The news of Summer's and Jean's breakup spreads throughout the school

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Dust Surge Jean Gray Emma Frost Storm Shadowcat Armor Magik X-Men
Category Bondage F/F Marvel Mind Control Romance
Previous Chapter Emma "accidentally" lets slip what her daughter has been up to in the woods

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Illyana could be terrible sometimes, Hisako thought to herself, as she caught the blonde girl's hand. Illyana always thought that she knew better than anyone else. Well, this time Hisako had a surprise for her! She confidently pulled the Russian girl out of the stream of chatting students on their way to class and against the closed doorway of Miss Pryor's classroom.

"Jubilee told me she saw Jamie chase after Jean, right?"

"Yes, it's not like it's a surpri--"

Illyana's mouth fell open as Hisako held up her touch-screen phone, a high-tech import from Japan, with a little mascot hanging off the end. On the screen was a picture of Jean and Jamie naked and holding each other. They were both wet, their hair hanging down heavy and bedraggled. Jean's face was almost towards the camera and had an expression of mixed shock and anger. Illyana fingers poked at the phone's screen to zoom in on the naked pair's mashed together tits, strands of wet red hair caught between them.

"The two of them ran right of Jean's room stark-naked," Hisako told her friend triumphantly, placing the hand not holding the cell on Illyana's ass. "Jube's took a few more."

"That is so hot," Illyana declared taking hold of the cell and scrolling through a few more shots.

Hisako continued massaging the blonde's ass, thumb wiggling in under the elastic of Illyana's thong string. Her other hand free now that Illyana had the cellphone, Hisako pulled her friend's blouse out of her pleated skirt and slipped a hand up. A few other students had stopped to watch the girls in the doorway, but more were looking at their own cells now as a chorus of quiet chirps drew their attention.

The rest of the photos made it obvious that Jamie was hugging the taller girl to comfort her. The final picture was a motion blurred shot of Jean running, one hand across her pale breasts and the other shielding her groin. Her pale cheeks were on fire. Behind, Jamie was just beginning to lope after her.

"They are making you hot, aren't they, snowflake?" mumbled Hisako into Illyana's neck, feeling the other girl's arousal under her push-up bra.

"We'll be late for class--"

"You can get us there quickly when we're done."

Hisako knew she'd persuaded Illyana as she suddenly tasted ozone in her mouth, the silver travel disk formed beneath them. Lightning fast she formed her psionic armour. Not because she was in danger, far from it, but because her hands were tangled in Illyana's thong and bra. Suddenly made enormous, her armoured hands shredded Illyana's underwear and much of her uniform.

Then the two were gone, leaving only scraps of school uniform and lingerie behind.

* * *

Sooraya's cell buzzed on the desk for a moment, reminding Dust briefly of the precious photos of the headmistress naked in her bed in its memory, before Surge's lips nuzzling against her own distracted her once more. Sooraya lay on the floor atop her discarded French maid's uniform. The Afghan wore only her tiny white lace thong and a pair of garters.

Noriko was still in her school uniform, ready to head for class. As she gently kissed Sooraya her hands were was still playing over the olive-skinned girl's body. A pleasant tingle of relaxation trailing after her fingers as she used her command of electricity to drive the tension from Sooraya's anger-tense muscles.

A hand pressed gently along Dust's thong and she arched her back a little in anticipation, but there was nothing more than a feather light pressure and then it was gone. Instead Surge released her roommate's lower lip and shifted her body up a little. She licked up the salty trail of tears to kiss Dust's closed eyes. Noriko apparently planned to take it slow.

"You won't relax if you keep thinking about what happened. I may not be Headmistress Frost, but can she do this?"

A hand pushed suddenly under Sooraya's thong and a finger found her clit poking out of its hooded home. Dust arched and shook as electric pleasure flooded the sensitive bundle of nerves. It had taken them week's of happy experimentation to discover exactly how much spark it took to keep Dust orgasming continuously. Noriko had fed her less than half that amount.

Perhaps not so slow after all.

"I wish it had been you in Frost's bed," Sooraya moaned, her muscles twitching. "Not that stupid Kitty and her evil tongue." Sooraya blamed Kitty for her lost opportunity to dress Miss Frost as her morning maid, to touch and carress every part of that marvellous mature body. School gossip said the very luckiest girls got to lick her clean.

But she couldn't stay either angry or sad with her body so wonderfully relaxed, and Noriko's tingling finger sliding slowly further under her thong and into her sensitive depths. It was like being electrocuted with pleasure, and this was just the beginning.

"Evil tongue? I think my tongue can be plenty wicked," the petite Japanese girl laughed, before making opening her mouth to show Sooraya that same tongue and making exaggerated licking motions. The two girls laughed and Sooraya's heart filled.

"I..." Sooraya began, but Noriko sent another pulse of electricity down her fingers and into wet quim. Involuntarily Sooraya's legs opened wide and her hips pushed up, driving Surge's finger all the way inside her. Allah, that was so good.

"I don't need to be a telepath to take control of your body."

Sooraya had been consumed with self-hatred when she had arrived at the school, ashamed to be a mutant with an X-gene that gave her powers like one of Iblis's wicked djinns and a hunger for women. She'd been afraid to show any skin, to touch anyone, to transform. But being with Noriko was tough love and they argued and fought and then Sooraya had realised something.

Sooraya tried to speak again as the jolts of ecstacy dissipated in spasms from her throbbing pussy. "I love you."

Sooraya had realised she loved Noriko. And not just Noriko but so many of the other girls. And how could that ever be wrong?

Noriko didn't reply, but her lips were on Sooraya's again and her tongue pushed slowly into her mouth. Sooraya realised she was being selfish. Her roommate was trying to be nice to her and Noriko hadn't even removed any of the girl's clothes, let alone pushed her own fingers into her nymphomaniac mutant pussy.

Turning into a whirlwind of sand, but keeping her hips and thighs and pussy solid enough so that Surge's exploring finger didn't lose it's place, Dust rose up and enveloped Noriko. The sand-storm should have been smothering, abrasive, but Sooraya was experienced enough to keep herself from Noriko's skin and lungs. Instead dozen's of tiny apparitions of Sooraya formed in the swirling sands, perfect naked miniatures of the Afghan girl. Their tiny hands plucked at Surge's clothes which swirled around her and then disappeared.

Noriko's blue hair rose up from her head. Dust's storm was filled with sand grains rubbing against one another, huge amounts of friction generating enormous amounts of static energy. Noriko's body was more than human, capable of absorbing much more than Sooraya's ever could.

Great bolts of lightning, electric blue like Surge's hair which danced with its own discharges, grounded themselves all over Noriko's now naked body. One discharge bridged the gap between her nipples with brilliant actinic fury for several seconds.

Surge loved foreplay.

* * *

~Ah, Miss Grey, I see you've ceased your homage to the Lady Godiva.~ Emma's thoughts sounded in Jean's head with her normal smugly detached amusement. The bitch didn't even have the grace to sound triumphant that Jean and Summer had split up so violently and publicly.

Jean was standing in her half-sister Rachel's dorm room, her cheeks still burning from the memory of her run through the school. She'd managed to get at least some of the nature of the emergency across to the other telepath so that, when she'd arrived, out-of-breath, Rachel's roommate Lilandra Neramani had already been shooed out to class early. Jean had slammed the door behind her. A moment later there had been a soft thud as Jamie failed to break entirely in time.

~Jean, I'm here for you if you want,~ Rachel had told her as tattooed girl had apologetically pulled a crumpled spare uniform from the laundry bin. Jean had put her hands over her ears. She didn't want to hear what Jamie had to say. It had all gone so terribly wrong.

~I just need to be ALONE.~ She'd screamed telepathically, too torn up with exertion and emotion to speak.

Rachel had left, looking back uncertainly, holding a folded towel. Jean had just had time to dress in a slightly spaghetti-stained uniform before Headmistress Frost had telepathically contacted her.

~You departed in such a hurry that I had no opportunity to explain the other arrangements I have made, you poor girl. I've contacted Miss Essex and you've been excused first period. Obviously we can't expect you to share a room with Summer after this, so I've arranged for you to move into Sebastianna Shaw's room for a little while. Won't that be nice?~

Then Frost's presence was gone from her mind.

Jean swallowed. Sebie Shaw had a dark reputation, and her friend Joanna Wyndegarde was said to be just as bad. Summer had done this to her! Betrayed her, humiliated her, pushed her out of her room. Jean's rage reignited. Maybe her new roomie could help her deal with her old.

Jean Grey burned with fury, dangerous fire in her eyes.

* * *

"By the Bright Lady!" Ororo swore as Kitty phased straight through the door of the dorm room they shared. The tall white-haired girl had been reaching for the handle. "It is a door, not a wall, little one."

Behind Ororo stood Callisto. The other girl's raven-hair and pallid white skin would have made them seem like negatives of one another if Callisto had not been a little shorter and more powerfully built than the graceful black girl. Callisto was scowling, her eyes staring daggers into Ororo's back.

The surprise of their meeting gave Kitty a chance to put on her most innocent expression. Around Storm she still acted like the nebbish girl who had first arrived at the Finishing School, still hesitantly finding her confidence thanks to her caring friends and headmistress.

"Sorry, 'Roro, was in a hurry," Kitty smiled sheepishly. "I see you won again."

Katherine Pryde, secret mistress of every computer in the school had seen the two playing their dominance game, a competition to see which of the two teenagers could stay on top longest as they fucked. It was trivial to watch from the webcam of her own and the hacked camera of Ororo's computers. But Kitty had been Ororo's roommate for a while now, had even beaten both of the other girls in a threesome thanks to her phasing power. Dear sweet Ororo would think she'd guessed from the easy evidence.

"She cheated when she tied my wrist to the bedpost!" Callisto explained outraged and raising a threatening fist to Kitty's face. Then she laughed and the raised fist turned into a palm that slapped the short brunette on the shoulder.

"I have a book to return to the library before ethics class. Kitty, I want to hear about you and Frost at lunch. Even if you have to repeat everything you're about to say to Ororo. " Then Callisto was gone.

Ororo walked to her bed, sitting down and patting the space beside her in invitation.

"Let's hear all about," she told Kitty indulgently. "I was going to go to the library with Callisto to study, but I have a free period so..."

Perfect! Kitty almost let a predatory smile onto her face. But Miss Frost had schooled her well in deception. Hands behind her back she surreptiously locked the door and then bounced over to Ororo.

"'Roro, have I told you recently that I love you?" Kitty launched herself into a flying hug, knocking Stom sideways toward the head of the bed and setting the dark girl laughing happily. The laughter stopped suddenly as Storm felt cold metal closed over her wrist. Kitty's hand had phased through girl and bed to grab the handcuff that won Storm her competition with Callisto.

"What is the meaning of this, little one?" The puzzlement in Ororo's voice was beginning to turn to anger.

"Oh, 'Roro, you've always been so kind and nice to me." Kitty pulled a hypodermic out of her bag and without ceremony or preamble plunged it into Storm's neck. "And you're going to be so much nicer."

"The elements marshal their infinite might at my beckoning! Power seethes in the roiling clouds! If you... if you... have..." The air was heavy with menace, growing colder and the sky outside suddenly darker. Then Ororo's eyes widened and drooped, going blank. She was limp in Kitty's arms as the brunette lay her head on the pillows, an arm still handcuffed to the bedpost.

"Now, Storm, we're going to have a little chat."

Kitty began to strip her roommate. She'd done it dozens of times before, the regal body revealed familiar, but the forbidden nature of what she was doing somehow made it so much sexier. Her pussy was on fire with anticipation. It wasn't just about satisfying the fire in her loins though.

Nurse Darkholme had had the two cheerleaders fuck, Maggie all over Charlize, while she'd whispered in the blonde telepath's ears. Maybe it was necessary for the medicine to work at all. Why take the risk, when the alternative was so much fun?

"Let's begin."

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