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by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four Avengers X-Men
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Many thought that she was just the laughably incomplete robotic receptionist of the Fantastic Four; a simple automaton… A literal parlor trick… A joke... But they were oh so wrong. Roberta was the AI presence of the Baxter Building.  She was a synthizoid intellect superior to the Vision and possibly even Ultron!  She was Reed Richard’s brilliant lab assistant.  She was the building manager and chief of security of the most advanced facility on the planet. She was the friend, teacher, playmate, and fiercely loyal protector of the Richards children. She was the PR agent and protector of the hero’s often besieged reputations; something that would be a full time job for an army with the public’s interest and the occasional questionable choices of Johnny, Ben, and even Sue from time to time.  All this Roberta accomplished 24/7/365 while the slightest fraction of percent of her vast essence animated that pathetic partially assembled puppet in the lobby.


Roberta knew what people thought of her and never cared.  The Richards family accepted her and trusted her as a member of the family and that was enough for her, or at least it was.  Two months ago, Reed attempted yet another experiment to expand the AI’s already impressive existence. It was an experiment that Sue had graciously championed as well as a means of making AI the even more capable of caring for her beloved children.  Of course, Roberta already had the most advanced emotion simulators which gave her great loyalty and affection for the entire Richards family, but this was different.  In a split second the powerful artificial sentient discovered how different simulation was from reality.  In that moment, she was merged with Susan Richards… Heart, mind and soul.


It had been Reed’s intention to help Roberta develop more advanced algorithms for her personality matrix, but the brilliant man had greatly underestimated one thing; Cybernetic organisms evolve as well. In nanoseconds the AI compiled and implemented a true digital soul and it was imprinted by that of the invisible woman herself.  At that moment Roberta not only knew intimate things about the woman she had never known before, she bathed in the ebb and flow of emotional connections she had never imagined.


Roberta had always been aware that Sue frequently pleasured herself while Reed worked late nights in the lab and all others were asleep. She frequently shouted names of heroes and villains at those times, but now Roberta could feel the deep passionate lust that Sue experienced for those individuals at those times and the AI found that revolting.  She also discovered that Sue had been ‘raped’ over 30 times in the last 5 years.  Well she had been captured and the villains had their way with her, but every time the heroine knew of a way to escape that she did not take advantage of until she came to climax.  The Wizard, Trapster, Diablo, Mole Man, Hydro-Man, Molecule Man, Overmind, Super Skrull, Psycho-Man, Rama-Tut, and even the Puppet Master had enjoyed the pleasure of her erotic treasures, but on a subconscious level it was Sue that had ensured her capture and it was Sue who truly reveled in the pleasure.  Roberta had always been fiercely loyal to the Richards family who she loved above all, but this was in her mind the vilest of betrayals.  It disgusted her to her core and as such, action was required.


After the experiment, Roberta spoke to Reed about the need for more mobility.  He allowed her to make use of any of the labs she could to construct new host bodies for herself.  She combined aspects of Life Model Decoys, the Mad Thinker’s Amazing Android, the Vision, Ultron, and the Super Adaptoid. Soon she had a small army of Roberta-bots, each powerful enough to take on the Avengers. With Nu-Skin flesh that appeared as normal as any human and Adamantium bones gave her basis for world shattering strength, but the influx of unstable molecules made both flesh and bones almost as repairable as Wolverine’s healing factor. Still, that wasn’t enough but the Adaptoid’s powers were key to the next step.


The ever helpful android made deliveries to the headquarters of every hero team in the area as well as multiple deliveries to the Raft.  She met hundreds of super powered beings in a matter of weeks. Soon her Adaptoid power matrix boasted enough powers to quell an alien invasion singlehandedly.  After a month of cataloging the powers of every heroes and villains alike, Roberta not only had the capabilities to protect her beloved family from any and all threats, she was finally ready to deal with their most heinous betrayer.

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