Power Corrupts Helena's Heart

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Huntress Power Girl Harley Quinn Black Canary Zatanna
Category F/F Female Dom Corruption Mind Control DC Romance
Previous Chapter Call of the Sugah-Canary

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With Harley moving out of her vision, Helena felt an immediate sense of relief as her magically induced attraction for the mad woman drifted from her mind. Desperately trying to ignore the arousal that remained, Huntress once again turned her focus to escaping her restraints, completely unaware of her approaching friend and her purpose.

'I can do this!' Her thoughts screamed, still defiant of her situation. In mere seconds, she'd free the mini-saw in her glove and was starting to cut the ropes binding her arms. 'I can save everyone! Dinah! Zatanna! Kare-!'

"Helena..." Huntress' mind and body froze as Karen breathed her name against her neck. "Please, look at me." Power Girl's words were both so sultry and pleading at once, Helena had no chance of disobeying them. That perfect, naked, kryptonian body was hovering over her, shivering in anticipation, and despite herself, Helena couldn't help shivering in kind.

..." The bound woman moaned pitifully behind her gag, feeling tears form in her eyes from the expression on Power Girl's face. It was content, happy and, above all, caring for her. Helena wanted so badly to return that expression, but she couldn't. She knew her friend had been manipulated, just like Zatanna, and no matter how happy she might appear, this wasn't the real Karen.

"Yes...?" Karen answered her first love's plea. Taking her cape from Helena's mouth and placing it to the side, the alien used her free hand to glide a gloved finger over her human captive's chest. Looking down into the watery deep blue eyes of the woman she loved alongside her Mistress, Power Girl silently prayed that Huntress had already given in to the truth. The truth that she loved Helena and always had done from afar, the truth that Mistress Harley loved Karen and made her feel complete, and that her Mistress would love Helena too if she accepted her place as her slave.

"Please, stop. This isn't yo--" Helena was immediately cut off when Karen's lips smashed against her own. Once again, Huntress began to lose herself in the dire helplessness of her situation. Her exposed pussy began to burn anew with desire, while Power Girl's tongue explored her mouth, as she truly began to accept that she might be caught in a trap she didn't want to escape from

This is me!” Karen insisted firmly, pulling back from the kiss and placing her hands either side of Helena's blushing face.

Weakly Huntress shook her head. “No, Karen. Harley... she's controlling you, manipul--”

Again Karen silenced all protests with her tongue, but this time the meta added her breasts to the assault, grinding her chest against Helena's own. “You're wrong! Mistress has given me everything I've ever wanted in this one night!” She insisted, planting kisses down her love's neck. “To be loved! To love you! To show you what I feel!” Power Girl argued further, putting her knee between Huntess' ankle tied legs. “Please... don't deny who I am, Helena!”

By now Helena was lost in the heat her friend was causing within her, she just couldn't fight it anymore! Instinctively, she began to writhe under her friend turned lover's body, her nipples fought with Karen's rock hard nubs and her slick cunt gyrated automatically against the knee between her thighs.

“Ohh, God!” Huntress moaned, bringing a smile to Karen's lips before she returned to kissing Helena's bronzed skin with increased vigour.

Yes...” The brainwashed kryptonian hissed as she lifted her head to sniff the luxurious ebony hair of the woman beneath her. “Can you feel it, Helena?” Power Girl asked as only a true seductress could.

No- ahh- nooo, this isn't r-r-rig- AHH!” Helena screamed as Karen pressed back against her gushing folds, much like Harley had done to the superwoman. Moaning loudly, Huntress' pleasure drowned out her last remaining objections, when suddenly the pick between her fingers achieved its forgotten objective and freed her arms. Instantly, Helena threw her latex clad arms around her lover and pushed her body up so that now, as the kryptonian knelt in front of her, Huntress could hump Karen's leg with wild abandon. “AHHH!”

Power Girl, for her part, remained very calm and deliberate in her actions, despite the pure joy and sexual thrill she felt at witnessing her love's will break from the pleasure she was giving her. She gently placed her gloved her hands over the middle of Helena's back, and then firmly gripped the remains the lust driven heroine's armour and ripped the strengthened material with minimal effort, all the while planting ghostly kisses over Helena's chest.

“Oh, please Karen! Don't stoooppp...” Helena hissed her submission upon feeling the white gloves glide over the skin of her back under her tattered suit.

Never, Helena.” Karen whispered softly, revelling in the sight of the woman in her arms. Helena Bertinelli; the Huntress; the woman she had coveted for years since arriving on this Earth, was calling her name in pleasure and panting against her skin in desperate need of release. Karen had dreamed of this day, it hadn't happened as she had dreamed, but she was still so grateful to her Mistress for making it happen. “Can you feel it, Helena?” Power Girl repeated her question, beginning to move her own hips in time with Helena's. “Can you feel my love for you?”

“Yes! Oh God, yes!” Huntress cried, before burying her face in the nook of Karen's neck. She knew that this entire situation was wrong, that it was all the work of some mad jester who was merely playing with hers and her friend's hearts and minds, but damn it! Helena just didn't care anymore! She had never felt ecstasy like this! She wanted more, no... She
needed more!

“This is how it feels to be loved, Helena.” Karen informed her sex-crazed friend. “This is how it feels to be loved by Mistress Harley.” Huntress could only scream her agreement into Power Girl's skin, her mind accepting every word. “I'm her sl-slave!” Karen stammered, her own arousal breaking her focus on converting Helena to her Mistress' harem. “She'll love me as long as I am! And she'll love you too, Helena, if you accept her.”

Accept her...?” Helena panted, lifting her head up to see Harley moving to kneel in front of a mesmerized Black Canary. Her lust driven brain shifting gears as the magical attraction to the jester returned in full force, Helena voiced her one thought. “As my Mistress?”

Yes.” With one final thrust of her hips, Power Girl sent Huntress' mind into the stratosphere.

“AHHH!” Helena yelled her orgasm with no care but to announce her new found truth. “HARLEY! MISTRESS HARLEY... HARLEY, MY MISTRESS!”

Karen herself enjoyed her own climax with a sedate smile, content with how she had carried out her Mistress' command, watching Huntress ride her leg in the afterglow. Helena then collapsed into the blond powerhouse, exhausted both physically and mentally. “Shhh,” Power Girl soothed her fellow slave, “Mistress will be happy that you are hers now.” The broken woman almost came again as her breaker's words sank into her mind.

Leaning back to gaze into Karen's teal blue eyes, Helena finally released the tears that had built up in her own sapphires. “Thank you, Karen.” She said sincerely. “Thank you for showing me our Mistress' love.” Huntress added, gently kissing Power Girl on the lips.

“You're welcome!” Karen giggled.

“I love you, Karen.” Helena said, catching the alien off guard.

“I love you too.” Karen answered, beginning to cry herself, before kissing Helena with a passion she knew would never subside.

However, the moment was then broken by a loud, high pitch screech, and, although altered, both slaves knew that it could only be a Canary Call. Turning their heads to the scene behind them, Power Girl and Huntress felt true fear grip their hearts.

Black Canary had unleashed her powers upon their Mistress, ripping apart the cage bars directly behind Harley, but seemingly only stunned the insane dominatrix to a dead still. Zatanna was frozen with the same shock and fear running through both Karen and Helena. It was only when Harley began to fall back that any of the three enslaved heroines, who weren't riding down a climax, reacted.

Zatanna moved instantly to catch her Mistress, calling her title with absolute terror in her voice. Helena found that Karen had disappeared from between legs, with a burst super-speed, and quickly removed her ankled binding and ran to her new Mistress' side. Power Girl's attention, however, was focused squarely on the woman who had dared hurt her Mistress.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” The meta roared, clutching Canary's throat with only enough restraint to not kill her fellow blonde instantly, lifting Dinah off the floor and into the bars of the cage behind her.

Having been pulled directly out of her ecstasy by the assault, Dinah's eyes bulged as everything that had just happened was processed in her head. “I-I-I...” The heroine gasped in panic, looking for her Mistress just to see if she was alright. “Oh no...” She wheezed, upon seeing Harley lying in Zatanna's arms, seemingly unresponsive to her fellow slave's pleas.

You hurt Mistress!” Power Girl seethed, her eyes glowing red, preparing blast Canary with righteous fury.

Dinah didn't know what to do, she had hurt her Mistress, and she desperately wanted to try to help her as her superior, Zatanna, was doing, but Karen was going to kill her! It was what she deserved for what she had done, Dinah knew that, but she couldn't help her Mistress if she was dead. Only one thought came to her mind as she stared her kryptonian executioner in the face.



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P.S. Clifford.cao- That was a good chapter you put in, and, believe me, I know what you mean about the costumes. It's just, I'm not done with the current setting, and I didn't want to cut out "Call of the Sugah-Canary", so I apologise for being selfish. Anyway, I'll be getting to those costumes myself, but hopefully someone else will have a go too.

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