by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Batgirl Harley Quinn Huntress Zatanna Robin Supergirl Aquagirl Flash Girl Mary Marvel
Category Corruption Mind Control F/F Female Dom Rape DC Change of clothes Female Counterpart sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Harem
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Harley, several hours later, is seen re-attaching dog leashes around both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's necks. She then places the heroines' humiliating "masks" back on their heads, before leading both heroines - still on their hands and knees - across the warehouse. Harley gets her newest slut-slave, Mary Marvel, to continue filming as Flash Girl and Aquagirl whimper pathetically under their paper bag and bucket, respectively.

Meanwhile, all of the other heroines line up, and take turns spitting on the duo's backs as they crawl by, along with insulting them and kicking them in their unprotected stomachs.

Harley takes both blinded heroines over to an area on the floor painted to look like a racetrack. She lines Flash Girl and Aquagirl up to the startling line, before turning around to get two heroines as "jockeys".

"Eeny-meeny-miney-moe..." Harley says to herself, one hand clapped over her eyes while her forefinger goes from one mindless heroine to the next. "That one! And that one!"

The lucky heroines picked turn out to be Supergirl and Batgirl, both of whom grin widely. Harley then gets the two jockeys to mount their "horses", before readying the starting gun and ordering all the other mindless heroines to line up and become spectators - save for Mary Marvel, who is still filming.

Both Batgirl and Supergirl insert the humiliating rubber bits into Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's mouths, respectively. The mindless heroines then mount their "horses", grabbing hold of the reins attached to the mouth restraints and waiting patiently for the start gun.

"Thirty seconds before Race #1 begins!" Harley calls out to the "contestants".

In response, both jockeys pull their horses' mouths up, giving Aquagirl and Flash Girl humiliating "stretched mouth" looks (with their top teeth sticking out). A laughing Harley stands in front of all the "spectators", start gun in her gloved hand.

Encouraged, the mindless heroines then play with their horses some more, by pulling their hair, stretching their leashes in a choking manner, and even slowly giving both captives wedgies until they squeal under their humiliating masks. From the sidelines, Mary Marvel's camera films growing wet spots on both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's crotches.

Once the thirty seconds are up, Harley fires her start gun into the air. Both of the mindless heroines immediately buck on their horses hard, making them crawl forward. Blinded by their humiliating masks, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl can only moan in humiliation as they crawl as fast as they can.

As the "race" goes on, both heroines pull hard on their respective horses' wedgies. Meanwhile, their free hands slap the horses' asses hard, sending loud smacking sounds into the air.

Flash Girl's super speed helps her easily win the race. As she finishes crossing the finish line, her jockey, Batgirl, dismounts and takes the paper bag off of her head. The evil heroine pats her horse on the head and ass, congratulating her, before putting the paper bag back into place.

Aquagirl, meanwhile, is not even halfway through the racetrack. The plodding Atlantean's jockey, Supergirl, slaps her ass hard as she begins talking down to her horse.

"Worthless piece of ass...! You're even more useless than you were as a super heroine!"

All of the other mindless heroines hoot and holler at the results of the horse race, taunting Aquagirl as the loser. Supergirl, grumbling, stops her horse and dismounts, talking down to the Atlantean loser some more. She makes Aquagirl pose on her knees, making sure that the Atlantean looks completely defeated and helpless.

"You run almost as bad as you smell, Fish Girl!"

"What's the matter, forget your water wings at home?"

As Aquagirl continues to get verbally humiliated by her jockey, Flash Girl, over at the finish line, is forced to eat a "prize" carrot as a "reward" for winning.

Harley then has both the winner and the loser of the race pose for pictures with their jockeys. Both Flash Girl and Aquagirl are promptly forced onto their hands and knees again, humiliating masks still firmly on their heads. Supergirl and Batgirl tower over their horses, posing as well.

After a few moments, the mindless heroines curl their fingers around the corners of their horses' mouths and "fishhook" their horses, pulling and giving Flash Girl and Aquagirl goofy smiles. As the cameras roll and pictures flash, Flash Girl's mouth is seen spilling an orange mess, courtesy of the carrot she was force-fed earlier.

"Get ready, girls! Race #2 in three minutes!"

By the end of the three minutes, Harley has taken over filming duties. She has now had the track completely greased, and for extra comedic effect, she has had the heroines put lots of banana peels all over the length of the track.

Harley then lines up another two heroines - Black Canary and Huntress - as the new jockeys. As the contestants mount their horses and take their places at the starting line, Harley raises the start gun into the air and fires.

Once again, Aquagirl and Flash Girl are wedgied into action against their wills. Moaning and squirming, the two helpless, blinded heroines don't make it very far before they begin to slip all over the track. Every attempt they make to regain their balance only results in them falling in even more humiliating manners.

As the race goes on, Harley and the mindless heroines laugh evilly from the sidelines, taunting Flash Girl and Aquagirl and betting on the race's outcome. Meanwhile, Aquagirl and Flash Girl continue to slip and slide all over the track, falling in disgraceful manners every few seconds; this causes their jockeys to verbally abuse them, and proceed to wedgie them harder and harder.

Finally, a cross-eyed Aquagirl disgracefully finishes the race, and beats the hopelessly slipping Flash Girl. Soon, Harley and the mindless heroines all rush over to the finish line as Aquagirl's jockey, Huntress, forces the blond Atlantean to eat a "prize" carrot.

Harley then has another picture taken of the winner and the loser. This time, Aquagirl is the one seen spilling carrot residue down herself; beside her, Black Canary, the losing jockey, is seen angrily spanking Flash Girl.

As Flash Girl sniffs and sobs, Harley slaps her already-stinging ass. The speedster yelps and hops a foot into the air, while Harley laughs and calls out:

"Almost time for Race #3, folks! And trust me, the FINAL race has the most HUMILIATING defeat for the loser!"

Once the track has been prepared for the final race, Harley reaches down and lifts the paper bag from Flash Girl's head, and the bucket from Aquagirl's. The two helpless heroines see that sitting fifty feet directly in front of them, and the track's starting line, is a platform with a working toilet atop it.

Both Flash Girl and Aquagirl whimper under their mouth hooks, looking at each other.

"LISTEN UP!" Harley announces. "The LOSER of this last race has to receive a swirlie from the winner! GOT IT?!"

The track has now been fully prepared by Harley; the mindless heroines are lined up along the still-slick track, standing right beside several pie carts full of whipped-cream pies. The cameras, naturally, are still capturing every second of Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's humiliation.

As soon as Harley fires the pistol, both of the helpless heroines begin crawling as fast as they can. Once again, they begin slipping, sliding, and falling disgracefully every few seconds. And to make things even more humiliating, they begin to get pelted with pies as they get further along the track.

Both of the helpless heroines fight, squirm, slip, and slide all over, while getting just about every inch of their luscious bodies covered in white pie goo. Their tormentors are merciless, hurling pie after pie at them and hitting almost every part of their body - their chests, their asses, their pantyhose-clad legs, their booted feet, and more.

Eventually, the goo-covered Flash Girl finishes first and wins the race, crossing the finish line just inches ahead of the equally goo-covered Aquagirl. A huge amount of cheering promptly erupts from the sidelines.

Harley comes over to the finish line, and laughs at Aquagirl, as the blond Atlantean begins to blubber pathetically, pleading for mercy. Following their mistress, the mindless heroines cheer on Flash Girl as the winner, as they film and taunt Aquagirl.

"Gonna cry now, Fish Girl?"

"I could do better with both my legs broken!"

"We should've thrown you back! Get ourselves a REAL super heroine instead..."

Harley then re-leashes both heroines, and parades the defeated horses around the warehouse for several minutes. As they are being led around, both Aquagirl and Flash Girl cry pathetically, their pantyhose shredded and their bodies now almost completely covered in goo and filth.

Harley then has two of the heroines - Robin and Zatanna - hold Flash Girl's arms back as she takes out a remote-control joy-buzzer and shoves it inside Flash Girl's leotard. As she commands the mindless heroines to let go, Harley joy-buzzes Flash Girl, commanding her to be cruel to the loser of the race.

Flash Girl goes cross-eyed, grabbing at her crotch as the electric shocks and vibrations course through her groin. Harley holds on tightly to the button triggering the joy-buzzer, making Flash Girl drop to her back, squirming on the warehouse floor in pleasure.

Off to the side, Supergirl grabs Aquagirl by the hair, holding the weakly struggling heroine tight and making her stay on her knees. Helpless, Aquagirl tries to get free, but cannot.

Meanwhile, Harley keeps commanding, and joy-buzzing, the still-defiant Flash Girl. The mad villainess then grabs the speedster by the filth-matted hair and pulls her over to Aquagirl. Dropping a dog leash in front of the kneeling Aquagirl, Harley tells Flash Girl to leash her bitch.

Again, Flash Girl refuses, but Harley joy-buzzes her over and over, laughing at and taunting the speedster. Finally, Harley lets up on the joy-buzzing for a few seconds to let Flash Girl compose herself, before telling the speedster again to leash her bitch, and "make her crawl to her fate".

Now completely defeated, but also uncontrollably aroused, Flash Girl begins to get off on Harley's demanding her to be cruel to her now beaten and broken friend. Finally, she takes a step forward and kicks Aquagirl in the face, to the cheers of Harley and the mindless heroines.

The sequence continues on; any time that Flash Girl isn't cruel and demeaning to Aquagirl, Harley says "boring" and joy-buzzes the speedster, forcing Flash Girl, against her will, to be meaner and meaner to her friend. From smacking Aquagirl in the face, to pulling her goo-covered hair, Flash Girl soon gets off more and more on the control she has over her friend. She then makes the blond Atlantean lick and kiss her boots clean as the mindless heroines, and Harley, hoot and laugh at Aquagirl from the sidelines.

"You missed a spot!" Flash Girl snaps, pointing at a speck of pie goo on her boot. Aquagirl nods meekly; the area around her mouth is now covered in the grease and goo she's already licked off of her friend's boots.

Several minutes later, Flash Girl's boots are finally shining clean. Smiling, she shows Aquagirl her "reward" for the spit-shine: a collar and leash!

Aquagirl can't hold in her whimpers as Flash Girl leashes her bitch, like Harley told her to; the speedster then starts making gooey pigtails out of the Atlantean's messed-up hair. All the while, Flash Girl gets hornier and hornier, and is soon commanding Aquagirl to get on all fours and kiss her ass for "Mistress Harley's" entertainment.

Unable to contain herself, Aquagirl begins blubbering on camera, as all the other heroines - Flash Girl included - laugh at her. Harley, meanwhile, goes off to get something that will definitely "persuade" Aquagirl.

Harley soon returns, having fetched a pile of fresh dog shit on a paper plate. In front of everybody, she warms it in the microwave, before taking it out and walking back over.

Putting the steaming pile of shit under Aquagirl's nose, Harley begins to talk down to Aquagirl, commanding her to "Eat your friend's ass like a good widdle girl, or EAT SHIT!"

Aquagirl's eyes begin to water from the sheer smell of the turd, as she desperately shakes her head "no". The mindless heroines close in on Aquagirl, holding rolling cameras and talking down to her. She attempts to flee, only to be laughed at and forced onto her knees again, arms behind her back. Flash Girl's ass is inches above her face, while the plate of shit is inches below it.

Reluctantly, Aquagirl raises her face, which Flash Girl promptly pulls into her ass. Against her will, Aquagirl finds her own face heading straight into Flash Girl's pie-covered bloomers, while Harley finally takes away the plate of dog shit.

Aquagirl's arms soon flail pathetically, before finally resting, and even bracing themselves on Flash Girl's pantyhose-clad legs. Flash Girl pulls hard on the chain-leash, keeping Aquagirl firmly secure as she whimpers into the speedster's ass. The vibrations from Aquagirl's whimpers, coinciding with Harley's relentless joy-buzzes, get Flash Girl going; before she knows it, she has turned around and shoved Aquagirl's face into her crotch, humping it hard and laughing hysterically.

The mindless heroines continue to laugh and cheer Flash Girl on as the speedster forces Aquagirl onto her back. Flash Girl then gets in the classic "69" position, and forces Aquagirl to eat her pantyhosed pussy out as she, in turn, flicks and teases Aquagirl's own pussy.

Harley then delivers another round of joy-buzzes, and Aquagirl is suddenly shoved hard, face-first, into Flash Girl's pussy, forcing Flash Girl to come with a mighty scream. Bucking wildly, Flash Girl shoves Aquagirl's face into her pussy even harder as she orgasms.


A power frenzy rushes over Flash Girl in that instant; seconds later, she grabs Aquagirl by the hair and leads her defeated friend over to the toilet nearby, before forcing Aquagirl to her hands and knees again. The speedster then shoves Aquagirl into the full toilet face-first, flushing over and over again. As Harley continues joy-buzzing Flash Girl, the speedster keeps Aquagirl's face firmly planted in the toilet with her booted foot.

"Behold!" Harley narrates for the mindless heroines, and the cameras. "Fish Girl in her... natural habitat! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

As Flash Girl comes to another orgasm, she mounts the on-all-fours Aquagirl, and grinds out a last orgasm as she swirlies Aquagirl one last time. Soon afterward, both heroines fall to the warehouse floor, unconscious. Seeing that both heroines have flopped to an exhausted, defeated, passed-out state, Harley has her toys go get Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's new "slut costumes".

The heroines soon come back with two tricked-out costumes to match Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's super heroine colors. Harley smiles evilly as she inspects them.

"Yep! Just what I ordered!"

Aquagirl's costume is a green-and-orange "sexy clown" costume, with a little green-and-orange hat and an oversized bow-tie choker in the same color. Also included is a green-and-orange polka-dotted dress with a low neckline that reveals Aquagirl to still be wearing her "scaly" orange top under it. A poofy skirt flows out from beneath the dress, matching her two little orange gloves (one of which is attached to an extremely small umbrella), suntan control top pantyhose, and orange-green striped thigh-high stockings. Last, but not least, are a pair of white bloomers with "Worthless Clown" written on them, and Aquagirl's original blue-green boots.

Flash Girl's costume is a Flash Girl-themed "candy striper" costume, with a white cap bearing her logo, a red/yellow dress consisting of a corset attached to a poofy skirt, and a white apron. Her old domino mask remains. Rounding out the costume are a pair of white bloomers with the words "Mouth Toy" written on them, suntan control top pantyhose, and the heroine's old red lace thigh-highs and yellow knee-high go-go boots.

"Alright!" Harley says as she steps back, done with making sure that the costumes are adequate. "Now go an' get the water cannon! Make it snappy!"

Several of the mindless heroines run off, through a nearby set of double doors. They return a few minutes later, pushing an enormous water cannon on treads into the room.

Grinning, Harley runs up to and gets behind the giant water cannon. Once she's comfortably in the driver's seat, she slowly aims the nozzle toward where Flash Girl and Aquagirl are still lying unconscious. Then, with the press of a big red button on the dashboard, Harley blasts both the heroines with a high-pressurized stream of water.

Both Aquagirl and Flash Girl are immediately and rudely woken up as they are soaked by gallons of cold water. They cough and splutter, trying their best to fight it. Laughing, Harley continues to blast the helpless heroines, making sure that both are "clean".

Harley then flips a switch that increases the pressure of the water tenfold. As a result, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl fly straight into the wall behind them, knocking them unconscious again.

Clapping and laughing childishly, Harley turns off the water cannon and orders her mindless heroines to dry, dress, and ready her new toys. All of the heroines immediately squeal in delight as they loom over the sleeping Flash Girl and Aquagirl.

Some time later, both Flash Girl and Aquagirl are caught waking up on camera; the two look around, and quickly realize that they have been locked into matching dog kennels. Then, upon seeing their new uniforms, both of them cry out and desperately try to get free.

Hearing Harley's two newest captives make all sorts of noise, the mindless heroines come over, still dressed in their slut uniforms. But now, all of them are brandishing colorful strap-on dildos, too.

The former heroines proceed to verbally taunt Flash Girl and Aquagirl; then, they begin mouth-fucking the two helpless captives through the bars of the cages. All of them take turns, making sure that the captives' mouths busy sucking on the hard rubber shafts at all times.

As the heroines laugh, Flash Girl and Aquagirl are heard moaning, "Mno...! Mno...! Mno...!"

Several grueling minutes later, Harley comes over to the scene, camera in hand. She narrates as she films, explaining that while her toys have been having their fun, she's been preparing something for breaking Aquagirl and Flash Girl of their spirits... for good!

At Harley's command, the heroines lead their new bitches - by their leashes - over to a platform that Harley has ready. Once they're within five feet of the platform, Harley grabs the leashes herself and leads Flash Girl and Aquagirl directly to the center of the platform, forcing them to stay over it on their knees.

Harley then tells her bitches to "stay"; she then heads over to the nearby release mechanism, pausing to shoot the cameras a knowing smile before hitting the big red button.

The platform opens up in the middle, and the two halves swing downward. Immediately, both of the defeated heroines on the platform fall into a giant dumpster beneath it, filled the brim with hot liquid caramel.

Aquagirl and Flash Girl try to swim through the hot, sticky mess, and stay afloat by any means possible. As Aquagirl tires out and starts to go under, Flash girl tries to vibrate at super-speed in order to rise above the gooey mess.

But just as Flash Girl begins to rise out of the sticky, sweet goo, she sees Harley standing on another platform above her. In the instant that the speedster gets her head to the top of the dumpster, Harley reaches over and slams the dumpster's lid shut, landing a shot to the back of Flash Girl's unprotected head.


Flash Girl promptly drops face-first into the goo, and begins to float, face-down, in the sticky brown sea. Aquagirl's face, meanwhile, is seen sinking under the caramel, along with the rest of her.

Once she's sure that both heroines are totally subdued, Harley has Supergirl and Mary Marvel lift the dumpster with their super strength and turn it over on its side, spilling all the caramel - and the two completely caramel-caked heroines - onto the warehouse floor. Both Aquagirl and Flash Girl land on a conveniently placed drain grate; as hundreds of gallons of caramel spill through the grate, the two caramel-coated heroines are forced to sprawl face-first over it.

Both heroines gasp for air and flail over the floor, trying to get to their feet. Unfortunately, they only slip and slide all over the place, thanks to the gooey mess coating their bodies.

Harley and her mindless toys laugh from the sidelines, watching Aquagirl and Flash Girl's pathetic attempts for five minutes. Then, Zatanna casts a spell to make the caramel on the two heroines' bodies harden quicker, while Harley runs off to get some more "preparations".

Soon, all the mindless heroines are lined up along two four-tiered carts full of whipped-cream pies. The heroines push the carts into position, so that they're surrounding their struggling victims. Each heroine takes a pie in her hand, and waits for further orders.

Harley is now dressed in a sexy military outfit, with a red/black peaked cap, a military suit top clad with criminal trinkets for "commander's stripes", and a short cheerleading skirt. Her legs are clad in suntan pantyhose, leading down to a pair of stiletto boots - black for the left foot, red for the right. A military whip is gripped lightly in her right hand.

With a flourish, Harley turns around and bends over, flipping up her skirt and showing the cameras her white bloomers with the words "Queen Commander-in-Chief". That done, she turns back around and yells the order:


Immediately, all of the mindless heroines unleash a flurry of pies on Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's unprotected bodies and faces. Both victims fight blindly against the barrage, getting hit all over their body as they struggle vainly.

Mercifully, the mindless heroines leave their victims' faces uncovered, keeping up the unceasing volley of pies until both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's bodies are completely covered in white goo, from their necks down to their boots. The cameras catch the Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's faces: eyes wide, completely pouting, and defeated.

The two heroines continue to struggle under their gooey predicaments after the barrage of pie stops; as the caramel beneath the layer of whipped cream hardens completely, they fall to their knees (their faces are still mostly clear of goo).

Harley struts up to her now caramel-and-whipped-cream covered heroines, tapping her military whip against her palm. She begins talking down to her new toys:

"My, my, my! Look how DIRTY you've gotten your nice new clothes!"

While the mindless heroines walk closer, Harley grabs two pies off of the carts. Making sure the warehouse cameras get the best shots, she shoots an evil look at Flash Girl and Aquagirl and asks:

"Any last words?"

Both heroines struggle, but say nothing, looking at Harley with complete fear in their eyes. A few seconds later, Harley smashes both pies into their faces. Then, she puts a pie tin on top of each heroine's head, like a hat.

Harley then throws out an arm and grabs Flash Girl, pulling the speedster into a rough kiss. As the mad villainess puts her lips on the heroine's, she exhales deeply and uses the air to force a big mouthful of pie goo down Flash Girl's throat. Then, she pushes Flash Girl aside and repeats the process with the similarly hapless Aquagirl.

This done, Harley steps back; on her cue, the mindless heroines unleash the rest of their pies, only aiming for Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's heads this time. With every passing second, they wind up their throws harder and harder, wanting to knock Aquagirl and Flash Girl out with the pie tins. Soon, pie tins are falling and clanging all over the warehouse.

Finally, Harley's minions run out of pies. They stop to catch their breaths, and survey their handiwork; the two heroines before them are almost unrecognizable by now, covered from head to toe in dessert toppings.

Supergirl then comes over to the two heroines and puts each of their hands on their hips, just as the caramel goo finally hardens to the point of rock. Now, Aquagirl and Flash Girl cannot move their bodies at all.

As Supergirl walks off, pleased with her handiwork, Harley comes over and inserts two tubes into both Aquagirl and Flash Girl - one in each of their pussies, and one in each of their assholes. Both Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's mouths shoot wide open at the feeling of being violated - just as the caramel on their faces completely hardens as well.

Flash Girl and Aquagirl, now completely unable to move, are left paralyzed and covered in whipped cream and caramel. Harley laughs as she orders the mindless heroines to get the chocolate they'd prepared.

The mindless heroines soon come back, carrying several tubs full of melted chocolate. They proceed to dump all of the chocolate all over Flash Girl and Aquagirl, completely covering them from head to toe in a solid inch of the thick, brown goo. Zatanna then casts another spell, and the chocolate immediately hardens like rock.

Flash Girl and Aquagirl have now become perfect "candy bar" statues: posed on their knees, with hands on their hips, mouths gaping wide open.

"Perfect chocolate-covered statues of a couple-a nosy heroines, if I do say so myself!" Harley nods in approval.

Then, as one last shot of humiliation, Harley takes two little red-and-purple "sexy" capes and ties them around the heroines' necks, draping them over the heroines' shoulders. The capes have the heroines' logos on their backs, but with the word "OWNED" stamped over each one.

Harley and all the mindless heroines laugh at this final addition, before the mindless heroines move in and take turns mouth-fucking their new statues with strap-ons, right in their open mouths. As her minions deprive Flash Girl and Aquagirl of air, Harley films the scene up-close and narrates as she orders her mindless toys to begin licking and sucking on the statues' candy coated eyes.

The mad villainess then grins, telling the viewers at home that Flash Girl and Aquagirl WILL be turned, and that "Soon, you will get to see ANOTHER set of heroines transformed!"

Soon, four of the heroines - Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, and Huntress - are moaning and squealing as they fight to lick the chocolate, whipped cream, and caramel from the statues' eyes, their mouths and chins becoming covered in the gooey flavors. Eventually, both sets of eyes - Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's - are completely cleaned of the mess. Now, their terrified eyes are looking around the warehouse, helpless.

After savoring the helpless heroines' terror, Harley gives her camcorder to Mary Marvel and leaves the room, with Robin and Zatanna in tow.

The trio returns several minutes later; Robin and Zatanna are holding up a large, heavy-looking wooden throne, painted in Harley's wild colors and decorated with all sorts of bizarre ornaments. The two mindless heroines set the throne on a nearby stage, then double over, huffing and puffing.

In the meantime, Harley wheels a flat-screen TV directly in front of Aquagirl and Flash Girl, and forces them to watch the hypnotizing video that had claimed so many previous heroines' minds. Like before, the video repeats "Obey" over and over again, slowly taking over the heroines' already-weakened minds.

The statues whimper and plead, but become quieter and quieter as the video takes hold. Finally, still completely frozen, they moan:

"I obey. I obey. I obey."

Flash Girl's and Aquagirl's eyes then go cross, as Harley has her minions laugh and dance around their new toys. Then, Harley has her minions place the paralyzed heroines onto a pair of two-wheeled carts, and wheel her statues over next to her new throne - Aquagirl is to the throne's left, while Flash Girl's is on the right.

As one final touch, the frozen heroines' piss and shit buckets are set up behind them, connected to the tubes in their pussies and assholes (which are now running down and under Harley's stage); they, after all, still need to relieve themselves.

"There!" Harley nods, crossing her arms in satisfaction. "Let's see how much fight they'll have left after they've been up there for a couple-a hours... or days... whenever all that chocolate melts..."

Harley then lounges on her throne and purrs. Laughing, she has all of the other mindless heroines get on their knees in front of her.

Bowing up and down relentlessly while on their knees, the mindless heroines worship Harley as a "goddess". Harley laughs evilly as she places her outstretched hands on the heads of her kneeling statues, as the entire crew of now-mindless heroines moan in unison:


Harley has the cameras zoom out, with a final shot of all her mindless pets worshiping the goddess of crime.

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