Call of the Sugah-Canary

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Zatanna Black Canary
Category F/F Female Dom Mind Control Corruption DC Romance
Previous Chapter Power Breaks The Huntress

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"You're not evil Mistress. You're wonderful!" Zatanna protested from beneath Harley's snatch. "It's your right to get whatever you want, 'cos you're so wonderful!" Grabbing onto her Mistress' thighs, the enraptured witch gently pulled Harley down so the jester would squat fully onto her face. Lapping feverishly at Harley's sopping pussy, Zee-Zee continued between licks. "I'm happy-- to be your loving, loyal, lesbo slut sidekick slave-- I'd die before being anything else."

"Hmmm," Harley moaned, loving the sound and feel of her slave's devotion, "I don't remember the 'lesbo slut' part, but I ain't complaining here. Oooh!"

"It was the charm I cast on you earlier Mistress." Zatanna explained, slightly slowing her ministrations. " '
Every woman is a lesbian slut for Harley'." She quoted the forward version of her spell.

"AHHhhhh!" Harley said slowly in realisation, and pleasure. "It worked on you too, huh?"

"Yes Mistress." Zatanna paused her licking, thinking she may have accidentally deceived her Mistress and angered her. "I'm sorry if--" She began to apologise before Harley sat down with full force, rubbing Zatanna's nose between her moist folds, sending the magician into a scent and taste induced nirvana.

"Less sorry, more pussy!" Harley ordered, riding her love slave's face to climax. "Ahhhh, you're a great slut for me!" The dominatrix shouted, sensing Zatanna's teeth against her clit. "I
FUCKING LOVE IT!" Harley yelped as Zee-Zee clenched her pleasure nub in her teeth, firing her into a second orgasm right off her first.

"Oh, yeah...yea, that's goooooood...." Harley breathed contently, falling forward and resting her head on Zatanna's navel.

Zatanna paced down her licks now, helping Harley glide on the after glow of her orgasms, revelling in the scent, taste and sounds her Mistress gave her. Her arousal was burning her alive thanks to the rhythmic way the mesmerized Black Canary was eating her own pussy and from the way her Mistress' cum felt against the skin of her face, but Mistress Harley's pleasure came first. Zee-Zee knew she would never place her own needs above Harley's, until...

"Double Big O for me, Zee-Zee." Came the command, with a double click of the jester's fingers.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Zatanna lost herself, both the new her and the old, in pure bliss. "MISTRESSSSSSS!" Wrapping her legs around Canary's neck, Zatanna bucked on instinct, driving her squirting snatch into the hypnotized woman's face, whom merely continued to lick with unchanged rhythm. After what she thought was an eternity, Zee-Zee finally began to fall back to earth. Her breathes were heavy and slow, and she felt content at the feeling of her Mistress' naked body, dripping with sweat and cum, against hers. Calm flowed into her as Harley gently kissed her belly button with tender pecks.

"Still think I'm not evil?" Harley teased, smearing what remained of her ruby lipstick on Zatanna's stomach.

"Never..." Zee-Zee smiled happily when Harley giggled in response. Closing her eyes, the magician wished everything could remain as it was forever.

"Zee-Zee," Harley's playful voice woke Zatanna from her frozen moment, "what exactly did you to Bimbo-bird here?” She asked, resting her chin on Zee-Zee's navel as she examined the set pattern of tongue swirls Canary was using to try and continue pleasing the spell caster. “I told you no magic.”

“I made her watch the spirals in my hat, Mistress.” Zatanna explained in a dazed tone. “I... I... thought that was okay...?” Tension seeped back into her relaxed muscles as she realized she may have disobeyed Harley, which Zee-Zee knew could not go without punishment.

“That's stage magic though.” Harley pointed out in a slightly disappointed tone. Lifting her head off her slave's body, the psychologist grinned wickedly, knowing full well the fear, sadness and shame that was now claiming Zatanna's mind. Personally, Harley couldn't care less about the technicality, but, oh, did she like the power of messing with her loyal pet's head. 'Mmmmm, I like it a lot.'

However, the real thrill came for Harley when she let her captives off the hook and rewarded their loyalty. It made them putty in her hands! Oh, sure, Harley could do the “Punishing those who disobey me!” thing all night long, but she'd learned with Zee-Zee, and learned again just moments ago with Power Girl, that the idea of seducing someone's mind, body, and soul with sweet feelings and promises, and then having them thank you for it, felt so damn much better! It didn't just make her wet, it made her happy! It made her fall in love with her pets and want to never let them go, because it told her they were happy with her; pleasuring her anyway they could.

“Mistress...?” Zatanna asked timidly, so worried that she had upset her Mistress that she didn't notice the fresh drops of liquid arousal falling onto her face and hair.

“Hmmm, I guess it's okay, it's not really real magic, is it?” Harley asked, feigning ignorance to her slave's worry. The jester literally had to hold herself back from another climax as she heard Zee-Zee gasp in relief.

“Thank you Mistress.” Oh, Harley was
never going to get bored of that.

“Right-a-roonie!” The clown exclaimed, leaning herself up to a kneeling position with Zatanna still between her legs. “Mmm,” Harley moaned as Zatanna began to lick her again without a second thought. “Hey, cut it out already, your turn's done!” She scolded with a smirk, smacking her pet loudly across the stomach.

“Ahh!” Zee-Zee hissed as she obeyed. “Yes Mistress. I'm so, so, so sorry Mistress.” Zee-Zee dared to play with her words given her Mistress' happy demeanour.

“No you're not!” Harley accused with a giggle, before crawling to sit at her love slave's side. “Aaanyways, get Blondie to stop too.”

Zatanna had literally forgotten all about Black Canary still being between her legs as she'd been between her Mistress'. She quickly lifted herself to a sitting posture and then instructed her hypnotized friend. “Dinah, I want you to stop following the spiral with your tongue. Close your eyes and let your body fall into bliss while you remember the spiral in your mind. Nothing matters but the wonderful spiral, and your need to follow the spiral, the spiral of your Mistress. Remember, to follow the spiral is to follow your Mistress, to follow your Mistress is to obey her, and to obey your Mistress is pleasure.” By the end of her induction, Dinah's head was slumped against Zatanna's damp crotch, while her altered body writhed against the now warm and cum-slick cage floor.

“Nicely done Mistress Zee-Zee!” Harley bullied her pet with a cheeky grin, lightly thumping the magician's arm.

“Oh, no no, I...!” Zatanna blushed crimson in embarrassment, looking away from her Mistress to the floor, at the mere thought of considering herself a Mistress. She may have believed herself above Dinah among Harley's growing harem, and may have told Dinah so too in a surge selfish weakness, but Zee-Zee had never once told the heroine that she was the Mistress. She was Mistress Harley's lesbo slut sidekick slave, and all the superheroines that Mistress captured would be her slaves too. Zatanna secretly hoped that her Mistress would grant her title of sidekick power within her harem, but that was Harley's decision to make. “You are her Mistress, Mistress Harley. No one else.” She said, one hand tracing the letters on her silver collar.

“Awww, you're so cute when you blush!” Harley squealed with glee, pinching Zatanna's burning cheek. The dominatrix grinned widely as her submissive blushed brighter. '
Oh, I don't care what I do after doing Red this favour. Not even Mr. J could get me to give up my Zee-Zee!' She thought hotly. “Okie-dokie, now I wanna see what you told my new super-tittied plaything about me. I hope it was all things nice, with a hint of spice.”

“Yes Mistress.” Zatanna said, turning her head to look again upon Canary's wriggling form. “Dinah, are you following the spiral?”

“Yesssss...” Dinah breathed at her superior slave's words.

“What does it mean to follow the spiral, Dinah?” Zee-Zee pried, keeping the language of the old her so that she didn't accidentally influence Canary without Harley's permission.

“To folloooow... to obeeeey... my Mistresssss...” Canary's bimbo voice slurred, both Harley and Zatanna were surprised at how sincere the heroine's words sounded to them now, given that her voice was meant to seem ridiculous to all who heard it. Harley figured it had something to do with how sex-driven Dinah's words were meant to be, and she knew a sex-driven bimbo was something everyone took seriously. '
Explains Zee-Zee's lil' outburst too...' She pondered, and quickly decided she was right. 'Mmmm, I love feeling smart!'

“Yes, that's right. Who is your Mistress, Dinah?”

“Harley Quinnn...” Canary ground her nipples into the smooth floor as the name passed her lips, actually starting to get off on hearing her own bimbo accent. It drove home how hot Harley made her feel. How just looking at Harley violate Power Girl earlier had sent electricity from her super soft tits to her drenched cunt.

“And, who are you to your Mistress?” Zatanna asked, fighting to hide the excitement she felt for how pleased her Mistress would be with how her new slave had been taught to see her.

“I am her bimbo sex-slave!” Dinah screamed, throwing her body up onto her knees in passion, inadvertently making her humongous boobs bounce for her enslavers to enjoy. Her induced arousal sharpened her words, but her eyes remained shut tight through her ecstasy. “I love her with my heart, my tits and my pussy! They are hers to play with as she wants, because she loves me too! She loves me and all her other slaves! I am her loyal, loving, bimbo slave!” Canary cried her allegiance to Mistress without care. Her mind reeled as the high pitched screams that had become her voice announced the truths Zatanna had planted within her.

Right-a-roonie, Sugar-Tits!” Harley chimed, laughing in glee at the fallen crime fighters in front of her. Her arms clutched her stomach in a worthless attempt to hold her laughter, her legs were raised high and spread in her hysterics, giving Zatanna a very pleasant view. “Great job Zee-Zee!”

“Thank you Mistress.” Zatanna and Dinah recited in unison to their separate praise. Zatanna smiled contently at her Mistress, while Dinah stayed mesmerized with her breathes heavy and stuck so close to orgasm.

“Okay, okay...” Harley said, trying to calm down the hysterical laughter rumbling inside her. “Okay...ahem, Zee-Zee can I wake her up, it looks like so much fun?”

“'Course Mistress.” Zatanna replied with an ecstatic look. “She's just gotta be sure you're talking to her.”

“Okie-dokie! She knew who meant when I said Sugar-Tits, so--”

“Yes Mistress?” Dinah cut in at hearing the nickname, despite Harley having used different names for her throughout the night.

Haha!” Harley burst into laughter again, and this time, Zee-Zee joined in. Both mistress and slave found themselves rolling on the floor of the giant canary cage at the idea that the once proud and defiant Black Canary was now a bimbo-voiced sex-slave inside of a giant canary responding to the call of “Sugar-Tits”. “Fuckin' priceless!”

“Okay, okay...” Harley repeated her earlier attempts to stem her laughter, her first pet not having as much luck. “Alright, alright, outta the way Giggles!” She said, pushing Zatanna to the side and taking her place in front of the entranced and horny Canary.

Looking over the arm bound Dinah, Harley admired the bazoingas Zee-Zee had made of the woman's chest with a keen eye. Harley shuddered in anticipation of how she was going to fondle and grope those plushie mounds under her fingers, she could just see herself suckling on those eraser sized nips, maybe she'd even get some nice warm milk to send her off to slumberland after she was done playing with her pets.

Canary..?” Harley asked curiously, hoping that the heroine would respond.

“Yes Mistress?” Dinah repeated her wonder for what her Mistress wished from her.

“From now on I'm gonna call you...” The dominatrix jester paused, thinking on what would suit her lustrous blonde slave. “...Sugah!” Harley announced, deciding to sorta mix what Zee-Zee called the woman, guessing it was her real name, and the nickname she'd just coined. “I'll call ya loads of other stuff too, but Sugah's gonna be your Zee-Zee! 'Cos I bet under all that hard, meanie-rough stuff you showed earlier, you're nothing but a sweet bowl of sugar! Am I right?”

“Yes Mistress.” Dinah squeaked, her mind excited by the meaning behind her Mistress' words, and, thankfully, not taking them literally.

“Hmm-mm, I can't wait to taste.” Harley giggled with a loud lick of her lips. Reaching out, Harley clasped one huge nipple between each of thumbs and forefingers, Dinah shivered instantly, lusting so badly for more. “When I pinch your nipples
hard, and, believe me, it'll be hard, you're gonna wake up and see me as your Mistress with your eyes for the first time ever! Won't that be great!?”

“AHH!” The very thought nearly sent Canary over, she was teetering on the cliff between the hell that was heavenly pleasure and the heaven that was hellish release. Her entrapped mind screamed for her Mistress to grant her her wish, but Dinah knew she couldn't speak her request. That would be to question her trust for her Mistress, and that she could never do! Mistress Harley loved her and would grant her what she needed! Mistress would let her cum! “Yes Mistress!”

“And when you do, you will cum!” Harley declared as if she were some maniacal goddess, sensing her slave's aching need to be freed from the nightmare of ecstasy she and Zatanna had sent her too. '
And after, she'll thank me for it too!' The jester's snatch twitched at the idea. “Are you ready?” She asked with a temptress' smile.

“AHHH! YES MISTRESS! I'M READY!” Canary's breathy screech brought Harley right to the edge of her own climax, she was gonna enjoy this just as much as her pet!

And with that thought, she
pinched hard!

The reaction was instant. Dinah's azure blue eyes flew open to see her perfect Mistress there in front of her, squeezing her tits ever so devilishly and she was sent higher than she'd ever been as Black Canary. All her thoughts, dreams and memories evaporated for one blinding instant. Harley nearly joined her there, but then Dinah screamed her ecstasy and unleashed her powers in her altered bimbo tones upon her Mistress.

Happiness. Pleasure. All that existed to Harley was those two things. All she was, was those two things. A smile spread across her face and her eyes emptied as her head filled with air, happiness and pleasure. Falling back, not caring to balance herself, she was caught tenderly from behind by something soft and strong. Whatever it was that caught her, it didn't sound like all it knew was happiness and pleasure.



To explain the 'Next Chapter' titles I put: When I write, I prefer to not have to follow direct and explicit instructions. So, when I put those chapter name's in, I'm just suggesting where writer's might wanna go with it, rather than fully inform the reader what the chapter's about. Anyway, it's up to you what you write and, heck, you can still add more title names anyway; I did for this!.

Please let me know what you think.

P.S. Wilder: That was a great chapter you wrote ("Canary Busts Out"), and great suggestions for where the story should go, it's just I don't wanna get to the Batgirl trio yet. Also, sorry for using but then breaking the dialogue pattern you set up in "Harley Has Fun With Her Captives", that chapter was really good. Btw, I loved your use of Canary's voice in "Canary Busts Out", and the suggestion for her calling Oracle basically inspired the ending here, so thanks!

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