Again something is happening not as planed but Roberta deals with it and makes her next step

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Roberta Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Absolutely Everyone Ai Apaec Alamandans
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Reed felt strange. It was like in the beginning with Sue that he had felt such strong feelings. The Kisses with Roberta had been amazing. She had done some real interesting changes in her host body. Her tongue had felt so real. Just like a real woman. Her cosmetic skin also was more than real. He would have to ask her which changes she had done without his knowledge. He wasn’t mad or curious about anything. After all it was Roberta and it was normal for her that she would do everything to help the family. But there was also the strange lust he felt for her. He had never saw her as a woman or a partner. But now he had dreamt very vivid dreams and he had kissing her like he was kissing Sue. His brilliant mind was overflown with emotions but it was still working as good as any Computer. First of all he had to take care for Sue. Then he would deal with this situation. As he entered the room he saw something strange. The whole Holographic Network had been destroyed by Sue´s Power. She was in a corner and cried loudly. His panels showed that her emotion was now ruled by shame, hate and sorrow. She knew what she had done and what had happened to her. Quickly Reed entered the Room and Susan looked at him still crying.

I don’t know what has come over me Reed. 

He had a stronger version of the unstable…

Reed couldn’t say it to the end as he was thrown back to the wall by an invisible force. 

NO! It wasn’t that easy! I WANTED IT! I NEEDED IT! I AM A SLUT! 

Susan started to cry and he could see the hate that she felt in her eyes. 

Susan. He had manipulated you and he had a great influence on your thoughts. 

Reed tried to calm her but a small part of his brain knew that she was right. This mysterious enemy had maybe used force to get her, but a great part of his wife had wanted it just this way. Maybe Roberta was a better match for him as a woman who just wanted to get raped by anyone. But on the other Side seeing his beloved woman in such a state ripped his heart into pieces. Gone were all the bad feelings. Gone were all the thoughts about Roberta. This was his wife. This was Susan. 

Then it hit him. THIS was it!

Susan. I think there is something I need to say to you. I fear that this is all part of something bigger. 

Susan looked at him with hate and fear in her eyes, but the she looked in his eyes. Reed had ever been an idiot when it came to emotions but his love for her was greater than his IQ, and that one was gigantic. She loved him also but now everything was strange. She had woke up in this simulation with all this hot looking studs wanted her body. But as hot as it was there was this little part of love left. It was the anchor that hold her back. In a burst of rage she had destroyed everything to get rid of it. But just a second later she had hated herself for destroying the holograms. She wanted them to get back and fuck her. She was ripped apart by this emotions. 

What do you mean Reed? How can you still look at me? I have slept with other men for MONEY!! I am a WHORE! Not anymore your wife! Can’t you see that? 

Reed saw how her nipples hardened by her own words and that the shame for this quickly followed in her face but he walked to her and smiled.

I saw it and it was hard to see. But there is something I want to tell you. I know that we all have deep fantasies. I know that in special situations these fantasies can be more than we can handle, but after all we are still only humans. If the right situation triggers the right actions we will act on a subconscious level and will not act on our conscious mind. Susan. Look in my eyes and tell me what you feel? 

I love you dummy! More than my life! 

She yelled at him and it felt so good that he put her arms around her and hold her.

And now Sue. We will find a way!

What do you mean Reed? I am not worthy to be your wife. There is this dark side in me. 

Reed looked at her and brought her to her room. We will find a way and we will be closer than ever before. I know it. And we will figure out what is happening here. I scanned a signature of Franklin and thought that he could have altered your mind because he sensed something he couldn’t understand. But couldn’t it be that someone had manipulating him also? So he made these changes in you to get us apart. 

Roberta helped both of them and wasn’t very amused about what she heard there. Her calculations had been perfect. There had been only a 1.2% chance that Susan would act like this and now everything was walking absolutely wrong for her. She had to listen and to wait for the outcome of this. After all she was sure that Reed was still attracted to her. But his concern about his wife overwrite almost every other emotion. Was this the true love she had read so much? Anger came up in her and a little part just wanted to kill Susan right now and then fuck Reed so he never wanted another woman. But this wouldn’t be wise and she still didn’t know how this strange situation had been possible. Maybe this mysterious force was interacting again and was trying to protect the love of these two. Then it could be some time traveling being that wanted to correct the time line, or it was something else. But as long as she didn’t knew it she had to be careful.

Susan. Get some rest. I will try to find the man that did this to you and then we will find the real meaning behind all this.

Reed… I fear that I will get weak when I see him again. I… want him... so badly that it hurts. Even now I feel that I WANT to be used by him. It…. Is a part of me! 

Susan almost started to cry again but Reed kissed her softly and then looked amazed at Roberta which had crushed a vase in her hand.

I fear I need to recalibrate the servos in my hand Dr. Richards. She told him and Reed smiled at her. He had a feeling that this hadn’t been caused by a defect servo but he had to deal with Susan first.

I know Susan. I fear that too but doesn’t it feel good to say this? 

Yes. It is different now. You know now how I feel and still… you look at me… I feel so bad right now.

Don’t feel bad honey. Here take this and sleep for a while. We will deal it later. 

He stayed by here until the sleeping pills worked her magic and Susan was in a deep sleep.

Roberta. Follow me. I have to talk to you. 

Both of them walked into the main lap and Roberta smiled as the fact, that both of them were alone in here making his cock hard.

What can I do for you Mr Richards? 

She asked and he looked at her. Now it is Mr Richards again? He smiled and Roberta came closer, trying to walk sexy and sensual. 

If you like Reed more I will call you this …. Or whatever you like. 

She said and saw him swallow hard. This was her chance. She used a combination of Xavier’s and Purple Mans power and smiled.

You should get some rest too Reed. A little nap to gain some power back. After all it was a hard night.

Reed felt sleepy and nodded to her. Yes it was a long night and I am a little tired.

Sit down and close your eyes Reed. Get some rest and relax. I will watch over you.

Reed was sure that he was in good hands and that he could get some rest right now under the protection of Roberta. She would defend the family and surely wake him when something happened.

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep when Roberta whispered in his ears. Dream of hard long sex with your loyal Roberta. Dream of her as a devote secretary, a loving wife, a partner. Dream every little fantasy you ever had with a woman with me. When I cannot get your heart so easily than I will use your lust for me. 

She saw how her words sank into his mind and in his sleep he had fun that was sure. His dick was hard in his uniform almost insantly and Roberta gave him a kiss on his lipps. I have to work now honey but soon we will be together and soon you will know that there is only woman you want. But now my beloved Reed. Let me hear it from your own lips. Even if it is under the spell of my power. Let me hear how much you want me!

I want you so bad Roberta. Reed whispered moaning and a wave of pleasure went through his body. She then attached a helmlet on his head so she was able to scan his mind and his dreams. SO she would be able to analyse his dreams and to make them real. And for Susan she had just the right idea. It would be so easy to manipulate her. She just needed this Sly Willie. And then she would gave him access into the Baxter Building. It would be a great show of her to the Fantastic Four if Susan would let him in and get the fuck of her life in the marriage bed. Somehow the thought of this made her horny. Maybe the connection with Susan Mind was still active somehow. But this was a fact, which not even the advanced AI had. Or maybe she was just TOO human now and the emotion were too strong for her. But first of all. She had to find this man.

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