The Third Captive Awakens.

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Black Canary Zatanna Power Girl Huntress Harley Quinn
Category Mind Control Masturbation Female Dom F/F DC Corruption
Previous Chapter Harley has some fun with her captives

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"Tell me someit, my dear lil' Zee-Zee." Harley mused, riding down from her climax as Power Girl continued to lick her exposedquinn. Her afore mentioned Zee-Zee turning to her with complete devotion in her eyes. "What do ya-..do yaa-mmmph!" The jester couldn't help moaning from the continued efforts of the metahuman between her legs, but then threw her hands up in frustration. "Okay! First, make Power-Slut stop for a sec--Ooh!"

"SsertsiM gnikcil pots!" Zatanna ordered with a wave of her wand and more than a little jealousy in her voice. Power Girl did indeed stop licking Harley, but instead pushed her nose into the woman's pussy, as the rest of her body was still ensnared by the magically endowed restraints. The jealousy spread to Zatanna's face as her Mistress moaned anew from the action. "Tuls eht rof niahc dna rollac elbakaernu." A chrome steel collar and chain suddenly materialized around Karen's neck, attaching itself to the floor just behind her, pulling Power Girl back from Harley's thighs.

"Ooo-oo-ooooo!." Harley cooed at her love slave. "That was harsh Zee-Zee," she said with mock scolding, which Zatanna took literally and bowed her head in shame, "I like that!" Harley added in a sultry tone, dragging a finger up and across her slick crotch as Zatanna's head perked back up with a visible pleasured roll of her eyes. "Does Zee-Zee wanna fuck Mama Harley too?"

"Yes Mistress! More than anything!" Zatanna proclaimed with absolute truth.

"That's dandy, but first you gotta cage the canary!" Harley ordered, pulling up her pants with one hand and pointing past Zatanna to Black Canary with the other. Dinah had made it to her feet by now, and was trying feeble to flee from the two red & black clad women, but was struggling to keep her balance thanks to her enlarged tits.

"Sure thing Mistress!" Dinah wasn't oblivious to this and tried prepare herself to dodge whatever charm Zatanna threw at her. "Yranac a orf egac tnaig." Any charm directed solely at her, Dinah might have been able dodge, even with her new chest size, but the huge canary cage that formed around her trapped her instantly, and the change in flooring made her fall on her ample bust as her arms were still tied behind her.

"Ahhh!" Dinah let out a groan of pleasure as her nipples grazed the cold metal floor of the cage, her breathy voice only taking her nearer to her climax, but then both she and Zatanna heard another moan rise in the room.

"OH RAAAAOOOOO!" Power Girl screamed her orgasm with wild abandon. Dinah stared in awe as the object of sapphic beauty that was Harley Quinn played with the restrained Kryptonian's tits and pussy with childish glee. Canary wanted it to be her instead. She wanted so desperately to fondled, groped and violated by the mad woman like her friend was now. She wanted Harley to take her will and make her a loyal and loving companion just like she'd done to Zatanna. She just wanted Harley!

Similar thoughts were running through Zatanna's mind too, but she was already the first to be taken by her Mistress and she was happy for that. As Harley looked up from her work into Zatanna's eyes, she did with such pure glee, that Zatanna found herself giggling too.

"Anyway, as I was gonna say Zee-Zee," Harley chimed, never halting her work on Power Girl, whom quickly screamed in another orgasm, "tell me: What's your greatest desire right now?"

"To play with your pussy, Mistress!" Zatanna replied instantly, feeling a surge of pleasure at Harley asking her such a considerate question.

"Well, there's that, there's ALWAYS that!" Harley giggled. "I was thinking mor--"


Harley stopped everything she was doing when a new voice cut her off, much to the dismay of Power Girl whom had been approaching a
third mind blowing climax. "Keep Power Slut horny, make sure she can't get off yet." Harley commanded simply, turning to the dangling Huntress.

"Eb nac sa ynroh! Redro tuohtiw muc ton od!" Zatanna enchanted with a devilish grin. Karen writhed and squirmed under her constraints, her nipples were as hard as rocks and her pussy flowed with juice, but she couldn't find her release. It was driving her mad, but she didn't care. She needed to cum, and soon, she was sure, it would be all she knew.

"Well, well, sleepy head, finally decided to join the party!?" Harley proclaimed, approaching Huntress with a predatory smile.

Helena was just coming to her senses as the villainess came into her vision. "Harl..." She had begun with a yell, but she hadn't been prepared for the effect Harley had on her. Her breath hitched, her nipples rubbed against her suit and her loins moistened. "Wha..?" Huntress drabbled as Harley's grin widened at how quickly the heroine was falling for her.

"Don't look Huntress!" Canary screamed from her cage. Despite knowing Huntress wouldn't listen to Dinah's altered voice, Harley turned to order silence from the heroine, thinking she was somehow still resisting her game. What Harley saw, made her ever so happy. "SHE'S MINE! HARLEY'S MINE!" The expert martial artist was on her breasts and knees, her hands still restrained, rubbing her tits across the floor of her metal prison in lust driven bliss. "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER! SHE'S MY LOVE!"

"WHAT!?" Zatanna screeched, turning back to Canary. "YOU LITTLE BITCH! YOU CAN'T HAVE MISTRESS! SHE HAS YOU!" The witch added, raising her wand to strike down on the blasphemous Canary.

"Stop Zee-Zee." Harley said simply and sweetly, Zatanna instantly complied, lowering her wand but not ending her glare at the enraptured Dinah. "It don't matter, remember? No-one can take what she says seriously." She comforted the spell caster. Walking up behind Zatanna, Harley wrapped her arms around her slave, cupping a breast in one hand and sliding a finger into Zatanna's drenched pussy with the other.

"I'm so-so-sorry, Mistress." Zatanna gasped in ecstasy as her Mistress' touch pleasured her so expertly.

"It's okay, Zee-Zee," Harley breathed on her Zee-Zee's neck, before planting a hickie, making the woman cum on the spot. "Oh, does that feel gooooood?" Zatanna could only mewl her approval. "Hey, y'know that thingee you said you wanted to do before?" Harley breathed in her slave's ear.

"Oh, yes...." Zatanna replied, so lost in bliss, she couldn't remember to say 'Mistress'.

"If you can get Bimbo-breath to do it to you without anymore magic, I'll let you do it to
meeeeee." The emphasis on that final word made Zatanna cum three times in an instant, the second finger Harley had added to her pussy might have helped. Lost on the high, it took Zatana several minutes to come back down and be able to stand without her Mistress' support. "Is that good with you, Zee-Zee?" Harley asked with a giggle.

"Yes, Mistress Harley. I desire nothing more...." Zatanna said dreamily, moving out of her Mistress' embrace and making her way to the moaning caged Canary.

"Goodies! While you have fun with the birdie, I'm gonna go see what's behind curtain No.3." Harley said, walking back towards Huntress. Absently noticing the still writhing form of Power Girl, she said, "Hmm, Power Slut, you can cum now."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Karen screamed her mighty voice sore, her mouth locked in the perfect O, her body bucking against the restraints in futility. Her mind collapsed with her body and she looked to Harley with such gratitude and love."Thank youuu..." Power Girl breathed to the woman who had so graciously granted her what she needed; the woman she now loved. Kara then let herself simply stare off into space, dreaming of when she could fuck her love again.

"Aww, ain't that cute?" Harley mused, glancing over her conquest, loving the glass-eyed look on the krptonian's face. "Now, lets see what sounds you can make." She added, finally reaching herthird and final prize for the evening.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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