All of the above

by extreme1
Storyline Gambit's Affair
Characters Gambit Hope Summers Wolverine Jubilee Emma Frost Rachel Grey Hellfire Club Stepford Cuckoos Psylocke
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All of The Above
Hope woke up and immediately sought out Remy LeBeau.
He had told her that, as soon as she was up, they would plan on how to deal with Emma.
At least that's what she thought. Unbeknownst to her, Remy was intent on seducing her and
bringing her into the Hellfire Club.
He wanted to have control over her and, once victory over the X-Men was achieved, lord that control over Scott, the man with an almost messiah like view of Hope.
She had set up her own trap and led herself into it.
She quickly made her way to his room and nervously knocked on his door.
Remy opened it and quickly got her inside his room.
She sat down and the pair began to talk about Emma and what they suspected she was up to.
Remy was surprised to hear that Hope had actually figured out a good bit of Emma's plan.
Unfortunately, for her, she was talking to a major piece of the puzzle and she didn't even realize it.
Their talk was cut short due to Cyclops getting on the P.A. system and requesting Hope's presence.
Before Hope left, Remy pulled her into a hug that lasted a little longer than she had expected (although she loved every moment of it.).
Hope was intent on giving Cyclops a ton of shit for interrupting her moment until she realized that it would be best to keep a low profile for now.
The last thing she wanted was for Emma to suspect something was up.

Logan stalked around the basement of the Hellfire Club, looking for any sign of Jubilee.
Emma had told him that Jubilee had attempted to infiltrate the club and that she had been captured in the process.
This sent him into a frenzy as he was still feeling bad from the way he had been rejecting her.
The last time he had actually been brutally honest with her, telling her that there was no hope in hell of him ever sleeping with her.
Jubilee ran from his room in tears and Logan instantly realized just how bad he fucked up.
He had barely seen her since that night, as she had started hanging around Emma more and more.
Now, however, he had the opportunity to make it up to her by freeing her from the clutches of the Hellfire Club.
He quickly ran through the soldiers and made his way to their dungeon, where he smelled Jubilee's scent.
He was determined to get to her and, when she was safe, destroy the Hellfire Club once and for all.
Soon the scent was strong enough that Logan knew that Jubilee was behind the door.
Logan walked up to the door and destroyed it, revealing a visibly frightened Jubilee inside.
He pulled her close, told her everything was OK and stroked her hair to calm her.
Logan had no idea that, a few floors above him and not even 24 hours ago, Jubilee had been instrumental in recruiting Gambit into the Hellfire Club.
Suddenly Hellfire Club soldiers flooded into the room which led to Logan putting Jubilee behind him and declared that he wasn't leaving until every last Hellfire Club member was dead.
He quickly went to work killing every solider, until there were only five left, at which point Jubilee stopped him, and asked if she could finish the group off.
Logan agreed and Jubilee move in front of him and then she threw a hail of fireworks... right in Logan's face.
Logan let out a howl that was less one of psychical pain and more one of total shock.
As soon as she did that, the Hellfire soldiers shot Wolverine, although the bullets did little damage, their force pushed him back into the room he found Jubilee in.
Before he could go after them, a door slid up, replacing the one that he destroyed, unlike that one this door was made of adamantium.
Even if he could destroy this door, Logan was far to stunned to do anything, he sat in his cell and tried to piece this betrayal together.

Jubilation Lee grinned as she watched the door separate her and the man that destroyed her heart.
Now that she had her revenge, she was no longer concerned with him.
She would soon turn her attention to Storm, a seduction that would take up most of her time.
But that was for later, now she put those thoughts in the back of her mind as she decided that she needed to burn off the adrenaline that she got from trapping Wolverine, and she was going to do that in the best way she knew how.
She turned to the remaining soldiers and quickly stripped out of her clothes.
"Well, boys, get to it." She said, getting a sexy grin on her face as they descended on her.

The White Queen of the Hellfire Club grinned as she checked in on Jubilee.
She saw Jubilee strip to her birthday suit and Emma immediately knew that her protege had succeeded.
She had seen potential in Jubilee that no one else had seen and now it was paying off.
She then turned her thoughts to the team that Scott had sent off to the Savage Land.
The team, which consisted of Rogue, Rachel Summers, Quiten Quire, Hellion and Beast, had believed they were going to investigate a new anti-mutant group that was using the Savage Land as a training ground.
For the adults the mission was to find out with this group was up to and to assess how much of a threat they were, the students however, had a much different goal, one that was crucial to Emma's plans.

Savage Land Team
He hid himself from the woman he watched bathe.
Rachel Summers had no idea that Quinten Quire was watching as she bathed in the river, but she wouldn't have been surprised if she knew and even less surprised to know that Emma had recruited him into the Hellfire Club.
She regarded Emma as the personification of evil and she also thought that Quiten was only slightly better than scum.
Quinten wasn't exactly a big fan of hers either.
Rachel had no idea he was watching because, once they landed, the team was attacked by Hellfire Soldiers pretending to be members of the group they were investigating and Rogue and Rachel were stripped of their powers.
The group decided to establish a temporary base and wait until Beast could return their powers.
Quinten would have used his powers, but Emma told him it had to be a pure seduction, to prove himself to her.
Quinten would normally defy her, but something told him that the consequences of doing that would be very severe.
So Quinten waited and plotted, Rachel Grey would be his soon and she would be his first weapon in his struggle for control of the Hellfire Club.

Unlike the other member of the New Hellfire club, Emma decided to use her powers on Hellion (real name Julian Keller).
She gave him an intense breast fetish and turned his attentions towards Rogue.
Hellion instantly took to the idea that Rogue could be his.
He soon became obsessed with her, forgetting about X-23 (who had been his main crush object) entirely.
Now he lay in his bed, furiously masturbating while thinking about the southern woman.
Of course, the main focus of this fantasy was on her large rack.
He saw Rogue laying on the floor and covered in baby oil while he fucked her luscious tits.
He fucked her tits as hard as he could while she cheered him on.
Things quickly reached a fever pitch and Hellion (both in fantasy and reality) could feel himself getting ready to cum.
He stroked himself as he saw the Hellion in the fantasy cum all over Rogue's tits.
Soon enough the Hellion in the real world came as well, a nice amount spurting from his dick onto his body.
Julian quickly cleaned himself up and got ready to sleep.
Emma had told him that his job was to make Rogue his willing slave, someone that would do whatever perverse thing he wanted to.
Julian planned to do just that.
No matter how much resistance Rogue put up, he would unlock the inner slut in her and reap the rewards from it.

The White Queen had been in the middle of planning, when she heard a knock at her door.
She hid her plans, strode to the door and opened it, The Stepford Cuckoos staring back at her, with mischievous (for them) smiles on their faces.
"Can I help you girls?" Emma asked, very curious about what they wanted.
"You're up to something." Mindee said, getting an amused look from Emma.
"Are you sure of that?" Emma asked, curious about what they knew.
"Very, You're up to something, and we want in on." Phoebe said, surprising Emma.
"Come inside, I'd rather not have people overhearing us." Emma telepathically told them.
The girls walked in and realized that Emma was probing their minds, to make sure they could be trusted.
Once satisfied Emma grinned at them and began to tell them about the new Hellfire Club.

Remy stood outside the doorway and readied himself.
He needed a bodyguard and he knew she would be perfect for this job.
He knocked on the door and grinned as Psylocke opened the door and wondered what he wanted.

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