Wonder Woman returns from her mission

by clifford.cao
Storyline Helpless Heroines Hypnotized, Humiliated, and Humbled by Harley!
Characters Wonder Woman Harley Quinn Supergirl Batgirl Black Canary Huntress Robin Zatanna
Category DC F/F Female Dom Rape Change of clothes Bondage Corruption sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Female Counterpart
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Wonder Woman paced around impatiently at the Justice League's headquarters, the Watchtower. She had just returned from her mission, and was informed of Harley's crime spree no more than an hour ago. Wonder Woman instinctively wanted to rescue her friends, but Superman and Batman managed to convince the Amazon from rushing into Harley's trap. Promising the Amazon that they would do whatever it took to rescue their friends, the two had requested that Wonder Woman remain hidden. Wonder Woman was unwilling at first, but eventually complied.

"Hera, this waiting is driving me insane," whispered Wonder Woman.

In reality, the Amazon's guilt ran deeper than either Superman or Batman would ever have suspected - after all, when she had first seen Harley's perverted pornos, she had found herself strangely aroused by them. As time went on, she found herself going back to watch them again and again, fastidiously collecting every one through online purchases. With each new heroine that Harley captured, Wonder Woman had grown more excited, and more addicted, to the pornos, becoming one of the site's most loyal customers.

But every step of the way, the Amazon's shame had also grown - her society's warrior code, as well as her honor as a super heroine, had constantly prodded her toward rescuing her fellow heroines. During Batgirl's and Supergirl's captures, Wonder Woman's perverted side had been able to win out, as the Amazon had always bore a sense of annoyance toward the two young heroines and their hotheaded tendencies to leap before they looked in almost every situation. But when poor, innocent Robin had been captured, her guilt began to take over, and she decided that sooner or later, Harley had to be taken down.

Despite enthusiastic support from her fellow super heroines, however, Wonder Woman had realized that she was far from the ideal candidate to spearhead the hunt for Harley. The mixture of shame and perverted lust in her mind, after all, would likely distract her at some pivotal moment. It could even leave her wide open to being captured by Harley, and being TURNED INTO one of the mad villainess' "super whores". That very thought simultaneously repulsed and aroused the Amazon, which in turn only convinced her to sign up for one of the League's deep-space missions. She had expected that, upon her return, the other super heroines would have easily taken down Harley's operations.

What she HADN'T expected, however, was that Harley would have not only continued to elude law enforcement, but managed to add THREE MORE female crimefighters to her perverted ranks. And it was all her fault!

The Amazon turned on the Watchtower's monitor to find out the latest news. A news report appeared on the screen, showing Harley's latest exploits. Various clips of her friends and comrades degrading themselves soon flashed on the screen.

Each clip pushed Wonder Woman closer and closer to the edge. The Amazon gritted her teeth and clenched her fist as she continued to watch the footage. She immediately closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reminding herself that Superman and Batman would put an end to all this.

As she opened her eyes she saw an image of Harley's ass pressed against a set of glass doors, the villainess' panties emblazoned with the words "Where is Wonder Woman?"

Wonder Woman glared at the monitor and bolted out of the room and into one of the Watchtower's shuttle, with vengeance on her mind. "Harley Quinn will regret the day she humiliated my friends," snarled the Amazing Amazon.

As soon as Wonder Woman flew into the outskirts of Gotham, she saw Harley Quinn rushing out of a bank with several bags of money in her arms. A purple convertible - obviously her getaway car - stood a few feet away.

"What luck," thought Wonder Woman as she pressed a button that ejected her from the shuttle, also issuing a command for the shuttle to fly back to the Watchtower on autopilot.

The Amazon, now hovering in the air with her own powers, descended on to the scene of the crime. As Harley jumped into her getaway car, Wonder Woman landed in front of the car with her hands planted firmly on the hood, preventing the car from moving forward.

Instead of panicking, Harley looked up and smiled, "Hiya Wonder Toots! So nice of you to drop by!"

With that, Harley reached over and threw a bag of money at Wonder Woman, distracting the Amazon momentarily as she caught the bag. As Wonder Woman fumbled with the bag, Harley quickly put the car in reverse and sped away.

"Catch me if ya can!" yelled Harley, waving over her shoulder.

Wonder Woman smirked and pursued Harley with her Amazon super-speed. In no time, she had appeared front of Harley's car again.

"Oh crap!" said Harley, slamming a foot onto the brakes. As the car screeched to a halt, Harley grabbed her remaining bag of money and ran out of the car, into a nearby alley.

Wonder Woman smiled as she saw Harley stop at the alley's dead end, and said, "Nowhere else to hide!"

The Amazon confidently walked into the alley, but was careful not to trigger and potential traps that Harley may have laid. Once she had Harley nice and cornered, she put her hands on her hips in a standard "heroine pose".

"Give up Harley, tell me where my friends are and I will be sure you get a fair trial," said Wonder Woman.

In a flash, Harley pulled out a gun and fired it repeatedly at Wonder Woman, "Eat this Wondah Tits! You ain't taking me alive!"

Using her super-speed, Wonder Woman effortlessly deflected the bullets with her bracelets, one-by-one, until Harley ran out of bullets. When the mad clown pulled the trigger again, all that came out was a click.

"Oh, haha…" said Harley nervously, and threw her gun at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman caught the gun with one hand and effortlessly crushed it.

With a panicked yelp, Harley then threw the second bag of money at Wonder Woman. As soon as the Amazon caught the bag of money, it exploded, releasing a green vapor. Before Wonder Woman could react, her lungs were filled with the green gas.

"Hera… no… so… weak…" muttered Wonder Woman as she fell to her knees. As darkness crept in on all sides of the Amazon's vision, she could just barely hear Harley's triumphant laughter...

Hours later, Wonder Woman slowly regained consciousness. "Oooh…my head..." muttered the Amazon.

As Wonder Woman slowly opened her eyes, she found herself lying in an open field with her arms tied securely around her back. The mighty Amazon Princess tried with all her might to break her bonds, but it was no use.

"I wouldn't bother trying," said a voice from behind the Amazon. A moment later, Wonder Woman realized that it was Harley.

Wonder Woman turned her head and saw Harley dressed in a camouflage bikini and knee-high boots, and nothing else. Slung over the villainess' shoulder was the Amazon's all-important golden power belt.

"As you can see, I've tied you up with your own lasso, AND I've gotten rid of that silly belt of yours! No more super strength or speed for you!"

Wonder Woman was instantly filled with dread as she realized that she was now completely at the mercy of Harley. The Amazon, with all her might, tried to struggle out of her bondage, but it was no use.

"Don't worry your little tush about me compelling you to do things, I just needed the lasso to keep you secured while we make you into the biggest porn star ever!" said Harley, pointing to several cameramen standing several feet behind her.

"Like hell you will," snarled Wonder Woman. The Amazing Amazon Princess jumped to her feet and charged towards Harley Quinn, determined to shoulder tackle her. As she closed in on Harley, however, she tripped and fell flat on her face into a pile of mud.

Growling, Wonder Woman spat out the mud that got into her mouth and rolled over, only to see Supergirl standing right above her.

"Supergirl, untie me!" exclaimed Wonder Woman.

In response, Supergirl stared at Wonder Woman crossed-eyed for several seconds, not saying a word. The silence was broken when Harley blew a military bugle right near Wonder Woman's face, startling the Amazon.

"On your feet maggot!" ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman glared at Harley and said, "I will not follow your orders!"

"Soldiers, line up!" ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman heard the stomping of boots, and within seconds, she saw Batgirl, Black Canary, Zatanna, Robin, and Huntress line up. Each of them was wearing a string military bikini that left their chests pushed up.

"It looks like the new recruit is not being cooperative," sighed Harley. "Let's start the morning exercise with the raising of the flag!"

Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman by the arms and took her over to a nearby flagpole. Wonder Woman tried to fight back but it was futile. Supergirl's strength would have been something to be reckon with even if she had her power belt on. Right now, she was no stronger than a normal woman, and thus helpless to stop Supergirl from manhandling her into a vulnerable position - bent over, with knees locked and her ass raised higher than her head.

Harley walked over to the immobilized Wonder Woman, and wiped down Wonder Woman's face with a wet cloth, "Can't hang up a dirty flag, right Wonder Toots? Oh, and by the way, Supes goes by SUCK Girl now."

Wonder Woman glared Harley as the villainess removed most of the mud on her face. "I swear I'll get you for this,"

At that very moment, Supergirl shoved an anal hook right into Wonder Woman's blue, star-spangled shorts, going straight up her ass, causing the Amazon to scream in pain, eyes widening and crossing.


"Aww, did that hurt your little hiney Wonder Toots?" laughed Harley. A minute or two passed by before she said, "Ok, take the hook out."

Supergirl smiled and pulled the steel hook out of Wonder Woman's sore ass. The Amazon groaned; the hook was no longer inside of her, but her shorts were still crammed tightly up her ass. Harley grinned, and pulled Wonder Woman's shorts out of the Amazon's ass, only to see a brown streak inside the shorts.

"Oohh, somebody has a poop stain!" laughed Harley.

Wonder Woman looked away in shame as Harley laughed, the Amazon's face turning pink with embarrassment. "Aww, don't be shy Wondie! It's ok, you can hide your face with a nice Wonder Wedgie!"

Supergirl grabbed the back of Wonder Woman's star-spangled shorts and pulled it straight up over Wonder Woman's head. Wonder Woman screamed in pain as her shorts went up against her pussy and ass. Harley then grabbed the back-end-up shorts and made sure the poop stain was right near Wonder Woman's nose.

"Ok, raise the flag!" said Harley.

Supergirl saluted her mistress, and reinserted the anal hook in Wonder Woman's ass and attached it to a metal cable that was hooked up to the flagpole.

"Hera…!" screamed Wonder Woman as she felt her ass get impaled by the hook again.

Supergirl began to pull on the cable, lifting Wonder Woman up into the air. As the Kryptonian began to raise Wonder Woman up the length of the flagpole, The Star Spangled Banner began to play in the background. Harley and her squad stood watching, and saluted Wonder Woman as she was winched up the flagpole.

"Get me down from here!" snarled Wonder Woman once she was at the very top of the flagpole, about 30 feet in the air.

"Ok, cut her down!" said Harley.

Supergirl grinned and instantly release the slack from the cable, causing Wonder Woman to fall to the ground on her rear end and making the hook to go even deeper into her ass.

"Aaagghhh!!!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Aww, did the poor little amazon hurt her bum? Let me take a look!" said Harley.

Harley pulled the blue, star-spangled shorts off of the Amazon's face, pulled it down until it was around her knees, and then pushed Wonder Woman face first into the ground, her rear end sticking straight up. Harley removed the metal hook and laughed hysterically at the sight of Wonder Woman's stretched asshole.

"Wow! I think your butthole has gotten a little bit bigger. I think I can get my bugle into it."

Harley took her bugle and stuck the mouthpiece into Wonder Woman ass. As the Amazon's ass instinctively clenched against the bugle, Wonder Woman screamed, "Get that thing out of me!"

The mad villainess laughed as Wonder Woman squirmed to get the bugle out of her ass. "Aww, you're too uptight! Here, have a drink!" said Harley as she took out a large canteen, uncapped it, and poured into the wide end of the bugle, the canteen's contents going straight into Wonder Woman's ass.

"Aaaagh!!! What are you doing?!?" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Aww, the little Amazon Princess doesn't like her little corn hole violated? I know what'll make you feel better!" said Harley.

Harley got up to her feet and pulled the bugle out of the Amazon's ass. Wonder Woman's anus clenched up, holding the cold liquid inside of her, the Amazon Princess desperately not wanting to shit out the liquid in front of the rolling cameras. Harley smiled and snapped her fingers, and Supergirl immediately grabbed Wonder Woman by her long black hair and dragged the Amazon towards a nearby dilapidated-looking building.

With nowhere to go else, Wonder Woman stumbled on her knees as she was dragged against her will, doing her best to hold in the liquid. The cameramen focused the cameras on Wonder Woman's tightened ass cheeks as the Amazon Adventuress struggled to retain the liquid.

Hera, please give me the strength to endure this humiliation! thought Wonder Woman.

As Harley arrived at the building, she kicked down the door and skipped right in. Supergirl and the unwilling Wonder Woman followed her into the building, with Wonder Woman squeezing her butt cheeks, trying desperately to not let the liquid inside her spray out. But each passing moment was making it more difficult.

While Supergirl brought Wonder Woman into the building, the Amazon smelled a foul odor. The cold tile floors were covered with what looked like thick layers filth and grime.

"Hera, the stench is horrible…" said Wonder Woman. She instinctively got to her booted feet, not wanting to crawl on the filthy floor.

"That's because no one has washed the bathroom in over a month," said Harley.

Harley kicked the door to the first bathroom stall open, and Supergirl quickly pushed Wonder Woman into the stall.

"Here you go Wonder Toots! Let 'er rip!" said Harley, slapping Wonder Woman's ass, causing the Amazon to release a small fart.

Wonder Woman looked down at the toilet and soon had a look of disgust on her face when she saw that the toilet seat was completely covered with filth - even worse than the floors, by the look of it. Harley laughed at Wonder Woman's hesitation.

"That's the cleanest stall little princess! Here, let me help you!" Harley grabbed Wonder Woman by the shoulders and turned her around. "By the way, nice hairy little beaver!"

Wonder Woman suddenly realized that her pussy was in view of the cameras, and blushed in self-consciousness. While she was distracted, Harley lifted the toilet seat and kicked Wonder Woman's legs out from beneath her, causing her to fall butt-first into the toilet bowl. Wonder Woman was caught with her legs spread wide open in front of the camera, and her ass in a filthy toilet bowl.

"You'll regret…oh no…" said Wonder Woman as she felt herself lose control of her bowels.

Harley smiled and removed Wonder Woman's red boots as Wonder Woman struggled to regain control. The Amazon's toes curled as she tried to hold in the liquid, refusing to give in to her body's demands for release. Harley then took out a pair of shackles and shackled Wonder Woman's ankles to either side of the stall posts, securing the legs apart.

"Looks like Wonder Toots needs a bit of incentive to take the load off!" said Harley, taking out a large pink feather from behind her back

"No, don't!" pleaded Wonder Woman as the villainess brushed the feather along the Amazon's bare soles. "Hahahaha… stop… please!" laughed Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman shook violently, laughing as Harley mercilessly tickled her feet. Harley smiled as Wonder Woman defiantly held on with all her strength.

"Such a proud little Amazon, but let's see you withstand this little onslaught!"

Harley walked over to a box and took out a large white electric vibrator, a cat o' nine tails, and a paint bucket. Wonder Woman looked at Harley with dread as she frantically tried to figure out how to get out of her situation. With the flip of a switch, Harley turned the phallic-looking vibrator on and eased it into Wonder Woman's exposed pussy.

"Ooh," moaned Wonder Woman as she felt the vibrator began to chip away at her legendary will.

"Now to push you over the edge," smiled Harley as she pulled down Wonder Woman's red-and-gold bustier, revealing her large soft breasts. "Such a beautiful body," adored Harley as she rubbed the Amazon's heavenly breasts with her skilled hands.

"Don't… touch… me…" moaned Wonder Woman.

Harley grinned and took a half step back and dipped the cat o' nine tails into the bucket, coating it in a white paint-like substance. With a flick of her wrist, Harley whipped Wonder Woman's vulnerable breasts.

"Aagh!" screamed Wonder Woman. A set of white lash marks now covered her breasts.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" smiled Harley.

Wonder Woman panted as she fought to maintain her composure, unable to reply. As Harley continued to lash Wonder Woman's marvelous breasts, her nipples slowly erected a half inch, thanks partially to the vibrator working its devious magic on her. Soon, Wonder Woman lost control, and released the fluids from her ass while simultaneously coming like a freight train.

"Nooooo!" screamed Wonder Woman.

White milky fluids filled the toilet bowl in a matter of seconds as Wonder Woman panted, recovering from the orgasm. Harley looked on deviously at the sight of Wonder Woman. The mighty Amazon with her ass inside of a filthy truck stop toilet bowl, had just came on camera for the first time AND lost bowel control. White lash marks were covering every inch of her large breasts as she recovered from the perverse sex act.

Wonder Woman tried to pull herself out of the toilet, but she soon found out that she was stuck inside the toilet bowl. As hard as she tried, she could not get out. Her muscles seemed incapable of contracting, to give her the necessary strength and leverage.

"By the way Wondie, that enema I gave you is a special muscle relaxant. Think of it as a super-powered laxative, only it affects your entire body!" said Harley.

"No… it can't be true…" muttered Wonder Woman.

"Oh, it is. Thanks to your foolish pride, I needed you to hold it in your system for an extended period of time, which you did!" smiled Harley.

To prove her point, Harley untied Wonder Woman's arms, allowing her an opportunity to pull herself out of the toilet bowl. The Amazon placed her hands on the rim of the toilet bowl and tried to push herself out, but her weakened state made it impossible for her to get out of the toilet on her own.

Harley smiled as Wonder Woman's pride started to crumble. She had now began to chip away at the Wonder Woman's near-impervious resolve.

"Don't forget to flush!" said Harley as she reached over to the toilet and flushed the toilet. Wonder Woman screamed as her lower extremities were soaked in the cold, dirty toilet water.

"Aaagh…Harley, you bitch!"

"Aww, does the little princess not like to be wet?" mocked Harley. "Here, take my hand!"

"I'd rather die than accept your help," spat Wonder Woman.

"Such a shame, too proud to ask for help," sighed Harley in exaggerated pity. The clown-faced jester reached into her pocket, pulled out green circular gel block, and held it casually in front of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman looked at block and did not say a word, unwilling to give Harley another opening to exploit.

"I bet ya wondering what this is. Well, I don't know either but Mistah J made this a while back for an occasion like this, let's find out and see what happens together!"

With that, Harley opened the toilet tank lid and dropped the block inside.

Wonder Woman panicked, and struggled to pull herself out of the toilet bowl, but her ass remained firmly wedged inside. "Please, help me out!" pleaded Wonder Woman after another few seconds of fruitless struggling. Anything the Joker had invented HAD to be bad news - bad enough to not be worth her Amazon pride!

Harley smiled, grabbed Wonder Woman's hands, placed her right foot on the edge of the toilet bowl, and pulled the Amazon out of the toilet. Harley pulled with all her might, sling-shooting the Amazon out of the toilet and into another toilet that stood directly across from her current stall. This time, Wonder Woman's head went straight into the toilet bowl, with her ass sticking straight up in the air.

"Oops, I guess I don't realize how strong I am!"

As Wonder Woman pulled her head out of the toilet, Harley dropped her pants and jumped on top of the Amazon's back, forcing Wonder Woman's head right back in the toilet.

"Time for a Wonder Swirlie!" laughed Harley.

The mad clown flushed the toilet, swirling the Amazon's head with chilly, filthy water. Wonder Woman's legs kicked wildly as she struggled to get out of the toilet bowl, but to no avail. Harley laughed at her helpless victim, and let out a loud fart on the back of Wonder Woman's head.

"Oooh, must have been the bad Mexican meal I had last night!" giggled Harley. She quickly bounced off of Wonder Woman's back and gave the Amazon another slap on the ass. Wonder Woman pulled her head out of the toilet; the cold water did nothing to cool down the heat emanating from her head as her dignity was stripped away from her.

Supergirl smirked fiendishly as she saw the Amazing Amazon Princess completely soaked from head to toe in filthy toilet water, her bustier pulled down, revealing her large breasts. The Amazon's star-spangled briefs were still wrapped around her thighs as she struggled to pull them up. Soon, Supergirl pranced behind Wonder Woman and gave her another Wonder Wedgie, once again pulling the briefs over the Amazon's head.

"Aaaagh!!!" screamed Wonder Woman as the nearly-indestructible fabric bit deep into her pussy and ass.

Supergirl then grabbed Wonder Woman by the waist and carried her over to the next stall, where Harley was waiting with her "toys" in hand. Pulling her briefs off of her head, Wonder Woman saw that this toilet bowl was filled to the brim with a white murky liquid, and a large plunger was stuck in the middle of the bowl. At the end of the plunger's handle was attached a large green dildo.

Before Wonder Woman could react, Supergirl lifted her up and and planted her pussy directly onto the dildo, causing the Amazon to scream, "Hera, it's too big!"

"Enough of the Hera business," snapped Harley. "Once I'm through with you, you'll be bowing to the porcelain god instead!"

With Wonder Woman's pussy impaled on the dildo and her bare feet on the rim of the toilet, Harley took out two leather straps and tied each of the straps around Wonder Woman's thighs, and then looped them through a metal loop attached to the dildo, securing the Amazon to the plunger. Wonder Woman did her best to balance on the rim, but the cold wet porcelain made it difficult to maintain her footing.

Harley took out the cat o' nine tails again and dipped it in the waiting paint can, soaking it in the white solution once more. With a flick of her wrist, she whipped Wonder Woman's mammoth breasts again.

"Aahh!!!" screamed Wonder Woman, causing her to impale herself on the dildo.

"Better start unclogging the toilet Wonder Toots!" ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman looked at Harley defiantly, unwillingly to humiliate herself any more. Harley smiled and flicked her cat o' nine tails, continuing to target Wonder Woman's massive mammaries. Wonder Woman yelped in pain and lost her footing, causing her plunge the dildo even deeper into her pussy.

The Amazon's pussy slowly started to moisten as she felt aroused by being forced to pleasure herself. The stinging of the cat o' nine tails excited her, and soon, she began to anticipate the stinging sensation.

Harley smiled as she continued to whip Wonder Woman's breasts, causing the Amazon to ride the dildo plunger in earnest. With each lash, Wonder Woman instinctively squatted onto the dildo, eagerly anticipating the next lash. With pain, came pleasure - a vicious cycle that left the Amazon's mind no opportunity to escape.

The Amazon's pussy gripped down on the dildo tighter and tighter as she began to fuck herself willingly. Harley noticed Wonder Woman was surrendering herself to the pain and pleasure and smiled fiendishly as her plan began to come together.

"That's right Wonda Slut, fuck that toilet!" mocked Harley as she whipped Wonder Woman's breasts multiple times.

"Oooh, yesss…" moaned Wonder Woman as she continued to fuck herself. Each lash brought Wonder Woman closer to bliss. And Harley's dirty talk was only helping her along. Without realizing it, Wonder Woman grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together, signaling for Harley to whip them.

"Such a submissive slut you are! Here's something I didn't tell you, the white solution I'm whipping on your boobs is the same chemicals that turned Mr. J's skin white!" laughed Harley.

Wonder Woman's eyes widened as she heard the bombshell. The Amazon looked down and saw her breasts covered in white lashes. As she tried to cover breasts, Harley took out a small remote from her pocket and pressed the button. The dildo roared to life as it began to pump itself in and out of Wonder Woman's pussy.

"Oh… no…. too much…"moaned Wonder Woman as the dildo began to wreck havoc on her will. Wonder Woman's legs gave out from under her as she felt an orgasm approaching. Harley laughed and whipped Wonder Woman's breasts some more, determined to paint her prey's tits completely white.

Wonder Woman leaned back on the toilet, giving into the pleasure and pain. Her legs sprawled wide open as the dildo began the final stage of its program.

"Oooooh…. YESSS!!!" screamed Wonder Woman as an orgasm ripped through body. As she came, the dildo began to pump a thick white fluid into her pussy, flooding her womb with its substance. Wonder Woman didn't care, as she felt one of the greatest sexual experiences of her entire life.

Wonder Woman panted as she slowly recovered from her mind numbing orgasm. "Never… have I ever felt this such an intense orgasm…" whispered Wonder Woman dreamily.

Harley unfastened the straps from Wonder Woman's thighs, and Supergirl immediately lifted Wonder Woman off the dildo. Wonder Woman's pussy released a waterfall of the white milky liquid as she was dismounted from the dildo.

"What was pumped inside of me?" moaned Wonder Woman, rubbing her pussy.

"Just a bunch of cum that we collected from Gotham's Red Light District!" smiled Harley.

"No…" moaned Wonder Woman.

Harley pulled Wonder Woman up by the arms; the Amazon was now breathing raggedly, and quickly dropped to her knees as Harley shoved her into yet another stall. Wonder Woman stared at the toilet and saw that it was completely covered filth and pubic hair. Wonder Woman turned around, only to see Harley strapping on a large 15-inch black dildo to Supergirl's crotch. The Amazon looked on in fear as Supergirl's crossed eyes looked at her fiendishly.

"As promised, Supergirl… oops, I mean SUCK GIRL will be the one to own you! OWN YOUR ASS!"

"Please… that thing is too big!" panicked Wonder Woman.

"Too bad!" said Harley callously as she shoved Wonder Woman onto the toilet, the Amazon's ass sticking right up. The stench of the toilet was overwhelming to Wonder Woman as her bare tits were mashed against the filthy toilet seat. She felt the tip of the dildo push up against her anus, and she instinctively clenched her eyes, preparing for the worst.

All of a sudden, Harley interrupted Supergirl. "You know what? I'm feeling generous; I'll help ease the pain!"

Harley stepped away from the stall and, within a few moments, returned and brought out an enema bag and tube. Before Wonder Woman could object, Harley hooked Wonder Woman up to the enema bag. As a white milky substance began to fill up Wonder Woman's ass, the Amazon tried to pull the tube out, but Supergirl grabbed her by the wrists.

"Now, now, this will help you relax a bit more. Mama Harley knows what's best for you!" said Harley. "Give this heroine the Wonder Fuck of the century!"

Without any further warning, Supergirl rammed the dildo into Wonder Woman's pussy. Wonder Woman howled in pain as her pussy was stretched to the limit.

"Aw, look at the princess taking the big dildo like a woman!" mocked Harley. Wonder Woman winced in pain as Supergirl began to power fuck her. "If you clean the toilet, I may let you off the hook of this Wonder Fucking!" said Harley.

Desperate for some kind of escape, Wonder Woman looked for a roll of toilet paper, but saw there was none. As Wonder Woman looked at Harley in confusion, Harley laughed and said "Use those tits of yours, Wonder Cow!"

Without hesitation, Wonder Woman began rubbing her large breasts all over the toilet, desperately trying to stop the fucking that Supergirl was giving her. Licking her breasts, Wonder Woman mashed her tits on the toilet; her chalk white breasts were soon covered in a light brown stains as she cleaned the toilet. She found it difficult to concentrate as she felt her stomach get filled up with the enema she was receiving. She instinctively wanted to release it, but before she could do anything, Harley removed the tube and shoved a large butt plug into Wonder Woman's asshole, sealing the liquid in place.

"There, nice and tight!" said Harley.

Wonder Woman's stomach felt bloated; the sloshing of the liquid was causing her to stomach to cramp up. Fighting the pain, Wonder Woman tried to continue scrubbing the toilet with her now filthy breasts. Meanwhile, Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman by the hips and pumped her pussy even harder, driving the Amazon crazy with lust. The feeling of being dominated was turning the Amazing Amazon Princess on, and she began to buck her hips with each thrust.

"Oooh…" moaned Wonder Woman as pleasure began to build up. Harley smiled as Wonder Woman's belly began to expand slowly.

In a matter of minutes, Wonder Woman began screaming like a banshee as Supergirl violated her pussy with the massive strap-on. When Supergirl suddenly pulled out, grabbed Wonder Woman, and turned her around, the Amazon immediately wrapped her long legs around Supergirl's waist as she continued to fuck her reverse-cowgirl style. Wonder Woman's belly was now inflated like she was nine months pregnant.

While the "Wonder Fuck" was happening, Harley crept over and yanked the butt plug out of Wonder Woman's ass, causing a massive stream of the milky white substance to shoot right out like a fire hose. Wonder Woman's stomach slowly deflated, but it remained partially inflated even after she had released all the liquids from her body.

Harley then took out her bugle and once again inserted it into Wonder Woman's now gaping ass; a loud toot soon came out of the horn as Wonder Woman began farting uncontrollably.

"Hehehe! My special formula now causes permanent uncontrollable flatulence!" laughed Harley as she took a step back.

Wonder Woman didn't care, as Supergirl fucked her harder; with each thrust a loud toot came out of her ass. Soon Wonder Woman was cumming like a common whore, creaming all over the strap on.

"YESSS… FUCK… YES…" screamed Wonder Woman.

Supergirl took Wonder Woman off the strap-on and placed the disgraced heroine on the floor, facing the toilet on all fours. Wonder Woman began to rub her body all over the toilet as Supergirl rubbed the tip of her strap-on at the edge of the Amazon's gaping asshole. With one easy stroke, the dildo eased right into Wonder Woman's ass. Wonder Woman arched her back as Supergirl impaled her ass.

"Yesss… fuck my ass…" moaned Wonder Woman. In response, Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman by her long raven hair and slammed the dildo harder and deeper into the eager Amazon's ass.

"Looks like Wonder Toots has taken a real liking to this, let's give her the special royal treatment!" said Harley, hamming it up for the camera.

Wonder Woman was immersed in her pleasure, and didn't hear a single word that Harley said. Babbling like an idiot, she could not get enough of the fucking that Supergirl was giving her. Supergirl pulled Wonder Woman back over to the first stall and shoved her ass-first back into the toilet bowl.

"This is your coronation, Wonder Toots!" said Harley, rubbing her hands gleefully.

Wonder Woman sat into the toilet bowl, her ass completely stuck inside and she herself completely oblivious what was going on. By now, the Amazon was almost completely naked; her bustier, shorts, power belt, and boots were all gone.

Harley removed Wonder Woman's tiara and tossed it aside. As the tiara clattered against the tiled floor, Harley reached over and unfastened the Amazon's bulletproof bracelets, unceremoniously flinging them aside as well. Finally, with almost delicate care, Harley removed the last pieces of Wonder Woman's costume - her earrings.

With Wonder Woman completely disrobed, Harley promptly left the stall. A few minutes later, the mad villainess returned, carrying the other pieces of Wonder Woman's costume. Wonder Woman still sat in the toilet, that dazed look on her face.

"Get her outta there, Suck Girl!" Harley commanded.

Supergirl obeyed immediately, roughly hauling Wonder Woman out of the toilet. As the Kryptonian stationed the brain-scrambled Amazon to one side, leaning her against the stall wall, Harley dropped the garments in her hands on the filthy floor. Now, all pieces of Wonder Woman's costume were in the same place.

"Ya know," Harley said suddenly. "My motto in life's always been "out with the old, in with the new"! And I've got a REALLY great NEW look for ya, Wondie... but before we can get to that, we gotta get all the OLD out first!"

With that, the mad clown picked up Wonder Woman's earrings and tossed them into the toilet bowl. A second later, she unzipped her fly, stepped onto the toilet, squatted, and let loose a long, yellow stream of piss into the toilet. That done, she gave her "masterpiece" a satisfied look, and hit the flush handle.

Supergirl and Wonder Woman watched silently as the Amazon's earrings went straight down the toilet. Meanwhile, Harley reached down and picked up Wonder Woman's tiara, and flung it into the toilet next.

"Suck Girl!" Harley snapped. "Your turn! Let that bladder rip!"

Nodding, Supergirl stepped up to the toilet like a home-run hitter to home plate, and began to do her business. Once the tiara was thoroughly piss-stained, Harley once again pressed the flush handle, and down the tiara went.

"You're up, Wonder Whore!" Harley said, handing the Amazon her bulletproof bracelets.

With only a slight moment of hesitation, Wonder Woman stumbled toward the toilet and threw the bracelets inside. Then, wobbling slightly, she climbed onto the toilet and let her bladder go. One piss session and flush later, and the bracelets joined the Amazon's tiara and earrings.

And on the session went, the three women taking turns with the pieces of Wonder Woman's costume. In a matter of minutes, the Amazon's bustier, shorts, and boots had went down the pipes as well. All that was left were...

"Yer belt, and yer lasso..." Harley mused, looking at the two golden artifacts in her hands.

The mad clown was ambivalent; one the one hand, she really wanted to keep the two items, both of which held untold power, but on the other, it just wouldn't be a complete "coronation" of Wonder Woman if she didn't degrade her two most recognizable symbols...

"Ah, to heck with it!" Harley growled, and tossed both items into the toilet. She didn't even take the time to piss over them before pressing the flush handle; given the items' color, it wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway.

As the sacred artifacts of her heritage were flushed down the drain, Wonder Woman's second wind of resistance kicked in. "Hera, what have I done?!?" muttered the Amazon.

"Oh don't be so down, Wonder Toots! You're on your well on your way to earning a BIG contract with HPF! You just need to do a little brown nosing!" said Harley.

Harley grabbed Wonder Woman by the arms and tossed her onto the filthy cold floor. Before Wonder Woman could get up, Harley squatted down on Wonder Woman's face and said, authoritatively, "Stick that nose up my ass Wonder Whore!"

Wonder Woman turned her head to the side, doing her best to avoid getting her face into Harley's ass.

"Aww, looks like Wonder Toots doesn't like to kiss a little ass. Don't you want to become a big porn star?"

Supergirl knelt down in-between Wonder Woman's legs, grabbed the Amazon's hips, and impaled her strap-on deep into Wonder Woman's moist pussy. Wonder Woman instinctively raised her hips to meet Supergirl's thrust and buried her face into Harley's ass.

"That's right, stick your face in my ass! I knew you just needed the right motivation!" mocked Harley.

Wonder Woman panted as Supergirl continued to pound away at her pussy, and with each thrust, Wonder Woman moaned into Harley's ass. Harley grabbed Wonder Woman by her hair and shoved the Amazon's nose straight into her asshole.

"Oooh, I got a big ole nasty fart coming just for you Wonder Woman, I want you to snort it up!"

Wonder Woman was soon fully immersed in the pleasure, and the smell of Harley's ass was enhancing the eroticism she felt as Supergirl pounded away. Soon, Wonder Woman felt another huge orgasm approaching. Her hips and legs began to shake, her body tensing up.

Suddenly, Supergirl stopped for a moment as Harley pulled Wonder Woman's face out of her ass.

"Say you want it!"

"I want it, please fuck me!" panted Wonder Woman.

"You know the price! Suckgirl will continue to fuck you IF you sign up with HPF!"

"Please let me join HPF," pleaded the horny Amazon.

"I don't know, you're going to have to do a little bit more ass kissing if you want to join HPF!" said Harley.

Wonder Woman licked Harley's ass, her tongue probing the villainess' tight corn hole, determined to please her new potential mistress at WHATEVER cost.

"That's right, stick that royal Amazon tongue up my ass! Now stick that nose in there!" ordered Harley.

As Wonder Woman complied and stuck her nose into Harley's ass, Harley nodded at Supergirl to resume fucking the delirious Amazon. With a big grin, the cross-eyed Kryptonian obeyed her mistress, and started pumping Wonder Woman's most sacred place twice as hard. Within moments, Wonder Woman started to cum.

"Yes!!!! Harley!!! My Goddess!" screamed Wonder Woman.

Harley released a big fart into Wonder Woman's nose, and Wonder Woman took a deep sniff. The horrid stench was now an aphrodisiac for Wonder Woman, as her lust began to build once more as soon as the orgasm subsided.

"Now that we have Wonder Toots onboard, let's give you your new outfit!"

In the blink of an eye, Supergirl dashed out of the bathroom and returned with Wonder Woman's new costume. Wonder Woman gazed at it lovingly as Harley took the costume and handed it over to Wonder Woman. Her new "costume" was a two-piece string bikini. The top was patterned in a red-and-black checkerboard style. The bottom was a black thong with a white bushy rabbit tail ass plug in the back. On the front was a picture of Harley Quinn's face with her tongue sticking out in the crotch area.

Wonder Woman put on the skimpy costume, smiling as she thought about all the filthy acts that Harley was surely going to make her do.

After the Amazon put on her new costume, Harley smiled and said, "Perfect! You just need your new tiara!"

Harley pulled out a pair of rabbit ears, and placed them on top of Wonder Woman's head, clipping them deep into Wonder Woman's raven locks.

"There! Perfect!"

Wonder Woman smiled as she looked at a nearby mirror that Harley had thoughtfully set up for her. Her life as a heroine was over and thanks to her new mistress, her new life was going to be filled with pleasure.

"By the way, your first official act for HPF will be Suck Girl fucking you stupid while you clean my car with you funbags!"

Harley, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman marched out of the bathroom and into a nearby parking lot where Harley's car was parked. The beat-up 1969 Charger was completely covered in mud. Wonder Woman stared at it blankly, trying to figure out where to start.

Seeing her newest "recruit" hesitating, Harley took out a hose and sprayed Wonder Woman. The ice-cold water made Wonder Woman jump as she was hosed down by Harley.

"Better get starting Toots! By the way, I need to give you a new name. Wonder Woman is no longer appropriate for you!" said Harley.

The Amazing Amazon smiled erotically, and dreamed about sticking her nose back into Harley's perfect ass. Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman, shoved her onto the hood of the car, and plunged her strap-on back into the Amazon's pussy.

Wonder Woman moaned in passion as she felt the familiar penetration of the huge strap-on. The Amazon grabbed her large breasts and began to scrub the grime off of Harley's car as Supergirl fucked her. As the Kryptonian hammered away at Wonder Woman's pussy, Harley hosed down the two porn stars and the car with more water.

"That's right, pump her good, Suck Girl!"

The act went on for an hour. After the hour, Harley's car looked as good as new. Wonder Woman was completely exhausted from not only washing the car, but from all the orgasms that Supergirl had given her. She had stopped trying to keep count after the tenth one.

Harley smiled at her work, and had another devious act up her sleeve. "Well done Wonder Toots! You did a gorgeous job! In fact, I think I should show my appreciation by letting your ride it!"

With that, the mad villainess pulled out a 12-inch white dildo with metal studs on it and walked over to the hood of the car. In the middle of the hood was a circular opening that allowed Harley to insert the base of the dildo into.

"This car has over 425 horsepower! Ever wondered what 425 horsepower feels between those legs?"

By now, Wonder Woman was absolutely exhausted, and could not take any more, so she shook her head.

"Well, you're going to show the world what it feels like!"

Supergirl grabbed Wonder Woman, lifted her up, and planted her down onto the dildo, holding the Amazon down tightly as Harley jumped into the driver's seat and started up the car. The car quickly roared to life, and the dildo began to vibrate slowly.

"No… please… too much…" moaned Wonder Woman.

"Don't be such a baby! Show the world your resilience! You were a super heroine, after all!" said Harley as she stepped on the gas pedal.

"Ooooh…. tooooo much…." panted Wonder Woman as the dildo roared to life, bringing her to yet another near-mind shattering orgasm.

"Let's see, I have a full tank of gas, so I think it should last a few hours," said Harley.

The insane clown princess of crime put a large rock on the gas pedal, making the engine roar continuously. Harley then took out some rope, and secured Wonder Woman's legs and arms to the hood of the car. With cameras rolling, Harley kissed Wonder Woman on the cheek and walked away.

"See you in a few hours!"

"Noooooo!" screamed Wonder Woman as she felt another orgasm wrack her body.

Hours later…

"Let's see how our new star is doing!" said Harley as she came back into the parking lot. The engine of her car was, as expected, still running. And its "passenger", evidently, hadn't gone anywhere.

Wonder Woman was now broken, her eyes completely rolled back as countless orgasms ravaged her body. Harley untied Wonder Woman and took her off the dildo, and dropped her to the ground away from the car. The Amazon dropped to her knees, her body completely limp.

"Aww, how pathetic! Looks like she could you a little pick me up!" said Harley as she shut off the car engine. She took out a cattle prod from the back seat and poked the Wonder Woman in the ass with it, causing the Amazon to jump in pain.

"Owww!" screamed Wonder Woman. Harley, meanwhile, bent over with her pants dropped and her ass cheeks pulled wide open.

"You know what to do!" said Harley.

Wonder Woman crawled to Harley and instinctively started licking her ass. As she licked it, she heard Harley's stomach grumble, and instinctively put her nose deeper into the jester's ass as Harley farted.

"That's right, sniff it up! You're such a good little brown-noser! Now put your hands on the car and assume the position!"

Wonder Woman got up, and bent over the hood of car with her ass pointed out. Harley took out the rabbit-tail butt plug from Wonder Woman's ass and brought it to the Amazon's mouth.

"Suck it!" ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman meekly obeyed, wondering what else the vile villainess had in store for her.

Harley took out another cattle prod from the back of the car, along with two metal dildos. Attaching the sex toys to the cattle prods, she inserted the dildos into Wonder Woman's ass and pussy.

"Now fuck yourself with those dildos!" ordered Harley.

Wonder Woman nodded and began to pump both her ass and pussy with dildos. It wasn't long before the Amazon felt herself cumming again.

"Oooh, yes…" moaned Wonder Woman.

"That's right, fuck yourself stupid!" said Harley as she pulled out a remote from behind her back.

"YES!!!" screamed Wonder Woman.

Harley pressed the button on the remote, activating the cattle prods, sending several thousand volts of electricity throughout Wonder Woman's body. Far from enough to kill her, but more than enough to be felt Wonder Woman screamed in pain and pleasure as she climaxed.

"Aaaaggghhh!!!" screamed Wonder Woman.

As the orgasm subsided, Harley gazed at Wonder Woman, who lay on the ground with her arms and legs splayed wide and her face toward the sky. Her eyes were permanently crossed as she moaned. Harley grinned to herself, knowing that it was now time to initiate the final downfall of Wonder Woman. There was one more Ace up her sleeve that had yet to be played, and it was the most devastating of them all!

Harley bent down, put her mouth right next to Wonder Woman's ear, and began to whisper loud enough for the rolling cameras to pick up:

"Now, Wondie, I have a confession to make: I've been holdin' out on you, and all of my lovely little viewers..."

The mad villainess suddenly pulled away from Wonder Woman, and snapped her fingers. In a burst of super-speed Supergirl was at her side in an instant. Harley whispered a set of instructions in the Kryptonian's ear; a few seconds later, Supergirl responded with a mindless "Yes, mistress", and flew off. Soon, she returned with a laptop.

Harley took the laptop into her hands, and flipped it open. She hit a few keys on it, then set it on Wonder Woman's stomach, so that the Amazon could see the screen clearly even in her current position.

"You see," Harley continued. "I know your dirtiest little secret..."

A rush of panic seized Wonder Woman, clearing away some of the orgasm-induced cobwebs in her head. Surely Harley couldn't know about THAT, could she? Surely...

Harley nodded wisely, her grin more predatory than ever. "Yep. I KNOW which little super heroine has been HPF's most LOYAL, most PERVERTED customer since day one!"

The mad villainess then gestured toward her cameramen, who maneuvered around so that they could catch the same view that Wonder Woman was seeing. At the same time, the laptop began to play the video that it had been commanded to play: a collection of clips of Wonder Woman acting like a typical HPF customer: accessing HPF's website, furiously masturbating with one hand as she makes purchases with the other, hungrily watching ALL of the videos of the humiliation of Batgirl, Supergirl, Robin, etc., and much more!

"GREAT HERAAAAAAAAA...!" the Amazon wailed, her voice drowning in despair... and something that sounded oddly like arousal.

As the once-mighty Wonder Woman's head hung low, Harley smiled. Wonder Woman had truly reached the bottom of the gutter, and now, there was only one thing - well, maybe one-point-five things - left to do.

Pursing her lips, Harley said, in fake sympathy, "Awww, don't worry, Wondie! Mama Harley will make ALL the pain go away..."

With that, Harley reached down and hit a few more keys on the laptop.

"That's right... after you've been OFFICIALLY inducted into Harley's Bitches... you'll NEVER have to strain yourself living up to anyone's high expectations ever again! Heck, you won't even have to strain yourself THINKING anymore!"

A familiar colorful spiral appeared on the laptop screen, moving quicker and quicker. And soon, all-too-familiar drones were emitting from the laptop.


With her mental defenses so utterly shattered, Wonder Woman didn't stand a chance. In only a few seconds, she was droning alone to the laptop's commands, her blue eyes looking glassy and her body swaying from side to side.

"Obey. Obey. Obeyyyyyyyyyyy..."

Harley gave the video another two minutes, just to be on the safe side. After that, she shut the laptop down and sidled up close to her newest plaything. With a gloved hand, she cupped Wonder Woman's chin and stared deeply at the Amazon.

"Nowwwwwww... we just need to give you a nice new name... how's Wanton Woman sound?"

Wonder Woman, still looking dazed, gave no reply. Undaunted, Harley grabbed the back of the Amazon's head and bobbed it up and down like a puppet. As she did so, she spoke in a giggly imitation of Wonder Woman's voice.

"Why yes, Mistress Harley, that's a PERFECT name for a wanton little slut like me! You are smart and also pretty, and the bestest, sexiest mistress a worthless "heroine" like me could have! Tee-hee-hee!"

Smiling, Harley then shoved Wonder Woman to the ground. Gingerly, she held out her foot in front of the tamed Amazon's face.

"Wow! I guess you're not THAT stupid after all, Wanton Woman! Now, kiss my foot!"

Wonder Woman didn't hesitate, quickly leaning over and kissing the offered foot over and over again. As the Amazing Amazon Princess worshiped her mistress, Harley turned to the camera one last time.

"And there you have it, all you lucky viewers at home! The greatest of the so-called "super heroines", now my helpless little fuck toy, just like the rest!" Harley cackled. "Stay tuned, there's LOT more perverted hi-jinks to come in the following days... and months... and years!"

With that, the camera faded to black.

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