Power Breaks The Huntress

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Black Canary Harley Quinn Power Girl Zatanna Huntress
Category F/F Mind Control Masturbation DC Corruption Female Dom
Previous Chapter The Third Captive Awakens.

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Helena's eyes widened with fear at Harley's words. Yes, the heroine couldn't deny the effect the villainess had on her body, but given everything she had just see happen, she knew she was now the only hope she and her friends had of leaving the room with their minds. Quickly analyzing her upside down situation, Helena realized her arms were together were tied and crossed behind her back, like both her fellow captives, while she was supported by the only rope that bound her legs at the ankles. Desperately Huntess wiggled her body in an attempt to free the lockpick/minisaw in her glove.

"Here," Harley whispered in her ear, freezing Huntress' thought processes, "let me help you with that." The psychopathic woman finished, revealing a barber's razor from behind her back and then reaching up and cutting the rope holding Helena up.

Helena braced herself for the impact with the hard wooden floor, but it never came. Instead Harley caught her with ease, which now placed her on the clown's shoulder and her face directly in line with Harley's red and black leather clad ass. "Ahhh..."
Huntress shuddered despite herself as she inhaled against the cum soaked hide.

"Thanks," Harley chimed, "you've got a good one too," she said, slapping Huntress' ass with
gusto, making the woman cry in pleasure. "Now, whoopsie-daisy," Harley continued as she placed the rope bound heroine next to Power Girl, leaving the razor at Helena's feet.

Huntress, rather startled by hearing her name, turned her head to see an exhausted Power Girl gazing at her with glazed eyes.

"Oooh, Spoilers!" Harley squeaked excitedly, causing Helena to glare back at her despite the rush it sent through her. "It's okay, I'll never tell, pinkie swear." Harley said with a surprising amount of sincerity. The villainess even holding out her small fingers to each of her captives while grinning childishly. However, realizing that neither heroine could return the gesture, Harley then placed a pinkie on each of the heroine's pussies. "Well," Harley said, pushing down onto the already soaked costumes, "you know what I mean."

"Yeeessss!" Karen replied as she rode the wave of pleasure, while Helena bit her lip to keep silent.

Power Slut, that's the spirit!" Harley praised the ecstasy fuelled kryptonian, pulling her fingers away to Karen's audible dismay. "Hmm," Quinn mused, thinking over how taken Power Girl seemed to be, "Power Slut?"

"Yes...?" Harley actually felt her own juices surge at
Power Girl's acception of her nickname.

"Hmmm, now I know
power corrupts," the ex-psychologist moaned. "Do you like girls, Power Slut?"


"Oh, that's good. Always?" Karen nodded. "You love me now, don't you?" Again Karen nodded, her mind fantasizing of everything she could do with her new found love. "Who'd you love before?" Harley asked with a cheeky smile, suspecting the answer lay next to the woman.

"NO! Don't tell her Karen!" Helena shouted, not caring about using
Power Girl's real name. She needed to get through to her friend now! Huntress glared fiercely at her captor for daring to pry into Power Girl's heart beyond the attraction she herself could feel for the villainess. "Don't let this bitch into your hea--!" Helena stopped her yell as she looked back to Karen. Karen Starr, the mighty Power Girl, was crying.

"But it was you, Helena!" Karen screamed, her shattered mind and heart letting her tears surface. "IT WAS ALWAYS YOU!"

Yay!' Harley's inner voice squealed. 'I love calling the plot twists!'


While her Mistress played with her other toys, Zatanna made her way to the bars of the giant cage that held the lustlorn Black Canary. She knew her objective, she knew the rules that her Mistress had set for her, and she knew she would make Harley proud! Especially when she ate her out after achieving success.

Black Canary, however, had forgotten all about her former friend turned Harley Quinn love slave and was lost in the divine pleasure her breasts were granting her by rubbing them against the cold metal of her cage. "Ahhh, more..." she pleaded to no-one in particular, not that anyone would listen to her now, "I need more!" Closing her eyes in bliss, Dinah dreamed of release. She dreamed of riding atop her husband, the Green Arrow. She dreamed of Karen and Helena sucking her wonderful titties while Zatanna ate her snatch. Yet, most clearly, she dreamt of grinding her pussy against Harley Quinn's, cumming simultaneously with the object of her desires. "Haaarrrllleeeyy..." she droned in ecstasy.

"Shut up, whore!" Zatanna shouted, literally kicking Dinah out of her lustful reverie, making firm contact with Carnary's sensitive breasts. Zee-Zee revelled in the groan of pain that came from the blonde, that breathy voice made it all the sweeter.

"You ain't worthy of pleasing Mistress." She said, taking off her hat, before throwing her open shirt to the floor, leaving her topless. Standing over the heroine, Zatanna straddled Canary's ass as she then leaned foward, so her own hefty breasts pressed against Dinah's back.

Not only did this put further pressure on Canary's huge chest, but now, with how her arms were tied across her back, Dinah could feel each of Zatanna's magnificent globes on the ends of her fingers. The moans she made did little to vocalize just how good this all felt.

"Now," Zatanna chirped from just behind Dinah's head, letting her jet black hair tickle the blonde's upper back, sending shivers down her spine, "I'm gonna teach you, your place." Zatanna finished, placing her hat in front of Canary's to reveal the hypnotic spiral of red and black that adorned the inside of her Harley-Quinnized hat to her old friend.

Her Mistress had forbade the use of sorcery in her instructions, of that Zatanna had no doubt, but this was an old circus trick that proved more effective than anyone would ever believe. With that thought in mind, Zatanna grabbed Dinah's thick mane of lustrous blond hair and held her head in place. "Now, just watch, relax and enjoy the lesson." Zee-Zee giggled with glee, activating the effect with a flick of her wrist.


"Karen, I..." Helena was speechless. She had known for a long time which team her close friend swung for, but Karen actually loved her?

"You never knew!" Karen cried through her tears. "I tried to show you, so many times, but you never noticed me!"
Power Girl lost herself in her sadness, forgetting how only moments ago she had been driven to madness with lust.

"There, there,
Power Slut." Harley comforted, leaning over the blonde power house to kiss her tenderly on the lips and lick away the remnants of her own cum. "You have me now, right? I'll never ignore your love." She cooed further, cupping Power Girl's cheek. The jester smiled with genuine care, despite knowing it was all part of the plan.

Karen melted against her lover. She wanted so desperately to be free of her restraints, free of her uniform, and embace her lover to resume pleasuring Harley as she had done earlier.

"N--mmph!" Helena began to shout before Harley clasped her mouth shut with her free hand and held it there to keep Huntress as quiet as muffles could be.

Almost without thought,
Power Girl lifted her hips to grind against Harley's leg. "Does my lil' Power Slut wanna fuck me senseless?" The crazy mistress teased, pressing her knee back against Karen's pussy.

"Yes! Please, yes, my Love!" Karen answered.

"Hmm, ok, but..." Harley applied more force to her actions to get her point across, "we've gotta decide who's wearing the pants in this relationship, and clearly, it's already not you." She said, pointing out
Power Girl's leotard power suit. Karen could only nod in agreement.

"So, from now on, I'm your Mistress and you're my darling lil' love slave, just like my Zee-Zee. Ok,
Power Slut?" Harley asked matter-of-factly and, again, Karen nodded. "You know that means you gotta do what I say, right?" Nod. "Even if I tell you to hurt people?" Nod. "Even big red and blue?" Nod. "Even her?" She added, nodding her own head to Huntress. Finally, Power Girl found doubt entering her mind about accepting her Love's conditions, but then Harley swooped in to catch her prey, dragging her knee up and down upon Karen's clit. "Not that I'd ever make you do that, lover."

The orgasm that rippled through Karen was mind changing. She went up as Karen Starr; Kara Zor-El;
Power Girl, a proud and noble defender of Earth, but came down her Mistress' lil' Power Slut.

“Mistress... Harley... my lover... her love slave...” Karen's lips echoed the mantra in her head, smiling as her heart and body relaxed into her new status.

Helena struggled with new vigour as she was watched her friend, whom she did love even if not romantically, truly abandon herself to the image that Harley was creating. Working her head up,
Huntress freed her mouth and bit down hard on the dominatrix clown's hand, drawing blood.


"Owwwwiiiiee," Harley whimpered, licking her wound.

"Mistress!" Zatanna's and Karen's voices shouting their concern at Harley's pain.

"It's okay Zee-Zee. Keep doing what you're doing." Harley said, waving her good hand dismissively, before picking up the cutthroat razor from where she'd left it at Helena's feet. "I just need you to zap this, so I can cut out
Power Slut."

"You got it Mistress." Zatanna answered, briefly letting go of Canary's hair, but the mesmerized crime fighter's head never moved from watching the spirals in front of her. The magician reconjured her wand with a thought and cast. "Daed sgniht lla hguorht ecils nac."

"Thanks Zee-Zee." Harley said, deciding to show her slave how very pleased she was. "Have a Big-O on me!" She added with a click of her fingers.

"AHHHHH!--Mmmph!" Zatanna rode the climax with an elated smile, grinding her juices into Dinah's back, but never loosened her grip on her hat. "Oooh, yes! Thank you, Mistress!"

"You welcome," Harley said curtly, turning back to the two bound women. The clown domme smiled when she saw how
Power Girl was ignoring all of Huntress' attempts to convince her that Harley wasn't her Mistress and lover. "That's a good girl, Power Slut." Harley cooed, standing over her blonde slave. "Don't listen to the meanie." She concluded. Harley then leaned down and cut through the steel collar & chain and the ropes that bound Power Girl.

"Thank you, Mistress." Karen said, rising to kneel before Harley. "Are you truly okay?" She asked, her voice thick with worry for her Mistress' well being, still ignoring all the vocal protests coming from Helena.

"I'm fine." Harley said, reassuring her newest pet with a kiss on the top of her head. Karen rippled with pleasure. "But first, I'm gonna need your cape, deary." She commanded, lightly so, but it was a command nonetheless, holding out her razor free hand.

"Yes Mistress." Karen breathed, feeling new arousal from obeying her clown like lover, before standing to her full height and handing the red fabric to Harley.

"KARE--!" Huntress' latest cry was cut short when she noticed Harley's attention finally turn back to her. She did what could to squirm away from the madwoman, but found herself being gagged with
Power Girl's cape. "NnnmmpH!" She screamed against the super strong material, trying in futility to fight just how turned on she was getting from Harley's close proximity. If only she could have gotten through to Karen, she would have saved her, but now Helena was bound, gagged, and helpless against the woman now leering down at her. It all just made her so fucking hot!

"That's step one." Harley informed Helena, moving the razor in her hand to the highest mid-point of
Huntress mask, right between her eyebrows. "Now we see what's behind curtain No.3." Harley joked as she ran the razor slowly down Huntress, pressing it against her skin. The cold metal sent shivers down Helena's spine. The powerlessness of the situation was sending shocks to her cunt, but while the blade cut through her mask and armour like butter, her skin didn't suffer a single scratch. Harley was in control of her fate, but wasn't harming a single hair on her body, and it was driving Helena wild!

"Wow, that was worth waiting for, huh,
Power Slut?" Harley quipped to her kryptonian nymph, standing once she completely exposed Helena's front from her flushed face, to her well-rounded C-cup boobs, right down to her leaking pussy lips. Even Harley Quinn had to admit she was more than impressed by Huntress' smooth Italian bronze curves and sizeable breasts, topped as they were by erect brown tinted nipples. The image of the crime fighter's bound arms and legs, which were still in her suit, gave Harley such a thrill that she let out a sigh of maniacal satisfaction.

"Yes Mistress." Karen agreed with enthusiasm, her long suppressed desire for her friend coming out in full force.

"Hehe, well, now it's your turn," Harley said. Swaying her hips seductively, the jester approached her slave with a predatory smile. "Now, hold still," she instructed, sticking out her tongue in feign concentration, and began cutting down the front of
Power Girl's power suit from the neckline. Harley deliberately ran the blade down the already exposed canyon between Power Girl's breasts, paying no concern, but a ton of satisfaction, to Karen shivering from the metallic touch. The kryptonian's cleavage burst free as she continued, and the madwoman couldn't help but laugh and blow bubbles into Karen's E-cup chest, making her tremble in euphoria.

Harley paused briefly as she reached Karen's navel, earning a sigh from her pet. "Sorry, pet, but I think I like your belt." She explained clutching at the red accessory, pulling
Power Girl closer. "So, I'll let you keep it." Repositioning the blade beneath the belt Harley finished what she started, pressing the blade against Karen's moist folds. "When I step back, take off your suit." She whispered with lust in Karen's ear. "Don't say a word, just do it, Power Slut." Was her final command before stepping back and watching her slave with hungry eyes.

True to her command,
Power Girl removed her power suit, leaving her naked aside from her gloves, boots and belt. Harley gave a long wolf whistle, circling her conquest with an examiner's eye for the details. "Now that's what I call a body!" Karen smiled at the fact her Mistress was pleased with her. "But, no tattooooesss, really?" Harley scolded with a pout, dampening Karen's smile. "Well!" Harley rushed forward to hug the superwoman, pushing her bikini held breasts hard into Karen's mammoth globes. "We can fix that later! Right now though--!"

Harley slammed her lips into Karen's and kissed her with such vigour and passion that the meta had to take a step back before responding back with equal force. She loved what was happening to her, the sensations of her Mistress' body and lips were sending off fireworks in her mind. Karen had never felt more loved than she did right now, never more valued by someone. She may be her Mistress' slave, but her Mistress loved her as she did Zatanna, her fellow slave. To be Mistress Harley's slave was to be loved.

lover," Harley sighed as she moved back from the kiss and embrace, "I want you to do something for lil' ol' me."

"Yes Mistress." Karen whispered back. "Anything Mistress."

"Look at your old love." Harley said pointing back to Helena, whom was now writhing in the thralls of her own helplessness. "I know you still love her, don't you?" She teased her new pet. Tracing Karen's chin with her finger, Harley's knuckles brushed the blonde hair tips of her love slave as she relished the wanting look in Power Girl's bright blue eyes as she gazed at the defenseless Huntress.

"Yes..." Karen loved her Mistress so, that she could not deny her her honesty by hiding her desires. Helena still held a place in her heart, still excited her fantasies.

"I want you to show her." Harley whispered to Karen, like the devil on her shoulder, picking her words carefully. "Show her your love, show her my love for you, and I promise you:
When you make her scream my name, I will make you do the same." Harley grinned as she saw another tremour surge through Power Girl's body and more pussyjuice dribble down the woman's leg into her boot.

"Yes Mistress." Karen said, already lost in sapphic images of Helena and Harley, making her way to

"Now, how's Zee-Zee doing?" Harley wondered aloud, beginning to fully strip now herself. Turning her head back to her first slave and her own captive, Harley made her way to the giant cage as beautiful as the day God made her... plus facepaint, and hair dye...well, it wasn't like she believed in God anyway.

"HMMMMMM!" Zatanna's head was thrown back in ecstasy against the metal cage floor as she lay on her back writhing in her euphoria. Her panties, fishnets and boots had been waved away with her wand, leaving her naked besides the engraved silver choker that marked as her Mistress' pet, and her legs were spread wide as Dinah licked her pussy dry. She had lost count of the orgasms her mesmerized servant had given her, but she didn't care. This was all for what she most desired, and nothing else mattered to her right now. "AAAAAHHH!" Zatanna's eyes were thrown open as she felt a pair of hands, besides her own, begin to fondle her breasts.

"Well, well, Zee-Zee." Harley said, leaning her chest, and thus nipples, over Zatanna's sweat coated face, as she played with the magician as if she were the greatest toy in world. "You did what I said, so I guess I owe ya this." The jester then placed her crotch over Zatanna's adoring face, her dripping pussy placed tantalizingly just out of the reach of Zatanna's eager tongue. "But, you still gotta work for it!" Harley laughed.

"You got it Mistress!" Zee-Zee giggled throwing her face up into her Mistress' divine cunt.

"Ahh," Harley sighed in pleasure, "it's great, being evil!"

Hopefully not everyone will think the titles a lil' misleading, but oh well.
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