The remaining heroes have a meeting

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men
Category Marvel M/F F/F Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter The Fantastic Four arrive at the mansion.

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After the Four got settled in they met with the rest of the faculty of the Xavier Institute along with Tony Stark and Iron Man in the conference room.

They had been going over the copied reports that Ant Man gave before he went feral thanks to Doctor McCoy as he displayed the information on several screens and folders for the veiwers.

"So it would seem that the gland removed from Emil Blonsky was a fail safe to preserve his DNA, by infecting nearby living organisms and rewrite their genetic code to match his." Said Beast as he reset his glasses over his nose, droning on like a teacher in a classroom. "I've gone over the samples in the report and sadly there's no way to cure the transformation."

"Then how do you explain goldylocks over there?" Grunted Logan with a cigar dangling from is lip as he pointed a thumb to the Asgard warrior.

"We of Asgard are immune to the ailements of the mortal realm, even if this world falls to sunder I would remain."

"Pff, lotta help that gives us." Snorted Wolverine as he took a drag from his cigar.

"Who's been altered so far?" Wondered Susan Richards as she and her husband went over the findings, not liking the data they were seeing.

So far its all the Avengers, the Hulks and maybe a few civilians they weren't hungry enough to eat." Stated Tony, earning a shocked gasp from the group that the former heroes had become so vile. "But that's not the worst of it."

"Indeed, they can reproduce and seem to have done so quite rapidly." Butted McCoy as he skipped over some pages of the report. "With the hyper metabolic state of Abominations regenerative abilities they could concieve and birth within days instead of months, also adulthood seems to occur just as quickly."

"So by now the city is probably overrun with what? Hundreds? Thousands?"

"Maybe more..." The last bit took some time for the group of mutants to digest.

Looking over to Thor, Storm worried as the man slumped down, his mind elsewhere.

"What is it Thor?"

"Hmm... Things are so much simpler in my world, the misery of losing one's friends to madness and ... monstrosity is unbecoming of me." Placing a delicate hand on his shoulder she tried to comfort the ancient warrior just as he began to chuckle.

"And to think the worst seen of my friends was when Volstagg the stout fought a frost giant of Jutenhiem and was crushed underfoot... LITERALLY! And yet to sooth his aching bones all he needed was a slice of our festival's..." Suddenly Thor's eyes opened wide in an epiphany as he took his helmet and hammer and stood from his chair.

"Forgive me Sir. Xavier, I must return to Asgard, I may have a means of saving our lost friends." A crash of lightning could be heard from outside the room as Thor disappeared from sight, leaving a slight singe to the ground where he stood.

"What's he so uppety about now?" Wondered Rogue as she watched the giant of a man leave.

"To get a slice of apple pie it seems." Answered the equally confused Emma, her eyebrow raised from the thought she gleemed from the man.


Spider Man and his loved ones had been travelling for hours swinging through the road to the Xavier Institute, eventually they had to stop so Peter could reload his web shooters, hiding from plain sight in case there were monsters out there. Finding an abondoned barn they stayed and rested.

Looking over to MJ and Felicia, Peter smiled as he took off his mask. "Looks like we'll be safe here til we can go to the Institute, the X-Men should be able to help us once we get there."

Standing up, MJ walked over and kissed Peter on the lips. "thanks Tiger for saving us." Leaning in again they shared several kisses before Felicia side stepped towards the two.

"No fair, can I have some?" Pouted the platinum blonde, Peter looked squimish until MJ took Felicia's hand and pulled her closer, giving the woman room to kiss her husband. "Go ahead Peter, you can have us both tonight." Hummed the red head as Felicia began kissing her husband.

Their make out session had progressed into a threesome as MJ layed on her back, her legs wrapped around Peter's waist as he jack-hammered into his wife, Felicia layed on her side close by pawing at her breasts and pussy as she watched. Eventually the two lovers tensed letting out a shared moan as they came. Peter rolled off MJ only for Black Cat to straddle his still erect cock and mount him. "Mmm... my turn Peter." Husked Felicia as she ground her hips against the man, her large breasts bouncing as he started thrusting ernestly into her.

Feeling a second pair of hands around her Felicia looked to her left just as Mary Jane mashed her lips against the woman riding her husband. The two making out as Peter grunted under the former cat burglur. Eventually the two came together and collpased, the trio falling asleep tangled together, sharing kisses as they dove to sleep. Kissing Pter MJ thought she saw something wierd just before succumbing to sleep.

"Since when did you have green eyes love?"

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