: Harley Quinn!

Robin gestures toward a bull's-eye attached to the splash pit's mechanism, and invites her "customers" to attempt to knock Aquagirl into the pit by hitting the bull's-eye. All of the evil women proceed to take repeated shots at the target with the provided baseballs, laughing.

Aquagirl finally begins to wake, as some of the balls fly wild and hit her directly in the head. Head spinning, Aquagirl shakes her head from side to side so that she can see, but is unable to, due to her "bucket mask". Adding insult to injury, the heroines, and Harley, laugh at and mock the now-frantic heroine from below.

Robin then presses a button, and the platform that Aquagirl is frantically clinging to begins to vibrate at a high pitch. Aquagirl is immediately flush, thanks to the vibrations coming from directly under her crotch, but does all she can to stay on the platform and not fall off. Meanwhile, the other heroines and Harley continue to point and laugh at her as they continue throwing baseballs.

"HMMMMMPPPHH!!! MMMMPHHH!!!" is all that Aquagirl can say through her ball gag, as ball after ball painfully strikes her tits and her crotch. The heroine can feel the area between her thighs growing hotter and wetter, and knows she can't resist for much longer.

After twenty minutes of repeated attempts to knock the platform down, and endless laughter at Aquagirl's attempts to fight her imminent orgasm, Harley finally lands a perfect bull's-eye hit. The platform immediately falls backward, and Aquagirl falls into the goo with a loud splash.

Several seconds pass before Aquagirl manages to untie her hands and knees and comes up to the surface, gasping for air under the bucket on her head and the ball-gag in her mouth. Arms and legs now free, she swims to the edge of the pit, only to find Harley waiting for her. The mad villainess repeatedly dunks Aquagirl back into the goo, pushing the heroine's bucket-covered head beneath the green liquid again and again.

Finally, Harley allows Aquagirl to surface and breathe air, even removing the ball-gag in her mouth. Immediately afterward, however, she stuffs a pill of ecstasy into Aquagirl's mouth.


Realizing what the pill is, Aquagirl fights and tries to get away from Harley, only to have the other heroines hold her still for Harley. Several pairs of hands are soon tightly holding on to both of Aquagirl's arms, severely restraining her movement while the pill finally makes its way down Aquagirl's throat.

Harley then has Aquagirl pulled out of the goo pit, and forces the heroine to her hands and knees. Though the blinded heroine doesn't know it, she is now facing a row of dog kennels on the far side of the room.


Still on her hands and knees, Aquagirl is "walked" over to her new kennel, in front of all the cheering and jeering heroines, not to mention the recording cameras. For a moment, Aquagirl pauses and tries to pull the bucket from her head, only to get beaten by Harley for attempting it.

The other heroines laugh as they see Aquagirl crawling across the floor, Harley following the Atlantean closely and continuing to kick her in the ass, all the way to the kennel.


Upon reaching the kennel, Harley reaches down and lifts the bucket on Aquagirl's head up, just a little bit so the heroine can see her "new home".

As soon as Aquagirl realizes her fate, she tries to flee, only to have the other heroines capture her, lift her up, and swing her through the air and straight into her kennel. Aquagirl hits against the back of her kennel face-first, and lands with her ass in the air, totally knocked out.

In the kennel directly across from Aquagirl's kennel, a sleeping Flash Girl is seen. The similarly unconscious speedster is on her knees, still wearing the brown paper bag on her head; a mouth hole has been cut out of the bag, showing the sleeping Flash Girl's open, drooling mouth.

Once the door to Aquagirl's kennel is closed & locked, Harley claps her hands and tells her minions to get the room ready.

The mindless heroines obey, breaking into a flurry of activity. A giant circular table is brought into the center of the room; soon afterward, several chairs surround it. In the background, cameras are being positioned all over the room.

Finally, the still-sleeping Flash Girl and Aquagirl are brought out of their kennels. The two defeated heroines are placed onto the giant table, on their knees, facing away from each other.

All of the other heroines take their seats, as Harley fashions a double-ended dog leash to the collars around Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's necks, attaching them to each other. The evil women point and laugh at their hapless victims; both girls are still covered in goo, with their hands now tied behind their backs. Worst of all, both are still wearing their humiliating "masks".

As Flash Girl and Aquagirl stir and begin to wake, Harley takes out a pair of joy-buzzer vibrators/electroshock devices, intending to get both heroines wet before they can fully wake.

"Alright," Harley says. "The ecstasy should take hold now, so let's get this show on the road!"

The heroines begin smoking cigars and drinking alcohol, demanding a show. Just then, Flash Girl and Aquagirl finally wake up, unwittingly beginning to let the ecstasy take control over them.

As both Flash Girl and Aquagirl struggle, Harley takes the joy-buzzers in her hands and attaches them to the two helpless heroines' crotches.

"Wh-what the hell?!" Flash Girl demands.

"What did you just do to us?" Aquagirl follows up.

Harley smirks. "All part of our new game, girls! You'll learn the rules right now! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

True to the mad villainess' words, both the Atlantean and the Speedster soon realize what the "rules" are. Harley randomly joy-buzzes them over the next half-hour, delivering especially powerful shocks/vibrations whenever they fail to respond to the hoots and demands of the mindless heroines. Even worse, every time Flash Girl or Aquagirl refuses to do a humiliating command, Harley shortens the length of the dog leash connecting them, forcing them closer and closer to each other!

Against their wills, Flash Girl and Aquagirl squirm and grind, trying not to allow an orgasm to over take them. Meanwhile, the mindless heroines treat the two like garbage, blowing cigar smoke under their "masks" and giving them painful wedgies. And all the while, the ecstasy wreaks havoc on the their senses, turning everything upside-down.

"You know," Huntress notes. "They've got some REALLY nice tits! Too bad those TACKY COSTUMES are in the way!"

"Not a problem!" Black Canary smirks, holding up some scissors.

Holes are soon cut in Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's tops; before the heroines can even protest, their tormentors have begun mashing and playing with their sizable tits.

"Alright!" Harley suddenly claps her hands several minutes later. "Enough foreplay! Let's get to the MAIN EVENT!"

Two heroines - Zatanna and Robin, naturally - fashion large strap-ons around their hips, and walk around the kneeling Aquagirl and Flash Girl. Soon, Robin is standing directly before Aquagirl, while Zatanna is standing directly before Flash Girl; the tips of both dildos are perfectly level with the vanquished vigilantes' open mouths. Zatanna then reaches over, and takes the paper bag off of Flash Girl's head, leaving the heroine's "wedgie mask" in place.

Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's eyes widen, as they realize what's about to happen.


With the constant joy-buzzing, and the fact that they are now so close that the soles of their pantyhose-clad feet are pressing against each other, the two heroines lose it. Both take the strap-ons into their mouths and begin sucking fiercely, as all around them, the remaining mindless heroines cheer them on, challenging them to see which one can get her strap-on to explode first.

Against their normal thoughts, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl fight to "win", the endorphins now racing through their bodies at top speed.

Cameras catch all of the action, as both Flash Girl and Aquagirl piston their heads up and down on the rubber shafts - to the cheers of a crowd that neither can see. Dollar bills then begin randomly floating down to the table, as the rest of the heroines "pay" for the show by throwing money at Flash Girl and Aquagirl.

Eventually, the mindless girls explode as Flash Girl is the first to receive her "prize". A thick coating of white goo spurts out of the tip of Zatanna's dildo, and coats her face totally.

The other heroines then talk down to Flash Girl, who moans incoherently, "Mooooammm... mooooooaaaaaammmm... mmmmmmmamannnnnn... nnnnnnnn... ooooo... oooooooo...!!!"

Second later, Aquagirl receives an equally face-coating facial from Robin's dildo. In that instant, the evil Girl Wonder holds the bucket on the Atlantean's head back just far enough for the cameras to catch Aquagirl almost smiling as her face is covered in white goo, her moans more out of exhausted pleasure than anything else.

Harley is then seen on the main camera, with both of the exhausted, broken, and drugged heroines, still connected to each other by collar and leash. Smiling, Harley says only three words:


The mindless heroines explode, cheering and chanting, "ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!" repeatedly.

Aquagirl and Flash Girl try to shake their heads "no", but Harley simply joy-buzzes them until both heroines are lying face-down on the table, asses up in the air. Their asses now touching each other, both heroines begin to whimper and cry.

Flash Girl's super wedgie is soon cut free, and Aquagirl's black briefs are pulled down to her knees. They struggle some more, only to have a couple of Harley's mindless toys hold them in place. Grinning, Harley places the paper bag back onto Flash Girl's head.

The other heroines, meanwhile, are still chanting, "ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!"

Harley fashions a double-headed dildo for the camera to see, before giving each end a nice coating of lube. She then reaches over and tears a hole in Aquagirl's green tights; as Aquagirl squeals, Harley slaps her ass hard, before shoving the dildo straight into the Atlantean's asshole.


Aquagirl bucks forward, her mouth screaming out in silent gasps under her bucket "mask". The other heroines then rush in to hold her in place, as Harley tears a similar hole in Flash Girl's suntan pantyhose.

Flash Girl gasps and fights, only to have Robin push her back by inserting the strap-on around her hips into the speedster's mouth and thrusting forward. Behind Flash Girl, Harley is holding the dildo's other end at just the right angle for Flash Girl to be "entered".

True to Harley's predictions, the rubber shaft easily slides into Flash Girl's asshole without Harley having to move a muscle. Flash Girl spasms, fighting the rude entry, only to have the force of Aquagirl's gyrating body push the dildo all the way in from behind.

For a moment, both heroines are frozen, blubbering and whimpering as the mindless heroines around them explode into laughter, cheering and chanting, "ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!"

Laughing, Harley says, "You heard them, girls! Get to it!"

With that, the mad villainess joy-buzzes both Flash Girl and Aquagirl into grinding each other. Before the collared heroines know it, they are working in tandem, working together for the ultimate pleasure of both the crowd and themselves. Losing themselves completely, the heroines gyrate, and "ride" each other, as orgasm after orgasm hits in wave after wave.


Both Flash Girl and Aquagirl perform their humiliating feats over and over, as the mindless heroines begin donning strap-ons. Over the next ten minutes, they all take turns slapping the vanquished vigilantes in the face with the sex toys, and then cramming the rubber shafts down their throats as they continuing fucking each other.

Harley positions herself in-between the bucking and now out-of-control Flash Girl and Aquagirl, having Supergirl and Batgirl hold up a chair until the chair is level with the table. Harley sits back in the raised chair, and rests her booted feet on the backs of her newest, drugged, and now-mindless sex toys.

Laughing, Harley grabs both heroines by their new "masks", holding the bucking and sex-frenzied heroines up for the cameras to see. The villainess taunts the rest of the JLA through the camera, daring them to send over another heroine.

Then, as both Aquagirl and Flash Girl fight each other in a race for another orgasm, Harley pulls the "masks" off of their heads, exposing the heroines to the crowd and the cameras and showing just how disgracefully low they have fallen. Once the paper bag and the bucket are carelessly tossed aside, the heroines' goo-covered, wanton faces come into full view.

Both heroines cry, wide-eyed, as they stare at the cameras. The double-sided leash, and the dildo, keep them attached to one another as they try pathetically to get free.

The mindless heroines around Aquagirl and Flash Girl soon rush in, and play with their newest victims. As the heroines cry and beg for mercy, their tormentors hold them tightly on the table, pinching their nipples and forcing full-tongue kisses.

Aquagirl, unable to take it any longer, curls up in fetal position, crying and begging for mercy as different heroines begin slapping her in the face with their strap-ons, taunting her and telling her to "man up".

Meanwhile, Flash Girl looks around wildly, only to realize that she has no options left. The helpless speedster kneels on the table as the other heroines play with her goo-covered hair, taunting her. Finally, looking completely defeated, she crawls across the table, over to where Harley (still sitting in the chair being held up by Supergirl and Batgirl) is.

Resigned to her fate, the completely defeated Flash Girl crawls over to Harley's feet, and begins kissing her boots. Harley laughs as she looks down at Flash Girl, who looks up at her new mistress with utter devotion.

Harley mocks Flash Girl; putting her booted foot in the speedster's mouth, she asks, "Wow, broken, and she didn't even have to watch the video. SOMEONE isn't much of a heroine, IS SHE?"

To add insult to injury, Harley takes her foot and raises it up and down, forcing Flash Girl's head to "nod" in agreement. Meanwhile, Aquagirl is seen crying pathetically in the background, being held down on her back by Huntress and Black Canary while Robin and Zatanna take turns slapping her in the face over and over again with their strap-ons.

As she enjoys the sordid scene, Harley once again talks directly to the camera:


Now looking directly at the camera, Harley continues:


The camera gets one final shot, of Harley removing Flash Girl's power-nullifying collar and forcing the speedster's face into her crotch, ordering Flash Girl to pleasure her. As the other heroines continue to use and abuse Aquagirl in the background, Harley laughs and sits back in her chair, with her personal super heroine vibrator resigned to her new mistress' crotch.

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