Susan uses the Time perfectly when nobody is at home

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Sly Willie Roberta Invisible Woman
Category Mind Control Marvel Corruption
Previous Chapter Fate seems to be on Robertas Side now. A very interessing Offer reaches Reed and this is the perfect Way to get him away from Susan

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Susan was more than proud of herself. She had get over 800 Dollar this night and slammed that stupid bitch that tried to get her of “HER” place into the ground. Now this little slut could suck the next cock without any of her teeth. HER place. Pah! The street now belongs to Suzy how she called herself. It sounded so much hotter than Susan. All the other whores on the Street now knew that they shouldn’t get in her way. And her way was pretty clear. She had fucked 8 guys and sucked 3 others their dicks. The poor guys just hadn’t enough money to fuck her dirty hole, but Suzy was sure that they would be back with more money. Nobody could get a blowjob from her and don’t want to fuck her after this sensation. At 4am she had walked back to Sly´s care and get her reward for her night. He banged her right in the care and fucked her almost silly. She felt herself drooling over his cock and loved it how brutal he fucked her. He didn’t care if she was enjoying it or not. He just wanted to fuck her holes and then to come into one or all of her holes. Her life was just perfect like it was now. Roberta was covering her and not one bad word had left her lips. Reed was thinking whatever  he wanted while she got her holes filled with more and more cum. After hours of fucking Sly finally let her go but not without slapping her ass hard and giving her a long kiss. It was hard to get away from him for now but she had a deal for now. And she really needed some Sleep. She had fucked now for almost 9 hours and felt her body breaking under the need for some rest. Roberta waited for her at the Teleport point and had to carry her. As she felt the relaxing bubbles of her bath it didn’t take long before she felt into a deep slumber. Roberta woke her at 11am to inform her that it was time for some food. Suzy had to smile as Roberta gave her a lesson about the dangers of too much sex. Dehydration and something like that. So she had put all her skills into her food and Suzy really took advance of it. Soon everything she had gotten was in her stomach and she felt like reborn. 

Roberta. May I ask you a question? How fast could you inform me about returning of Reed? Let’s say if he would come home sooner than expected?

Roberta 9 smiled at her knowing where this would end. Suzy as she called herself now was just too easy to calculate. 
It would take 1.32 Seconds till 1.34 seconds. Depends on how far away one of my Drones are from him. But even if he could come here without their notice you had 1 minute 23 seconds time until he would reach the apartment Suzy. So there is a Time window that is calculated with a 99.82% chance that you have 1 minute and 23.33 Seconds between my warning and Reed exits the Lift. It should be enough time for your actions.

Suzy grinned at her. 

What actions do I have in mind my dear Roberta?

With a 93% chance you plan to get your lover after your sessions into this building. I scanned that your emotional Center of the Brains suffers 3 minutes after you left him. So the logic demands that you want to sleep in his arms in this house. Here you feel safe and secure and want to share this with him. Am I right?

Yes you are. But I must say that I fear that you would betray me! After all.. As much as I remember you are programmed to help us and to prevent any danger from us. So why do you help me fucking another guy and get myself a new life? You must know that it will tear the family apart.

Sure I know it. But I am programmed to act for the best of each Member of the family. You are a member. There is a 83% chance that Reed will be okay after you have left him. But there is only a 23% chance that you won´t hurt him serious if we force you to act against your nature. This would result in a Fight between you and Johnny on one side and Ben and Reed on the other side. Helping you reduce the chance that happens. And when we make it right Reed Richards will have no choice but to accept that it is over and will let you go willingly without a fight. So it is the best to cover your actions. But be warned. As much as you are able to attack me to defend him… I am able to attack you OR him to defend your children. I hope we understand each other?

For a short moment hate filled Suzy´s mind, but then she calmed down. Roberta was only doing what she was programmed for. And she was covering her actions what made her an ally. It wasn’t right to go on a fight while she was only trying to defend the family. Suzy would act like her if someone was attacking Sly.

Yes Roberta. We understand each other. I am glad that I have you on my side. BUT I need something from you. 

What do you need?

More Perfume. She grinned evil. I have something great planned and for that I need it annnd and antidote so it won´t affect me or Sly. Okay? When can you give me enough of this Stuff to fill.. mhm let’s say this room here?

It doesn’t even took her the time of an heartbeat to calculate it.
2 hours 21 Minutes and 12 seconds. With an error margin from 2%.

Perfect. Do it sweetie. I will need it tomorrow. 

The rest of the day was not noticeable for her or for reed. He spend hours about telling her how bad the teaching situation was in the Xavier School. And how much fun it made him. The little fun with Roberta Prime he didn’t told her. So it was time again that they had to leave and after a little playing round with her babies she left to meet up with Sly. After a quick blow job she told him that she wouldn’t work this night on her usual street. She had a surprise for him and wanted to arrange it for him. It took her two more rounds on his dick to convince him that it would be a great fun for him. The rest of the night she had to made calls and to arrange everything. Roberta 9 was surprised to pick up a fully regenerated Susan at the next morning.

Did anything happen? You seem so relaxed. Normally you are so fucked up that I have to carry you home. 
Suzy laughed at her words.

Don’t worry Roberta. I had my fun. But I guess I just want to be fit for the party.

Party? Roberta looked at her.

Yes. A nice funny party in the Baxter building. But we will have a special Guest this time. 

Come on Honey. 

With that Sly walked out of his car and smiled at Roberta. 

Hay Robo chick! How is it? Found a nice Toaster to fuck? He laughed and got a soft hit from Suzy but she had to giggle. 

Toaster. I have to remember that one. 

Roberta was unsure how to act now but her defense systems should protect her and she would have a close eye on him while he was there. As long as her Special Project was sure, everything was fine. She would blow up the plasma Reactor of the building before she would allow him to get his hands on her Prototype.

Take your Breath. With that all three of them teleported to the Baxter Building and soon they were in the Apartment. Suzy smiled and started to put on some drinks and Sly sat down on a big couch and started to command Roberta around to get some beer or something like that.
Soon after that, around 9am the doorbell informed them that there were visitors. To Sly´s surprise he saw that there were almost all male and only 3 woman. It seemed that Suzy gave a Party to the people who lived in the building but he didn’t get why he had to be here. Okay. The three babes were okay but way too old to fuck them. He looked at Suzy and it was clear that he didn’t know what she was planning. 
After the last planned visitor had entered the room she walked to a control panel and activated the ventilation System. Soon after the room was filled with the scent from wild roses and only Susan and Sly had an antidote in their drinks. All the other guests started to feel light headed. The three woman on the other side started to feel sleepy as Susan smiled and walked into the center of the Room climbing on a little table that was standing there.

HEY FRIENDS! A moment please! Be so kind and be quiet for a moment. I have something to say to ya!

All of them stopped their talking’s and looked over to Susan which was smiling evil. Which one of you handsome guys would like to see me getting this stupid jacked of my body? Mh? 

Two hands went slowly upwards and Suzy smiled at them and undressed her black jacked very sexy and slowly. Then she throw it to one of the two man and put her hands on her hips spreading her legs a bit. 

And now… who give me 20 bucks for my tank top? Mh? Come on? Twenty dollars for the chance to see my bra? I bet none of you would guess which one I wear! Come on! I know that all of you want to see my bra! Pay me 20 bucks and I will show you!

She smiled and her nipples were harder than diamonds. She smiled as all of the man put out their money and everyone puts on 20 dollars to the table. There were now over 200 dollar now and it was only the beginning. Sly smiled from ear to ear and she saw his bulge in his pants rising. He was enjoying what she did and that made her even hornier. Slowly she put out her tank top and under it she had a black leather wonder bra that pushed her tits even higher. Slowly she bent forward and turned around so that everyone could see her big tits even better.

Mhmmmm yes boys. That’s it! I knew you are good boys! I bet all of you want to see me get out of this jeans too mh? Come on! Let me see how much money you would give to see my panties mh? If you’re lucky maybe I don’t wear one and you can all see my hot pussy! 

The drugged man starred at her and smiled lusty at her big tits until one of them put out 100 dollar and slammed it on the table. 

I WANT TO SEE IT MS RICHARDS! He screamed and she bent down and gave him a long French kiss. All of the other guys starred at them and she knew most of them were envy now. 

Good boy. For you I will put it off! And maybe.. you’re the first that sees my hot little cunt. Would that be fine? Would you like to see my hot little cunt? And for all of you… stop calling me Richards.. I am Suzy!

Then she opened her jeans and kneeled down so that the head of her lover was right between her legs. So only he could see what was showing there after she put the zipper down.  He moaned loudly as he alone could see her shaven pussy and he smelled her hot cunt that was mixed with the scent of roses.
This was like a signal for the others. They put on money on the desk to and so Suzy smiled wildly. She laid down on the table and lifted her feet into the air. Then she put her jeans out and all of the guys could see her wet pussy now. As she had undressed she kneeled on the table with wide open legs and smiled at them. 

Yes… I know every one of you likes my hot little wet cunt mh? Yes.. maybe this is your lucky day… you see this hot looking stud there? That’s my Pimp you know! If you give him enough money… maybe he allows you to fuck me.. mhm.. with that she started to play with her pussy in front of their eyes and moaned softly. Maybe… arghhhh he will allow you all to fuck me! Come on.. I know that all of you want to FUCK ME NOW! Gangbang my dirty holes in front of him! Come on!! I need your hot cocks! Fuck me silly! Pay him for me!!!! Pay for a good old orgy with the famous superwhore Suzy.

Now all inhibitions were broken and even without the drug in the air they would have done it. They throw all of their money to Sly Willie who could only laugh at it. 

Yes boys! Fuck my dirty whore! But not here! Suzy! I want that you get banged at your husbands bed! And baby! They have all paid for an extra round! So get them done!

Yes honey she put her finger out of her wet cunt and stood up licking it clean. Come on boys. Time for a fuck! She crapped the first one she saw and tear his pants down. She crapped his hard cock and guided him into the bedroom. With a loud moan she throw him on the bed and climbed at the top of him. 

So sweetie. You’re the first one but I swear you…. She bend down and let his cock enter her wet cunt.
Your won’t be the last one …. Come on… fuck my ass you dame whoremongers. Come on! I have plenty of fuckholes left for all of you! 

With that she started to move her body over the first guy and his cock went deeper with each thrust. Soon after she felt someone moving behind her and forcing her to bent forwards. Willingly she let him do it and reached behind her. She felt his hard cock and stopped her movement for a second to guide him into her asshole. It felt ecstatic to get both of her holes fucked as another one moved on the top of the bed and showed her his cock. Without a hesitation she opened her mouth to let him fuck her mouth while the others fucked her pussy and ass. Then someone ripped her bra down and she felt hands all over her body. It was impossible to say how many hands it were but they were trying to fuck her pussy or massaging her clit. Or craping her tits. She mover her own hands until she found 2 hard cocks and started to jerk them as hard as she could. Roberta and Sly stood both at the door and were watching the hot orgy. Suzy tried her best to let everyone fuck her holes at least one time and all of them were moaning loudly and full of ecstasy. 

I hope you film that robo slut mh?

Sure I do Willie. With exactly 32 cams so I can get every angle of it. She answered him and suddenly felt his hands on her tits. The first impulse was to push him away but he was good in what he was doing. She felt that he didn’t use his powers on her so he let him have his fun with her tits. She was horny too and only Roberta Prime hat the fun with Reed. She was never used to have sex with him so Roberta Prime allowed “herself” to have some fun with Sly. Maybe it could even be useful later. Both of them watched now as Suzy shifted position on another guy and rode him hard backwards. She felt his cock deep in her ass while another lover tried to ram his dick into her waiting cunt. Her tits whipped up and down from the hard fucking and two guys tried to lick and suck on her tits while she was jerking them. 

Roberta opened her blouse so Sly could push down her bra. He felt her nipples as hard as Susan’s and pushed her closer to the bed. Then he bend her down and pulled her skirt down.

So robobitch! Now let me take you little slut! Mhmm yes baby! Fuck all of them! And after that I want you be sprayed with all of their cum! I want that they will jerk of your hot body while I fuck your babysitter here! Yeahhh I are my girl baby! I will make a fortune with your body!

Than he rammed his hard cock into Roberta 9 cunt and pushed her hard down with his weight. Roberta had run many simulations about her first fuck with reed but nothing could have make her ready for this hard fuck. Sly was fucking her like a stallion and without any mercy. He was hammering his long cock into the drones body and she could only start to moan. She had tried to focus on her love with Reed Richards but this feeling was quickly washed away when he started to slap her ass and rammed it into her anus. As a Safety System all higher connections to the rest of the Roberta’s were cut down to pretend any serious damage to the program. Maybe this one would be lost but all the other Roberta’s were Safe. Roberta moaned even louder than Suzy which was busy giving two guys a blowjob. Quickly she shifted from one to the other and the rest of the guys were recovering from their mind blowing orgasms.
But she wanted more.

COME ON YOU PUNKS! GET ON YOUR FEET!! COME ONE! She commanded and laid down on the ground. Seeing the cock of her lover fucking Roberta into a drooling slut made her so hot.

Gather around me! I want that you jerk while I fuck my holes with my own force fields! I know that you want to cum again and again on my! Obey me you stupid idiots! 

She moaned as she created two force fields that had the same volume as Sly’s cock. She started to fuck her with both of them and ten mindless guys stood around her jerking her cocks. She saw them Cumming and Cumming. Everyone jerked until her went down and soon her body was filled with semen and sweat. The last that Suzy saw before she felt into a deep sleep was Roberta hanging on Sly’s Cock and beg for more. It was clear that Roberta was enjoying her pimp right now. 

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