More time with Susan

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four Avengers
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter A great Party at the Baxter Building is the Place where Susan gets her first Fuck as a Whore and Reed is failing to withstand Roberta for a moment.

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Susan was in heaven right now.  It had been too long since her last good fuck and she wanted to enjoy every second of this.  She didn’t need to tell her lovers how to get in sync; she had always known how to make any man voluntarily change his tempo simply with her own movements.  She felt a victorious thrill when she discovered that with a subtle adaption she could do the same of r any number of simultaneous lovers. She could have kept the men going for well over an hour before they blew their first load if that was her intention, but as delightful as that sounded, this was a street whore audition.  The name of that game was satisfaction and volume.  You wanted the client to satisfied he got the fuck of a lifetime but you wanted him pulling his pants up to go home in no more than 10 minutes, (unless he paid through the nose for more).


Within 30 seconds, Sue had the men pounding her slutty holes like runaway jackhammers and since they were in perfect sync, she was able to do her trademark hip gyration that made her lovers feel like she was spinning on their dicks which made the pleasure at least three times better for her and her lovers.  Neither of the enthusiastic men would have lasted more than 90 seconds, but Sue also knew a trick using pressure from her pussy lips and anal sphincter that would cause the balls not to ejaculate for at least 30 seconds.  She could have kept the men there until the passed out if she wanted but she wanted to demonstrate her ability to keep a whore’s schedule.


Without any further commands, her devoted lovers began singing her praises. The Major growled “Good lord, woman! In 10 tours abroad I never met hotter fuck than you!”


Sue smiled wickedly over her shoulder and purred “Why, thank you sir! I do believe your attentions have me all aquiver.”


As Tony expertly worked her rock hard nipples, he added “Oh dear God! You’re fucking amazing! I’m going to dream about you for the rest of my life!”


The sexy vixen ran her sharp nails lightly over both men’s chests as she cooed “But why just dream, baby?  I’m starting a new business… Well new to me but I understand it’s the *oldest* of professions!’  Although they didn’t stop their rhythmic thrusting, both men stared at the vixen with gaping mouths.  She smiled innocently as she added in a baby doll voice “I’m sure you know a girl can always use some good regular customers.”  For a split second, she reversed her hip rotation which sent a jolt of pleasure to both men.  She used her body language to quicken her lovers pace again and purred “But I do have to tell you that tonight is a onetime free trial.  All merchandise after this has to be paid for!”  Another momentary rotation switch caused the men to almost faint from pleasure.  Sue was very careful not to command them.  She wanted them to agree to what she said next of their own free will. In a deep sexy voice she purred “So what do you say boys? Are you UP for it? Can I count on you? Will you see me EVERY week, maybe MORE?”  With each question she did the hip rotation switch but she kept them from cumming.


Both men were pumping away harder than they ever did before and the stress was written on their faces.  Sure, it was pure heaven, but if the stress didn’t end soon they were going to stroke out!  Tony gasped “God, Susan, I need to cum so bad my balls are going to explode!”


Sue gave a sexy little laugh as she replied “Well, baby, we have a problem there.  On free trials, I only let people who commit to being good reliable regulars cum!”  Neither man could stand another second. They both agreed they would gladly be regulars.  They would do anything not only to cum now but to get their cocks in this incredible trollop again.  Sue arched her back and squeezed her beautiful tits as she replied in a deep sexy growl “Good decision boys.  Be sure and leave your private cell phone numbers and I will let you know where and when we can start our business relationship.  Since you’ve been good boys, Mistress Suzy will kindly let you CUM!”


Susan had timed it perfectly.  Both men let loose huge torrents of hot sticky spunk up the hot vixens slutty holes.  The feeling was marvelous as she let go of the wave of multiple orgasms she had been holding back by force of will.  She lost count at after the tenth one, but soon the delighted lovers laid in each other’s arms for a minute before Sue got up and cleaned her new regular’s cocks with her tongue.  Both men gave her their cards with their private mobile phone number as well as a couple hundred dollars apiece.


As Tony went to leave, the still naked and cum splattered heroine asked “Tony, can I bum a smoke?”  The playboy smiled wryly as he provided both the cigarette and a light before leaving.  Sue smiled happily as she blew a couple smoke rings in the air.  After a few seconds she rose gingerly and took a couple of Valeria’s baby wipes from the container on the nightstand.  In less than 30 seconds she had expertly cleaned herself up and had her dress back on.  Then she faced the camera and asked “How long did that take?”


The drone-bot with the camera replied “From dress on to dress off, 9 minutes 47.875 seconds.  By the way, where did you learn to do all that?"


Susan laughed “While Reed spent long nights in his lab, I bought and read every sex-ed book on the planet!  Believe me; I’ve had PLENTY of time to practice to perfection!”


The drones and Sue both chuckled with glee but soon Sue pointed at the lens and stated “There you go Sly. Two attached, A-List, respectable heroes banged two at a time.  Now I’ve got two new regulars and $400 in tips.  Let’s see your new slut do that!” She took another long sensual drag from her smoke and did a French exhale as she winked and continued “See you tomorrow baby!”

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