Beast turns the tables on the Cuckoos, freeing herself and the jungle-girls

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Stepford Cuckoos Beast X-Men
Category Bimboization F/F Corruption Female Dom Gender Switch Incest Mind Control
Previous Chapter Illyana takes Hisako somewhere unexpected, and did she have horns and a tail before?

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The Three-in-One tumbled to the ground as the enraged Summer shoved them aside. The telepaths had just revealed to her that her girlfriend was fucking Jamie in their shower. Despite the triplet's surpise at Summer's furious reaction the Three-in-One were amused. Only moments before the athletic brunette had had been sucking Phoebe's clit while fingering blonde cunt. Irma and Celeste's fingers were still wet with her pussy juice.

The three identical blonde teenagers were still picking themselves off the floor of janitor Toady-Mattie's old supply shack, grateful for the clean sheets they'd spread on the filthy ground, when Summer dashed out barefoot.

"Well that" "Could have" "Gone a lot better," the Cuckoos said ruefully to one another.

Celeste poked a head out of the shed door and watched as Summer disappeared down the wooded track, still wrestling her clothes on as she ran. She turned back to her naked sisters.

"Doesn't matter, girls." "After all, Kitty" "Wasn't the only one on our list."

The three giggled as Phoebe grabbed the leash that was wrapped around Beast's neck, knowing that no matter what Miss Frost was going to be furious with someone really soon and it wasn't going to be them.

Beast was trapped in a telepathic prison of the Cuckoos' creation. Telepathically tricked into believing that her pathetic nerdy self had triumphed over the queen bees of the school, she thought she'd invented a mind-dampening device to turn Phoebe and Irma into sex-crazed savages with the less-stupid Celeste's cooperation. Here, in reality, she was lying unconscious on the ground, utterly at the Cuckoos' mercy.

"Summer won't" "Need an alibi" "Anymore."

The Cuckoos were still horny. Phoebe's body had been close to cumming when Summer had so rudely withdrawn, and the link between them meant that her sisters' pussies were just as in need of attention. Celeste and Irma began to suck at her stiff nipples as she tugged absently at Beast's leash. The Three-in-One contemplated what do with the blue-furred girl now her purpose as a witness to their being elsewhere was no longer needed.

"Shame to let her go to waste," Phoebe declared, licking her lips as her sister's began to run their fingers along her puffy pussy lips.

When the trio had last checked on their mental construct, Beast had been fucking Phoebe in the ass with a strap-on dildo while she buried her face in her sister Irma's pussy and Celeste masturbated to it all. Such a hot fantasy, but the Cuckoos decided it could be improved upon if Beast would only obey their every perverted desire without question. She was clever, she ought to be inventive.

The Three-in-One dived into the mutant girl's mind.

* * *

"Ah, our tardy students have finally arrived."

The Cuckoos were surprised to find themselves in an ordinary classroom being addressed by the expectant cultured voice of Henrietta McCoy at the blackboard. This wasn't what they'd anticipated. As they looked round uneasily the first thing they saw was themselves in uniform.

"Please take a seat, I'm almost finished class. I don't think they take a word in, you know, but one has a duty to provide an education."

The Cuckoos had little patience for Hettie's wittering at the best of times, and today they needed her body not her brain. With a sneer they pushed at Beast's mind, ready to dispel this telepathic game, and...

... curtsied politely, their knees bending together and their heads bowing as they held their skirts out. They were in their uniforms. "Yes, Miss McCoy," they chorussed obediently. In utter confusion they took seats behind their doppelgangers and came to prim attention at their desks.

In closer proximity it was obvious that the duplicates of Phoebe and Irma were slightly wrong. Their hair was unkempt and messy, lacking any sense of fashion or much evidence of contact with a hairbrush. The buttons of their blouses were done up wrong and their white socks were bunched at their ankles rather than pulled up to their knees to draw attention to the flash of leg beneath their checked skirt. But most of all it was the way they held themselves - instead of the self-assurance and effortless confidence of the real Cuckoos there was an air of barely suppressed danger and alertness. They fidgeted relentlessly.

These were the savage decoys from the sex fantasy that should be in progress!

"I expect you are wondering how I escaped your imaginative and imaginary penitentiary. How, in fact, I detected it at all. And, of course, why you are unable to turn my brain into a rutabaga. Well, you can thank traitor Celeste."

Celeste's head exploded in pain as her sister's turned their full attention on her. The Three-in-One tore at her memories and thoughts, her own mind turning on itself as part of the attack, trying to discover treachery. There was none.

"Yes, doubtless I'd still be exploring the boundaries of the position space of sexual positions available to a trio of giddy young girls if it had not been for traitor Celeste."

The pain in Celeste's head increased. The Cuckoos couldn't read Beast's mind, couldn't understand why it wasn't possible, but they could hear the truth in what she said. At the blackboard Hettie McCoy had turned her attention back to her lesson. Ignored by the real Cuckoos she was droning on about the sex-limited nature of the mutant X-gene and how it only manifested in women, becoming active about four to five years after the onset of puberty.

"Help, stop," Celeste whimpered through the bright smile that had imposed itself on her face as she'd first sat. Her vision was darkening, a bright tunnel shrinking in the blackness.

"Me feel stupid," the duplicate Celeste turned in her chair to tell her. The duplicate's hair was slightly less knotted than the other duplicates and her uniform was in order, if somewhat carelessly turned out, the tie loose at her neck and tossed behind her shoulder. But what made the Three-in-One's heart quail unexpectedly was the wolfish smile on her face. There was more intelligence in those eyes than her words revealed, and it was not friendly.

"Oh, my stars and garters, I am sorry for the confusion! Traitor Celeste is what I call her to distinguish her from her likeness and originator, your Celeste. I see I'm going to have to end this lesson early. Class dismissed!"

* * *

The pain vanished and Celeste blinked to clear her eyes. There was a background telepathic sending of apology from her sisters, but clearer than that she felt herself entirely part of the Three-in-One again. They were standing in a crude circular wooden hut, the sounds and sights of the jungle all about them. A great trunk of wood rose in the centre and the hut seemed to lack walls, thought there was certainly a wooden floor and roof. The effect was to display an enormous panorama. Then suddenly the realisation came, they were high up a tree.

"Excuse the primitive state of my lodgings, but your primitive selves simply were not comfortable with anything more advanced."

"Release us" "At once" "Beast."

"Oh, but I quite intend to. Just listen to my explanation and we will all be about our business. How are you feeling, by the way?"

"Horny." "We want" "To Fuck."

It was true, the Three-in-One realised. Only their righteous anger and the sequence of shocks was keeping them from tearing off their clothes and fucking each other and anyone else who wanted to take them and use them.

"It's the effects of your duplicates," Beast offered as a non-explanation, gesturing towards the other Three-in-One.

Savage Irma and Phoebe were back in their primitive two-piece bikini costumes. Phoebe in leopard skin loincloth and Irma in black-and-yellow seasnake. In their original psychically imposed fantasy Celeste had been in uniform but now she wore clothing as savage as her sisters. Red fur from a beast the civilised Cuckoos could not identify criss-crossed over her breasts and back, while below a single strip wrapped around and through her thighs.

"In a way it's your own fault, you did create those two as utterly insatiable. Always read to frolic and fornicate."

As the civilised Cuckoos watched savage Phoebe picked up a translucent pink double-dildo, thick and rippling with shallow ridges. Savage Irma pulled her thong down her strong lithe legs and dropped to all fours, legs open and pussy wet and inviting. The primitive blonde moaned in pleasure as Phoebe pushed the long length a few inches in and then got down on all fours herself. Crawling backward she pressed her ass into Irma's, the Irma's hand pumping the dildo further into her snatch.

The Three-in-One tore their eyes away, panting with sexual frustration, to find their hands under their skirts, fingering clits and leaking pussies in perfect synchronicity. Hettie was watching them as she continued.

"Although I am a hale and hearty young woman, I realised that the stamina of the savages with whom I was sharing such intimacy was far in excess of my own endurance but not desire."

"No" "Stop" "Fuck," the savage Cuckoos grunted triumphantly. Phoebe had the double-dildo buried in her snatch too and the girls were bouncing ass-to-ass with enthusiasm.

"Indeed, as my primitive friends indicate, a solution presented itself such that I would be able to enjoy hours of their enthusiastic company without days to recover. Our minds are faster than our bodies, our imaginations can outrun the light of the sun. I instructed Celeste to take us to the astral realm, remember by appearance I was already in a telepathically created jungle glade, and there to hasten the speed of our perceived time."

"Fuck many moons."

"Phoebe exaggerates, but despite her attention I had time to think. I realised I could not remember how the mind-damper worked. And I realised that in my own fantasies my playmates were my intellectual peers. No longer! You have broadened my horizons and now I lust as much for the massive mammaries of the brainless bimbo. Nevertheless it was perhaps a touch of hubris to have included your secret fantasies of being dominated. So, I had discovered your ruse but still I was trapped."

Celeste felt hands on her blouse, squeezing her sensitive breasts, while lips kissed at her neck from behind. It was the girl Beast had named "traitor", her own copy. She should resist but she couldn't. Instead her hands pulled at her blouse, buttons opening or popping free as she began to stripp. It was too much for her sisters; Phoebe and Irma were carressing the bodies of their duplicates as they continued to fuck with the double dildo.

"I smashed the mind-damper and it did nothing. Phoebe and Irma continued to be savage lovers and Celeste their keeper and master. The true nature of my reality was revealed as a prison of pleasure. But how to free myself? I could build weapons, devices, cities, but they would be for naught. You would sweep them aside with a thought since they were constructed in your own imaginations. What then could I use?"

The two Celeste's were kissing now, long slurping kisses, tongues dancing around each other. Their minds were not joined and yet each knew the other's body perfectly as they stroked tits and clits and cunts. Celeste knew that Phoebe and Irma had found their own double-dildo, ass-to-ass they pushed it in and out of their slick cunts exactly in time to their savage duplicates. Jungle girls and schoolgirls, fur bikinis and pleated skirts, they were the same sexual animals.

"Then the answer came to me, traitor Celeste had turned on her sisters and given them to me. That was part of the fantasy. She would do the same to you. But would you not be stronger? The perfect training subjects, savage Phoebe and Irma, shadows of your minds. Your primitive urges, but perfect for control. And so on your arrival we were ready."

Celeste and Celeste were in a sixty-nine now, tongues sucking at clits while fingers drilled into pussies. They orgasmed together, screaming and moaning, before licking at one another again. The two Irma's had hands behind their backs, the two Phoebe's allowing fingers to push into their assholes, crying out in pleasure as they were fucked in both holes.

Henrietta McCoy watched in fascination and paused the lecture until the savage and civilised Cuckoos all cried out in simultaneous orgasm.

"I said we were ready," she licked dry lips, "and now we're finished. I've tamed these savages but they've always been part of you. Currents in your subconscious. As you fucked they've become more and more fundamental parts of your minds. They're coming out with us."

The Three-in-One weren't listening, just mindlessly fucking. Savage, primitive, fucking.

Until Beast slapped Celeste's ass and she realised she was alone, just masturbating on the floor of the shack in the woods. Unsteadily she got to her feet, watching as her sisters bounced against one another, somehow oblivious to the absence of double-dildo in their cunts. She pushed into their minds, remaking the Three-in-One, and they got sheepishly to their feet.

"The classroom you arrived in? That was to allow your primitive sides to acclimatise. They'll be able to come out for a peek and who will suspect."

"Beast smart." "Like fuck Beast"

Phoebe and Irma spoke to Celeste's horror. She could feel their minds, but they were not in control. They were savage and primitive and loyal. Loyal to Henrietta McCoy.

"Go hide, we'll play later," Hettie told the two blondes. They straightened up and began to put on their clothes, apparently unaware of what had happened. Hidden even from the telepathy of the Three-in-One. Then Hettie turned back and whispered in her ear. "And you, Celeste, you are best of all. There's a traitor in you now."

Celeste knew it was true, because she was the one who had turned her sisters into savages. And it made her so wet.

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