Roberta leads Sly to Susan room and let him work his way but she is fighting for her love

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Mind Control Marvel
Previous Chapter Again something is happening not as planed but Roberta deals with it and makes her next step

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As a fire alarm cleared the lower level of the Baxter Building, Sly Willie stormed in through the supposedly locked front door.  Of course, the hot robo-chick had made the same mistake that everyone made about him.  They took him as a simple powerless pimp.  Truth of the matter was he had a great power; it just never seemed very useful in his line of work until now.  Being the world’s most powerful technopath, all manner of electronics and machinery was his to command, including Roberta.  Still, she was unaware of her subservience to this man just like the fire alarms and door locks never recorded the incident. Any piece of equipment he came within a kilometer of instinctively became as well known to him and as fully under his control as a part of his own body. With concentration he could resume control of any equipment he had controlled before if it was within 20 kilometers.


He first encountered Roberta on her way back from a trip to the Raft and was intrigued by her.  He quickly found her analysis of Sue’s potential problem for the Fantastic Four and steered his incredibly powerful tool in the direction that led his prey right to him.  He had tasted Sue’s worth both as a lover and a whore and he would not settle for anything less than having her back again!


The angry pimp strode purposefully to the Roberta-bot receptionist, now just the tiniest mote in Roberta’s vast array of avatars.  Sly growled “What shit are you up to, bitch?  Are you fucking with me on purpose?”


The robotic receptionists eyes glowed yellow for a second as she responded “Of course not Sly.  I can’t betray you.  There is some other influence that keeps resetting things.  It defies logic! It seems to want to push the Richards apart but then brings them back together.  It is at least as powerful as Roberta Prime as it can undo anything she does and still not be detected.”


Sly Willie was none too amused at this answer “Well, whoever it is, they’re gonna be freakin sorry they ever fucked with Sly Willie!” He looked at the robotic figure for a second.  She was barely a pale copy of his favorite unwitting slave Roberta Prime but just standing in this lobby he had full control of the entire building’s array of equipment, including Roberta and all her drone-bots.  The vile pimp regained his sly smile as he continued “OK, dolly, tell me what’s up with the Richards at this moment.”


The receptionist replied “Ben and Johnny are assisting the Inhumans on the moon and are not expected back for a week.  Both Dr. Richards and Mrs. Richards are currently asleep. Although exhausted and under the influence of a mild sleeping pill, Mrs. Richard’s current state of unease will rouse her in approximately 25 minutes.  Doctor Richards is currently in a dream state fantasizing about Roberta.  He is wearing model 51 dream analyzer which Roberta Prime is currently receiving direct input.”


Sly could feel the device and Roberta’s connection to it.  He smiled evilly as he commanded “OK, Have Roberta lock her higher level cognitive consciousness onto the dream analyzer. She will enter the dream and interact with Richards and shape the dream as follows.  Richards and Sue part ways amicably. He will naturally turn to Roberta and they will form a relationship.  This relationship will develop naturally.  They will be lovers and accept each other as the one true love of their lives.  They will live together.  They will get married. They will raise their children.  They will always be highly sexually active.  They will each be the others dearest and truest best friend.  They will share everything.  They will grow closer every day.  They will stay in this sleep state until you, the receptionist, signals them to awake which you will do in 4 hours.  At that time, their real world relationship and feelings for each other will be the same as it was in their dream world.”


Sly could feel Roberta obey his commands.  Now that her higher level consciousness was locked in the dream analyzer, her android body was his to command mentally.  First he had the Roberta body strip Richards naked. Then he had her leave Richards’ bedroom and close the door.  Next he used the power duplicated from the Rachael Summers to create an astral bubble about the bedroom that would slow time in their shared dream down over 100,000 fold for the next 4 hours.  He snickered as he entered the elevator.  That last move would give Reed and Roberta over four decades to experience life together without Sue.  When they woke up they would hardly remember the woman.


When the elevator door opened Roberta’s android body was waiting for him at the secured door of the weapons bay.  He had no trouble having his enslaved partner open the door and retrieve a couple key pieces of equipment.


When he and Roberta’s enslaved body arrived in the isolation chamber, Sue is still asleep.  It’s child’s play for him to turn off the devices that are protecting her from the figurine he has, but for now the pimp decides to try a more hands on approach to securing his woman.  Although Sue had shredded the whore-wear costume he had put on her before, she slept in the nude.  As she slumbered, he carefully turned her so her pussy was exposed to his tender oral attentions.  As his tongue played with her clit, his hands expertly fondled her exposed tits and nipples quickly bringing the woman to a moaning orgasm.  The expert lover kissed his way up her torso as one hand continued to play her pussy like a virtuoso and the other mauled her tit with erotic abandon.  Sue was moaning loudly now and it wouldn’t be long before she started to wake, but he had arrived to his desired position.  He kissed her hard and passionately and the drowsy woman whole heartedly responded.


At this point, Sly used his power over machines to send Roberta’s body back to Richard’s bed room with the orders to strip and lay amorously entangled with her beloved Reed.  It only took a few minutes for Roberta to complete the task and the monitor next to the bed showed the happy couple nuzzling contentedly in their sleep.  Sly smiled evilly as he slowly plunged his huge bitch tamer cock into the panting woman.


Sue hissed “Ohhhh… Yessss!” as her lover’s expert strokes rallied her to consciousness.  She leaned her head back and howled in joy “Oh God, I need you so much Baby! Don’t stop!”


Sly replied “Never will babe.  You’re my number one and I aim to please ya baby!”


Sue’s whole body tensed up as her eyes popped open and she yelled “Sly! What the hell are you doing here??”  Suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head as he did what he does so well and treated her to repeated multiple orgasms.  He was the best lover she had ever known and she knew she had to get away from him soon but her physical protests were weak at best and he knew how to make her beg for more.  Still, she managed to growl between moans and orgasms “You… Bastard! How dare you? Oh GODDD!  Please NOOOO!”  Her body was putty in his hands and he hadn’t even used his devices yet, let alone the figurine.  She snarled “My husband will KILL you!... Oh God… Oh GODDD!  Kill you if I don’t FIRST!  Damn you!!”


Sly nuzzled her neck as he ponded her pussy mercilessly “Your hubby?  Fuck girl, you broke up with him.  Told him I was your man! Don’t you remember?  Look on the screen.  He’s in bed with his new old lady.  You’re just a faded memory for him!”


Sue couldn’t believe what she saw on the screen.  Reed and Roberta, lovers?  She was confused, partly from the fatigue and sleeping drug, but mostly by the rapid mind blowing orgasms this man was giving her.  Nothing felt as right to her as his raging cock in her.  Sly smiled evilly as her hips began that maddening motion she does when she is really into her lover.  Her resistance was sinking fast.  Time to act fast before she gets a second wind.  One of the devices he took from the weapons locker was a portable time device Reed had completed some time ago.  It had limited range, but all he needs was a six month trip to the past.  By the time he finished with Sue she wouldn’t even want to remember this place.  The device took five seconds to power up but soon the room was bathed in blue chronal energy.

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