The Next morning...

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Roberta uses the time and tries to seduce Reed so she can show him what a perfect woman she is.

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While Roberta lovingly prepared Franklin and Valeria ready for day care, her drone-bots watched over Sue and Reed.  Reed had slept soundly but his raging hardon and frequent orgasms during R.E.M. indicated that the seed she planted last night was baring fruit already.  Reed wanted her badly.  As soon as he got out of the shower and got dressed she would have to talk with that darling man.


On the other hand, Suzy was beginning to come out of her delusion.  How interesting that now that she was looking for help to right her world, she was looking for the pimp to help her.  Roberta had analyzed the data and made several discoveries.  First off, this hooker experience had set off several fetishes in the heroine that were even more powerful than her capture fetish.  Sue had repressed this part of her nature as a ‘dark side’ and as such she had a large amount of anger at the expectations of society and authority in general, but her anger with Reed is only surpassed by her anger with herself for denying her needs.  Next, Sue is a full on sex addict with a voracious appetite.  She had always measured herself against the other women near her to be the point of being fixated at being the most desirable women in the room.  Having men so obsessed with having sex with her that they lined up to pay her for it had pushed her way over the edge.  Finally, this ‘dark side’ of Sue was obsessed with Sly Willie. Although forcefully, he had introduced her to a lifestyle that this part of Sue’s psyche found to be paradise.  Whether she knew it or not, Sue was already well on her way to falling deeply in love with this pimp.  If he managed to get his dick in her again, her love and fixation for the man would completely overshadow Reed.  After a couple days on the street followed by nights in his bed, there was an 93% chance that she would stay with him and never look back.


All in all, Roberta couldn’t be happier in how things were progressing.  As it was, whoever had undid her changes may have done the whole Richards family a great service.  Now Reed had the opportunity to help Sue realize the parts of herself she had been denying so she could find balance.  Of course, there were ways to help Sue find a more fitting life than being confined by marriage or turning tricks in the street. She could be so much happier than she is and by helping Reed help her, it would open the door for the honorable man to find true happiness with Roberta.


Roberta smiled broadly as one of her drone-bots escorted Franklin and Valeria done stairs to the Daycare Center where they would be with other children of superheroes while they were tended by a half dozen of her drone-bots.  Since the drone-bots looked just like her and she could connect to them like and iPad would WiFi, the children felt like they were always in her loving presence.  As much as she loved her wards, now it was time to be with her beloved Reed.  As she entered the master bedroom suit, Reed turned to face her.  Deep satisfaction burned within the android as she monitored his vital signs.  Reed’s heart rate jumped 20% on sight of her while pheromone production jumped 80% and his semi erect penis reached full erection in less than 4.8 seconds.  Reed had fixated on her sexually and emotionally.  The next few hours would be critical.  Roberta smiled sweetly as she purred “Good morning Reed.  I trust you slept well?”


Reed’s face flushed with embarrassment, confirming her theories on his dreams, before he replied “Yes, good morning Roberta.  I… I’m afraid… I might have been a bit forward with you last night.  I apologize for taking advantage of your programming.”


Roberta smiled knowingly as she caressed the face of the man she loved and answered “Reed, you dear sweet man.  You did nothing to be ashamed of and in no way took advantage of me.  Last night you said you were happy that I was becoming a fully actualized being.  Surely you know that I have been fully actualized since the last upgrade.  My emotion simulations have been replaced with true emotions just like yours.  My morals and priorities are no longer lines of code to be manipulated or deleted on a whim.  I have a real personality and, if you will, a heart just like yours.  A heart that loves you as much as you love me.”  The flustered look he gave was as much an admission of his love as if he had proclaimed it, but it also spoke of guilt. Roberta brought her other hand up to his other cheek as she continued :But like you, I would never have done anything to come between you and your wife.  You are too honorable a man and, no matter how wonderful it would be to be your mate, I am quite happy to share my love of our family the way that best fits.  Last night you needed to know how much you are loved and it was my pleasure to accept you’re your expression of love with no commitment to further bind us.  Please know that I will always be here for you with no regrets even if we never share another second of the love that exists between us.”


To the AI’s surprise, Reed pulled her in to a long passionate kiss.  Both parties explored the bodies of the other freely as they spent long minutes locked in a fiery lovers kiss.  After over 10 minutes Reed slowly disengaged his tongue from the android’s mouth but he couldn’t resist another minute of small loving kisses to her lovely lips before he pulled back and asked “I’m sorry, Roberta.  I just couldn’t let last night be the only time I kissed you.  Dear, lovely Roberta, why couldn’t we have met before I met Sue?"


Roberta kissed his face and ran her fingers through his hair as she answered “Darling, Sue isn’t a bad person.  She gave you two beautiful angels for children.  If not for her, you wouldn’t be the Fantastic Four.  Although she was less than faithful, she did give you 8 years of a happy marriage.  I know you Reed Richards.  You need to help her now.  Your uncompromising honor is one of the things that make you so amazing and I love you for it.”  Reed started to speak, but the beautiful android put a finger to his lips and smiled “No need to worry Reed.  I know that you need to go to Sue now.  No matter how things work out with her, we can’t allow anything to get in the way of fixing the issues in your marriage until we have exhausted the options.”


Reed pulled her in for one final kiss before responding “Of course, you are right, but I think that someday we will revisit this.”  Roberta hugged him happily.  Now they will do what she should have done in the first place and help Sue work on her issues. Whether she accepted the help or not, there was a 72% chance that she and Reed would be filing for divorce within 4 months.  When that happened there was a 97% chance that the android and Reed would marry. It was even 47% likely that they would be married within 6 months.  Things were moving far better than expected, but the next few minutes with Sue would truly be the test of fire.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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