Finally it is the time when Susan and Sly meets. But Roberta is alone just in chase.

by abashful1
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Fantastic Four
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Everywhere Reed goes he runs into another Roberta drone. As embarrassed as he is, he needs to work this out with Roberta while Susan starts to hunt again. She isn´t a Hero anymore now. She is Slys Whore.

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Susan stretched luxuriously in the master bedroom suite as she greeted this glorious day.  She lazily reached for one of the packs of cigarettes the Robertas had gotten for her and enjoyed the cool menthol flavor as she took her first drag of the day.  She smiled wickedly as she laid there and mused that this was the perfect start to the best day of her life.  How fitting that she woke up in this desecrated marital bed having defiled it by staring in a personal porno flick for her man where she turned her cuckold husband’s best friends into her most ardent fans and customers with mind blowing sex!  She knew what she was now and she delighted in rolling the terms through her mind… Fucktoy, cock candy, Sly’s EVIL nasty whore and PROUD of it!  Her pathetic morals have been cast off like the confining chains that they were and now she was FREE; free to be everything Sly needed a whore to be.  She sucked hard on her cigarette as she stroked her pussy to yet another glorious orgasm squirting her cum across the center of the bed.


This was now a true whore’s room with cum stained satin sheets and the dank smell of cigarettes and stale cum.  Of course, Reed was too busy in the lab, as always, to notice her ‘improvements’ but once she realized that, she was free to bring any number of guest to her sinful fuck-pad.  The men she brought were practically nobodies… Police captains, assistant DAs, and others she might need favors from in the future.  They all came willingly.  They all left satisfied customers.  She had used the perfume only after she finished with them to ensure their discretion and loyalty.  She had turned her once beautiful wedding bed into a soiled and filthy pit of sin; a mirror for her soul and she loved the reflection.  She was proud of her night’s work but she was quite sure that when she hit the showers, an army of Robertas would descend on this room and do something bizarre like pull nuclear sanitizers out their asses to remove every spec of the glory of the last 12 hours from here.  Sue chuckled to herself on that last visual as she stood up and headed for the shower.


It was 6:30 in the morning and just too damned early for a whore to be getting up, but she still had a role to play.  It was something any hooker worth her salt would do if the score was worth it and, as only she would know, she was in prime position to make some major scores. She took one long last drag from her smoke before she tossed it into the toilet.  She had no need to be dainty about it as that just wasn’t her… Not anymore.  As she entered the shower, a blue light erupted from the wall and bathed her body in the most delicious tingling sensation and she knew that her old friend Roberta had just cleaned the smoke and cum off her slutty body to help her face the day as the heroine poster child of respect and purity.  Fortunately the beams were only skin deep and couldn’t clean the filth from her delightfully nasty soul!  For the life of her, she would never understand why she didn’t embrace her true essence sooner.


Susan spent long minutes letting the warm spray of water from the shower massage and invigorate her turned on body.  All the nasty sex had her charged like super conductor, heating up her erogenous zones like white hot flames.  She was surprised the water didn’t turn to steam as it enveloped her. Still, it was good to feel the coolness against her hot body.  After that it didn’t take her long to expertly apply the makeup expected of the premiere heroine.


As she synched her pristine white tarry cloth robe and returned to the bedroom, she discovered that the efficiency of the drone-bots was even better than she thought as the room was already back to the way it was before the party.  Susan couldn’t help but feel disappointed how all that fun could be extinguished in a matter of a few minutes, but her dismay didn’t last long as soon two bundles of joy came bounding into the room.  Franklin and Valeria; the only pure things in this world that brought her joy.


Susan spent the day happily with her children while Reed remained locked in a lab somewhere.  If he couldn’t be bothered to realize what he’d lost in her, then good riddance to him!  It made every act of betrayal and lust that much hotter to her and tonight she would be the ultimate betrayal.  To night she gets to give herself to her Sly of her own free will.  Her pussy ached for that moment.


As the day drew to a close, Susan hugged her children warmly. Franklin smiled bravely and told her “Don’t worry Mommy!  You can go and get better.  Roberta will take care of us.  She’s a SUPER MOMMY!  She’ll never let anything bad happen to us.  She’ll love us and protect us forever and ever so you can get better at the hospital without worrying about us!”


Susan wasn’t sure what brought the tears to her eyes; the innocent attempt by the little boy to ease her guilt at leaving him or the fact that even he could see…  Her kids might be better off with Roberta.  As Valeria hugged the android and cooed “Supprrr Mama” Sue felt a crack form in her heart.  She put on a brave smile for her little angels and kissed them goodbye before she and a drone-bot entered the elevator.  The drone turned to her with a smarmy smile but Sue held up her hand to stop her and growled “Not a fucking word, Roberta.  Not a peep, not a hmm, not a single utterance!  You thought Iron Man’s repulsor ray did a number on that other drone?  Wait to you see what I’LL do! Reed will need to look on a MOLECULAR level to find enough of you to put in a recycle bin!”


Although Roberta loved to demean this wanton trollop she thought, at this moment at least, that perhaps silence was for the best.  Soon the elevator opened up on the transport bay.  Here was where the team stored the Fantasti-car, Pogo Plane, Time Platform and any number of spacecraft.  It was also where the teleport pad was.  Roberta had convinced Reed that the most discrete form of transit and least likely to be detected by the general public was via teleportation. Another drone was already manning the console.  As Sue and her escort walked onto the pad, a familiar shimmer enveloped the travelers.


One second Sue was standing in the high tech vehicle bay and the next they were in a dirty back alley off Yancy Street.  Sue’s spirits leap as she heard a familiar voice growl “Bout time you showed up bitch! My dick needs a good workout!”


Sue turned seductively and purred “No worries baby! The doctor has arrived with just the medicine you need!”  The pimp smiled wickedly as Sue strutted toward him.  His dick hardened in a flash as the image of the world’s premier superheroine stalking her prey like the filthy whore she was.  She planted a fiery erotic kiss on his lips as one hand held his head to hers and the other expertly undid his belt and pants.  Sue held his powerful gaze as she slowly lowered herself to her knees so she could worship her one true love’s massive erection.  A bored Roberta drone tried to get a word in before the orgy began, but an invisible force propelled her into the solid brick wall behind her. Sue took a second from kissing Sly’s dick head to growl “You were warned Roberta!”  The wanton harlot then took the full length of her pimp into her hot needy mouth and began to give him the most earnest hummer blowjob of his life.


It took several minutes for this Roberta drone to disengage from the thick wall.  She had sustained appreciable damage.  Nothing a few hours in the shop wouldn’t fix, but she was surprised Sue would dare attack her.  As she dusted herself off, she heard Sly moan “My, my, sexy Suzy… What a wild whore you’ve become, fucking me in an open alley!”


Sue pulled his dick out with a loud wet pop and purred “Oh, you’ve got no idea baby! I’m SO completely your devoted fucktoy!” Sue growled with pleasure as she attacked his glorious hardon like a hungry wolf.  Even the pimp with a lifetime of experience with sex and whores openly moaned in pleasure. Her hand worked his dick like she was wrestling a python while her twirling tongue and suction made it hard for him not to cum on the spot.  After a few minutes, Sue senses the impending orgasm and takes her master’s cock out of her mouth.  She pounded the giant dick on her chin and growled “Do it, baby! Coat my face in your sticky cum.  Wash this Polly Purebread look off your favorite whore with your jizz!”  Thick streams of hot seman shoot out across Sue’s angelic face as she laughs triumphantly.


Sue didn’t try to move a drop of the spunk off her face. It was a merit badge for the whore and she was proud of it.  Still, she wasted no time in removing her sensible pantsuit and mounting her man’s bitch tamer with her dripping snatch.  As he stood like a titan, she leaned back until she was lying horizontally.  Her legs powerfully thrusted against his bitch tamer dick until her pussy was flush with his balls. He pushed her violently until she pulled back with her legs and impacted him with a loud thump.  Faster and faster the couple picked up the pace until they were going at it like rabbits.  Even Roberta was impressed with this wild sexual display. As the drone cleared her throat Sly growled “Say your piece, bitch, and get gone! My main squeeze has a lot of work to do tonight after I get through emptying my balls in her!”


Roberta stated flatly “Its 5:35 PM now.  We expect Sue to be cleaned and ready for transport by no later than 8:00 AM tomorrow.”


Sly snapped “I know the deal, bitch! Now get out of my face so I can enjoy fuckin MY woman!”  With that, the drone signaled for transport and was gone. Suzy looked up at her lover as drilled herself on his scepter but he purred “Don’t you worry one bit baby.  I have that bitches number.  She’ll see in the morning!”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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