A beautiful new day at the Finishing School begins

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Cyclops Jean Gray X-Men
Category F/F Gender Switch Marvel Romance
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Summer yawned and rubbed sleep out of her good eye. The strange dream she had been having slipped out of her mind as she sat up in bed. Her brunette hair was short but unruly. She wore only an over-sized dark blue shirt, a big yellow X painted on the back where Bobbi had impishly decided to express herself in art class. Despite its size the buttons of Summer's shirt strained a little to contain her bust.

The curtains of her dorm room were already drawn, the early morning sun warming the end of the bed pleasantly. Outside the window the beautifully manicured lawn of the school stretched down to the beach and the sea in the distance.

At the desk Summer's girlfriend Jean Grey was already up and studying. Summer slowly picked up a pillow and threw it at Jean. It covered only half the distance to the red-head before it stopped in mid-air, rotating slowly.

"Every morning the same. You can't surprise me, you know."

Jean turned in the chair and smiled as she wagged her finger at Summer. The teenager wore the same green silk babydoll as she'd gone to sleep in last night, tied at the waist with a golden sash the effect was to make it look like a dress even shorter than their uniform skirt. With her long red hair and deep cleavage she looked utterly gorgeous.

The pillow came racing back toward Summer who snatched it easily out of the air. She was one of the school's athletics stars. You'd have to telekinetically throw a pillow much earlier in the morning if you wanted her to catch it with her face.

"You do have an unfair advantage."

"I can't help it if Headmistress Frost exempts telepaths."

Jean turned back to her books and Summer got out of bed and stretched a little. Something about what Jean had said reminded her about the dream... In it Summer had been at a school, only that wasn't quite her name and now she was a bit confused as to whether she had been a student or a teacher. But she could remember that everyone had been allowed to use their powers as they'd pleased. She'd had to wear a visor! She shook her head. What a crazy way to run a school.

Summer headed over to the desk and draped her arms around Jean's shoulders.

"You look gorgeous this morning," Summer whispered in her girlfriend's ear. A hand pulled at one side of Jean's babydoll, easily freeing one of the girl's perfect pale breasts.

Jean leaned back and kissed Summer, their tongues dancing as Summer stroked Jean's breast. Too soon Jean broke the kiss and lifted Summer's hand away to reset her babydoll.

"Afraid I've got to finish studying. Some of us don't have mother's in high places or sporting status to keep us out of trouble."

"Oh, alas," Summer lamented, "alas, my true love is so cold."

"Where's that pillow when you need it? Now you sound just like your mother!"

"Frigid. Dead below the waist." Summer continued mournfully. "And now even at the nipples it seems."

"Does your mother even like me?"

Summer felt guilty. Maybe she'd pushed the joke a bit too far. She always forgot that Jean was more sensitive about their strange arrangement. Being sensitive to what people thought was part of being a telepath too, she guessed.

"Hey, hey, my mother loves you. And me. It's us she doesn't approve of."

"A girl your age should be trying something new every day. By which, darling, I mean a new person. Not just a new position." Jean's English accent was bad but the girl-next-door couldn't do haughty to save her life.

"An uncanny impersonation," Summer congratulated her as sincerely as she could.

Jean stuck out her tongue. The trouble with dating a telepath, Summer sighed in her mind, is that they always think they know what you're thinking. Then she stuck out her own tongue and the two girls dissolved into a fit of giggles.

If you excluded mind-control and shapeshifters, which they both did, then it has been three months since either of them had slept with another girl. If you didn't then Jean hadn't slept with another girl since Nurse Darkholme had tricked her way into her panties last week. For Summer it was the day before yesterday when the Cuckoos had fucked the entire volleyball team in the showers.

You didn't need to be a telepath to know the whole situation was major gossip at the school. Not that everyone believed it. Summer's friend Jamie claimed not to. According to Jamie they were both acting perfectly normally, but Jean was stealing everyone's memories of the awesome sex Jean and Jamie were having. Jamie was short and Canadian and wild; you'd go mad if you took offence at half the things she said or did. It was a good thing Jean really liked her, letting the small raven-haired girl sit in her lap and fondle her.

"Go for your run. And when you're back and all sweaty and sexy I'll be done studying. Then we can shower together. If you beat your best time I'll make you do something even Celeste never thought of..."

Summer was out the door of the dorm and running before she realised she wasn't in shoes. Or in fact anything more than her nightshirt. She shrugged as she ran; the air was cold, but the sun was warm, and she'd be fine if she kept to the track.

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