Reed knows that something strange is going on but Roberta is clever enough to distract him from his wife with her Power AND her Body

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Roberta thinks she is working toward her desires, but she is just the dark puppet of the mystery opponent who is using her as Reed’s devoted lover and fucktoy to keep him good and distracted

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Reed’s mind was nearly as elastic as his body and she so wanted to preserve his intellect and core being. It really wasn’t a big change, at least in Roberta’s eyes. First she added a memory to his mind…  A deal was made with Susan.  Their marriage had devolved into a plutonic arrangement. They loved each other but more as siblings than mates.  Susan had found someone else and wanted to start her new life with him but, for the children and the sake of the team, she would be with them from 9 to 5 daily until everything could be worked out. In the meantime, Reed was free to express his love with Roberta to any degree desired with Sue’s approval and blessing.


Roberta knew she had to start small and work her way up with her beloved.  She didn’t want him to lose a single IQ point but where she simply forced the changes on Sue with brute force and held them to her brain until they became a permanent psychic brand on her cerebral cortex.  No, with Reed she used something closer to extreme muscle training.  First she projected the mental updates with enough force to ‘crack’ his existing consciousness followed by an encephalitic beam that both healed the mental fracturing and applied a weak image of the update.  This cycle would be repeated 1000 times in under 3 seconds but to make it permanent even on the incredible Mr. Fantastic, this process had to be applied during an orgasm.  The android vixen smiled evilly as she relished the idea of finally making Reed her lover.  She couldn’t wait to taste his cum.


Roberta took his rigid manhood by hand and began to give him a salty tongue bath, cleaning every speck of jizz from his throbbing erection.  Micro-sparks of electricity attuned to the pleasure center of his advanced brain.  As she worked the cock with mouth and tongue, she applied the lightest setting of the encephalitic beam with the light image of the update.  It wouldn’t be a permanent change yet, but as he woke it gave him enough of a context not to fight too much. Even so, Roberta could feel his great mind trying to resolve what it viewed an anomaly.  No matter, she continued the low level encephalitic beam  and pleasure micro sparks while she enjoyed her first sex act with her lover.  She was not going to let him hide away from her in the lab like Sue did and she planned on having lots of sex with all through the day. Reed rode wave after wave of pleasure like world class surfer, but in the background his great intellect still struggled for enough clarity to ascertain what was wrong.  After thoroughly enjoying her first sex act, the gorgeous android deep throated the scientist and licked his balls. While he basked in nirvana, she sent an intense set of pleasure sparks that forced a mind blowing orgasm out of him lasting over 6 seconds and allowing her to run through two full 1000 cycle regiments of the mental update. As her cheeks swelled with glorious gobs of her lover’s cum she surprised to see that the update was successfully applied and accepted but was only 83% permanent.  It was curious but no matter. He now accepted that he was openly in love with Roberta and that they were now mates.  One more orgasm would easily fix total permanence issue and, as she crawled up his torso and sensuously lowered her vibrating pussy onto his still rock hard dick, she knew that she planned on giving lover plenty more orgasms over the next few hours.


Three hours later, Roberta strolled happily to Sue’s room while a very sated Reed retired to his lab.  Her avatar was with him of course and it delighted how he was inventing something to increase sexual stamina by orders of magnitude.  But in any case, she sighed happily as she observed her former mistress sleep under the encephalitic beam.  It also was set to reinforce all the updates that Roberta had forced on Susan, but that was a far bigger update than Reed had just accepted.  There was a major reorganization that separated out the slutty whore from the caring heroine as well as volumes of information and commands.


Unfortunately the implementation process Roberta had used on the heroine had dropped the woman’s IQ from 182 to 57 in seconds.  Fortunately the encephalitic beam had restored her intellect to 72 which would be fine for the cheap whore she would soon be but Roberta needed Sue fully functional to function with the team and the kids as well as work with the lawyers to complete the very hush-hush separation agreement and start of the divorce process.  With luck, by this time tomorrow, the restoration process will be complete and Sue should be up to the 120 to 130 range; more than enough for Roberta’s needs. For right now though, where there was plenty of room to run her whore personality, a 72 IQ just wasn’t enough to get the heroine personality going.  As such, Roberta leaned over to her former mistress’ ear and purred “Who’s my favorite slutty girl?”


Sue’s eyes snapped open as she looked into her best friends eyes “Hi Roberta! Are we going to see Sly soon?  I so need to see my baby!”


Roberta gently chided her ‘friend’ “Now, Now Suzy! You know the deal.  You have to spend one more day recovering before we can let you be with your friends and family.  After we get the legal papers complete we need to spend a little time with our kiddies before we start seeing Sly, right?  Now tell me, what is the deal we are offering Sly?”


Suzy pouted as she replied “Yeah, I know… But I really need him!  Oh well, the deal is this: I work with Reed to get the paperwork done and put up appearances.  We work with the kiddies to prepare them for Mommy needs to be living somewhere else but it’s OK, cuz I will still be there every day and Aunt Roberta who loves them more than anything will always be there with them.  When they accept that and the paperwork is done, I talk to Sly and tell him that I will spend time with my family and be a good member of the Fantastic Four every day from 8 to 8 and the rest of the time I’m with him working the street and living with him.”


Roberta smiled at the befuddled bimbo and asked “And what’s the best part?”


Suzy smile broadly “During the day I am 100% the old Susan and every night I am 100% whore but with every fuck, I care 0.05% less about my family and job as a heroine and 0.05% more about being a whore.”


Roberta hugged her and cooed “Good girl! Now what happens after 2,000 fucks?"


Suzy giggled enthusiastically “I get to be with Sly forever and always, silly.  So when can I talk to Sly?”


Roberta smiled sweetly “Be a good girl and do as your told and you can see him Friday to give him the offer.”


Suzy asked “Why can’t we give him the offer now?  Why wait on that?”


Roberta thought for a minute and handed Suzy the heroine’s cell phone. Of course the AI activated her defenses before the call was made.  Suzy wasted no time in calling her pimp. Sly knew by the fact that he couldn’t read anything from the other side of the connection with his powers who was calling him.  The frustrated mutant growled “This better be good!”


Suzy screamed with delight “Sly, baby! It’s me! It’s your Suzy!”  The pimp could tell the woman was a little off her game already but figured that was why the robo-bitch was keeping her for a week. Suzy quickly outlined the deal.


Sly was pissed.  If he just had 3 more minutes with her before tin dude showed up, he would have had the bitch 24/7/365 already, but the more he thought of it the more it made him hard.  He would have an *active* respected superheroine hooking for him as well as getting fucked silly by him nightly.  It might take almost a year, but then his favorite bitch would be his for life. Sly grudgingly stated “OK, I’m cool with the deal for the most part, but the heroine/mommy gig is her ‘day job’ the she only spends 8 hours there.”  Suzy looked pleading at Roberta, but the sexy android shook her head no and held up 10 fingers. When he countered with 9, Roberta gave the thumbs up to seal the deal.  Sly smiled evilly as he replied “Hurry up and get the robo-chicks shit straightened out babe!  I can’t wait to blow some hot loads into you before I set your fine as back on the street where it belongs!”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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