Fate seems to be on Robertas Side now. A very interessing Offer reaches Reed and this is the perfect Way to get him away from Susan

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Roberta Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic
Category Corruption Marvel Romance
Previous Chapter Finally it is the time when Susan and Sly meets. But Roberta is alone just in chase.

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It had been a hard night for Reed. He had fallen unconscious in his lab and had lost track about how often he had come in his chair. He hadn’t even the smallest hint what his wife had done in this night and as he walked to their bedroom Roberta had already cleaned the room of every sign of her work. He used most of the day working in his lab about a way to cure Susan from her terrible illness. But he wasn’t at it with all of his Mind. Something was screaming in his brain. A feeling that something was somehow wrong. That he had missed the one fact that could solve the puzzle. But as long as he tried to focus on this problem he didn’t find anything. He had scanned the Town again and again but hadn’t found any trace of anything unusual. Only a small curiosity in the space time was detectable. But this wasn’t anything that bordered him. This wasn’t affecting neither Susan nor Him or anyone else. Then his thoughts drifted back to Roberta. It was now absolute clear that there was a sexual attraction between both of them. Why had she to build her body in such an erotic shape. Why had she formed herself into such a hot looking woman. 
He shake his head and tried to focus on his work as Logan called him.

Hey Brainy. Need ya help with a prob.

Logan. Always nice to see you. What can I do for you? 

Magneto is trying to conquer a Land but I haven’t listened when it came to the name of the fucking land. Speedy want us as a backup so he can help the government there. 

Wait. Who is Speedy? I didn’t know that you have a new Member in the inner Circles of the X-Men.

What the fuck? What are you babbling about? Man? I thought you were clever. Why do they call you Fantastic? I mean Xavier you Fucking Idiot. 

Ah you call him Speedy? Why?

Boahh fuck off dude! Listen. We need help here at the University. After all only Emma and Jean are left here. So Spe…. Xavier thought it would be a great idea if you could send us the hotshot for some of the classes? And maybe Ben? Colossus would be grateful when he would have a sparringspartner that doesn’t break apart after the first hit. 

Sorry Logan. Jonny and Ben are working on the Moon right now. It is impossible that they can help you out right now. And Susan isn’t able to help you either before you ask. 

Arghhhh damn. I don’t want to ask this idiot Blondie. 

HOW did you call my wife Logan?

What? Not Susan. I was talking about Thor. Didn’t you noticed that he has his hair dressed up like a little puppet? Sure every woman wants to have such nice long hair as him.

Okay. Do you have anything to say or do you just want to talk that way about fellow heroes? 
No. Hey. How about you? I mean you are such a brilliant mind and so? Doesn’t you wanted to teach some young heroes?

I will talk about that with Susan. Maybe I will do it. But I don’t know right now. I will call you in a few tomorrow.
Sure pale. But don’t forget it. We don’t have unlimited time. 

Reed worked on his Projects until it was time to say goodbye to Susan. One of the Roberta Drones was taking care of her and Roberta Prime promised that she would stay with her all the Time. So Susan would be safe and very well guarded. So he hadn’t to fear anything about her. It had been a long time that he had to sleep alone in his bed. Roberta Prime left him alone for this night. Calculations had shown that there was a 31% greater chance that he would be opener for her if he had to stay alone now. It would weaken his resistance. She started to calculate the possibilities about the new situation. The Idea of working in the Xavier School was interesting. She had already duplicated the Powers of the most potent Mutants there like Cyclops or Emma Frost. But she wanted to collect as much Powers as possible. She wanted to see if her prototype Host could handle that much energy or if he would just simply been ripped into pieces. But on the other side the Mutants were physical high endowed Humanoids. Also both of the remaining Teachers were two of the most potent Telepaths of the known world. Also there had been difficulties about duplicating the Powers of Jean Grey. She was known as a class 5 Telepath but somehow the Power that Roberta had duplicated wasn’t higher than class 2. And the second Teacher was Emma Frost. Also a very potent Telepath. There was the danger that one of this two could find hints about her plans. And both of them were very beautiful woman. She felt envy. It wasn’t that Reed would lust after one of these woman but she didn’t like the Idea that he was working with other woman’s. But on the other Side it was a perfect way to create a bigger distance between Reed and Susan. This could be a possibility to increase her plans. While she could move with the children to the to the building. For Franklin this could be a great help. His Power had manifested more and more now. Maybe he could learn there to control his Energy better. He could be one of the very few Powers that would be able to destroy her. Even her Adamantium Armor would not prove any protection against his reality shaping power. 

At 9 am next morning the Roberta Drone was bringing Susan back to the Building. She looked like always but a quick scan showed that she hadn’t slept this night. She looked very tired and it would be hard for her to maintain this for long. At the day she would be the loyal woman and supported Hero and the whole night she would be a trashy whore fucking everyone and everywhere. 

Susan we have to talk about something very important. We cannot hide it very long that you have your fun the whole night. Reed will try to take it away from you. But I have a great idea. I want you to make sure that he will take the offer from the Xavier Institute. This could help you to recover every day from your work. Do you understand that? 

Susan had heard every word and tried to make sense out of it. She was tired and sleepy. She knew that Roberta was right about that. It would be hard to maintain this for a longer time. And if she had to decide she would leave the Fantastic Four at once. Sly was everything for her and the last 2 nights had showed her how much she needed this. But it would be hard for her Kids so she asked her.

And what if I would help you. What would that mean exactly?

This would mean that Reed, your Children and my Prime Avatar would move to the Xavier School. We would stay there most of the day. I would manage that Reed´s Day would make it impossible to come here before 2pm. So you have enough time to get some rest from your night. Or do whatever you want to do in this building. I will take care of your safety and that he won´t be able to find out what you do all the night. After all… We are friends and I must protect the family right?

Susan thought about it and smiled wickedly. 

Roberta. If you weren’t a Robot I would be soooo grateful for your help. But after you feel no pleasures I just have to thank you again. Without you I wouldn’t be able to see my guy and do what I was born for. I don’t know how I could thank you for watching at my kids and take care of my husband. I know I don’t deserve him and to be true… I am thinking about leaving the Fantastic Four someday. I want to be a full paid whore. Not just one of this hobby sluts! I want to stay on the streets all the day! But your right. This would be too soon for now. I will talk to him and play the nice girl. But I warn you! You have felt what your Drone happened. I will not allow anything or anyone to get between me and my boss anymore. Get Reed out of the line or it could be end very sad for one of us. Okay? I don’t want to injure him but I would do it if I had too.

The talk between Susan and Reed was very long. Both of them talked about the pro and contra about this. The greatest points for Susan´s side were Franklin´s Powers. In the School he would have kids around him that showed similar powers and he would learn to get a better control for them. Reed wasn’t sure about it leaving the City but Susan killed this argument with pure logic. After all there was a Teleport array in the basement and she won with the Question.

What can a Super villain do in the time until you enter the Teleporter and beam here in 3.13 Seconds. 
Reed had been correcting her that it would only take 3.03 Seconds because of the Rotation of the Earth was boosting it. Susan put on her victory smile and Reed had nodded. Sure it would be a good idea. It was good that Susan was able to think about her kids again. Maybe this therapy would help her. But then she hit him with a command.

But you will only go if I know that you are safe! I won’t let you go without Roberta Prime and at least 4 other of her Drones!

He felt his heart sank to the ground. He had hoped to get away from Roberta for a while so he could get a clear head but now he was trapped. He couldn’t refuse it without making Susan suspicious. And in her state it would be a fatal drawback for her mind if she would know what he felt for Roberta. So he nodded and informed Logan. On his very special way the mutant told him how great this was but Reed had to admit that he didn’t understand half of what he was talking. Something about running a motor and a Harley? Who the hell was Harley? He didn’t know anyone called Harley Davidson. Maybe a friend of Thor.
While Susan informed her kids about the vacation Reed started to pack his stuff for the work. The X-Men planned that their mission would take about 3 month and while this Wolverine, Xavier, Cyclops, Storm, Beast and Night crawler wouldn’t be available. The only true X-Men still in place were Emma Frost, Jean Grey and Rouge. None of them was happy that an outsider had to come to the school but at least it was someone who owned the Trust of the X-Men. 
Reed had chosen some higher classes. Something that was easy to understand for the young man and woman. He was in for

Quantum related energy fields
The moral codex of a Superhuman or a Mutant or a God
Physics for advanced 
Mathematic calculation for improved chaos theoretic.

He liked this idea but soon he learned that only few of his students were able to follow his words. Most of them looked at him with big Question marks about their heads and Reed had to start by Zero. It was unbelievable what these kids had missed until now. To calculate the stellar Movement of a Class 2 Pulsar was such an interesting thing. But it wasn’t the time to teach them this high level. So he started lower by explaining them how the Neutrons worked their magic. Soon he was fully accepted in the class and everyone noticed the great intellect of Mr. Fantastic. There was no question he couldn’t answer. The only problem was that his answers often put on even more questions. 

In his break he walked around the old building and looked into the class were his children were. Both of them played equal too their age and seemed to be happy. In each room a more than potent Roberta Drone was watching over them. Roberta had chosen only the strongest versions of herself which meant that there was enough fighting power in the room to take out a small army. The third Roberta Drone hat walked right into the Security Sector. It had taken some time until she was able to work with the Security System of the Campus but now she was able to see everything that the Cams would see. And maybe more.

The Original Roberta Prima was always near him and she had put on a black jeans that suited her legs perfectly and a black tank top. About this she wore a Blue Jacket that. She looked like the incarnation of pure lust. Her long black hair and her red lips paired with the emerald green eyes were almost more than he could handle. Roberta sure knew how he felt. She was able to detect his life signs from one mile away and now she walked right behind him. She couldn’t miss how his heartbeat raised every time he looked at her. Or how his blood started to boil when he couldn’t resist looking at her tits. They were perfect. A little bit bigger than Susan’s but not too big to look trashy. They were just perfect. He remember the vision when she had kneeled in front of him sucking his cock dry like a vampire. Her perfect tits had been looked so great under his raging cock. He felt his member went active by the thought of it and it was more than hard to hide the fact. 

Mr. Richards? Roberta purred behind him. For some reason she now called him again Mr. Richards and was acting more like a secretary than a close friend. This reminded him about one of his dreams. Hopefully they wouldn’t end like his alter ego in this dream.
What is it Roberta? He asked her without turning around. He didn’t want to give her the possibility to see how great the bulge in his pant already was. 

I fear that there is a Problem I have to take care of. One Member of the Family is having seriously physical problems. But I fear that I cannot act without your permission. It isn’t anything life treating but I have to do anything against this problem before it could get worse.

Sure Roberta. Handle this Problem. I trust you. But could you tell me what is the problem?

Sure Mr. Richards. She smiled at him and gave him a long kiss while her tongue entered his. Before he knew what happened he returned the kiss with a growing need and felt her hand wander down on his body until it reached his pants. With great skill she opened the zipper and put her hand into his pant searching for his giant cock.

I fear that if you don’t allow yourself to cum now it could cause serious brain damage. So it is my duty to get on my knees and give you a blowjob. After all it is my duty as a secretary to keep you in the best possible shape. 

She pushed into an empty classroom and pushed him against a desk. Quickly she fall to her knees and fished his cock out of his pants. 

Sooooo big already. I hoped that you would miss our little fun on the Party. And now excuse me. I have work to do Sir. 

She opened her mouth and let his hard cock enter her. With skilled movements she started to suck his cock. She copied Susan´s movements that her Roberta Drones had studied and improved this with her own unique possibility to give of little sparks with her tongue. Reed was again in heaven. No woman could ever match a blowjob from Roberta. It was simply an impossibility. His hands moved to her head and gently he used his fingers to guide her tempo to a point where he felt the greatest pleasure. This time he wouldn’t be so inactive. This time he would love every second of this. It was a highly arousing situation. He was a Teacher and now his “Secretary” was sucking his pole in a classroom. Which Boy haven’t ever dreamed about fucking a hot teacher in school. This was almost as good as this fantasy. He started to moan louder and looked down to her.

Yes Roberta. Mhm I like your new way of helping the Family. Arghhhhh I wonder where you have got this ARGHHH YES FUCK skill in sucking… arghhhh this feels great. Don’t stop now! I will cum arghh yes Roberta. I know how much you liked the taste of my cum! Mhmmmm don’t stop and you get another load of it.

She stopped for a brief second and looked with her stunning green eyes up to him.

No my sweet lover. This time I won´t swallow your cum. With that she started to jerk him faster and pushed his dick closer to her. He could only moan and was almost helpless by his own lust. He saw her aiming right at her giant tits and then pulling his dick deep between her breasts. The moment he felt the pressure of her titflesh pressing against his cock and the knowledge that he would spray everything deep into her cleavage was too much for him. He bite in his hand to suppress a loud scream as a climax was forming in his body. He felt his dick pumping again and again his hot load between her massive melons and with each trust of her hands she milked him dry. He could only see with a lust fogged gaze how much she enjoyed him Cumming between her tits and how her black top got wet on some places. It was the hottest look he ever had. She waited until every drop of him was between her tits and then rose slowly up again. 

Mhm.. I like the feeling of your seed between my tits. It is hard to choose where I want it more. In my mouth or between my breast. I think I will have to do this more often. She hissed into his ear and then both of them united in a long erotic kiss. Reeds hands wandered down on her back until he had her ass in his hands and started to stroke it with both hands. Roberta smiled at him. 

I like what you do there Dr. Richards. But be careful. I scan multiple Life forms coming right at our Direction. And Roberta 3 is warning me that this classroom is used in 3 minutes and 21 Seconds. I fear that I wouldn’t be able to stop you from doing something stupid if you don’t stop now. 

I get you! Reed smiled but put his hands away from her and she smiled at him

No Dr. Richards… I get YOU! She smiled at him and both of them moved out of the room just in time before a class of Students walked into it.

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