Kitty Pryde wakes up in Emma Frost's bed... and is delighted to be Frost's protege and haughty apprentice in training.

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Emma Frost Shadowcat Dust X-Men
Category F/F Marvel Masturbation
Previous Chapter A beautiful new day at the Finishing School begins

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Katherine Pryde awoke to the sound of a silver tray being placed carefully on the table beside the enormous bed, and the distinctive shutter sound of a cellphone taking a photo. For a moment longer she enjoyed the feel of the expensive silk sheets against her skin. These sounds and sensations were becoming a gloriously familiar way to begin her day. She turned a little as if shifting in her sleep and allowed the concealing sheets to phase through her body.

There was a quickly suppressed gasp, a pause and then the shutter sound twice more.

"One doesn't see the servants doing their jobs, darling. It would be common." The memory of good advice.

Kitty waited a little longer before opening her eyes just enough to watch the girl in the French maid's costume tip-toeing her way out of the room. Apparently it was Sooraya's turn to serve breakfast. At the door the exotic Afghan teenager quietly slipped back into the six-inch black heels of her maid's costume. Her back to Kitty, her legs straight, she bent at the waist to adjust the straps.

Kitty watched with growing arousal as Sooraya's beautiful olive-skinned ass bobbed sexily, fringed by the white lace of her outfit's flaring mini-skirt. Her ass was almost bare, a tiny white lace thong was all that protected her modesty, though Kitty could see from the darker stain on it that she wasn't the only girl getting turned on in the room. Long brown hair hung down to brush the floor.

Sooraya must have suspected, because the show went on a wonderfully long time. The dusky brunette's hair swept in slow motion back and forth across her feet, her breathing growing ragged as her inner thighs rubbed against one another.

Then with a quiet click of the carefully closed door, and the receding clatter of heels on marble, Dust and her marvelous ass were gone.

~But good service should be rewarded, and bad punished.~

Emma's plummy voice sounded amused in her mind. The thoughts that accompanied it were faint teasing images of Kitty on her knees, head enthusiastically bobbing beneath Sooraya's skirt, or of Sooraya bent over Kitty's knees as she spanked the naughty maid for waking her.

Kitty rolled over to face her headmistress, girl and woman both naked above the creamy waves of the silk sheets. Pryde was already wet from watching Sooraya's subtle masturbation but the sight of Miss Frost's body sent her hand straight for her pussy.

Emma Frost was the most beautiful and sensuous woman at the school.

It should have been almost impossible for the headmistress to stand out from the students and teachers, mutant beauties every one. But her maturity gave her a ripeness and curves that no teenager could match. Her body was sculpted by nature, surgeon and alien technology to a perfection a goddess would envy.

"Dust was a little like you when she arrived. She didn't need quite as much attention though," Emma raised an eyebrow as she added in a quieter voice, "Her roommate Surge has quite an electrifying effect on a lady's clit."

Kitty began to purr with pleasure, as she stroked herself. The need to purr while her pubic hair was stroked had been a fantasy of big clumsy Pietra's, one that Headmistress Frost had kindly used her telepathy to plant in Kitty's mind as a reflex.

~What a bad girl you were.~

Emma leaned forward to give Kitty a kiss on the forehead, while her hand slid down the side of Kitty's body and swatted playfully at Kitty's ass. Then she pushed Kitty onto her back and rolled onto her. The headmistress's big tits hung down and then squashed onto Kitty's pert boobs. Her mouth found Kitty's and teased at the teenager's lips with the confidence of woman who'd had hundreds of lovers.

~But you learned what good girls get.~

* * *

Taken from her home when her mutant powers had first manifested Kitty had hidden in her dormroom, in her frumpy clothes and her big nerd glasses, and stewed in her hate for Headmistress Frost who she viewed as the warden who kept her here. She'd ignored her roommate Ororo's attempts to draw her out of her shell and into her bed. Still it had been months before she'd ended up in her long pleated skirt and shapeless white shirt in the headmistress's office, furious at herself for slipping up and giving Frost a chance to punish her.

The headmistress had stood up from her desk in her white corset, and white thong, and ridiculous white-furred cape and shaken her head sadly. Kitty had gritted her teeth and promised that whatever happened she'd make Frost pay for it.

"You know, darling, I've never had a student last so long before they found an excuse to come see me."

The gorgeous woman had walked round her desk right into Kitty's personal space.

"And with your talents too. What a waste!"

To her horror Kitty's hand had moved of its own volition and passed right through Frost's body taking the headmistress's thong with it. Frost had taken control of her body. All Kitty's hate came boiling out and the world turned black...

... The next thing she knew her tongue was ravishing Frost's mouth, she was atop the headmistress on her hard wooden desk and the white corset was absent and her hands were massaging tits even more perfect than she'd ever dared to imagine.

Later as she recovered from the great rolling waves of orgasms that the wonderful Miss Frost had sent rolling over and through her body she'd had a revelation. Kitty could have had this, she'd been denying herself this.

Eyes filled with tears she'd begged Miss Frost to teach her. She sank to her knee and her tears of relief and happiness ran down her cheeks and onto Miss Frost's thighs as she worshipped her font of pleasure. Right to the depth of her sex-starved soul she wanted to do as Miss Frost said, wanted to be just like her.

The next day Kitty had received her first reward, the right to use her power whenever she wanted. Since then she'd eagerly learned every lesson Miss Frost would teach her. Her wardrobe was Versace and Dior and custom tailoring, her accent was more cultured. She was Miss Frost's protegé. Where the Cuckoo's were like bad copies of their mentor she was clever.

* * *

An immaculately manicured finger slid into her prepared pussy. The morning and the memory was so perfect that it was enough. Kitty came with a small joyous little orgasm.

The suddenly Kitty's world seemed to tremble. Emma was evil and cruel, and she would never trust the wicked queen in white. Kitty was the headmistress; she'd escaped the wicked queen's realm to... here. So much was the same and then different. And it was all wrong and she only wanted Colossus. (Pietra?)

Then just as suddenly everything was back to normal and more fingers were twisting inside her, flawlessly finding her g-spot and driving her quickly towards a greater ecstasy.

~I've sent Sooraya home without dressing me. She doesn't why. The uncertainty will make her easy for you to manipulate.~

Kitty Pryde had so much to learn from the headmistress. Eager to demonstrate her gratitude she phased a hand through the bed to the toys beneath, finding just the most perfect dildo for Emma's fresh morning cunt.

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