Charlize and Emma par-TAY!

by burke_rakers
Storyline Name Changer
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Some tiny part of Lashay Lucas and Danni Randy told them that what was happening to them was unfair...and that to do the same to others would be wrong...but that voice was so tiny and unimportant now. Most of them thought that the idea of being sexy arm candy for this wonderful, powerful man was just the best idea ever.

"You can count on us, Tony." said Danni with a giggle and a toss of her long, blond hair.

"Yeah, baby..." husked Lashay as she slid on dark, slim hand along Tonys chest. "...we love you so much...we'll do anything you want."

Tony smiled at his former teammates and rivals. He had a very good feeling about this. He envisioned the Avengers Mansion...and all the well-stacked, sexy, giggling girls that would be prancing about...lounging around...waiting of him hand and foot. And all of them former superheros, reduced to the most vapid examples of femininity. He had a twinge of guilt, but...it passed quickly. He thought of Captain America, and envisioned an arrogant, self-absorbed diva who didn't care about right and wrong. He imagined Hawkeye as a tanned, toned and athletic 'Country Gal' with a sexy, southern drawl. The Black Panther? An exotic, animalistic jungle goddess. The Falcon? A lusty, lascivious 'Ghetto Ho'. Thor? A muscular Scandinavian amazon with a submissive streak.

Little did he dream...that the Name Changer had his own ideas...


Charlize "Little Miss X" Xavier and Emma Spring, the White Princess were having a blast. Being rich, sexy young gals out on the prowl for fun, fashion and boys was MUCH better than being the people they used to be. Emma Frost and Charles Xavier were such grim, boreing old fiddy-duddies, and to celebrate their liberation from the tyrany of 'responsibility', they hit the cities most expensive shops and salons, pampering themselves and flashing their credit cards. Some people questioned the pair of obviously underage girls spending so much money...and of credit cards that weren't theirs...but a little mental tweaking later, and they were back to having fun. They created the convincing fantasy that Charles Xavier and Emma Frost were their parents...and that they were just spoiled, fun-loving step-sisters out on the town for fun. Whenever they saw a handsome boy, they'd seduce him and string him along. By the end of the day, Charlize and Emma were being followed by a crowd of handsome young men who carried all their packages, opened doors and ran interfearence for them, while the two spoiled teens chattered about clothes, money, boys and shopping. Then...when all was done...Charlize and Emma dropped by the most expensive hotel they could find, and partied all night long...reveling in empty, anonymous sex. While they made it with dozens of boys, they also made it with each other...kissing, cuddling and snuggling with each other. They called each other "Sis", and at some time...their mutual mental powers probed and poked each others mind and memories, untill they actually BELIEVED that they were step-sisters. Sexy, bisexual step-sisters involved in a mildly incestious relationship with each other. Charles was Charlize father, and Emma Frost was Emma Springs mother. They'd married...and now Charlize and Emma were best friends and lovers. Two peas in a pod. They imagined Charles and Emma Xavier so perfectly, that they sank into that truth, and the next day...

Charlize and Emma Xavier were making out in bed, having sent their fun (but nolonger needed) boyfriends home. They knew each others bodies like the backs of their own hands, and each giggled and squealed as they tickled each others most sensitive places. They showered together, chatting about clothes and music and boys and such while they washed each others hair, then called down for manicures and pedicures. Later, dressed in the most stylish outfits and still giggling, they pair sauntered from the hotel and summoned a fleet of limousines to take them and their purchases back home. Things were a little weird at Xavier Mansion right now, but after all...as "Little Miss X" and "White Princess" they were in charge of the X-Men. As such, they sort of had an obligation (boring) to make sure everything went smoothly. Besides, their were lots of hot guys and cute girls there. And that Name Changer had been messing with them. Granted, he'd made some cool changes (Lola was such a cuties) but they had to protect themselves from him. After all, whet if he made some changes in them personally? The idea of not being the pampered, selfish little princesses that they were was horrifying. What if...the Name Changer made them older? or made they guys? It was repulsive to even imagine it. They worked out a plan to contact the Name Changer and bribe him to leave them alone. Surely that would work? And what then? Well...they could hire sweet little Lola as a maid to keep the Mansion clean. The idea of her mincing and swiahing about in a super-sexy french maids outfit had them both giggling and moaning. And perhaps...they could pay the Name Changer to make some rather amusing...improvements in their more boring teammates...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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