Power Corrupts All

by clifford.cao
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Power Girl Zatanna Black Canary Huntress
Category DC F/F Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Power Breaks The Huntress

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"AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE! Oh! Oh! AUUUUGGGHHH!!!" Huntress screamed, her body writhing.

From the sidelines, Harley grinned. A few minutes of cunnilingus from Power Girl, and Huntress was already cumming her brains out. She honestly wondered if the big-titted blonde was better at making love to women than even-

"ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!" the mad villainess suddenly shrieked, her body stiffening as well, thanks to the raven-haired magician beneath her.

Nope. She was pretty sure that Zatanna still held the crown.

"Oooooohhhh, YES! YES YES YES!" Huntress continued to scream across from Harley, totally heedless of anything other than the tongue lapping so skillfully at her groin. There was no trace of the vengeful, rage-driven vigilante left; all there was was a silly, lovesick girl who needed a good fucking.

But then again, wasn't that true of all super heroines? Harley had compiled such a theory back in the day...

Well, whatever.

"SAY MY NAME! SAY MY NAME, YOU LITTLE LESBO-SKANK!" Power Girl howled in ecstasy; she was now practically humping Huntress' crotch with her flawless face, with predictable reactions from the raven-haired woman.


At that moment, Power Girl stood up and cut off her fellow heroine with a kiss. Huntress' eyes widened in shock and pleasure, before once again relaxing as she allowed Power Girl's hands to explore every nook and cranny of her body.

Harley laughed; Power Slut had did as she'd been told... not that she'd needed the command in the first place. Not really. Even a blind man could've noticed the unresolved sexual tension between her and the Huntress.

Well, it was time to make good on her promise. She was a madwoman of her word, after all. And just for fun, she'd bring all her toys in! And they'd party till the sun went down... or had it already gone down? Well, until it came up, then!

Then, another devilish idea entered her twisted brain straight-up naked sex was so... over with. Much kinkier to have her little angels all bundled up in new outfits, like the one she made for Zeezee, while she fucked their last vestiges of sanity and decency away!

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