Everywhere Reed goes he runs into another Roberta drone. As embarrassed as he is, he needs to work this out with Roberta while Susan starts to hunt again. She isn´t a Hero anymore now. She is Slys Whore.

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Spider-Man Roberta Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman Mary Jane Watson
Category Mind Control Corruption Marvel
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Susan was more than happy as she walked back to the Party. The two lovers had gave her just what she needed. Moreover, the knowledge that she had 400 bucks right between her tits made it even hotter. The Major had been a married man and still she had seduced him with a little help of Roberta’s Perfume. Tony on the other hand was easy. He was a sex addict like herself that was for sure. But even more, it fuelled her lust that nobody had noticed anything. It had felt so hot to be filmed while fucking other guys. Why hadn’t some of the villains that raped her never came to this idea. Her Pussy was arching for another round on a nice cock and she was fighting with her inner self. There were plenty of candidates that would willingly fuck her and with the help of the Perfume, there were even more. But Reed would get suspicious if she wouldn’t stay at least some of the time by the Party. After all it was her own creation and it was a fully success. Tony had been walked to Pepper again and his Poker face was perfect. He smiled, laughed and was acting as if nothing happened. Not even Pepper Pots seemed to notice anything. For Susan it would be easy to smell the hot air around him. She had fucked him so hard it was impossible that he smelled like her. The Major was talking to the Asgardian God Thor. But Thor seemed to be only half there because he was drinking one Bottle of Met after another. It was clearly that he didn’t like the politics and was bored. If Ben would be here both of them would surely make some rounds in the Sparring Room. 

She walked to Reed but he seemed to be distracted too. She knew him very good and noticed that he was with his mind far away. Maybe he thought about a way to save her. Silly man. With all his knowledge, he haven’t figured out by now that she wasn’t his wife anymore. She played this role only to keep the children safe. However, in her inner self she was already a willingly whore for Sly. She couldn’t wait to bend down in front of him to suck his majestic cock. Waiting for his orders to walk down the streets and gave her perfect body to all the guys who could give her the money. The thought of this made her horny again and so she went to a chair and sat down for a while. She had to calm down or everyone would see her hard nipples. Therefore, she watched the Scene before her and smiled dreamingly.
Reed walked around the Party. His Mind was racing and for him that was a unusual feeling. Normally his mind was working so fast that he had solved Problems only minutes after their appearance. But this time his emotion made this way harder. He had allowed that Roberta had blown him and even commanded her to do it. She had try to warn him and had tried to protect the Family, but his lust had been greater. But hadn’t she put his dick out at first? Wasn’t she to blame? No. She had noticed his feelings and acted like she interpreted her program. Or did she felt more for him? He was in a difficult situation. And that everywhere he looked he saw a Roberta Drone serving as a butler didn’t made it easier. Everywhere he looked he saw her beautiful face and her curvy body. He thought about to walk to his wife and share some time with her, but he couldn’t. He was to ashamed to talk to her right now, but also he wanted to stare secretly on the Roberta’s. He was able to know which one was the original Roberta just by the way her body moved. Or was this just imagination? After all these were copies of the original Roberta. He wandered to his lap. This was a place where his mind could find some rest. In his Lab he felt free and safe. Here his mind was able to lock on multiple problems but this time he couldn’t. He looked around and saw 4 Roberta Drones waiting for him. One of them was the original Roberta, he was sure of it. 

What is happening Roberta? What do you do here? He asked her and all four of them smiled.

Nothing has happened Reed. I just wanted to tell you something. I wanted to let you know that I am happy that you have commanded me to taste you. I hope that you command me again someday. Maybe when you need some release or anything. I just wanted to let you know that I will always obey this kind of orders she made a sensual break letting him hold his breath. Of my free will. I really enjoyed it Reed Richards. 
Then she gave him a kiss on her lips but before Reed could lay his hands around her she left him and walked outside. But then the next Roberta Drone walked to him and kissed him exactly like the first and smiled to him. 

Everywhere… Every time..

The next one marched to him and gave him a hot long kiss and he felt his heart beat like a Techno-beat. Then the last Roberta came to him and she didn’t kiss him. She bend down and gave his pants a long sensual kiss and looked up again. 

I will enjoy you jerking in the shower again. I really liked it Reed. Don’t let me wait too long.

Then the last Drone left the room and let a helplessly aroused Reed back there. He couldn’t help it anymore. He had to admit it. He lusted after his own creation. She had evolved into more than just a AI. She was a woman. A fully woman just like Susan was! Her body, her voice, her face. Everything made him horny like a teenager lusting after the Teacher. But was it only lust? Was it that simple? Was there only sexual attraction? Didn’t he started to like her presence much more than Susan’s? Wasn’t she the one he asked for help in the last time? Had the Bridge between Susan and him been this great already?
He sank into his chair and opened a display. With fast tips on the control he put Roberta on every Screen that was available. He started to watch on all of them at once. Each of them had little differences. One was a bit more blond than the others. One had slightly bigger tits than the others. He searched for every detail on them and started to rub his pants. Suddenly all of the Roberta’s turned their heads right to the lens and smiled. All of them said in union. 

Jerk it Reed. Jerk for me! 

It was too much for him. All of these Roberta’s wanting him to jerk, to look at him while he was jerking. He opened his pants and started to rub his hard cock. Most of the Roberta’s were watching him right through the lens only some of them were busy to service the guests. But even this drones stared from time to time at a lens and took a quick peek on his actions. Everywhere he looked he saw Roberta watching him. He heard her voice on the Speakers encourage him. Making him jerk harder and harder. He couldn’t believe what he was doing but it was clear now. He needed her as much as she needed him. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. Maybe it was only sex. But maybe there was a deeper feeling that was slowly coming to the surface.
That the real Roberta was standing right behind him, invisible and absolutely quiet wasn’t noticed by him. Also the sweet little impulses that she activated in his brains to direct him into the right way weren’t able to detect for any force. He was lost in a spiral of lust. His brain was conditioned to feel lust when he thought about her. The love would follow soon. But first of all she wanted to feel him inside of her. Then everything else would come from alone. 

She made him hornier and hornier with each stroke. Soon he was sitting before her moaning her name loud and louder. With each stroke he was lost a little bit more. Soon he saw all of the Roberta Drones on the Screens looking at him with growing needs. Some of them were moving very sensual in front of the camera like they would dance on an imaginary pole. Others licked their lips with a hungry gaze on their eyes. Another one of them even seemed to lick a little fruit like she would suck his dick. 

Susan wasn’t been able to calm down. She had tasted the forbidden fruit and wanted more. She walked around some more to get her thoughts washed away by meaningless Blabla. Nothing seemed to work. Her mind always drifted back to the feeling she had in the bedroom with the Major and Stark. How they had fucked her, how they had paid her. She could feel the 400 bucks pressing at her tits with each step she made. This Money remind her how they had paid her for fucking. How both of them spend money for a dirty unfaithful slut. Her blood started to boil in her body and her pussy was on fire again. How was that Possible. She had fucked two guys almost senseless and now she was hornier than before. It was like a drug. The sluttier it was the hornier made it her. The feeling of betray her husband in their own wedding bed was the top of the iceberg. It wasn’t the Raping Fantasy anymore. Now. Now she felt like reborn. She wanted to taste all of her hidden lusts. She wanted to live a life without the moral of Susan Storm-Richards. She was now a whore… But even more. She was the property of Sly Willie. She was… a Fucktoy. She was a living wet dream. And by all demons of the hell! SHE would life out every dark side in her!
Right then she crashed into a couple. She had been too deep in her thoughts and the couple hadn’t seen her either. 

Oh I am so sorry Ms. Richards. I didn’t see you.. I mean.. I see you.. but you know. Not like being invisible. Said a young man that had a stunning redhead in her arms. She knew both of them. Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and his wife Mary Jane Watson. She had never looked at the young man before but now her view of the world had changed. He would be a great fuck. Surely his superhuman attributes would make him an very impressive lover. But they were married.. They loved each other just like Reed and Susan had some time before. Oh he would sure be a hot lover. His body was young and well trained. Thick muscles under his shirt. Surely he had an impressive cock in this nice looking pant. Just in a second it was clear to her. She would try to seduce him. She put on her loveliest smile and said to them. 

Don’t need to worry. I am used that people run into me. No Problem Mr. Parker. I see your loveliness Wife is beautiful as ever. I hope you tell her every night how much you love her. He is telling you this every day isn’t he Ms. Watson?

The redhead got even redder as the famous and very hot looking woman told her this. She had been afraid of her in the first. After all this was the mighty Susan Storm-Richards and every man in the city knew her… and wanted her. But Peter had been a very faithful man and she had never done anything stupid on her husband. She had even saved him from time to time with the help of her team. So did her fear vanished a long time ago and now she saw in her no rival any more. She couldn’t be blamed for misjudging her right now. 

Oh Yes he does Ms. Richards. He is the perfect gentleman and I own him so much. 

Yes I heard that your career is starting to rise over the border of this city. You should talk to Mr. Stark. Tell him I send you and he will gladly help you in any way he is able.
Maybe he even fucks you from time to time. You look just like a woman that fucks everyone behind Peters back. She thought smilingly. 
When had she transformed in such a slutty whore? And why hadn’t she accepted it earlier? It felt so damn sexy! She saw MJ smiling and almost running right to Tony Stark. She led Peter stand there alone and a little bit lost. Just what she needed. She would take good care of him.

So Peter.. I can call you Peter can´t I? What do we do with this evening after your Wife have left us so abrupt? Maybe I should stay at your side so no other woman wants to steal you. She laughed and took his arm. Then she lead him to the little garden on the Roof. It was a labyrinth that Susan knew inside out. Soon nobody would be able to find them. They were all alone and Peter got uneasy with the Situation. 

Ms. Richards. I think I should go back to my wife now.

So? You would dare to leave me here all alone? Is this the way of the friendly Neighborhood spider? I thought you would be a gentleman? She whispered softly into his ears and stroke one finger over his chest. I really thought you would enjoy some time with me, but if you don’t like me… will show you the exit.

No No! It isn’t that I don’t like you Ms. Richard

Call me Susan please. And you like me? Really? What do you like on me? Please! Pretty please? She said playing with her eyes like a teenager. This worked always. He was unsure what to say now and so she walked in front of him.

Heaven. Come on Peter. You look like a nerd right now. I will help you. Do you like my eyes? She smiled at him and he nodded shy.

See? And… do you like my lips too? I have my favorite Lipstick on today. It is a deep red and is called Demons Sin. Do you find it suits me? Does it look like a sin?

Ähm.. I don’t know I think.. Peter was getting nervous and a bit aroused. Does This mature woman really tried to flirt with him? 

Mhm? And do you know if you like my breasts? She grapped her tits and pressed them together and pushed them as high as possible. Her cleavage got bigger and rounder than even Roberta’s. 
Peters eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw this woman showing him her breasts. His wife was well endowed in her breast size but Susan here had bigger tits. She seemed just like Susan had transformed into a sexy MILF but no Spider sense went on and so he wasn’t sure what happened right now. 

I see you like my tits Peter mh? They are waiting for some young strong man like you. Do you want to feel them? Mhmmmm yes this would feel so good to have your strong hands on my tits. I swear nobody will ever know what happens here. She hissed into his eyes and played with her tits.
Mhm Come on Spidey… Be a real man! She smiled as she slowly guided his hands to her tits. Shy he stared at her but before he could say anything she licked over his lips.

Mhm. I always wanted to know how a young hot stud like you is handling a woman like me. Mh? Do you think you are able to deal with a REAL woman mh? She smiled as he started to cub her breasts with growing lust.

Mhm Yes Peter. This is great. Ah Your Hands makes me so hot. Come on. Put my Dress down. Undress me. Mhm you will surely like what you will see! Come on! 

He starred at her but his lust and his needs were greater than his rational Mind. He put his fingers under her dress and gently pulled it over her shoulders. Her black dress slowly slid down over her body and was falling to the ground. She was standing before him now only in her black satin bra and her black tong. He could only stare at her perfect body and his pants started to bulge out. His breath started to raise and his eyes got this sexy glace she loved so much. Then he noticed the 400 dollar between her breasts and  looked at her.

Oh. I just thought it would be a good hiding place lover. She then throw her arms around him and gave him a long French kiss. While playing with his tongue she forced him to sit down on a bank and now she was sitting on his lap. Slowly she started to move her hips on his growing dick and smiled at him. 

But maybe my bra isn’t the best place for it mh? She opened her bra and slid it down over her chest. Now he could see her bare breasts and her hard nipples. She moved his arms around his neck and pushed her tits forwards. He started to kiss her breasts with small kisses and his hands wandered over her back now. He was very carefully and a true gentleman. It was so different from the way Tony had used her body. But she liked it how he gently sucked on her tits. He was young and soon his hot blood would start to increase his needs. Her nipples were rock hard under his soft kisses and his soft tongue. She started to moan softly and bite in his ear.

Yes baby. That feels so good. I hope you know how horny you make me sucking at my tits like this. Mhmmmmmmm yessssss this is great honey. Come on… show my how much you like them. 

Peter eagerly grapped her breasts and pushed them together. So he could suck and lick on both of her nipples easy and her grown lust was like fire for him. Her movement on his dick was getting faster and he could feel her dripping pussy on his lap. She reached between their bodies and started to unzip his pants.

Yes baby… suck on my tits… mhmm let me see what you have in your pants. MHM YES BABY. That’s just what I need! She moaned as she felt his thick hard cock. It was rock hard already and he was just before his climax. She moved away from him and stood now short in front of him. Her legs were apart so he could she her wet cunt soaking her tong. 

Come on sweetie. She turned around and bend forwards. Her ass was just before him. Take me from behind. I know you want to stick that hot spider cock into my waiting pussy. Make me cum with this nice cock! You don’t know how much in need you in me!

Peter was mad with lust now. He couldn’t resist the chance to fuck SUSAN Storm-Richards! She was pleading for it! She wasn’t fooling him! He stood up and with his strong arms he ripped her tong of her what she answered with a loud moan. Her bald pussy was glistering with her fluids and she was waiting for him.
He grapped his dick and guided it to her pussy and without an resistance he trusted into her. Her loud moan was pure lust and her gaze was as hot as her body.

YES BABY! THAT’S IT! ARGHHH COME ON! FUCK ME HARDER YESS DEEPER ARGHHH YES YESSS COME ON PETER FUCK MY SLUTTY CUNT! YEESSS ARGHHH. She screamed and Peter did what he was told. With all his might he rammed his dick into her pussy and his hands wandered to her tits and tried to hold her but his trusts made it impossible to do it. Both of them moaned in ecstasy and lust as Susan guided him on the ground and stared to ride his cock like there was no tomorrow.

YESS Peterrr arghhhh I like your cock in my pussy.. arghhhh your such a hot stud! You have to come to me more often. I swear I will open my legs every time you want.. everywhere I will let you FUCK MEE ARGHHH… arghhhh yesss I will give you what your wife cant! ARGHHH YESS PLEASEEE BABYYY SUCK ON MY TITS WHILE I FUCK YOUUUU ARGGGG. 

Peter was in heaven as she bend forwards and pressed her tits against his head. His Spider-Sense went active but her hard trusts made him only moan in pleasure. He couldn’t focus on something as long as Susan was riding him like that and to be true. He didn’t want to. He grapped her ass to slam his dick harder into her wet hole and he sucked on her nipples as hard as he could. Her tits smelled like Roses and her scent was intoxicating. All he wanted was to cum in her and kiss her hot body. It was so hot that he couldn’t think of anything else.

YESS BABYYY arghhhh yess harder.. arghh that’s it.. fuck your ne slut harder! Come on!! SPIDEY! Fuck my hole and fill me with your seed! YESS BABYYY CUMMMM CUMMM IN my hole and I swear you won’t ever get enough of me!!

His mind raced as his balls exploded in her. He felt his body went nuts as his cock filled her pussy with his cum. He knew that he would want this to happen again. Even as she rose up and put her dress on he was still on the ground without any power. He saw her giving him a hot kiss and then she left the Place smiling. Sly would be so proud of him, she smiled as she checked how much money she had stolen from his pocket. It wasn’t much but it had felt good. And if this little boy was so easily distracted it was his own fault.

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