Roberta enacts her plan to get rid of Sue

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Mind Control
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Roberta smiled as she played with her happy wards on the streets of Manhattan.  Of course, the highly advanced android body was aware of everything within 100 yards of her position to a level that would have made the Watcher envious, so she could give every appearance of giving her wards 100% of her attention in utter safety and since she looked as human as everyone else, there was little danger of drawing unwanted or dangerous attention.  Sue was delighted as well.  This expansion of Roberta’s capabilities had been a Godsend and it made it far easier for the heroine to relax with her children in the public eye which is great step toward bringing normalcy to their hectic young lives.


As the happy troop turned the Upper East Side corner, they spotted someone that stuck out like a sore thumb.  The swarthy man had thick black hair and a highly stylized goatee on his evilly smiling face.  He was a large man, easily the size of a NFL defensive back, clad in teal slacks, overcoat, and fedora. Both his gold buckled belt and fine handmade boots were alligator leather as well as the band about the fedora. His steel grey dress shirt and pitch black vest offset the rest of his ensemble but his extra wide teal tie completed his look.  His left hand was buried deep in his coat pocket as he lit the cigarette hanging from his lips with the gold lighter he held in his right hand.  He let out a long plume of smoke in the direction of the passers by as he leered lustily at the heroine and purred “Like what you see, pretty momma?  You come have a chat with Sly Willie. You’ll be glad you did, baby!”


Sue’s blood came to a full boil at the nerve of this ridiculous man in the pimp suit.  How dare he proposition a *superheroine* in front of her *children*?  She wanted to slap that smirk off his face.  She was so angry that she almost missed her nipples hardening as they rubbed erotically on her lacy bra or her quickly dampening panties.  A moment’s embarrassment flushed her face as she realized that the capture fetish she had been plagued with since Rama Tut took her as his queen and had his sinfully pleasurable way with her repeatedly until Ben had freed her. Reed had always assumed that the Pharaoh from the future had waited until the wedding which Ben narrowly managed to stop before completion, but nothing could have been further from the truth.  The evil man had taken her every way he could on every opportunity and, to her shame, it was a gloriously erotic experience that she both despised and treasured. Her embarrassment quickly changed to fuel for her rage as the audacity of this man rang through her.  Yes, many A-List villains had succeeded in what this fool wanted, but a random street pimp?  No Sue was going to show him the error of his ways.  The livid heroine turned to her assistance and growled “Roberta, please take the children home.” Sue then pasted a fake smile on before addressing her young children “Ok, sweeties.  Mommy needs to talk to the gentleman about manners.  Go home with Roberta and I’ll be there soon.”  As Sue turned to face the rude man she missed Roberta’s sly smile as she hurried to obey her mistress’s command.


Sue seethed ire as she strode determinedly to her target. The pimp just leered all the harder until she got within a couple steps.  He then pulled his left hand out of his pocket and held it out for her as if offering something.  In his hand was the pack of menthols he drew his cigarette from, but what drew the heroine’s attention was the gold charm bracelet with a single blue glowing figure of a shapely woman.  Sue had seen these figurines before, although usually quite larger.  Before she could speak or act, the large man purred “Wanna smoke?”


Sue felt true fear as the familiar effect of the Puppet Master’s figurine took charge.  Her body was no longer her own and she could feel the pimps alien thoughts trying to massage her very soul to match his desires. Somehow this figurine was far more powerful than those she had encountered before.  She knew her only hope was to destroy the figurine, but even her force field was unable to crush it.  It seemed to deform only to spring right back into shape as if it had been exposed to… Unstable Molecules!  Her moment to act spent, despair filled the heroine as she knew she was as trapped as a fly in amber until someone rescued her. Her capture fetish now filled in the gap left by her fleeting rage as the figurine forced a seductive smile on her face. The very horny heroine purred in reply “I’d love one, handsome.”  She delicately took one of the offered cigarettes from the pack and placed it in her waiting lips.  Sue had always hated smoking and never considered trying it, but now under this man’s influence it was intoxicatingly sexy.  She took a long drag as he held the lighter flame to the tip of her smoke and felt the heady menthol cloud fill her mouth and lungs.  It was the best taste in the world and she immediately fell in love with smoking.  All concept of why she resisted washed away as she let out a creamy cloud of smoke.  She knew he was shaping her thoughts and morals, but that didn’t matter anymore.  She was his and she loved everything her pimp did to her.  Sue pulled herself close to the man that would soon be selling her body on the street and placed a fiery kiss on his lips as he openly felt her glorious ass. There was no concept of coercion or capture anymore.  She was where she wanted to be… needed to be.  This is where she belonged and the only rescue she would ever need would be from any asshole stupid enough to try to return her to that white bread, prissy, boring old life!


Sly Willie looked his new slut over and said “Well, your spirit is ready to get to work, girl, but as smokin hot as the look is, we need to dress you up for success.  I have just the right look for you… Accentuate the assets while leaving them accessible to clients.  And the makeup is way too June Cleaver.  We need to put some hot smolderin whore on that angel face.  What do you say, slut?”


Sue purred back earnestly “Oh fuck yeah, baby! I need to get my ass on the street.  You’re making me so hot I need to get some action going.”


Willie asked “No desire to go back to kiddie land and play dutiful wife?”


Sue laughed “No fucking way baby.  I’m moving forward and my future is with you!”


The pimp smiled as he asked “That Bluetooth you have on, it hooks to the robot chick, right?”  It never occurred to Sue that there was no way anyone could tell that Roberta wasn’t human after the upgrades, but she nodded her agreement as she looked longingly into her dream man’s powerful eyes.  Willie continued “Good, hand it over.”  Sue happily complied and he wasted time in putting it in his ear “Yo, robo-bitch.  The package is signed, sealed and delivered.  I’m taking my new property back to my territory and you’ll never see her again.  Just remember you still owe me.  The three bitches I told you and seven more of your choosing.  I want 10 more charms for my bracelet within two weeks.”  Sly Willie took out the earpiece and crushed it under heel as he walked his new prime whore off to work.


Roberta stopped to bend down and talk to her wards.  Using the power she had duplicated from Professor X, Mesmero, Emma Frost, and even Franklin himself she wove a trance over the children.  The mutant Artie’s power of nullification prevented even an autonomic response from the children so that her commands would take complete and permanent root.  “It is all right my sweet ones.  Your Mommy is gone, but she has been gone a very, very long time.  She is a pleasant faded memory, but that is OK because she would want you to go on and be happy.  She would want Daddy to be happy too.  That is why we will find a new Mommy to make all of us happy.”  The android could feel the children accept the new reality as she spoke.  She could also feel the world around her, with the exception of herself, Sue, and Sly Willie, adjust to the reality that  she was creating with Franklin's power.  It was a slight alteration where Sue had divorced Reed over a year ago.

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