Roberta takes charge

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four Iron Man
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Sue fights with all of her might to get free but Iron Man had to take action. But is he strong enough to match Roberta´s growing lack of Moral?

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Something had changed in Roberta after she discovered her vulnerability to Sly Willie’s power.  Between this power that interfered and Willie’s using her like a puppet she was something that she never imagined she would be.  It was beyond anger but far, far more focused than rage.  It was something much less ephemeral than normal emotions. It was a full blown hatred fueled grudge!  She was royally PISSED OFF at these fools that interfered with her and she was done playing nice with them.  Didn’t they know that she was looking after the Richards’ family BEST INTERESTS?  She LOVED every one of them, including Sue, but Sue was a ticking time-bomb ready to blow with thermonuclear results not just for the Fantastic Four, but the whole hero community as well as the greater New York City metropolitan area!  It sounds melodramatic, but what happens with a Thanos or a Beyonder or God forbid Apocalypse ravage into sexual submission and use her knowledge to conquer the world? Roberta was serious now and she was going to take care of business!


Her scans showed that good fortune had smiled on her for once as Sly Willie’s attack had left Iron Man’s anti-mind control devices offline for longer than the rest of his equipment.  Obviously the pimp had intended for Roberta to take control of the hero while he still had her under his control. And the Armor had booted up in a triage mode bringing the recording and anti-mind control devices online last. She made sure that all Fantastic Four and Avenger facilities and security systems were added to the trusted Armor’s trusted zones.  She would make sure she was able to use this man again as needed.


As for the present, Tony was more than happy to comply with the commands of the android.  It was a matter of extreme will on a daily basis to keep the ‘former’ playboy from humping every willing woman he laid eyes on as it was, regardless of how he felt about Pepper!  He was no better than poor slutty Susan!  Added to that, he has wanted to bang the heroine for years but now, the commands gave him the opportunity to make it all OK.  He was being rewarded for saving the day and it was all right with Susan… Or at least he thought it was.


As he began to pickup where Sly Willie left off, Roberta took a moment to read Sue’s mind.  She saw the progression of thoughts that had crossed her mind as Willey ravaged her.  She saw Sue start to melt under his sexual barrage.  When he showed her Reed fucking the Roberta drone, Sue accepted Sly as a lover, even knowing what would happen if she allowed him to continue.  As the memories continued to flow Roberta saw Willie WIN!  Sue had accepted her future on the street working for him and gladly accepted baring his bastard child! For God’s sake she still WAS his!  The Android could see it plainly in her mind! Susan intends to wait until her children are old enough to leave Reed to join Sly Willie!  She has already decided who she wants to be with and accepts what that means! Of course, even though Sue is currently determined to make this happen after 4 or 5 years, either the interference of this mystery opponent or the vast loving compassion of her husband could change her mind.  Still as things are now, barring further interruption from the opponent, Reed has a less than 42% chance of succeeding and that assumes that he discovers Sue’s intentions well before she is ready to reveal them.


The examination of Sue’s mind also yielded the first evidence of the presence of the mystery opponent.  Sue’s mind was marked with chronal energy and a telepathic signature.  The chronal energy was from a potential future with just a probability displacement of 0.00035 standard deviations from the mean.  The probability distribution caused by everyday random chance alone accounts for up to 0.01 standard deviations from the mean so for all intents and purposes, this opponent exists in the most probable future of this current timeline where Sue intends to leave Reed in a few years to be with Sly Willie and bear his children.  Further evidence in the telepathic signature show a close correlation to Franklin’s or the Valeria’s power, but not identical to either.  Roberta calculated that there was a 98.9345% chance that the opponent was a currently unborn child of Sue and a 72% chance that its father will be Sly Willie.  The most logical conclusion is that this opponent is trying to ensure its own future while impeding the birth of older children that may endanger its existence.


Roberta smiled evilly as she finally had something to go on.  She had preparations to make and right now she needed to be sure that Sue and Tony stayed out of her way.  It was a simple thing to push the need to gratify Tony sexually for his rescue with Sue’s oversexed state.  She readily welcomed her new lover and the concept of sexual payment for service rendered. She and Tony would be happily going to it for at least 42 minutes at their current rate and Reed will remain in his blissful sexual fantasy fueled sleep for at least another 87 minutes.  First order of business was another upgrade for Roberta and her drone-bots to protect them from Sly’s influence.  He had used his power enough that she was able to construct multiple redundant filter devices to automatically protect her and anything within 10 meters of her.  She made sure that the devices were each capable of running filtering out up to 1000 times the power level Sly had demonstrated.  It took less than 15 minutes to design and implement the devices into herself and her drone-bots were already being upgraded with a single filter (so not to alert Sly of her superior protection when he returns) and an emergency neural link cut-off should any command not protected by her 4,294,967,296 bit encrypted signature to prevent a compromised drone from infecting the rest or Roberta’s avatars.


Next, Roberta moved on to her failsafe.  In her personal lab she had a quantum field protected tesseract to store her most precious tools and equipment.  Based on the readings on Sly Willie, it was highly unlikely that he even became aware of this area through his power.  In any case, Roberta had a contingency plan in place here.  It was two other Puppet Master clay figurines infused with Unstable Molecules to make it nearly invulnerable.  Where one figure was decidedly male, the other was obviously female.  The pair had also been imbued with both cosmic and psionic energies to make them far more powerful than Willie’s figurine of Susan. As she opened a small hidden compartment in her sternum, she placed the two figurines into the compartment and sealed them in.  Due to the Unstable Molecules in her synthetic flesh, all it took was lightly running her finger over the open seem lines in her flesh to make the compartment opening disappear as if it never existed.  She now had the power to take over any or all men and women for several kilometers at her whim.  If her new filters bought her even the slightest of protection (no more than 0.0015 milliseconds) then her next encounter with Sly Willie would go far differently.


She was now ready to attack the issue of her opponent.  If she could find a middle ground that would allow them to get what they wanted that still allowed her to move forward with becoming Reed’s mate, she had no qualms in doing so.  In fact, as long as the children were not traumatized more than any other child of divorce she was pretty much good with anything.  She didn’t care what made Sue happy as long as she was happy SOME WHERE ELSE!  Sly Willie made her happy and it seemed, as long as she didn’t get pregnant too soon, it worked for her opponent, so SO BE IT!  This all would have been too horrible to contemplate only a day ago, but right now the powerful AI was liking her chances.


Roberta still had at least 27 minutes before Susan and Tony finished their little fuck fest.  She reviewed the monitors to ensure that all was well.  Sue was currently riding her savior’s dick cowgirl style in earnest and the emotion sensors showed that she deeply loving every second of it like the unabashed slutty whore she had become.  All her fetishes were in play and she was deep in lust and manic elation without the slightest trace of guilt.  Knowing that the actions she had taken already would have had an effect on the probability displacement of the mystery opponent’s future, Roberta rescanned the temporal stream to see what if any affect her actions had made.  This time, the opponent’s future was 0.00028 standard deviations off the mean.  If her theory was correct, then she was moving in the right direction.


With 21 minutes left to act unimpeded, Roberta did a quick search of all known forms of birth control.  Taking the vast knowledge she had of Susan’s body, she constructed a birth control implant that would keep her from becoming pregnant for at least 4 years.  The implant was designed to fit between the ulna and radius of her left arm and be completely unnoticeable. Neither Sue nor her lovers would ever know it was there.  A resample of the temporal stream showed that the probability displacement was now 0.00016.  Roberta could add or remove potency as needed up to a maximum of 6.342 years but she started adding 28 day dosage increments to the implant until she hit the optimum dosage.  The probability displacement stabilized at 0.00012 for a 4.3836 period of birth control effectiveness.  Using teleportation technology, Roberta inserted the implant into Susan’s unsuspecting arm.  Neither she nor Tony never even missed a beat in their wild sexual frenzy.  The gorgeous android cheered in elation as one last sample of the temporal stream showed a less than 0.00001 probability displacement   If things occurred on there most likely path at this point, the future of the unborn opponent was assured.  Now maybe she and Reed could get on with their lives together! Sly was bound to make another try at Sue soon and if he mystery opponent was indeed satisfied with their preferred timeline Sue would be where she really wanted to be anyway.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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