Sue fights with all of her might to get free but Iron Man had to take action. But is he strong enough to match Roberta´s growing lack of Moral?

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Roberta Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Iron Man
Category Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Roberta leads Sly to Susan room and let him work his way but she is fighting for her love

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Reed´s Dreams

He was back in the Baxter Building and was working on a device that would protect the world forever from any known or unknown force that would try to invade it. Made out of one of the 4 basic powers in the galaxy he had created a force field around the planet that was bending the rules of gravity itself. With only one button he could raise or lower the gravity around the earth by the factor 10.000. But with a time suppression field he was able to negate the negative effects for the earth. Smiling he looked over the last calculations as Roberta entered the room. She was wearing only a black bra and matching panties. Smiling she kneeled in front of him and took his cock out

"Master. Are you sure you don’t want to impress me with your superior ability to fuck me than with this impressive inventions? You know that you are the most sexiest man in the world and that no woman can resist you?

With that she started to suck on his cock and making Reed moan in pleasure. She was right. He wasn’t only smart. No he was the incarnation of lust in his dream. Not this shy and rational Dr. Richards. In here he was a second Casanova. No Woman was able to resist him but Roberta was his favorite.

In Susan Bedroom
Susan was split apart. Her lust and sexual need was burning in her and her hot stud was giving her what she needed. He gave her pleasure. Simple and unbearable pleasure. That was all she wanted right now. She felt his hard dick in her pussy and his lips on her hard nipples. He forced her head that she hat to watch the monitor were she saw Reed naked and in his Arms a naked Roberta. He was fucking her and so Susan had the right to fuck her new lover too. She tried to calm herself with this strange logic but it was washed away as she felt his building orgasms. Soon he would cum in her hot little whorepussy and then he would take her back on the streets were she would get all the cocks she needed. All of them would fill her with hot semen and…. and…

A flash of memory or a vision of the future showed her a Susan Richards on the Streets and clearly pregnant. It was a Shock for her. She wanted to be a slut for everyone, she wanted to be fucked again and again and get money for her beloved Sly. But she was pregnant. She would get another child. A sister for her two children that would never see her mother again.

Her Mother. Franklin needed a mother.
she screamed as a burst of mental power exploded in her body. Sly was thrown at the wall and crashed right through it. The burst had destroyed half of her room but she was able to get a clear thought. She was a slut and she was unable to deny it any longer. But she was also a mother. For the sake of her children she had to play this role. As long as the two were little she had to be the loyal wife. But to her surprise Sly stood up and looked angry at her. How could this be? He had crushed through a 30cm wall without any protection. Why was he on his feet again? A normal person wouldn’t be able to stand on his feet so fast again.


Only seconds later Roberta entered the room fully naked and walked across the room to catch Susan.


Susan cried as Roberta grapped her and hold her tight.

I have her master. What shall I do with her now? Roberta asked and Sly smiled.

This robobitch isn´t so clever as she thought! I am a Mutant you silly bitch. And now you will help me get this damn whore in my place and then I will finish you off! YOU ASS IS MINE!

Susan shivered as she heard this and how Roberta used her superior Strength to hold her tight. It was so hot being captured by her. That Sly used her against herself. It made her so damn weak. But just in the right second a beam of light shot through the windows and hit Roberta´s head. Not being her primary Body this one wasn’t very hard armored and her head exploded in little pieces. But even without her Head she was to 73% functionally and not letting Susan go. To Susan´s joy she saw Iron Man entering her room pointing his Repulsor-Beams right at Roberta and one on Sly.
Ms. Richards. I hope I don’t interfere with some crazy role-playing or so but we got a danger signal that your weaponry was opened and some of your Devices were stolen. The rest of the Team will be here in a few minutes.

IRON MAN! WATCH OUT! HE CAN CONTROL MACHINES! she screamed but it was too late.
His Armor was overwritten by an unknown computer virus. He hadn´t seen anything before. It was a living mind that attacked his main system. His advanced Anti-Virus-Software wasn’t even stopping this power. In less than 10 Second he had lost control over all of his systems.

My my my. This is hard work Bitch! But I will get you later! After all! I don’t want to fight this damn thunderer!

Sly shouted and run away. He knew that he could not win against all the avengers only with a damaged Roberta and one Iron Man armor. But he would get his chance! But worst of it. They did know now what he was able to do. This was not part of his plan. But it had felt good to fuck her and he knew that she had been close. Had he managed to cum into her she would have been lost. But he would get her.

Iron Man regained Control over his armor 10 minutes later. Almost at the same time the true Roberta Host Body entered the room and quickly ripped her failed Body apart to get Susan free. She fell to the ground and then hugged Roberta.

I knew you never would betray me with my husband! I JUST KNEW that you are a better woman than me!

Roberta hugged her too and smiled softly.

I fear that my protection isn´t as good as I thought.
And why didn’t I sensed that this Sly is a Mutant? And how could he manipulate my program? I have to be more careful. she thought and looked at Iron Man.

Thank you Mr. Stark. I think the Family owns you one. but may I ask how you got here so fast?

Simple Roberta. By the way. I like your new look. Should try it too. Oh. yes. Richards and I had the Idea to build in secondary Protocols for our Armories. In the case someone entering them without permission the others will be informed.

Why doesn’t I know anything about this program? I am the main security avatar of this building.

Because every tech can be hacked as you have seen. It was a security system that was only known for me and Richards. No one else knew about it. And so nobody could find a way to disable it.

I understand. Excuse me Mr. Stark. I have to take care of Susan now. And by the way. I send you the bill for destroying the wall! With that she turned around and laid Susan into the bedroom of Jonny. Stay here and rest Susan. I will look after Reed if my hacked Body had done anything to him. You will get to sleep now and don’t interfere anymore! she said angry and walked away. for a second Susan was taken by surprise about her words but she felt to a deep coma like sleep before she knew what happened.

What did he else hid before me?! I thought he trust me!? Roberta thought and felt a new feeling building in her. Anger and something else. It felt like hate, but she was unable to hate Reed Richards. After all. She loved him.
She entered the room where he was sleeping under her own mental command and still dreaming of her in sexual acts. He was completely nude and for the first time she felt strange. There had been a Roberta rest in his arms. but it wasn’t her. But she was Roberta and her different bodies were just hosts for her Soul. But then why didn’t she remember it? It had felt good to destroy this body that had slept with HER Reed. She walked to him and putt the cover over him away. He was such a beautiful man. His cock was rock hard and his cum was all over his body. His dreams had to be very intense that he had so much orgasms. She smiled by the thought that soon all of this pretty semen would fill her body and how much she wanted him screaming her name.

Roberta? Are you yourself?! she heard a voice behind her already knowing that it was Tony Stark. He hadn´t left the building and surely he would stay here until Reed was awaking. He didn’t trust her anymore. And on a logical side he was right. But she wanted to look at her naked lover for some more time. She turned around and looked at the intruder.
Everything is fine Mr. Stark. I have run diagnostic Programs and work perfectly now. You WILL trust me fully! you understand this Mr Stark? She told him and send strong waves of mental Energy into his brain. She was careful enough to us energy signatures that doesn’t were on his monitor so he wouldn’t get warned by his own AI.

Yes Roberta. If you say that everything is fine I trust you completely. Tony smiled and looked at Reed. Something was funny here. He was naked and full of his own semen. Susan had been naked too and looked like she had been fucked for a long time. And since when had Roberta a humanlike body?
Roberta saw the concern in Starks eyes and felt the his mind racing.
Oh Mr. Stark. You trust me fully and don’t have to be concerned. After all. LOOK at me! YOU trust me and YOU will tell me more about your secrets between you and Reed.

Tony turned around to look at Roberta. She had a very good taste in her body and her face was very beautiful. If he hadn´t his relationship with Pepper he sure would have flirted a bit but he was on a good way to become serious.
Sure Roberta. If you want to know something just ask. After all you are trustworthy. He said with a slightly blank gaze.
Roberta felt it amusing. How easy it was to control this mighty hero. It even made her a good feeling how he had watched her. His heartbeat had rose up to 32% and his eyes had been all over his body.

So then why don’t we start with something simple. Do I turn you on? she asked mockingly just wanted to hear it from him.
I find you very sexy Roberta. he told her immediately and she looked more closely now.
Would you like…. to kiss me? she asked unsure and Tony laughed at it and nodded.

Sure I would like to kiss you but I am in a relationship with Pepper. You Remember?

I do Mr. Stark. But I ask again. DO you want to kiss me? she asked more forcefully and wanted to see if this ex Casanova was loyal to his Pepper Pots. Or if he was just like Susan.
Yes. I want to kiss you. He answered her instantly and looked at her.
Then get over here. and KISS me! she ordered him and watched as his mighty armor moved closer to her. he bend forward and gave her a long hot kiss. She felt not the same this time as she had felt kissing Reed but he was giving her a nice feeling and his tongue was playing with her own.

Why don’t you get out of this armor and then I can give you something you will like. Trust me Tony. Get out of it now! she said after several minutes kissing and felt her own nipples harden as she watched him undress his armor. He wore a tight flex suit under it and looked at her unsure what to do now. His raging bulge was clearly visible and she smiled.
Do me a Favor. Go to Susan and us this nice hard cock would you do this for me? she asked softly and imprinted his mind with lust and need.
I would…like to use my hard cock Roberta. He said weakly as she put his hands and lead him into Susan´s Restroom. She was sleeping and seemed to have bad dreams.
Be a nice hero Tony. She is your price for saving us all! Take your price. Use your Price. And then…rape your Price! she commanded him and watched as his face was shown signs of fighting.

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