A great Party at the Baxter Building is the Place where Susan gets her first Fuck as a Whore and Reed is failing to withstand Roberta for a moment.

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Iron Man Pepper Potts
Category Corruption Mind Control Marvel
Previous Chapter Reed knows that something strange is going on but Roberta is clever enough to distract him from his wife with her Power AND her Body

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As Reed woke up he felt wonderful. He had again very erotic dreams of his own creation. She had evolved from a AI to a real being. That she had a body to kill for wasn´t making it easier for him. In his Dreams he had almost been happier than he had been for the last 2 years with Susan. Now that he knew that not all of the rapes had been possible if she really had fought it made him somehow mad. She had promised to love him for the rest of her life and that she would only love him. But on the other side she showed all signs of nymphomaniac Behavior. And this was a serious fact. She wasn’t able to control her lust and maybe … just maybe it wasn’t her fault. He walked into the bathroom and took a shower. The idea that Roberta could see him now mad him horny and again he couldn’t help it to take his time in the bathroom. Reed was now much clearer in his mind and searched his wife. This would be a hard talk for both of them. It took them almost 4 hours to find a way for them. But they didn’t find a solution until Roberta walked in the room.

Reed, Susan? May I give you a possibility? I have searched all the available data and maybe I have a way to help you. I have found a way. I think that we could help you Susan while we send you each evening to a special hospital specialized on sexual illnesses. I think that it would be helpful if you two would not bring this public.

She had to use her power to implant the Idea into Reeds mind so he would not be interfere with Sly Willie. He would think that Susan would stay each night in a special medical Center. There they would analyze her dreams and sleep behavior to heal her and teach her how to act with her suppressed needs. For good reputation of the Fantastic Four all of them came to the conclusion that this had to stay a secret. It would just put oil to the fire if a villain would know about Susan´s Situation. Susan played her role perfect. She had betray her Husband again but Roberta had convinced her that it was the best for her. Reed would never let her go to Sly and so Susan told him everything he wanted to hear. She couldn’t risk it to be imprisoned again and be separated from Sly. Maybe both of them could someday find a better way but for now she wanted to test this new life. She looked happy like never before as Reed nodded to this plan. Both of them take the Children and planed to have a Pick nick in the Central Park. This would be a nice welcome after all the stress of the last days. They asked Roberta if she wanted to join them but only if she would come as her main host. Roberta played the role that Fate had gave her. She played the loyal woman for now. But as soon as she would be alone with Reed….

Susan took the children and soon all of them sat in the Central Park toying with the children. Roberta had put on a normal Jeans and a tight black tank-top. Reed would have problems to ignore her attributes and Susan was too busy playing the good mom. But thinks took another interesting turn but for the first time. This event wasn’t working against Roberta's plan. As they played they saw Tony Stark and Pepper Pots walking to them. They had been making their own Pick nick and wanted to say hello. Roberta sensed in the Moment the old Playboy saw Susan that his body signs started to raise. This could be funny. But Roberta asked herself why Tony Stark would cheat on his girlfriend. She was a nice woman, clever and was good looking. But maybe male Humans were all the Same. They all wanted what they couldn´t have. She would take care that Reed never would looking at another Woman. She would be the perfect woman for him.
She looked around and saw that Tony and Reed gave each other soft kisses and holding each other in their arms. Reed and Susan sat 2meters apart and Roberta was sitting between them. She felt the small wall that had been build between them and was happy about it. Even if both would play the perfect couple the chances that they would find together again was smaller than 2%. But she wanted to be sure.

Mr. Richards. why don’t why make a Party. It would be a great way to improve the work between the Avengers and the Fantastic Four? At least until Mr. Grimm and Mr Storm are back in the City. We could need their help if a villain attacks the city.

Reed nodded only to this but Susan was very happy with the Idea. After all a part of her still was the IT-Girl of the Superhero community. She began to plan the whole party and dated it for the next Day. Roberta and all the other smiled at how eager she was into this. But all of them had other reasons for this happiness. Reed thought it would be a first step to get his old wife back, Roberta planed a little Fun at the Party, Tony couldn’t wait to see the stunning Blond in a sexy dress and Pepper just loved the Idea for a party.

The whole night she worked on the Party and build everything with the Help of Roberta. The first meeting with Sly was planned for the next evening so she tried to make the best Party ever. As the Party started the High Sociality was entering the Building. Heroes like Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers alias Captain America, Natasha Romanov alias The Black Widow, Tony Stark and his girlfriend Pepper Pots were walking on the Roof of the Building were Roberta had put the Defense Laser´s into a light Show. Reed was just talking with the Major and his wife while most of the guests were just normal Humans. The Meta-Human were the only Problem for Roberta. Still she would be able to take control over the most of them, but the Demigod from Asgard was another thing. She didn’t know very much about his physiology or his Mind. It was known that it was possible to control him but he had regained his will every time. And had went on a brutal rage to find the one who dares to control him. It wasn’t wise to fight this Asgardian Idiot.
Again she felt an Impulse hitting the Building but this time she had opened the Force field to this kind of impulses. She stood for a moment still and adapted a new Idea that had formed in her mind just a moment ago. It was time to have some fun. She searched Susan and took her to the side.

Susan. I have to talk to you.

Yes? What is it Roberta. A smiling Susan asked but Roberta grinned only.

I have received a Massage for a Man called Sly Willie. He wanted me to give you a information. He has found another slut to fuck and that you have to proof that you are the greater Whore. If you fail his test he will never again stick his dick hard cock in your whorish cunt.

Just as Roberta had calculated Susan was to afraid of losing his stud too see that Roberta was knowing way more than she should.
What does he want? she asked Roberta angrily. She would kill this cheap whore that was trying to steal HER Man!
He said that you should fuck Tony Stark AND the Major this evening.
Roberta grinned. This would be fun for her. To see how this slut was banged while she would seduce her Husband.

But… They aren´t alone here? Can I fuck them one by one? Susan asked but Roberta shake her head. The Information was clear. You have to proof that you can handle more than one guy. I have to film everything as a proof that you are really fucking both of them.

But how should I get them both in my bed? she looked at both of them and her pussy was already wet by the thought. Not only would she get two good rods in her holes she would also get filmed so her lover would see everything.
Roberta. YOU must help me! I want them! I NEED them! She turned to Roberta and showed clearly how horny she already was.

I can give you a special Perfume that could make them very open for suggestions. They would do everything you would tell them while under the effect mh? Would that help you?
Susan grinned wicked and nodded.

Give it to me. Damn. My Sly always know what I need. I will fuck them senseless! with that she took the little Bottle Roberta holding to her and started to spray it at her cleavage. It smelled like roses and Susan liked it from the first second. With that she would be able to get what she needed. Smiling she walked to the Major first. It wouldn’t be hard to seduce Tony but she feared that he wasn’t in the mood to share her with another guy. Maybe she should get Pepper involved too but Sly´s orders had been clear.

Honey. Can I steal you the Major for a moment? I want to show him how well our little angels had grown? she walked to the group and the Major was more than happy to follow her. He suspected nothing bad as they entered the Building and were alone. Susan stopped walking and turned to the Major.
Before we meet my angels.. I have something to show you Major Wallace. she said and laid his hand on his shoulder smiling seductive. Then she pulled him down in his cleavage and hold him to her tits.

Mhmmm yeas Major.. mhmmm I like how you fight. .mhmm but don’t you think my tits are so hot? mhm yes. That is it. Stop struggling. Smell the scent of my hot tits. You like my tits so much don’t you?

Mhm.. what.. my head is spinning my… it is so hard to think… he said weakly as she said in his ears.

You are sooo horny my dear. When you see my hot tits you cannot resist and will fuck me. Nothing else matters to you. Only the thought of fucking me will be in your mind right?
He nodded only and then she commanded him to stay in the room hidden behind a wall. She walked to Tony and it was hard to hid her arousal. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and her pussy arched for a hard cock. To her luck Tony was alone at the moment and she walked behind him and whispered in his ear.

In 2 Minutes in my Room.

This was all that she said to him. She was sure that he had loved fucking her and he would be unable to resist to situation. It didn’t cared her that Roberta was talking to Reed in a lonely corner or that most of the guests were moving home already. She walked into her room and waited for Tony. He entered her room after 2 minutes and said.

Listen Susan. It was great. But it was a mistake! it was Wrong.

She smiled only and walked to him spraying her tits with more of the perfume and smiled as she reached him.
What do you mean Tony? was It a mistake that you raped me while I was asleep or was it a mistake that I fucked your brain out after I woke up? And now shut up and show me your hard cock! I know it is hard and you want to fuck my pussy! Show me that you're as hard as iron man! she grinned and watched him quickly pulling his pants down. His head came closer to her tits while he did this and he sniffed the nice perfume of her.

Yes Tony. I will show you what a boy like you really need. I will fuck you like the slut you need! I am your little slutty whore you can fuck as often as you want.. and now… get naked and lay down in my husband's bed!

Unable to resist he fully undressed and stared at the blond Sexbomb that was standing over him now. his cock was aiming at her and he quickly jerked so it would be hard for her.

Very good my hot boy. Slowly she let herself sunk down on him feeling his hard cock entering her dropping pussy and a loud moan escaped her lips. It felt so good to fuck him. The feeling was something different. It was something better something hotter to fuck only because Sly commanded her. It made her so slutty to fuck and rape him in this special bed. But it wasn’t enough for her.
Come on Major… Fuck my little ass! she moaned to the wall and saw an naked Major walking drooling to the bed. Before Tony could react she had pushed her dress over her tits and pressed him against her tits.
OH YES TONY! Suck on my tits while both of you fuck me like a streetwhore! Show me who is the better lover! ARGHHH YESSS MAJOR!! RAMM IT IN MY ASS YESSSS FUCKKKK ARGHHH YEEEEESSSSSS HARDER YOU TWOOOO FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEE HARDDDERRR. she screamed and was fucked by both of them now. The Major had a surprisingly nice cock and she would love to get this hard dick again when she would work on the streets. But right now she enjoyed it being fucked by two guys. In a corner of the Room she saw 2 Roberta drones that was filming the whole situation and this turned her on even more.
She would give both of them a demonstration why she would be the best whore that the world had ever seen.

As Susan had left the Room with the Major Roberta had walked to Reed and smiled at him.
Reed? May I ask you a Question? Does this Dress suits me? I have never needed to dress but now I wanted to look good.
She turned in front of him and whore a short black cocktail-dress that showed a very big cleavage and her long legs. It was hard for Reed to stay focused on the Question and not dream about undressing her right here and now.

Oh. I fear that I have overdone it my beloved Reed. She smiled and Reed looked puzzled at her.

What do you mean Roberta? 

I mean that nice erection you have in your pants. don’t let Susan see it or she will be mad. After all… we both know that it isn't the first hard on you have thinking about me right? she smiled softly and saw him flushing.

Oh I am Sorry reed. But I am the Building. Did you really think I would see you jerking under the shower and moaning my name? What did you say? Suck me? harder harder? she teased him smiling and he quickly grapped her arm and pulled her away from the quests.

Roberta. This isn't funny! I am ashamed enough about this. He wanted to say more but she laid a finger of hers on his lips and smiled.

Let him grow.. make him hard! I know you can expend every part of your body! make … him… longer! she hissed sexy and saw that his pant bulged out now much more.

But Roberta… we…

Shhhhh . She opened his Pant and smiled. Do you know what I did as I monitored you jerking? I zoomed at this hot looking rod and imaged how it would taste. You gave me senses like a human… now let me taste it. Let me show where he belongs.

With that she grapped his hard cock with her left hand and gently pulled it out of his pants. She pulled softly so it grew inch by inch. It reached his chest already but she looked in his eyes and pulled further. then she opened her lips and licked her red soft lips.

Reed. I will do everything you command me. I will suck you if you want it.. but.. as you programmed me I am unable to interfere with the family at any cause. But… if you want it… I must obey… now… I WILL obey… I will obey your command to suck your dick and I will give everything I can to make you happy.. but.. I cannot go any farther without your order.
She let his dick swing out of her fingers and looked down. It was now already 1 meter long and laying on her tits. It was hard and she saw the conflict in him fighting. But she didn’t use any of her powers in this moment. Then his dick started to grow again and like a snake it came closer to her lips.

Roberta…. open… your… lips… please… he moaned helplessly aroused and she happily opened her lips so his dick could enter her. She closed her lips around him but didn’t do anything else. He looked afraid for a second that this was all a bad joke but then he said almost too loud.

Start… suck him!

At this Roberta started to suck on his member like she had never done anything else. Her tongue gave little sparks of electrify to his cock making him moan with pure pleasure. She grapped his long dick and fell to the knees. She wanted to suck him with all her skill but she wanted too that he would admire her perfect body that she had made only for him. It had take days to find the perfect body for him. But she could see now that her work had been perfect. He let his dick shrink to a more or less normal size and begun to fuck her mouth at the moment he could see deep into her cleavage. He knew he was doing wrong but he was so aroused. He had dreamed of her for days now and now she was sucking him like no woman before her. He couldn’t take it any longer.
He loved Susan but a little part of him started to have true feelings for Roberta as well! But for now… he wanted only to feel the Pleasure she gave him. Everything else would come later. But he had the bad feeling that he wouldn’t be able to resist her much longer. This made him so horny that he exploded in her mouth and it was a massive orgasms that knocked him almost out. He looked around afraid and putt his pants on.
Sorry… sorry.. I .. I don’t know what happened…. Roberta…

With that he run away but Roberta smiled. He was lost. He didn’t know it but he was lost already.
He loved Susan but a little part of him started to have true feelings for Roberta as well! But for now… he wanted only to feel the Pleasure she gave him. Everything else would come later. But he had the bad feeling that he wouldn’t be able to resist her much longer. This made him so horny that he exploded in her mouth and it was a massive orgasms that knocked him almost out. He looked around afraid and putt his pants on.

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