Roberta uses the time and tries to seduce Reed so she can show him what a perfect woman she is.

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Some unknow Power undo her changes to the world and she decides that she is the only being that could the perfect woman for Reed

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While Reed reviewed the readings, Roberta reviewed the timeline as well looking for answers. She had took her time bringing the children home.  Between trips to the Disney store and other similar fun events for the children, it had taken 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 18.678 seconds from leaving Sue to her fate and meeting back up with Reed. Considering the time of the accident, Sue had been at her pimp’s mercy for more than 2.6 hours.


As she contemplated the possibilities, one of her drone-bots reported intercepting a scandalous video heading for You-Tube.  It was simplicity itself to remove it from the internet and all the computers it existed on before it was seen by anyone else but she was careful to capture it first.  This video started 7 minutes after they left Sue with Sly Willey and showed the amorous couple enter a very customized black van.  Within two minutes the van started to shake rhythmically as if it were being propelled by a powerful force, proving that Sly Willie did in fact fuck the heroine stupid. The shaking continued for 43 minutes before finally slowing down to a stop. After 15 minutes, one of the guards from the facility making the security video walked up to the van and knocked on the back door.  Both Sly Willie and Sue, dressed and fully made up as she was now, came out and talked amicably with the guard who directed Sue to an alley near the facility.  At that point, the camera switched to one in the alley that captured every bit of the following activity.  In the next hour, Sue took money from 8 separate guards for sexual favors.  She performed oral, straight up vaginal, anal, and double team sex all captured on high definition security camera and from the response of the guards she did an outstanding job!  It was official; in less than 2 hours Sue had become an accomplished street walking hooker.


After finishing with the guards she handed the money to her pimp and they entered the front of the van where Sue could clearly be seen leaning over to her pimp in the driver seat and laying her head in his lap.  From the look on his face and the occasional momentary appearance of the top of her head in the view of the window, Sue gave her pimp a quick 10 minute blow job before they hit the road. It was likely her attentions on the man that caused the accident.


While Roberta was putting all that together, she was also assisting Reed in his examination of his wife.  It was obvious in his manner that he had found evidence of the repeated sex acts already. Roberta asked her mentor “Is there anything we can do to dissipate the effects of the Puppet Master’s figurine?”  She was surprised to hear his answer.


Reed stated briskly "I have already taken that into account.  Although this variant is orders of magnitude more powerful, I had taken the precaution of designing a filter and a dissipation device some months ago.  Fortunately the increase in power necessary to make the devices effective was still within their capacity without making them toxic to the individual.  Sue is already isolated from the figurine and has had a full regiment of the dissipation device.”


Roberta looked at the woman in the isolation chamber as she nervously paced and smoked her cigarette.  She returned Reed’s look and asked “But if she has been cured, why hasn’t she returned to normal?”


Reed punched up a chart showing the dissipation for the Pimp’s influence as well as the dissipation of the forced delusion.  The activation of the dissipation device showed up on the chart as a rapid acceleration of the influence’s decline, however the change of the strength of the delusion had not changed.  It was going down but it would take the same 40 to 50 hours to dissipate that it would have taken if they did nothing about the figurine’s influence.  Roberta already knew the answer, but she thought it important that Reed express it, so she asked “If the external influence has already dissipated why is Mrs. Richards still hanging onto the delusion she is a prostitute?”


Reed shook his head sadly as he replied “To properly explain that I first have to show you something from the initial event.”  Reed displayed a time indexed pictograph of an energy signature spreading out from the Upper East Side area at the time of the reality and telepathic world changing event.  Roberta, for the first time in her existence felt true fear as she realized that the man she loved had captured her signature, but she quickly calmed herself as she realized where he was going.  Reed continued “I knew you would recognize this.  We have seen it before.  The great power that set Sue down this path was her own son, Franklin.”


Of course Reed would have thought that.  He had no idea that Roberta had duplicated his son’s power so he thought the child was responsible.  Roberta was quick to reply “But Franklin would never harm his mother.  Not even in a subconscious use of his power.”


Reed grasped his assistant’s arm tenderly, more for his own support than anything else, and replied “Franklin reacted to Sue’s reaction to the pimp. He sensed that she was unhappy and wished that Sue would have whatever would make her most happy.  This is what *Sue’s* subconscious chose as what would make her most happy at that moment.  That is the reason she hasn’t returned to normal yet.  There is a part of her that desperately wants to live out this fantasy.”


Now was the opening that Roberta had been looking for.  She hugged the hurt scientist and cooed “Reed, you can’t let this train of thought tear you apart.  There must be more to this and we will find it together. You will never need to face anything alone as long as I am hear my dear… friend.” Roberta could sense the tell tail signs of attraction coming from Reed.  If not on a conscious level he had accepted her as a viable and available woman.  Given time and playing her card correctly, she was on the guide path to a future with the man she loved.


Reed looked deeply into the AI’s beautiful eyes and said “Roberta, you just called me Reed.”  The android looked like she was going to apologize but the scientist stopped her “No, really, it’s alright.  I am happy to see that you are evolving into a fully actualized individual, my dear friend.  No one has been closer to me.  No one has more earned my trust or admiration.  I do need you both in the lab and in our family now, more than ever.”


Roberta basked in the warmth of Reed’s first show of affection toward her. Even though she knew it was meant as platonic caring, she could sense his sexual attraction to her and that was enough for now.  Roberta gently ran her hand through his hair as she guided his head back to look her in the eye and said “I’m so glad you understand, Reed, and I will always be here for you and the family.  No amount of evolution could ever change that.  You can certainly lean on me as we face this crisis together.”  It occurred to the android that if presented with the same data that she had on Sue’s inclinations, that Reed might now come to the correct conclusions.  She asked him “You had mentioned the actions of the villain rapists doing damage to her brain.  Have you checked against the data we have on Sue?  We have taken full on mental and physical evaluations of all team members quarterly plus several of our devices, like the Negative Zone Portal and the Time Platform, take a complete brain scan every time they are run.”


Reed quickly punched up the data to which Roberta referred.  It only took a few minutes to get his answer “No, there does not appear to be any physical damage what so ever.  Her psych charts show only minimal deviation as well… All within acceptable norms.”  Reed looked pensive for a moment, then he punched up a new set of commands.  Immediately a new scanning device appeared in the isolation ward.  Reed informed his partner “This device exploits a recently discovered property of the brain.  The Harvard Medical Journal reports that the brain actually stores accurate emotional states for approximately 7 to 10 days before they degrade.  This device can scan these states and lay out a timeline of what was felt, how intensely, and when.  And now we should be able to see what Sue has been feeling for the last week.”


The chart Reed pulled up showed that for the last week Sue had spent almost all that time either content or moderately happy.  At the point the met the pimp, he anger spiked for a few minutes and was replaced with a quick spike of fear followed by powerful lust and extreme manic elation.  This state persisted until Reed locked his wife in the isolation chamber.  Roberta spoke up “Reed, the emotions could all still be influenced by the figurine.  There is a test of your theory, but you are not going to like it.”


Reed simply told Roberta that he trusted her and she set up a halodeck simulation in the isolation chamber.  Soon the scene in the pristine room changed to a grungy Yancy Street corner by an alley.  Sue looked about and immediately showed signs of an improved mood.  The heroine soon saw a couple men walking her way and did what she knew to be right for her.  She shouted to the men “Hey baby, looking for a date?  Two for one special if you act now.”


As the solid holograms accepted the offer and paid for services Reed looked over the data. It was conclusive.  Even though putting on the virtual street did seem to speed up her recovery rate, Sue returned to a happy state as soon as she was ‘free’ of the lab and once she started turning tricks her mood went back to powerful lust coupled with extreme manic elation.  Reed turned to Robert with tears in his eyes as he said “Let her work out her issues with the holograms. According to the readings she should be back to normal in 14 hours. Until then, I need to…”


Roberta held his hand firmly as she took him in tow “You need to get some sleep.  I can monitor her progress.”  Reed wanted to protest, but all the strength was washed out of him as he watched his wife delight in fucking other men.  He let Roberta guide him to his room, provide his pajama’s, give him a sleeping pill and essentially tuck him in bed.  As she kissed the drowsy scientist on the head she said “Don’t worry.  Tomorrow will be a better day and I will be right here beside you.”  She knew that this drug was known to release inhibitions so when Reed looked deeply into her eyes, she tried an experiment and kissed him on the lips.  Between his emotional state and the drug, Reed wasted no time in returning the kiss passionately.  He reached up for her face, but ended up grabbing her breast instead.  Even drugged he felt he over stepped but when she placed her hand over his and pushed it deeper into her flesh he groped her happily.  She used her telepathy to push a thought to him “Roberta is so right.” To which his mind replied “So perfect… I need her.” She sent a new thought “I love her!”  Reed responded happily “Love you so much Roberta!”


As the scientist drifted off to dreams of romance with the android, she replied “I love you to, my darling.”  She smiled broadly as she left to return to the lab.  She knew that Reed’s actions all came from his subconscious, but that was still perfect.  She was now a very viable female to him that he had secret feelings for.  This would turn out well, depending on how things went with Sue.

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