Some unknow Power undo her changes to the world and she decides that she is the only being that could the perfect woman for Reed

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic
Category Romance
Previous Chapter Roberta enacts her plan to get rid of Sue

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Roberta walked with the children back to the Baxter Building and let them play in their rooms. Her AI had already synchronized with all of the Buildings Systems so she was informed about everything that had happened while she was away. Much to her surprise she saw Dr. Richards running across the Penthouse gathering the most of his advanced weapons.

May I help you sir? she asked as she entered the room and Reed looked at her.

Roberta. Run a check for your data. I have been informed that some great power tried to change history and the memory at the whole world. Someone has been captured Susan! What is the last thing you remember about her?

Even with her improved Intellect it was impossible for her to lie to Reed Richards. But not be able to lie wasn´t the same as tell him everything. It took her almost 3.12 Nanoseconds to understand what was going on. Only few beings had the Power to work against her spoken Words. The famous Phoenix Force was a possibility. But why should this power work against her? There was a 83.42% chance that the Phoenix Force had warned Dr. Xavier and that he had with his own powers undo the mental instructions she had laid over the world. She had to adept her plans to this. But it was clear that Dr. Richards didn’t know that she had planned this all. Maybe she could do something with this new setting.

The last stored information about Susan Storm-Richards is saved at Time code 12.2331.12 at the Location Baker Street. She instructed me to bring the Children home. should I have been stayed with her?

No. Was she alone?

There were a lot of humans near. but one she talked with.

Bring his image on the main screen Roberta and give me all the information from all networks you can enter.

Yes Mr. Richards. I will upload all the information's. May I ask how the effects of the Reality altering powers were disabled?

Dr. Xavier gave me the real memories back. Richards answered as he looked at the monitors.

The man shown there wasn´t a villain he had ever met in his live. But sure enough he knew what he was holding in his hands. 

Damn. he has the same power as Puppet Master. He is controlling her right now!

No he is fucking her silly right now Dr. Richards. And as ever she loves it so much betraying you!

Roberta thought angrily but playing the good little Robot. Much to her Surprise Dr. Richards said then.

I am sure he is fucking my wife silly right now Roberta! we have to find her as soon as possible.

Yes Dr. Richards. I am already entering the city's main computers and hacking into all possible sources of information.

she said, but in her thoughts she run a interesting combination about some of her powers.
You know she gets raped very often. Maybe she likes it. she tried to focus these thoughts to Dr. Richards who slammed his hand on the desktop.

This is too much. In the last 5 years she had been raped again and again Roberta! I have to stop him before he can take her too. I fear that she could get lost in it. Do you understand it Roberta? I know she loves me but I fear that some of the villains could have damaged her brain permanently. Maybe she isn´t herself anymore.

Roberta nodded to her but knew that this wasn’t the case. She had run full diagnostic scans of her brain. It wasn´t an extern influence. Susan was just not enough for the Fantastic Four. And she wasn´t enough for Dr. Richard! But for now she couldn’t do anything but to help him finding his wife again. But she had manipulated the Picture of Sly so that there was no way to find him. But as she scanned all the security Cams of the City she found some terrible information for her plans. There had been an car accident. Two people were injured and these two were Sly Willie and Susan Storm Richards. None of them was injured badly but had been transported to 2 separate Hospitals. She had gave Sly the Power over the Unstable Molecules. But she had been so careful to limit his powers. He could only control the people she would choose and only when he had the Puppet SHE would gave him. But his range was limited to only a few hundred meters. So he could not hold his grip over her when she was so far from him. She would regain her free will in some days.

I FOUND HER! She is in the Arlington hospital. She isn´t injured but had a shock. I will go to her and bring her back okay? you activate the buildings defense systems. Bring up the transdimensional Shields and activate the Quantum barrier. I fear that a great force is behind this all!

With that he run away to the fantastic car. Roberta signed and did what he had told her. It was hard to protect the family when she had to obey every command of them. She hadn´t figured out which force had undo her changes but without this information she couldn’t risk it to do greater changes to the world again.
Sly Willie.  What have you done! WHY is she free again. This woman is the greatest threat to the family. And Mr. Fantastic cannot see it because his love blinds him. 
In this moment she was hit by an idea. Mr. Richards was in love with Susan so he wasn’t able to see her true self. But if this love would fade away he would be able to see it. So it was logical that he had to love someone else. She let 94% of her analytic mind scan the Worldwide Web to find a matching Woman. There were many possible but the final information surprised her. All the searching parameters she had used told her the same Name.
The perfect partner for Dr. Reed Richards was Roberta. It made all sense. She was the only one who could be the perfect mate for him. She was now the strongest and most powerful being on this planet. She was the perfect woman now. Her body would not get ill or fade away. She would be forever young and could do everything to protect him and his family. But as a perfect Woman she needed more modifications. A perfect woman had to be able to give her husband the perfect sexual stimulation. Until now it hadn´t been necessary for her to improve her body with things like that. But now she knew how she could save the family. But she still had to deal with Susan. But from now on… this was something personal. She felt strong emotions for Reed. He wasn’t Dr. Richards anymore. No. He was now Reed! And she wanted nothing more to protect everything he loves AND to make him happy. In every possible way. it took her only 21 minutes to change her body so she would match Reeds needs perfectly. Her vaginal module was designed only for his penis and her tongue was upgraded so she could give him maximal pleasure.

The door opened and Reed entered the building with Susan. She wore a tight black leather pant and a short top from the same material. Her mind was still changed and she smiled at Reed.
SO honey. Here you want to fuck me? But remember. You promised me to get me back to my hubbi and that you would pay me! heyyyy who is this hot sexy babe? you want to fuck us both? mh I like the idea! but it will cost extra 20 bucks honey.

Roberta smiled as Reed brought her into a hermetic sealed room. Susan screamed and slammed against the doors but not even her Powers could open this room. But strangely she doesn’t even tried to use them. Reed stood outside and scanned her with all his advanced machines.

Roberta stood there watching him and felt strange. She felt her body react to his presence. In her mind she calculated ways how she could give him ultimate pleasures. How she would be his loyal wife. A wife who would only be there for him. She had to save him.

 Save him from Susan.

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