Illyana takes Hisako somewhere unexpected, and did she have horns and a tail before?

by darkraven32179
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Armor Emma Frost Magik Wolverine Rachel Grey
Category F/F Corruption Marvel
Previous Chapter The news of Summer's and Jean's breakup spreads throughout the school

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Fire raged all around even covering the sky, the smell of sulfur and brimstone touched the nose as a girl covered in red armour stood in the middle of a small dead island, an ocen of magma raging all around her. "Where... where am I." Hisako asked, her hands clutching her body in fear.

"Your in my realm my red knight." hearing a familar voice the japanese girl turned only stare at the now demonic Illyana.

"Snowflake.... is that you?" she asked as her eyes ran over her demon form, her skin now red, two black horns sticking out from her head, and a sharp pointed tail hanging freely befroe wrapping around the demons waist.

"Yes it is," Illyana spoke as she approached the girl. "I don't scare you now do I?"

"Well maybe a little though this place scares me a lot more you," pausing as her armour vanished feeling the girls, surprisingly, cold body press against her own. "You I think I could get used to."

"Good," Illyana soke, her fingers clawing the soft ass of Hisako causing her to moan softly. "Cause your in for a real treat now." Lips met in a passionate kiss, the fire's raging around them but neither caring as they held onto each other.


Jamie's ears shot up as she heard the sound of a door opening, "Red" the wild girl yelled as she wrapped her arms around the girl her naked body pressing against the redheads clothes.

"Jamie your still here and" pausing as her eyes roamed over her naked body, her face becoming as red as her hair. "Still... naked wh-what if someone saw you?"

"Don't care about that red all I care about is you, I know you must be going through a rough time and I just wanted you to know I'm here for you."

"Jamie I... I don't... I mean thank you it means a lot to me." Their eyes met for a second before Jean felt the girls soft lips on her lips. Unlike the others Jamie was soft and passionate with her kiss, causing the redhead to feel her body heat up and whimper softly as their lips left each other.

"Well I need to get going Miss Frost will kill me if I'm late." as she turned to leave she felt hands on her shoulders turning her back around, lips meeting again in a heated frenzy.

"Forget Frost, I... can we go to your room Jamie please?" Jean all but pleadedwhich seem strange to the canadian but thinking she was just so upset and needed a friend, she grabbed the girls hand and lead the way to her room.


'This is wrong I should leave before it's gets out of hand and she figures it out.' Rachel thought desperatly before her eyes landed on Jamie's soft ass the same one her hands had just held. 'Or maybe I could just stay a bit longer.'

When Jamie had continued to knock on the door not wanting to go away Jean asked for a small favor hoping to send the canadian to class and avoi Miss Frost's wrath. Rachel all but jumped up to be able to talk to her long time crush but was a little upset that she had to trick her into thinking she was Jean.

It was to be simple just walk out and tell her they'll talk at lunch, but when she saw her body her mind paused. When she heard those words her heart fought with her mind. But when she felt that kiss and the passion behind it her heart and mind had agreed. Jamie is to good for Jean.

"Mind the mess Jubilee tends to leave late." Jamie spoke bringing Rachel/Jean back to reality.

"Oh it's all right." taking a step in and closing the door. "So this is your room."

"Well yeah." The redhead watching as the girl moved to tidy up the place a bit. Like all rooms there were two desks, beds, that could be easily connected, walk in bathroom with sink and shower and a walk in closet.

Though each girl brought her own tyle to the room. Rachel notice that by one bed, pictures of various girl hung along the walk some pictures even held her. "Yeah Jubilee is a pro at getting pictures hangs up all her favorites."

"you two are close I take it?" a hint of jealousy in the redheads voice as she asked.

"more of the friends with benifits honestly.'

Jamie walked over to the other bed, a few claw marks on the wall with a sword hanging above and dogtags hanging beside it. "So Red how are you feeling?"

Rachel stared at the girl as she sat down next to the girl. Her mind thinking knowing if she had played her moves carefully she could get Jamie to go from Jeans arms straight into her arms where she would never let go.


~Good morning class~ Emma's voice spoke into the minds of her students as she walked into the classroom.

"Good morning Miss Frost," The class said in unison as Emma made it to her desk.

Emma smirked as she knew all eyes were on her, "Yes well I'm sure that by now we've all heard the news of the day," heads nodding quickly answered that as she pulled out her clipboard. "But we must not let that distract us from our studies and the test next week now should we?"

"No Miss Frost."

"Good now when I call your name answer and we'll begin with todays lesson.

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