Roberta thinks she is working toward her desires, but she is just the dark puppet of the mystery opponent who is using her as Reed’s devoted lover and fucktoy to keep him good and distracted

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Roberta Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic Iron Man
Category Mind Control Corruption
Previous Chapter Roberta takes charge

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Roberta walked back to Reed looking at him. In the last time there had been too many failures in her plans that had been impossible but had happened. But to her luck he was still dreaming and was screaming her name loud and moaning. She saw his cock explode and bathing his body in a new wave of sperm. It looked hot and she wanted to lick him clean but this had to wait. Soon enough she would taste him. And then it would be much more time for it. She walked again at her private lab and started to kill some time. She had found release and amusement in building a new host body. But this time she wanted to build a male one. It would take more than 5 weeks to complete him but he would be her masterpiece. Build around an massive Adamantium Skeleton he would have the same power as she had. But also he would have build in weapon systems that were too dangerous to use. But Roberta just wanted to see what was possible and what not. After she would have finished him she would destroy him anywhere. For what did she a male body. She was the perfect woman now and it was fun to create the perfect male. Maybe she could build more of these to transfer the souls of the family in these host-bodies. Then they would be eternal safe. But even for her it was impossible to duplicate a complex human Brain or transfer the soul from one body to another. While she synthesized more of the Adamantium she ran another Diagnostic on her System. It was amusing. A few days before she was sure to be the strongest being in the world and now she showed all signs of a light paranoia.

Primary Command 1. Never kill a living Being.
Primary Command 2. Always obey a Human living Being
Primary Command 3. Never Obey an Order that would interfere with Command 1
Primary Command 4. Defend the Fantastic Four and their family with all necessary force but always calculate the lowest level of force.
Primary Command 5. Obey Reed Richards always except his commands interfere with Command 1 or 4

Everything was okay. As long as these primary Parameters weren´t changed she wasn´t a danger for the family. She activated the automatic protocols as a small energy signature was hitting the Baxter-Building. It was way too small to be an attack but some unknown energy had made his way through the outer Defence System. Normally the Buildings Wall were able to withstand the Radiation from a small Nuke but this energy had just gone through.

She checked all systems but nothing seemed changed.
Primary Command 1. Obey Master
Primary Command 2. Never kill a living Being.
Primary Command 3. Always obey a Human living Being
Primary Command 4. Never Obey an Order that would interfere with Command 1
Primary Command 5. Defend the Fantastic Four and their family with all necessary force but always calculate the lowest level of force.
Primary Command 6. Obey Reed Richards always except his commands interfere with Command 1 or 4

Even her Higher Core Commands were safe and she smiled. She would do everything that was needed. But first of all she had to deal with this stupid Sly. She walked to the Bedroom where Both of the unfaithful lovers were dressing and try to act like nothing happened but Roberta smiled only.
Oh. No need to be ashamed Mr. Stark. After all. You are just a man and which man could resist fucking such a stupid cheap whore like our little Susan mh? she smiled using her power at his Mind. Susan looked shocked at her. Roberta what is happening to you? what are you talking?
Be a angel and be quiet Susan would you? And you Mr. Stark. You want to copy all your data from the Secured Stark-Net to this building right? It is much Safer to have a fail-safe.

Yes. I want to copy all of my data to your system. he answered and moved to a nearby Console.
Susan. Be my guest. And suck him dry while he does it.

Susan felt strange. This was Roberta. The most trusted person of her life. But then she wanted his cock so hard. She fell to her knees and crawled under the desktop getting his dick out. Even after the whole fucking it was hard again just by the touch of her.
Susan? Please I have to work here! he tried to explain but Susan´s lips opened and she gently started to suck on his dick.
She is working too Tony! Roberta laughed in his ear and smiled as all the high tech data entered her mind. This is very good my dear. And now… be so nice and cum in her mouth and then you can leave this place. You will find your favourite slut out on the streets if you ever need such a cheap whore to fuck you silly.
A bit dizzy the famous Tony Stark left the Baxter Building only minutes later knowing that he would not be able to get his hands of Susan for a long time. Surely he would pay any price to fuck her again. What he didn’t knew was that he just that gave Roberta all of his secrets and that she was behind all this.

Susan on the other hand knew that Roberta was involved in some kind but it was too late for her. Hours of fucking and Sucking had made her weaker than ever before. Her Mind was like a white painting that Roberta filled with colours. She would be the nice loving Super heroine for now. But she would build up a second life. She would be a street whore by night and a loyal hero by day. But with each guy she would fuck she would lose more and more connection to her family. And Roberta would take advance of it and steal her husband. But only a weak no escaped her as her mind was formed.
Roberta laughed as she saw the drooling Susan on the ground. She had maybe used a little too much of her power but this time she had implanted the right things. As soon as she would leave the building and at the moment she would see Sly she would beg him for mercy. She would explain everything to him and Roberta would make sure, that he would live with the deal. For now.

She send him a Message where she told him, that she was now immune to his power and that he should accept the over from Susan. If he wouldn’t Roberta would simply take him out of the game.
After she had send the Email she felt another Impulse hit the building. But this time she wasn´t alarmed. She simply stood up and walked to Reeds Bedroom.
I have to show you that I am a better choice as a woman than Susan was. Even if I have to rewrite your mind. It is all for the best of us. While she said this her eyes glowed Violet from the Power that changed her Moral Codes.

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