Gambit attempts to Recruit Psylocke into the Hellfire Club.

by extreme1
Storyline Gambit's Affair
Characters Gambit Psylocke Emma Frost Jubilee Hellfire Club
Category Corruption M/F
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Remy sat on Psylocke's bed and began to speak.

"Betsy, I got a job for you, and I need to know if your up for it." He began, getting an intrigued look from Betsy.

"I need bodyguards, and I think you'd be perfect for that role." He said, Betsy's look of intrigue turning to confusion.

"Why would you need bodyguards?" She asked, wondering what the hell he was up to.

"Betsy what if I told you that I'm the new king of the Hellfire club?" Remy asked, getting a derisive laugh in response.

"Well I am." He plainly stated, clearly surprising Betsy with his bluntness.

Betsy immediately knew he was 100 percent serious.

"So why did you come to me?" She asked.

"Because I need a bodyguard." He said, with a bit of lasciviousness in his voice.

"And what makes you think I'd be interested in that...position?" Betsy responded.

"Because I think you'd like being my bodyguard" He began."There are some 'perks' that you'd probably enjoy." Betsy rolled her eyes at his innuendo.

"What makes you think I want those perks?" She asked.

"Call it a hunch." Was his only answer.

Betsy seemed unconvinced.

"Look, mull it over and give me your answer within 3 days." He stated as he turned to leave, Remy took a gamble, but, once he left the room, he realized it had paid off.

He knew because if she had wanted nothing to do with his idea, he would have found an army of X-Men ready to take him down.

Now he was going to turn all of his charm on her and soon she would be a part of his Hellfire Club


Emma Looked over the girls and smiled with pride.

They were as corrupt as she was.

She immediately took the girls into her room and probed their minds, just to make sure they were telling the truth.

Emma couldn't be too careful.

She quickly scanned their minds and found that they were telling the truth.

Once satisfied, she let them in on her plan.

She explained everything to them.

The girls were clearly liking what they were hearing.

"So, we get to 'spend time' with Mr. LeBeau?" a rather excited Mindiee asked.

"If that's what you want, I'm sure Remy would be more than happy to 'initiate; you girls." Emma answered, already knowing what the girls wanted.

."I think you girls are gonna make great Hellfire Club members." Emma said, just before her door opened and Remy walked in.

Three in one were about to have a lot of fun with both Remy and Emma.


Jubilee knew none of these men's names, and she didn't really care either.

To her, these men were merely living sex toys.

She just wanted to get off and get back to the mansion.

She was glad she had accepted Emma's offer.

A scared girl had become a confident woman and these Soldiers were going to reap the benefits of Emma's teachings.

She quickly laid one down and sank herself onto his dick.

She gave herself a few moments to get used to him, then she motioned for the next one to enter her ass, the Soldier eagerly followed her orders.

Jubilee was amazed at the feeling.

She thanked her lucky stars that Emma had seduced her and revealed just who the real Jubilee was.

And she truly embraced her newfound freedom.

After a few moment of DP, she motioned to one of the soldiers to fill her mouth with his dick, which he instantly did then she signaled to the remaining two soldiers that she wanted to give them handjobs.

Jubilee had all her holes filled and now she had felt like she was finally fulfilled her destiny and she intended not to let the Hellfire Club down.

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