Harley has some fun with her captives

by Wilder
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Previous Chapter Harley captures Black Canary and reveals her new plan

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Black Canary grimaced and averted her eyes from the two grinding women, quickly averting the strange irresistible lust bubbling up inside her at the mere sight of Harley. She heard a moan from the woman beside her that she couldn't see, her voice low and confused. Canary had hoped they'd just ignore them and keep having sex but whomever was beside her waking up got their attention again. At least they were looking at the woman strung up behind her, giving her time to work at her bonds and escape. Being upside down didn't make it impossible, just a lot harder.

"Ooh! Hold that thought, Zee-Zee! One of our other little toys just woke up for playtime!"

The giggling blonde flipped in a cartwheel over to the women, still clearly turned on from Zatanna's eager ministrations. The love slave that had once been Zatanna ran over after Harley adoringly, heels tapping across the concrete floor.

"Ungh . . . where . . . am I?" groaned the woman behind Canary. Canary's eyes widened as she recognized the voice.

"Power Girl?" she yelped in alarm. "How in the hell did you-"

"Magic, remember?" Harley said goosing Zatanna's ass making the woman giggle. "All she had to say was "Power Girl fall down!" and we had ourselves a booby prize! Isn't that right, Power Tits?"

"Harley Quinn?" muttered a groggy Power Girl as her powerful muscles strained against the ropes holding her in place. "I'm going to tear you apart, you . . . ugh, what are you doing to me?"

Canary could hear the powerful, busty blonde's breath start to catch in confused arousal.

"Welllll, for one thing, my little Zee-Zee here made it so you can't break those ropes! And she just made it so every gal who sees me wants to have me fuck 'em all night long!"

"Power Girl! Don't look at her! Shut your eyes or-" Canary started to yell.

"HEY! Do you MIND?" Harley sneered, turning on her. "I was talking to my new bust friend, Power Tits here! What are you, JEALOUS?"

"Ooh, I think she IS, Mistress!" giggled Zatanna. "She's totally jealous that you wanna make Power Girl fuck you first!"

Black Canary risked opening her eyes, locking them with Zatanna, desperately trying to reach her.

"Zatanna, fight this! I know you can! You've just got to-"

Harley's hand came down on Black Canary's mouth as she crouched next to the woman. Dinah tried not to feel her body respond to Harley's touch but the spell made her horny immediately.

"Ugh! And people say I talk too much! Zee-Zee, howsabout you make it so our little birdie's way less annoying?"

"Oh, I get to play?" Zatanna asked jumping up and down with glee. "I get to play with your dollies?"

"Sure, sweetie, go on - impress Mama Harley! Tenderize our Birdie while I play with Power Tits." Harley cooed as she walked away from Canary, slapping her ass as she did so, leaving Canary simultaneously disappointed and relieved. She heard a muffled noise as something happened to Power Girl behind her but she didn't dare focus on that right now. She frantically worked against her bonds.

Zatanna pouted and tapped her finger against her lips.

"Well, first you totally do talk too much and it so isn't FUNNY!" she giggled. "yranaC kcalB sah a yllis yhtearb obmib ecoiv dna ydobon nac ekat reh ylsuoires reve naiga!"

"Zatanna, please stop- wait, what? My VOICE!" squeaked Black Canary. Her cooly professional voice had been replaced by something that sounded like a breathy idiot on helium.

"Wait! Stop! Zatanna, we're friends, don't do this to me!" she half-squeaked, half-cooed in a breathy bedroom voice.

The two women just laughed at her, covering the sound of something that sounded like . . . licking?

"Oh, that's RICH! HA! Bimbo Canary's more like it!" cackled Harley. "Keep goin', baby! This is hilarious!"

Zatanna cooed with joy at pleasing her mistress.

"Hmm, what else were we talkin' about?" Zatanna asked, still laughing. "Oh, right! Canary's jealous of Power Girl, huh? I KNOW how to fix that!"

"yranaC kcalB sah sieboob eciwt sa gib dna nuf ot yalp htiw sa rewoP s'lriG!"

"What?" squeaked Canary. "What did you just- ooh! Aah! My tits!"

Black Canary felt a strange swelling in her B-cup tits as the tight bustier pushed against them. Her tits felt so hot, like they were swelling up, nipples hardening and hardening even more against some imaginary touch. The fabric of the top of her costume ripped wide open to her navel as her perky B-cups swelled up like balloons, nipples increasing to the size of bottlecaps as her tits grew and grew, soaring past a D-cup to a DD-cup . . .

"Ooh!" squeaked Canary, humiliated to realize that the growth was making her hornier. Why did it feel so fucking good? "Aaaah, stop it! Stoooop . . . it . . ."

Her tits soared up to Power Girl's size now, an aggressively perky E-Cup, pulling the ropes tighter with the wait of them as they moved inexorably toward her chin. She panted and moaned, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter just from the feeling of the growth. How good would it feel when somebody sucked on them? Touched them and squeezed them?

Canary thrashed and moaned as her tits swelled up to porn star proportions, throbbing with pleasure as they reached an F-cup size, so full and heavy that they now rested against her chin as she swung upside-down, blissed out from the pleasure. She could almost kiss her hot, big titties, she thought deliriously. If only she had her hands free to touch and squeeze them . . .

With a loud breathy cry, Canary climaxed hard as her breasts finished growing into an eye-popping set of preternaturally perky HH-cup tits that just screamed stripper or porn star. She woozily came back to her senses, dully realizing just how much trouble she was in but still feeling a powerful itch to squeeze her new gigantic titties or have them sucked on or played with. She bit her lip in frustration, trying to focus on her rage. This was insane! They were freakishly large and she sounded like a horny bimbo now! She had to stay focused or God knows what else they'd do to her next! With a grunt of annoyance she cut through the ropes, her massive new tits helping her to do so as the rope strained to keep up with all the new weight hanging from her chest.

"Wowza! Watermelons are in season!" giggled Harley Quinn, her breath catching as she neared an orgasm of her own. "If that voice wasn't gonna make sure nobody took her seriously ever again, those giant new gazongas will sure do the job!"

Zatanna laughed, pleased to have made her Mistress happy.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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